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My Aussie Wifes' First Gangbang.

For over 12 yrs I have wanted another guy or guys to fuck my wife with or without me but she was adamant that it shall remain a fantasy and no more.But,I was so persistant she finally started to entertain the thought seriously after all these years.Well,one night(of many)we were laying on the bed,kissing and touching eachother when I turned our attention to me arranging a guy or guys for her before I fly out for work.She looked at me with a smile and said "Just make sure they are about the same age as me(32)non smoking,clean,hot hardworking tradesman type bodies!That was music to my ears so I grabbed my laptop and went straight to the fling site on the net where I had visited many times looking at guys that she may like,hopefully.Well we looked through about 30 guys before she picked one which surprised me because he wasn't exactly hung like me but quite the contrary.Adequate would best describe it.When I asked her why him she quite simply said "He has a very interesting profile and sounds like he could be fun".Size isn't what attracts her to guys at all.We managed to find 3 guys who were within an hour of our place so she messaged them all with a full body photo(dressed in a surong she got from Bali showing off her ample tits and luscious curves)Within seconds the replies were in from all 3 guys.The first was Micheal then Tony and lastly Andrei.I said she can either see them with or without me.She responded "Well let's ask the guys which would they prefer".Well they all voted it was no probs with them and were more than happy to have me join them.The next night we walked into the restaurant bar and scanned the place and saw to our delight the 3 guys talking to eachother and they immediately came to us as we ordered our drinks.Each were in no illusion of what I had in mind for her.The night went by so well we all decided to head to the hotel we booked and continue on.I was especially excited to see my girl so happy and she looked at me every now and then just to let me know that she was getting pretty hot and moist between her legs.Well the guys were ever the gentlemen as I hosted the drinks and music then made myself comfortable behind the bar as they took turns dancing with Shelley and eventually the guys linked arms in a circle around her.Next second Micheal leans forward and kisses her.Instantly the guys all reach for her tits and those huge nipples.Pulling here top down over them then groping and sucking like their lives depended on it.Next Andrei put his big hands around her hips from behind and began to bite her neck as he slid her dress to the floor then pushed his hard big cock up against her arse.A huge rush of adrenalin soon overcame me as I reached down to release my cock and stood their with cock in hand and filming with my iphone with the other,the final fantasy I so yearned to witness and participate.The guys wasted no time stripping off before Tony sat on the couch and Shelley climbed on his cock pulled her panties to one side,as he slid that big cock into her hot,wet cunt.She let out a huge moan as Tony slammed that man meat into her cunt.Before long Micheal had lubed her arse hole for the next stage while Andrei had carried that big black cock of his to her mouth and proceeded to squeeze it in inch by magic inch until he had her by the scruff of her hair and was now pumping the fuck out of her mouth.Of course Micheal had now lubed her arsehole for a quick entry and easy access.She let out a long moaning sound as Micheal increased his rythm in good timing with Tony fucking her cunt and Andrei pumping her mouth,those big black balls slapping her chin as my wife was getting the ultimate gang bang from 3 complete strangers.Then the guys began to tell her she was about to be drowned by loads of hot,thick,sticky cum.Tony and Micheal start fucking her holes even harder as she struggles with the overwhelming testosterone filled pounding she is receiving and then suddenly they both pull out from her cunt and arse and proceed to spray all up her back right at her holes as she leans forward to take the last hot gush of Andreis' thick,gluggy sperm now pouring all over her face at an unbeleivable rate which she is momentarily soaked in.Without a moment to spare I turn her over whilst covered in sperm and look at her face ,cunt and arsehole before ramming my cock into the wettest hottest cunt imaginable and give her the final christianing of the night.The boys were in no hurry to leave so for the next few hours of darkness left we all took our time making sure Shelley would enjoy and remember the most intense,orgasmic night of her gangbang virgin life ever.She has since recovered be it awkwardly and has had the boys around sometimes with me,other times without.Sometimes one at a time,others all together but one things for sure she says,"Without my openness to it all she would have never had experienced it and now appreciate why I persisted for so long".Chow.

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