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The Bet

This is another in a series of true stories about my relationship with my superior while I was serving in the military - staff sergeant Tyler, also known as "daddy".

This particular story details some exposure I had to very heavy gay BDSM. This story is not for the faint of heart, so consider yourself forewarned!

Daddy and I had been living together for about a year, when the soccer world cup came around. Daddy was a sports nut. Beyond that, he was a nut about betting on sports.

We had been going to a gay bar called "las Palmas" a few towns over from where we were stationed. I loved the place. Most Germans you encountered day by day disliked the American GI's and didn't hesitate to let you know it. The Germans at las Palmas were different. Gayness seemed somehow to trump nationality.

It was an odd dive really. Up front was a normal sort of bar with tables, bar stools and a TV that constantly blared sports. Through a door that led into the back of the place was the funner part of club. There was a dance floor and booths and a bar sprawled across the rear wall. There was a door that led to stairs down to the "dungeon"/play level. There were a series of small, dimly lit rooms down there, some outfitted with beds, others with slings and yet others with bondage devices.

Frequently daddy would tie me to a sling in one of these rooms blindfolded, free bait for any takers. Other times, daddy would make me take part in "races", where I would be f***ed to participate in a 69 with another and he would wager on who would lose control and cum first, always betting that it would not be me. That was a pretty safe bet since the one time I lost such a race, I was subjected to a rather harsh ass beating. Nothing allows you to control when you cum better than some good old fashioned fear of pain.

This story is not about those fun pursuits though. As I mentioned, the world cup was being played. Daddy was sitting in the front part of the bar watching the finals with Bruno.

Bruno was a scary top. He had a bad reputation among all of the bottoms for being brutal and that made it hard for him to find partners. Daddy could be brutal too if he was teaching you something or if you misbehaved and deserved it, but Bruno, he dealt out pain and humiliation because it brought him enjoyment to witness his victim's suffering. Not only that, but he had spent a considerable amount of time and money to purchase all of the tools that made inflicting pain and humiliation easy. I and many others feared him.

At any rate daddy and Bruno were watching the finals of the World Cup. Germany was playing Italy. The first half had come and gone and there was no score.

I of course, had lost interest a few minutes after the game started. I wandered into the back where I found my girlfriend Renate, a cute German girl who was going through the full hormone and surgical transformation thing. She had taught me a lot about makeup and other girly things and that is what we were doing, sitting around a table talking makeup, her impending reassignment operation and exchanging all of the latest juicy gossip.

So I didn't hear daddy make a bet on the outcome of the game. Daddy was betting on Germany and Bruno, being Italian naturally was betting on Italy. Daddy bet Bruno $50, but Bruno didn't want daddy's money. He counter offered, if Germany won, he would pay daddy his $50, but if Italy won, Bruno would get me, to do with as he wished for a whole night. Daddy accepted.

Italy won, 3-1... naturally.

When daddy told me what he had done I was terrified.

"Quit acting like such a pussy faggot!" He replied, "how bad can it be, besides, you embarrass me, you'll have me to be scared of ho!"

When the day arrived, daddy marched me outside promptly at 6:00 PM as promised. Bruno was waiting there with a creepy leer on his face and what turned out to be a hood in his hand. I was gagged and Bruno's hood was placed over my head. My hands and feet were tightly bound and I was placed in the trunk of Bruno's Audi.

I heard the engine start and we were off. I bounced and rolled around in the trunk of his car for the longest time. When the car finally stopped, the engine was turned off and I heard Bruno get out, I was anxious to get out of the trunk but Bruno did not get me out. He left me lay in there for what seemed to be hours. It started getting really hot and stuffy in the trunk, making it hard to breathe and my muscles screamed from being so tightly bound. Finally I heard Bruno get back into the car, the engine start and we were off again driving through the twisting streets. When the car finally stopped again I was relieved to hear the keys at the trunk.

Bruno reached into the trunk, snagged me by the throat and roughly pulled me into a sitting position with my still bound legs dangling over the edge of the trunk. I was then told to hop out of the trunk. I did so expecting my feet to land on the ground a short distance below the car. There was however no ground there, Bruno had backed the car up to a drop off. I fell a far longer distance than I was anticipating. When I landed, I hit the ground quite hard and more on my right foot than my left, harshly twisting my ankle. My stiletto heel dug into the ground breaking off.

Bruno laughed at my pain as he collected me from the ground half leading half dragging me in the direction he wished me to go. It was difficult keeping up with him with my feet bound, one broken heel and an ankle that was throbbing with pain. I did my best to hop/walk where Bruno was leading me.

Finally I heard Bruno rattling his keys and a door opening. I was shoved into the door and then, unceremoniously tossed down a flight of stairs. When I came to rest at the bottom I had a huge throbbing goose egg on my head and several new places that would certainly become bruises. My elbow also seemed to have hit somewhere hard enough to start to bleed on the way down.

I heard Bruno's heavy steps descending the steps. When he got to the bottom he began kicking me and ordering me to get up. I fought against the ties that held me until I finally was back on my feet, my body aching from being kicked.

I was d**g/led then away from the bottom of the steps. I felt manacles being placed around my wrists before the rope that held them was cut. Then my arms were hoisted upwards until I was nearly lifted off my feet. I felt the bl**d from the cut on my elbow trickling down my arm.

Bruno then busied him self cutting off my blouse and dropping my skirt down around my feet. My skirt was quickly followed by my panties, leaving me hanging there in my bra, stockings and garters.

My tormentor then left for a time. When he returned, he jerked the hood off my head. My eyes struggled to readjust to the sudden change in light levels. When they finally did I was greeted by a view of Bruno as I had never seen him before. He wore a leather jock strap, heavy black lace-up boots and a leather strap chest harness. His corpulent body was covered in a thick coat of greasy black hair. In such times you notice the oddest things. I noticed that a small droplet of sweat had collected on the tip of Bruno's nose, hanging there stubbornly refusing to fall off.

I then started to take in my surroundings. I was not in a good place. I appeared to be in some rough finished basement. The walls were made of stacked stone and mortar. The floor was cement and there was a floor drain near where I was suspended. A single light bulb burned above my head. Various tools of torture covered the walls and were arrayed on a variety of tables and carts. There was also a stainless steel cart full of menacing looking devices positioned handily nearby for Bruno to access.

Bruno took a wide roll of adhesive tape, a paper towel and metal capsule shaped object that had a wire attached to it from the cart. He squeezed some clear gel onto the capsule shaped thing from a squeeze bottle, before walking around behind me. Once there, he crammed the metal object into my pussy, leaving the wire dangling between my legs. He then wiped the gel from my pussy lips and then applied a piece of the adhesive tape, preventing me from ejecting the unwelcome foreign object from my cunt.

Bruno then walked back in front of me and retrieved a long slender metal rod that also had a wire hanging off one end. This to received a coating of the clear gel. Bruno then stepped directly in front of me. He smiled, huffing heavily garlic scented breath into my face as he seized my clitty. He then shoved the rod into my peehole. This was likewise taped in place.

Bruno then retrieved the dangling wires and plugged them into an electronic device on the cart. He then leered at me lasciviously, showing me the controls on the device as he cranked a knob on it as far as it would go. He then flicked a switch on and right back off. That was enough to send a blinding bolt of electricity streaming through my most sensitive parts. The pain was so intense that my knees gave out from underneath me. Were it not for the manacles I would have crumpled into a twitching heap on the cement floor.

Bruno then adjusted the controls and flicked the switch on. This sent a steady stream of less intense, but still painful pulses coursing through me. I could feel each jolt as it passed through my prostate. I screamed against the ball gag that was still strapped into my mouth.

Bruno laughed and strode forward. He watched the pulses of pain play across my face then drove his knee harshly upwards into my nuts.

I collapsed, screaming against my gag, held erect only by the manacles.

Bruno laughed menacingly.

He then retrieved a knife from the cart and walked uncomfortably close again. He brandished the knife directly in front of my eyes. He slowly lowered it bringing it to rest behind my scrotum while seizing my clit and balls up in his other hand.

I panicked as I felt the cold sharp blade against my skin. I tried to gingerly pull away from it without getting cut. But Bruno laughed and drew the blade across my skin. He did not actually sever anything. but he did put a good slice into the skin on back of my scrotum. As he slowly and deliberately brought the blade back upwards he poked my skin with the tip of it at various points along the way as he did. He then cut through the front of my bra, releasing my breast forms from their confinement.

He turned placing the red-tinged blade back onto the cart before turning his attention back to me. He then bounced my tits in his hands, feeling their texture and weight. Then he grabbed them harshly and viciously ripped them from my chest. Pain shot through the underlying skin as he tore through the adhesive that held my tits on. He tossed them across the room. They landed with a meaty thud in the corner.

Bruno then retrieved a set of nipple clamps from the cart and hooked them onto my already screaming nipples. He turned a knurled knob on each clamp until I winced in pain from the crushing pressure they were exerting on my nipples. As he was satisfied that each was tightly, painfully secured, he'd give it a twist, painfully twisting the nipple that it held along with it.

As he stood back and admired his work, I heard a phone rang upstairs.

Bruno turned and left the room. I heard him talking on the phone in some distant space, but couldn't make out the conversation. When he returned dressed in street clothes, he brought a huge bull mastiff with him, that upon seeing me suspended there began snarling and growling.

"I have to step out for a moment, Moritz here will keep you company," he said gesturing to the snarling dog.

I gulped in fear.

Bruno then released the hound, turned and tweaked the knob on the electronic device I was attached to, increasing the painful intensity of the pulsing electricity coursing through me. He then strode out of the basement, turning off the only light as he went. Leaving me in inky blackness with "Moritz" who growled and prowled around in the darkness. Each time I'd jerk from a pulse through my prostate, I'd hear him lunge at me in the darkness and snarl. To say I was scared was an under statement on an epic scale.

Eventually as time in the darkness passed, I grew accustomed to the bolts of electricity. I felt each one as it passed through my prostate, causing the muscles inside it to twitch involuntarily. It was not do much that it ceased being painful so much as the fact that my threshold to resist the pain expanded. The nipple clamps were an entirely different matter. The longer the hung on my nipples, the worse they throbbed and screamed for release.

Finally after what seemed hours, Bruno returned. He tromped down the steps, shucking his street clothes as he did to reveal the disturbing outfit that laid beneath and cut on the light.

Wordlessly, he returned to what he had been doing. First he cranked the knob on the electrical device higher, bringing the level of the electrical jolts back across the pain threshold. I could feel exhaustion setting into my prostate muscle and yet the continuous jolts of electricity f***ed it to repeatedly clamp tight.

Bruno then retrieved a set of weights which he hung from the nipple clamps, multiplying the pain level they were inducing.

As I grunted in pain against the ball gag, Bruno laughed at me and slapped my face.

Next, Bruno retrieved a leather contraption that he snapped around my scrotum above my nuts. The contraption had "D" rings at its edge. Onto these "D" rings, Bruno secured more weights, painfully stretching my scrotum downwards and applying significant pressure on my balls.

Bruno then disappeared behind me. His absence was however brief. He had retrieved a riding crop and used it to apply one painful welt after another across my ass cheeks. Each blow caused me to recoil in pain, causing the weights suspended from me to sway, sending additional waves of pain coursing through me.

When he had grown tired of raising angry red welts on my ass, he switched to a broad leather covered paddle and tried to beat the welts back down.

Then he switched back, creating a pattern of cross-hatched welts on my crimson rump, which he then later beat back flat with the leather paddle.

By the time he quit, there were numerous rivulets of bl**d trickling from the broken skin of my derriere.

Bruno laughed when he saw this and retrieved a tube of methylated muscle rub, which he worked into the beet red skin of my ass. Every little trickle of bl**d on my butt cheeks was set a fire when the menthol calve hit them.

u*********sly I whined against my gag. Bruno laughed at me when he heard it.

He then used the leather covered paddle to drum the menthol cream into my burning ass.

Next, Bruno added more weights to those already dangling from me, before leaving and heading upstairs. When he returned a few minutes later, he had bowl of ice water. As he came nearer, I saw that the ice water also contained a ginger hand. He set the bowl on the stainless steel table and then rolled a heavy butcher block table from its place along the wall. He then took the ginger hand from the water and sliced off one of the fingers. He carefully whittled a butt plug from the finger. Next he cut another finger from the ginger hand. He peeled that one and cut it into julienne strips.

I had no idea what he was doing. I had never seen any of this done before.

Once he had finished preparing the ginger, he removed the adhesive tape from my pussy and pulled out the electrode he had placed there hours earlier.

Freed from the f***ed contractions, my prostate ached with exhaustion.

Bruno then wet the ginger butt plug in the ice water and inserted it into my cunt. Then stood back to watch my face.

At first, it felt only slightly uncomfortable, but that was quickly replaced by a fiery burning sensation that grew stronger the longer the ginger was in my cunt. It felt like someone had stuffed my pussy with red hot coals.

Bruno again laughed at my discomfort, strode forward and pressed my ass cheeks tight together. This caused a level of burning pain that eclipsed that which I had been feeling before.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I sobbed against my gag. Seeing this brought a terrible spark to Bruno's eyes.

Next he removed the weights that were suspended from my balls and the leather contraption that held them there. Then he rolled the chopping block right up in front of me. He disappeared behind me again, only to return with a small mallet and several of the largest syringe needles I had ever seen.

He stood there across the chopping block from me and held one of the needles directly in front of my face, ensuring that I would appreciate the full scale of it. His face alight with glee as he witnessed my terror.

I sobbed out of fear and pain. As I did, he reached down and stretched my scrotum out on the chopping block. He jabbed the needle through the skin of my scrotum between my balls, lodging it into the wood beneath.

The pain was indescribable. Add that to the fire that now filled my cunt and the searing pain from the nipple clamps and I was in abject misery.

Bruno then used the mallet to strike the threaded head on the needle that is normally used to secure it to the tube of a syringe. This drove the needle deeper into the wood, crucifying my ball sack onto the table.

After thus immobilizing me, Bruno removed the adhesive tape and rod from my clit and took one of the julienne slices of ginger and slid it into my piss slit.

Unlike the ginger in my pussy, this took no time what-so-ever to slowly build up to maximum heat. Searing fire was all I felt of my clit the instant he slid the ginger in.

A noticeable bulge was growing under his leather jock. The pain he was inflicting was obviously turning him on. He then picked up another needle and held out in front of my face.

The words "oh god! Where now?” Echoed in my mind.

Without warning, Bruno brought the needle down with f***e, skewering my left testicle. The pain was immediate, like being kicked in the balls, but unrelenting. A bright white flashed before my eyes and I think I briefly lost consciousness, because the next thing I knew, Bruno had already stretching my skewered ball as far to the left as the first needle would allow and hammered it down into the table top.

A raging erection was evident under his leather jock as he lifted another needle in front of my face, then drove it with ferocity equal to the last needle down into my right testicle. This time I managed to maintain consciousness as he stretched it out to the right and then hammered the needle into the table top.

In terror I looked down and saw my scrotum impaled and stretched flat on the surface of the butcher block. My breaths were coming short and shallow and if it weren't for the manacles holding me aloft, the pain would have caused me to crumple into a quivering gelatinous mass on the floor.

Not yet done, Bruno then held a pair of wires with alligator clips in front of my eyes, grinning a big garlic scented grin as he did. Once the presentation had had its terrorizing effect, he the connected them to the needles skewering each ball and then the other ends to the electrical device he had used on me before. He cranked the knob as far as it would go, before flicking on the power switch.

The effect was instant. Blinding pain pulled the muscles of my lower abdomen into tight knots, as Bruno walked in circles around me, inspecting his handiwork, fondling himself.

He then tugged the ginger from my pussy. Its effectiveness had waned by that time compared to the other torments he had inflicted. Then, using a turkey baster, he douched my cunt using ice water from the bowl.

Satisfied he had removed the stinging juice of the ginger, he crammed his engorged cock into me, shoving me forward and testing the bonds that held my balls skewered to the table.

Bruno then began stroking into my pussy fast and hard. Each time he bottomed out it felt like the restraining needles were tearing through my flesh just a little more. I looked down and saw pools of crimson puddling up in the indentations each needle made on my flesh.

Bruno fucked me like a man possessed, grunting like an a****l and testing the limits of my scrotum's ability to resist being torn with each thrust.

Finally at his limit, Bruno slammed into me, lifting me off my feet and causing my scrotum to slide up the needles as he deposited his seed deep inside my cunt.

After the final gob of sticky cum was planted deep within, he simply and unceremoniously pulled out of me.

He went about disconnecting the wires. Then he used pliers to pull the needles out of me and the chopping block beneath. I had lapsed into a state of semi-consciousness, overcome by pain and trauma. He removed the tormenting ginger from my piss slit and tugged the long since forgotten weights and nipple clamps off. As he lowered the rope that held the manacles aloft, I simply collapsed into a ball on the floor. He collected the various discarded bits of my clothes and my breast forms and tossed them into a bag.

At that point, either from cumulative pain or overwhelming relief I passed out. When I came back to, I was back in Bruno's trunk and in what seemed mere moments after coming to that realization, we were stopping, the trunk was opening and daddy was lifting me out.

That was the first and only time that daddy ever looked concerned for me. He carried me upstairs and laid me in the bed. There, I slept. Nightmares of Bruno tortured my sl**p.

I stood up to daddy when I awoke and told him that I would not be currency for any more bets with Bruno. I didn't care if he had those damning pictures of me or not. I would sooner be bounced out of the military with a dishonorable discharge than fall back into Bruno's clutches.

I was concerned about the damage he had done and there were indeed odd hard spots on my testicles where they'd been skewered for many years thereafter, but I have managed to create a number of healthy c***dren since then so I guess there wasn't any lasting damage. For about the next week every time I came, it was tinged with pink. Beyond that, the muscles in my prostate were so sore from the f***ed contractions that ejaculation was actually a painful affair. The cum was not propelled from my clitty with f***e as usual, instead it sort of just oozed. Eventually these symptoms too eased and dissipated. My ankle turned out to be sprained when I fell out of Bruno's trunk. I ended spending the next several weeks on crutches. The nightmares of Bruno... I still have them from time to time.

The only upside of the whole experience was that when I fell out of Bruno's trunk, I broke the heel on those damned shoes and daddy had to finally buy me new ones that fit better. Daddy was very angry with Bruno about that, because those shoes were the only thing daddy's ex-wife had left behind when she left him.

I do appreciate your comments, so let me know how I am doing. Should I continue or have you all already heard enough?

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