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Retweet Surprise from s*s

My s****r had invited my girlfriend and I over for a bbq at her and her boyfriends new place. When we arrived my girlfriend, Candice, and I found my s****r, Janell, and her boyfriend, John, out back already preparing the grill. We all greeted eachother, then John took drink requests. We all decided on long island iced teas and before long John returned with a large pitcher filled as well as a tray of cups already full. As the food was prepared we made small talk as most people do around a bbq, the whole while drinking.

Finally, after dinner and another pitcher or drinks we all decided it was time for a dip in the pool. Candice and I were starting to get pretty playful as the drinks crept up on us. Before long I had her pressed to the side of the pool as we kissed. My s****r and her boyfriend decided to take their activities into the house. After about 30 to 45 minutes of playful making out and petting into the pool Candice and I decided it was time to go inside as well. Once we made our bed on the floor we stripped out of our bathing suits and really started getting into it. I laid on my back as Candice pushed her pussy into my face and engulfed my cock all in one swift motion. I couldn't help but smile as I began to lick the soft folds of her pussy lips. As my tongue made contact with her clit I felt her moan on my cock then she pushed her pussy into my face even harder. As is usual when we are in the 69 position, the closer she gets to orgasm the less sucking she does then eventually she just quits all together until after the orgasm. Finally it got to this point, then her legs started to push against the sides of my head creating a void where the only sights and sounds were of my tongue and her pussy. I was amazed when I felt her clamp down on my cock at this point, I must have really been hitting the right spot because she was sucking my dick like never before. I was getting close to cumming myself and wanted to finish her off before I blew my load down her throat, so I picked up my tongue action on her pussy and clit.

After about another minute of tongue lashing I felt her pussy begin to squirt her delicious juices into my mouth, luckily for me as her orgasm hit she took my dick to the base just as I felt my balls tighten and the cum race straight up to the head and filled her mouth with what felt like a gallon of cum. Once I was done cumming, I closed my eyes as I let the wonderful feeling roll through my body and Candice spun around to kiss me.

"Mmmm...God baby you must have really enjoyed that blow job to eat my pussy like that." Candice told me.

"Hell yeah, you were amazing." I told her. "When did you learn that new technique?"

With a giggle she said "Oh I didn't learn anything new" and that is when she rolled off of me and I could see that we weren't alone. Sitting just out of reach of my legs was my incredibly naked and beautiful s****r with a smile on her face and licking her lips. As my head cleared and I realized what had happened I looked back at Candice. She just smiled at me.

"Well, this is a surprise. Not that I am complaining about the blow job s*s, but what got into you to make you do it?" I said

"Well John passed out before we had a chance to do anything, and then I heard you two out here. When I peaked around the corner to spy on you I noticed that while you were eating Candice's pussy that she wasn't paying attention to the hard cock of yours. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands...or should I say my mouth." Janell replied.

With the recent activities my dick was regaining firmness quickly. As Janell saw the reaction that this was having on me she looked over at Candice and said "Can I?"

"Well I don't see why not, it's not like it can be considered cheating, you are b*****r and s****r." she said with a grin.

I didn't need any more encouragement than that. At 24 Janell is 5'3" tall, with tits that are perfectly shaped and sized. Her ass is perfect in every way, as we grew up I would watch her walk past me in her underwear and my dick would always get hard as I would watch it sway past me. Now here I was with the perfect opportunity and I wasn't going to miss it. I sat up from the floor and grabbed my s****r and told her to get on her hands and knees.

She had a devilish grin on her face and a look of excitement in her eyes. In the position with my dick pointing straight out towards her ass I was extremely excited, with a sarcastic tone in her voice she looked back over her shoulder and said "Be gentle". I couldn't contain myself any longer I rubbed the head of my dick against your extremely wet pussy and began burying my cock into her inch by inch. I couldn't believe how great her pussy felt. It was so warm and tight, but at the same time silky smooth. As I felt my balls press against her I noticed Candice was beginning to work her way under Janell in the 69 position. Well this was turning out to be some night, not only was I getting to fuck my slutty s****r, but I was going to get to see my s****r and girlfriend eating eachothers pussies. This was going to be great.

I started pumping my dick in and out of my s****r with slow rythmic strokes while Candice began licking her pussy. I knew that this wasn't going to last long. I began stroking her pussy faster and faster as I felt the cum beginning to build in my balls. I couldn't take it.

"I'm about to cum s*s" I told her.

"Oh, damn baby, cum in me" she breathed. "Fill my pussy with your cum"

With that Candice grabbed my balls and gently but firmly squeezed and pulled on them while I slammed into my s****r and began filling her delicious pussy with my hot cum. Candice let go of my balls as my dick started to slip out of Janell's pussy, then Candice began licking my cum from Janell's pussy. Once she was satisfied that she had cleaned her pussy we all curled up on the floor. Each of us passing out naked and cuddled together.

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