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My First Lesbian Experience

She was there on my bed and I was sitting on the computer chair. Just casually talking about stuff..then I told her what I do when I'm home alone and bored. "I jus watch tv, invade d fridge, Facebook, tweet, and watch porn *lol*" I said. She laughed then suddenly opened google on the laptop. She called me over and told me type in a good porn site. I was shocked lol. So I opened two sites- Xhamster and Cucumbertube. She searched the lesbian section since she was bi and liked lesbian and ebony porn. We watched a few together, then viewed different vids since some were boring. We finally got a hot 1 to watch. Can't remember the name of it right now. She asked me how far I ever went with a girl, and I answered her. BR

About 5 minutes after she asked if I wanted to come higher up on the bed * closer to her in other words*. I did . I lay there watching the porn wondering whats gonna happen next.. What's she thinking... Then suddenly she just pulled me in by my neck onto her and gently kissed me. Her lips were just small soft sexy and kissable. The kissing led into touching and squeezing. I was on top of her...she squeezed my ass...gently ran her hands all over my body. She can onto of me and kissed me all over my weak spots.. My eyes just rolled back with the pleasure... She took of my top then the bra and just sucked my hard nipples. She squeezed, pinched, pulled and bite my breasts and nipples . She slowly slid her wet tongue down my stomach..a feeling that just made me wet as fuck mmm. She pulled of my shorts then kissed my pussy through my yellow undies. Passing her finger up and down made me moan a bit mmm. BR

She came back up to kiss me and suck my breasts. I reached for her breasts and felt it's softness . I quickly took of her top and bra and was marvelled by her light firm dark nippled breasts. I leaned her in and joyfully sucked her dark nipples. I sucked in her whole breast in my mouth while squeezing her nice round ass. She then took of my undies :o and went straight in for my clit. She licked it so well it had me going crazy. Sliding her tongue on my wet pussy--while fingering me (ahh yes) that feeling <3 . She played with it so well in different positions. She kissed me so I could taste myself mmmm. BR

Playing in all positions was exciting but the 69 ohhh great.. I suck her pimp dry while under. I stuck one finger in her wet pussy...leading to 2.. Then 3...then 4 !! She loved that so much. I then surprised her a bit when I stuck a finger in her ASSHOLE. She moaned and moaned just getting me all soaked hmmm. 69 was over but I wasn't. As she lay on her back I went in. Sucked , licked, fingered  her pussy as she moaned saying "Oh Shit!!" * music to my ears* she then came over me and rubbed her wet pussy all over mine.. Rubbing slow then gradually increasing her speed . I felt I was Cumming. While rubbing our pussies together she suck on my big toe.. We both got satisfied then she checked her phone ............. About 5 missed calls from her 'boyfriend'. BR

After she left she told I was the fucking best. Hmm. I smiled after seeing that tweet. BR

I will definitely remember MY FIRST LESBIAN EXPERIENCE !! <3 <3

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