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My wife and the delivery boys

I got off work early on friday i wanted to surprise my wife with flowers that day, so i stoped at the supermarket and bought her a vase with spring flowers. So i pulled in to the drive way i noticed the delivery guys for our refrigerator had arrived i was excited because our refrigerator had broken but we had to special order it because of the size. So i pulled in to the garage and proceeeded to walk in the house but i didnt see no one in the kitchen, iwas concerned because my wifes car was in the drive way and so was the delivery truck so i walked to other side of the house, a one level house can be big, non theless i started o hear soft voices coming from the bedroom, so i walked over there and i couldnt believe my eyes of what was going on my wife was being fucked by two black dudes one was under her fucking her asshole stretching her out he must of benn 10 inches or so and the other on top of her they were fucking her tight asshole and her tight pussy at the same time, i couldnt believe what i saw but at the same time my cock started to swell right about the same time i was about to say what the fuck is going on in here, i imeediately started to grab my cock in hand and and started to pstroke it back and forth , it felt so good hearing my wife moaning geting fuckd in her two little tight holes, i was ready to cum when my wife saw me on the corner of her eye she said o shit and tried to stop but i couldnt believe what i said next no dont stop keep going, so they did my wifes big ass was so huge that it bounced up and down and her tits were bouncing up and down i was a site to see so i thought to my self let me fuck her mouth do all her little holes would be filled with cum, so i did she gave me the best blow job ive ever had ina while this bitch was gettting fucked in all holes we started to cum inside her one after the other, man was it good after we were all done she had cum dripping from her mouth pussy and asshole it was a good site to see she was so happy i thanked the boys for a job well done,

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