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Trevor Christian was a 33 year old third generation Englishman, who had recently arrived on Pitcairn Island to take up the threads of the life and means of livelihood which had originally been started by his Grandfather, Fletcher Christian who was one of the original rebels on board the ship "THE BOUNTY" which had been run aground on it's shores over 100 years ago. The sailors had thereafter decided to continue their lives on this beautiful island, and married many of the local girls and merged with the native island dwellers. Grandpa Christian had built himself a sprawling white walled villa atop a hillock overlooking the village and the river strean that flowed through it down to the sea. After Trevor arrived about two years ago, he went into residence at the villa built by his Grandfather, and in which his father too had lived until his death about a year before Trevor came to the island.

Trevor spent his working days supervising and looking after the f****y estate of over a 100 acres of Breadfruit plantation, and Cassava Trees from the roots of which a very potent brew could be distilled and marketed among discerning imbibers of hard liquor. He spent his weekends riding his Harley Davidson Motor bike thorough the narrow streets of the village down below, and visiting his fellow English neighbors on adjoining plantations till the early hours of the next morning when he returned home exhausted but inebriated. On week days after returning early afternoon from his plantation or later in the evening after a wild boar hunt in the forest behind his residence, he would sit on a wickerwork chair at the edge of his garden, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the gorgeous sunsets he was able to see while sipping a Scotch and Soda served to him by his Man Friday, Tonga, a villager, who was the only other resident of his villa. One such evening when he was seated at this vantage point and sipping his favorite drink, the high pitched laughter of girls bathing in the river below, drew his attention.

On looking more closer through his binoculars which he always carried with him, he saw a bevy of beautiful girls all clad in colorful pareus, a simple cloth which covered their bodies from breasts to feet. Looking still more intently, he spotted a slender lissome olive complexioned girl with doe like eyes and the body of a gazelle and long hair that fell below her knees, prancing and pirouetting in the water, in sheer abandon with her friends. Trevor was enamored by what he saw and immediately decided that he should take this girl to live with him as his vahine. He then called Tonga to where he was seated and giving hime the binos, described the girl he had spotted, and inquire as to who she was. One look was sufficient for Tonga to identify the lass, and he told Trevor that she was very beautiful and the granddaughter of the matriarch of the village, Mama Toto.

Her name he said was Tahinee. He also said that the girl's parents died during an epidemic which hit the island over 15 years ago , and that since then she and her elder b*****r have been cared for by Toto. That night, Trevor , kept tossing around in bed, thinking what he should do to obtain the girl. He awoke in the morning with a plan, and sent Tonga on an errand to the village, to meet Mama Toto, and inform her that Trevor Horn the planter was willing to take her grand daughter, Tahinee , to be his vahine and live with him. He also said that he was willing to pay whatever bride money was requested by the grandmother. After sending Tonga down to the village below, Trevor did not go to his plantation as he usually did but kept pacing the floor, anxiously awaiting the return of his emissary. When Tonga did finally return about three hours later, Trevor accosted him in the garden an and wanted to know what had happened. To which his servant smilingly told him that Mama Toto had agreed to to the proposal but she wanted a heavy bride price of 100 breadfruits, 5 slaughtered head of Wild Boar, and ten bottles of Cassava root juice.

Mama Toto had also told him she could not bring the girl to him right now, as her monthly flow of bl**d had just commenced that morning, and that could be brought only after one week from that day. On hearing this Trevor immediately gave orders to Tonga to collect the required items from his plantation, and get them ready to be handed over at his bungalow when the girl is brought to him in a weeks time. Having said this , Trevor went back to his work on the plantation, secretly counting the days until Tehanee will be his to have and hold. In the meanwhile the whole village down below was agog with the news that Master Trevor had chosen Tehanee to be his vahine and that they were all happy for the orphan girl. Mama Toto and three of her trusted aides then proceeded to advise Tehanee on the age old sex secrets of the clan, and stressed that she should at all times be ready to do whatever Master Trevor asked of her. They also said that the three openings of a woman's body should always be available to her Master, even though sometimes it would hurt and cause bleeding. The set day dawned and before sunrise, Mama Toto and her aides e****ted Tehanee down to stream, and having removed the pareu she had been wearing the previous night, got her wade waist high into the water and spread her legs so as to allow the water to flow in to and around her vagina, so as to wash off any sediment or traces of bl**d that may have remained within.

Having done this they rubbed crushed Jasmine and Frangipani blossoms on her breasts, face, hair, body, genitals, buttocks and legs, putting more of the same blossoms into a an unused clay pot of water which the old ladies had brought along with them. Having completed their ritual ablutions of the girl, Mama Toto dashed the pot on the ground smashing it to smithereens, and went onto wrap Tehanee in a bright yellow flowered pareu she had saved for just such an occasion. Thereafter telling the girl keep her eyes focused on the ground before her, they led her back to Mama Toto's residence where having removed the pareu, they proceeded to rub flower perfumed water on her body, hair, breasts, vagina, armpits, buttocks and anus. The old women next rubbed frangipani scented oil over every inch of her body except her face. When this was done she began to look like a shining statuette.

One of the three women who were helping Mama Toto, then remarked that Tehanee had a big clump of pubic hair and whether it should not be shaved, to which her grandmother said that removal of bodily hair was at the sole discretion of Master Trevor who could do as he pleases with it. Next Mama Toto crushed a bl**d red red Hibiscus and rubbed it over her lips sand nipples. She even rubbed a little on the lips of her cunt. This made her look very sexy, and attractive. Next they rubbed more perfumed oil on her hair and plaited it hang down below her knees in two long strands. Next they brought out some white powdery substance which they carefully and sparingly applied on her face so as not to smudge the red flower juice applied on her lips. Having done all this they stepped back as if to admire their handiwork, and being satisfied proceeded to d**** the pareu round her body, at the same time showing her how to remove it deftly when the need arose. Now that Tehanee's toilet was completed, Grandma told her three aides that it was time to go, One of the old ladies then stepped forward and stuck a huge yellow Hibiscus behind the girl's ear, and the three of them, Grandma, Tehanee, and the b*****r pushing the hand cart which contained a small neatly wrapped bundle of Tehanee's clothes, mostly pareus, began their arduous journey up the hill leading to Trevor's home. Tonga, was the first to hear the creaking of the wheels of the handcart, and he ran to tell his master that the guests were on their way.

Trevor , too in a fit of nervouness, went to his bedroom and having sprayed Old Spice on himself, spruced himself up, and returned to the verandah to await the visitors, but not before checking with Tonga, about the items for the bride price, and the breakfast table, both of which , Tonga said were under control. After what seemed a long wait, the trio appeared over the hill and entered Trevor's compound. Both parties met on the pathway leading to the house, after the traditional manner of greeting by rubbing noses was done with, thay ehtered the house and sat down in the verandah, with Tehanee clutching on to the small parcel containing her clothes. After the usual small talk , Trevor called up Tonga , and instructed him to take Tehanee's b*****r and his hand cart to the rear of the house where the goods to given as bride price were stacked. After that he invited Tehanee and her grandmother into the sitting room of the house, and having seated them down, he asked the Grandmother whether Tehanee was of age, to which she replied that Tehanee was born just before the annual water festival in the village, and according to the count maintained by her eighteen such festivals had been celebrated since her birth. in response to another question, Grandma confirmed that Tehanee was a virgin, as she had painstakingly protected her from the men boys in her village, ever since her parents died.

Trevor only wanted one more thing, he wished to see Tehanee's body. At this Grandma barked an order in her nstive dialect and in the next second the girl's pareu floated down to rest around her ankles, and Tehanee stood before Trevor proud and tall naked as the day she was born. Trevor could not take his eyes off her glistening body and her scarlet tipped pointed breasts. He also noted that she had unsightly clumps of pubic and underarm hair which he will have to remove within the next few days. There after having told her to wear her pareu again, he wnt towards the dining hall, and met Tonga who told him reassuringly, that breakfast was ready. At which point Trevor invited Grandma Toto and Tehanee who were seated in the hall, and the boy who had returned to the verandah with his cartload of goodies, to partake of breakfast, which to say the least was simply sumptuous. After the hearty meal, Grandma said she must return to the village, and called the boy to follow her with the loaded cart. However before she left , she kissed Tehanee on both cheeks, and taking her hand, led her upto Trevor and after placing her hand in his , said that Tehanee was now his and wanted him to take care of her, to which Trevor gave a reassuring reply.

After that , Grandma left the house along with her Grandson, and both Tehanee with tears glistening in her eyes, and Trevor, stood on the verandah and watched util the old lady and the boy vanished from sight down the hill. Trevor then turned and towards his new bride and puttinh his arms around her led her into the house, and closed the front door. Next he picked up her bundle of clothes from a chair nearby, and led her into the master bedroom in , and shut that door too. Tonga in the meanwhile had discreetly vanished to the rear end of the house.

Once in the bedroom, this time around Trevor removed Tehanee's pareu , aand she stood stark naked before him while he was seated at the edge of the bed. Trevor kissed and sucked her breasts and rubbed and caressed her rounded buttocks. Then he parted her thighs and with his fingers found her clitois which he massaged with his forefinger. At this point, Tehanee came alive and started to squeal wrigle, and sigh. Trevor continued to massage her clitoris with his forefinger, and the girl kept on wriggling and squealing. Her eyes also started to glaze and her breath was coming in short gasps. Trevor next parted her cunt lips and found that she was dripping wet with white cunt juice. Her eyes were now half closed and her breathing was heavy. Trevor laid her down on the bed and parted her legs to touch her now prominent clitoris once again. This time she reacted as if an electric shock had passed through her, and her eyes were tightly shut while her redlipped mouth kept spouting unitelligible words to her lord and master. Her cunt was soaking wet, and some of her thick white juice had dripped down her thighs on to the deep blue bedspread.

Sensing that the time was now right, Trevor having first removed all his clothes, saw that his long fleshy cock was throbbing with anticipation. He next took out a tube of KY jelly fromhis dressing table drawer, and squeezed out a bit of the stuff on to his fingers, he generously applied the jelly onto the entrance to the girl's vagina, and her cunt lips. Next he rubedd the remaining jelly on to the shaft of his cock and to it's cherry red tip. He then leant over to next bed and took a pillow from it and placed it uner the girl's buttocks and having splayed her legs wide open, he bent them back to rest around his neck as he eased himself on top of her. Next having moved to an advantageous position right over her vaginal opening he rubbed the tip of his cock on the opening of her cunt, and with onresolute stroke drove his cock right into her vagina.

Tehanee squealed with pain, very much like an injured puppy, and tears were seen rolling down fer cheeks. But Trevor the coqueror carried on regardless and soon Tehanne was moving bher body in time with his. Every down stroke of Trevor was met with an upward stroke by Tehanee, this went on for a few minutes and squelching sounds were heard from Tehanee's vagina, until suddenly she was overtkaen by a shivering fit during which she babbled away in her native tongue, and with the rolling of eyes, and a great sigh she sank her head back on the pillow and collapsed as if she were lifeless. Realising that she had reached orgasm, Trevot hurried his strokes, and when he felt his juices come to bursting point, he drove deep iside and shot his cum almost the entrance to her womb.

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Sated and satisfied the they slept cosily in each other's arms until about 15 minutes later, Trevor quietly disengaged himself from Tehanee's arms to survey thev damage that had been done, and noted that there were drops of red bl**d on the pillow placed under the girl's buttocks, while bood stained cum was seen oozing out of her vagina. He decided to let her sl**p a while longer, while he in only his underwear went out of the room to order Tong

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