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Me sharing my husband with my bestfriend...

Clare sat in her car for a moment staring at the front door to her friends house. She could not believe what she was contemplating. It was all Shelly, her friend’s fault. She had been the one to make the bet with her a few nights before. They had been out for a drink, along with Shelly’s husband Mike. When Mike had gone to the bar for drinks Clare had casually mentioned that he looked better now he had lost some weight.

“You should tell him that.” Shelly had told her. “He’d love to hear it from you.”

“Why me?” Clare had asked.

“Because he’s so got a thing for you.” Clare had laughed.

“No way, yes we flirt a little but it’s nothing.” She told Shelly.

“Maybe to you it’s nothing. Mike on the other had has a real thing for you. In fact I’m willing to bet you could easily get him to sl**p with you.”

“God no, I’d never do that. And he wouldn’t, he loves you too much.”

“What’s that gotta do with it, it‘s only sex. He already knows that as long as he tells me he can sl**p with another woman. So that’s not a problem.”

“Yes but, he has never taken you up on that.”

“Not yet, I still think you could be the one to make him though. You’ve not heard some of the things he’s said about you. He really thinks you‘re hot.” Shelly had cocked her head to one side. “In fact I’ll make you a bet. Twenty dollars says you can get him to sl**p with you.” Clare had been shocked.

“No way, I ain’t taking that at all.” She had told her.

“Too chicken are you.” Clare had glared at her friend. “Ok I’ll dare you and bet you thirty dollars. If you come on to him he’ll be fucking you so fast your panties will burn on the way down.” Shelly had told her, Clare shook her head. So eganaking chicken noises. Clare had tired to ignore her, but finally caved. Just as she knew Shelly had expected her to.

“Fine, if you’re so sure I’ll take the dare. Thirty dollars says he says no when I come on to him.” Shelly had laughed as they shook hands.

“You might as well give me the money now Clare. Cos he so wants you it will be easy for you.” She had said, before Mike had returned with their drinks. Clare had deliberately forgotten about the bet until Shelly had called her up the next night and reminded her. Now Clare was sat outside her friends house wearing a short black denim skirt and low cut white skimpy top. Just to try and prove her wrong.

She took a deep breath in and got out of the car. Walking quickly, which was not easy in the ’do me’ dark blue high heels she was wearing Before she could change her mind she rang the door bell. A few moments later Mike opened the door. She saw the look of surprise on his face, then just caught the flash of interest before he schooled his expression.

“Clare you do know that Shelly’s at work don’t you. She won’t be back for about an hour.”

“Yeah, I was supposed to be going out with some friends. But they pulled out, I’m stuck in town. And I can’t be bothered to head back just yet. You don’t mind if I hang around till Shelly comes home do you.”

“Oh no, come in.” Mike said, she could sense the barely hidden pleasure radiating from him. How had she not noticed his interest in her before. Her only answer was that she had not been looking for it. Had not been expecting him to be interested. He let her in then followed her into the living room. Clare sat on the sofa, he remained at the door.

“Do you want anything to drink.” He asked, Clare suddenly needed a strong drink.

“Yeah you got any vodka.”

“I think so, I’ll go look.” He vanished into the kitchen. Coming out a minute or so later holding a bottle in his hand. “You’re in luck, want anything with it.” Clare shook her head.

“Straight up is fine.” She told him, he put the bottle down and fetched a glass. Getting himself a beer at the same time. Clare poured herself a large measure of vodka. Which she preceded to almost down in one gulp. Mike sat down with an amused expression on his face. Clare topped up her glass and took a bit longer to drink it. She soon felt the effects of the alcohol on her. Bolstering her courage, as well as loosening her body a little. She sank back into the sofa, stretching her legs out. Catching him glancing over as she extended her legs. She turned slightly to face him, slightly parting her legs. He was trying to casually look up her skirt as she did. She covered her smile with her glass. It was certain that Shelly was right about him liking her. Now she had to decide how far to go. She knew that the bet was to see if she could get him to sl**p with her. Was she willing to go that far. At the moment she was not sure. Mike drained the last of his beer and put the can down.

“Do you want another.” Clare said, he nodded. She stood up slowly, giving him plenty of chance to watch her. She could feel his gaze on the backs of her legs as she headed into the kitchen. She returned with another beer. Deliberately bending over in front of him to hand it too him. She hid her smile as he was caught between looking down her top, which hung open, or at her face. His eyes flicked almost uncontrollably between the two options. She stood up and turned back to her drink. Again bending over away from him to pick it up. She did not need to glance back to know he was staring up her short skirt at the skimpy pair of panties she was wearing. She could feel the heat from his gaze on her. As she sipped her drink she considered her dilemma. Was his obvious interest in her enough to admit defeat. Technically she thought answer had to be yes. She was certain that if she wanted she could easily get him to fuck her, right now. So she did not need to do any more.

However the interest he was showing her was appealing. It had been a long time since any guy had shown her that much interest. Not that she was ugly or anything, she knew that. She was a ‘small’ size f******n, with a pretty face. Long dark hair, that she had left down for tonight, dark brown eyes and a full mouth. Her figure was not bad either, with largish breasts. Not too big, they fitted her body just right. She had full hips with the classic hour glass look. As well as a nice pair of legs, legs that he seemed to have his gaze glued to at the moment. Which was not too surprising as she rarely wore a skirt round at Shelly’s, and the one she was wearing was so small and tight it was nearly a belt.

It was the length of time since she had known anyone to want her that swayed her choice. Not that she was desperate for sex mind you. While it had been a few months since she had last had it, she was not desperate for it. Sex was a casual pleasure for her, not a controlling one. No, it was just the attention he was showing her that swayed her. She slowly turned to face him.

“Do you think I look sexy then.” She asked him, giving him a slow twirl. Mike spluttered into his beer.

“Erm, er, yes, you do... Um, you look nice.”

“Only nice, I was going for sexy.” She hid her smile as he shifted nervously in his chair.

“Well you do look sexy in them. But you look sexy in everything.” He said, trying to cover with his normal flirting. It was not going to work this time. Clare now knew better about what he really meant. She took a couple of steps towards him, and bent slightly forwards.

“How would you like to see what’s under them.” She said in a husky whisper. Mike coughed jolting upright in his chair. His expression went from shock, to delight, back to shock. He looked like a boy caught in a sweet shop, not knowing where to turn.

“What do you mean.” He asked her after a moment.

“I mean shall I take my clothes off for you. After all you’ve been undressing me since I walked in tonight. I thought I’d make it easier on you and strip off.”

“I…I…” He stammered, not able to think of any response. Clare smiled at him as she straightened up.

“Oh I don’t mind at all, in fact I liked it. So I want to give you a treat.” She told him as she lifted up her top. His eyes went wide, his expression a mix of lust and terror as she pulled her top up. When he saw her breasts, held by the thin bra she had worn, his expression settled to one of pure a****l lust. Clare did nothing to hide her smile this time, she had him. She reached down to undo the zip on her skirt. Letting it slide down her legs, stepping out of it. Standing in just the matching lace bra and tiny panties. She could see the bulge in his jeans growing rapidly. She gave him another slow twirl.

“So do you like me in just under wear.” She asked.

“Yes I do.” He replied, his voice husky and deep.

“Do you want me to remove it.” She heard his sharp intake of breath.

“If you want to.” He managed to croak past the lump she guessed had just appeared in his throat. With a seductive smile she reached behind her and released the clasp in the bra. She lifted one hand up and slipped the strap off her shoulder. Quickly covering her breast with her hand to stop the bra dropping off. She did the same with the other shoulder. Now only her hands held her bra on her. His eyes were wide, his gaze focused on her hands. Slowly she lowered them, letting her bra drop free from her breast. She dropped it to the floor as he soaked in the vision of her naked breasts. Clare glanced down and realised that her nipples were rock hard, two dark brown points against the soft pink flesh of her breasts. She had not realised how turned on she was getting by this as well. Now she moved her fingers down to her panties, hooking them in the top. She pushed them down, slowly sliding them down over her hips. Pushing them until they slid down her legs. She stepped out of them, now standing naked apart from a pair of dark blue heels. Mike gave a soft groan from deep in his throat. If anything the bulge in his trousers had grown bigger.

Clare found she wanted to see how hard he was. She moved towards him, sinking down to the floor in front of him. Reaching up she began to undo the button on his jeans. Then she pulled the zip open. Mike was breathing quickly as she reached into to slide her hand around him. He felt hard in her hand as she pulled his cock free. He hissed softly as she ran her fingers along him, looking down at him. He was hard, and long. Shelly had once boasted about how big Mike was, Clare had not fully believed her until know.

“You seem to have a bit of a problem there.” She whispered to him, running her fingers along him. “Shall I help a bit.” Mike nodded, she guessed he was not able to get any words past his throat at that point. Keeping her gaze fixed on his face she lowered her head down to slide her lips around him. His gaze never left her face as she sank her mouth down his cock. Drawing him into her, sucking firmly on him.

“Oh fuck!” He gasped as she took him into her mouth. Clare slid her mouth right down him, sucking all of him into her mouth. While sex might not be an obsession that did not mean she was not good at it. She had learnt a long time ago that if you took all of a guy in your mouth he totally loved it. She quickly taught herself how to swallow a guy fully. So far it had proven a useful skill during sex. A good blow job and the guy would be most interested in giving you a good fucking after. She fully intended to give Mike a good blow job. She slipped her lips along him. Sucking hard on him, taking him fully into her mouth. Moving slowly at first, letting him feel her mouth around him. Then speeding up, moving her mouth along him faster, sucking softer on him as she did. She ran her tongue around him, licking him. He groaned wrapping his fingers in her hair as she pressed her face into his groin. She took a moment to look up. He was leaning back in the chair. His eyes closed, his face screwed up in pleasure.

Knowing that he was enjoying it seemed to increase her desire to make it good. She slowed up, deliberately sucking him into her mouth. Moving her mouth along him, sucking hard. Until she felt the head of his cock at the back of her throat. She held her mouth all the way down on him, sucking deeply on him. Then ran her lips up to hold just the head in her mouth. Licking her tongue over it. She tasted a drop of his salty pre-cum and smiled to herself. He was definitely enjoying it. She repeated the manoeuvre, again holding him totally in her mouth before sliding her lips along him. Then again, and again, he moaned deeply. His fingers curled tightly in her hair. He did not push her down on him, just held his fingers wrapped in her hair. Clare began to build up the pressure. Moving along him faster now, each time sliding her mouth down to take him fully into her mouth. His moans were growing louder, faster as she moved her mouth along him. She curled her tongue around his cock, over the head. Then began to rapidly slide her mouth up and down him. Each time taking him totally in her mouth.

“Oh fuck me, I’m cumming.” He grunted after only a few seconds. Clare held her mouth tightly around him. Sucking hard on him to draw out his cum. Then she felt his cum pump into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, feeling it slide down her throat. She was not a fan of the taste of cum, it was like having warm tangy jelly sliding down her throat. However, if you let a guy cum in your mouth than he was putty in your hands. She fully intended Mike to make her cum before he got even close to putting his cock inside her. So she let him empty himself down her throat, swallowing his cum with a smile. All the time thinking of what his tongue would feel like against her pussy.

Once he had finished cumming she pulled back, swallowing the last drops of cum. He pulled her up to kiss her hard on the lips. She could feel the passion and need in his kiss, matched it with her own. As he kissed her, he half lifted and half carried her to the sofa. Pushing her back onto it he pressed his lips against hers. She felt his tongue pushing against her mouth, opened it and took his tongue into her. He curled it around hers, in a snake like dance. His hands were running along her thighs, he seemed almost obsessed with the way they felt. She felt him running his fingers over her legs, before he moved his hands up to cup her breasts. Softly kneading them with his fingers. Rubbing her hard nipples with his thumbs. Clare gave a soft murmur of feeling. Her nipples had always been one of her most sensitive places on her body. As if sensing this he lowered his mouth down to draw one nipple into it. Running his tongue over the hard nipple. Clare moaned, arching her back slightly as he sucked on her breast.

She had not expected to be this turned on so fast. It was not as if she had ever fantasised about fucking Mike. If Shelly had never said anything she would have never thought of it. Now though she was finding the whole experience so much more arousing than she had expected at the beginning. Her pussy was already wet, had been from when she started to suck on him. She was not sure if it was delight in his want for her. Or just the intrinsically naughty idea of sl**ping with her best friend’s husband. What ever it was she was totally aroused.

His mouth on her breasts was just adding to her arousal. He was moving from breast to breast, sucking hard on each. Licking them all over with his tongue. His hands were again sliding along her legs. His fingers running over her thighs. He moved his head lower down to between her legs. Kissing softly down to her thigh. Then running a series of soft kisses up one thigh and down the other. His hand running up to her calf, then back down the underside of her legs. When he reached her pussy he hovered for a moment. The expression on his face was one of slight disbelief, as if he could not be sure this was real.

“You don’t know how often I’ve imagined doing this to you.” He said to her in a deep whisper. “Or how often I’ve fantasised about having your legs wrapped around me.” He looked her straight in the eyes for a moment, asking for permission. Clare nodded once, without hesitation. His need was so strong it was increasing hers. He lowered his head down between her legs. Clare mewed softly as she felt his tongue running along her pussy. Then gave a soft gasp as he probed his tongue into her. Gently using his fingers to open her pussy and let him inside. He licked slowly at her, seemingly savouring her taste. Then buried his face in her pussy, almost lapping at her. His tongue flicking inside her, licking as far into her as it could. She could her the murmurs of pleasure he was making. She made her own sounds of pleasure. Soft gasps and moans as he licked inside her.

He seemed to love her taste, licking repeatedly in her. Pressing his tongue as deep into her as he could. His face pressed hard against her pussy. Clare mewed softly as his tongue sent soft ripples of pleasure through her. She began to softly play with her one breast. Pressing her fingers into the flesh, rubbing her nipple with her thumb and fore finger. His tongue lapped faster at her, sending increasing ripples through her. Soon however she had been taken as far as she could without something more. Again he sensed her need choosing that moment to run his tongue up to her clit.

“Yess, Mike, Yes.” Clare moaned deeply as his tongue licked at her clit. He curled it around her, lifting the bud of nerves up. Then rapidly flicked his tongue over it. “Oh fuck,” Clare gasped. Bucking up against him. Reaching down she grabbed his hair, pushing his face into her groin. He licked at her hard, his tongue running over her clit. Circling it, flicking over it, rubbing against it. She sensed, in one of the few moments of cognitive thought, that he was making sure he gave her as good an orgasm as she must have given him. From the way the tension and heat was build inside her she could tell it was working. Her body was twitching, on the verge of her loosing total control.

He reached up to cup her breasts. Squeezing them hard, tweaking her nipples with his fingers. His tongue continuing it’s repeated licking of her clit. Building up the waves within her, the strength of her passion rising rapidly. He backed off, just in time to halt her oncoming orgasm. Bringing her back from the edge, before pushing her towards it again. Using his tongue on her almost like a conductor uses his baton. Playing her clit with it. Again she was brought to the edge of an orgasm, again he released her letting her slip back. When he began to build up the tension again she was desperate for her release.

“Make me cum Mike. Please make me cum.” She begged in a breathless voice. Her skin felt so hot from the level of pleasure he had held her at. She felt that if she did not cum soon she would explode. He ran a hand down and thrust two fingers hard into her. At the same time rapidly flicking her clit with his tongue. She did not explode, instead she shattered totally into the orgasm he triggered. She dimly heard her cry of passion through the pounding of the bl**d in her ears. She bucked, jerked as her nerves fired off. He held her down, licking at her hard. Ramming his fingers in and out of her. Clare cried out, a wild squeal of passion. Her orgasm increasing in strength under his actions. Just as she felt she could take no more she felt herself receding into the end of the orgasm. Ripples of pleasure ran through her as her orgasm slipped away. Leaving her breathing hard, and shaking softly.

Mike was knelt back on his ankles, just watching her as she recovered from her orgasm. His expression was one of lust, as well as smug satisfaction. She wished she could do something to burst his bubble. Unfortunately the orgasm he had just given her was too good to deny. She smiled at him soft, her body still shaking from the orgasm. He pushed up to press his mouth against hers, moving between her legs. She could feel his hard cock running along her thigh, towards her hot pussy. Just before he entered her he stopped, a look of despair on his face.

“Fuck, I’ve not got any condoms. I don’t use them with Shelly she’s on the pill.” He said in a desperate voice.

“I’m on the pill as well, and I know I’m safe. I am also sure you’re safe. Shelly has told me you’ve got her permission to sl**p with other women, but have never taken her up on the offer.”

“Until tonight.”

“Until tonight, so I guess you’re safe as well.”

“You sure that’s ok, I wouldn’t do anything if you don’t want me too.” His concern for her was touching. She could see from his eyes how much he wanted to bury himself in her. Yet he was willing to stop for her. She smiled and nodded to him.

“I’m sure I want you in me Mike.” She said clearly stating every word. He pushed forwards, she felt his cock probing at her pussy. With a single thrust he buried himself inside her. They both gasped hard at the same time. He felt so thick in her, filling her totally.

“Oh my god.” He murmured reverently as he held himself in her. Before pulling back and thrusting back in. Using long deep thrusts to bury himself deep with in her. Clare gasped each time he entered her. Her pussy opening around him, taking him into her body. She felt his thrusts growing slowly. Building up the tempo slowly but surely. He was still burying himself totally in her, but now he was going faster. Thrusting harder into her. Clare groaned in pleasure, curling her legs around him. Reaching up to run her fingers along his chest.

“Oh Mike, Christ. Fuck me harder.” She said in a soft whisper. He did so, sharply increasing the power of his thrusts. His hands gripping her thigh’s tight as he began to ram in to her. Clare cried out with each hard thrust. His cock slamming into her, hard, piston like. Thrusting in and out, repeatedly, rapidly. He buried himself to the hilt within her each time he entered her. Pushing her down on the sofa. Ramming in harder, gasping hard as he fucked her. She could feel his breath on her neck as he lent over her. His mouth was kissing her neck and shoulder. Then he took one breast in his mouth. Sucking hard on it as he rammed into her. Clare moaned loudly, her hands curled over the top of the sofa. Pushing back against him, wanting to take more of him in her.

“Oh baby, yes, Mike oh Mike so hard.” She groaned to him, urging him on.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh god so good.” She heard him gasping as he slammed in and out. He pushed himself upright on his knees. His fingers curling around her shoulder and neck. He began to ram in harder, faster. Grunting as he slammed in and out. Clare squealed sharply at the wild thrusts. She could sense how close he was to cumming. Each thrust shook her body, making her grunt. He was gasping for breath, ramming into her faster and faster.

“Mike, Mike, cum for me. Oh yes cum for me.” Clare called out as his desperate thrusts grew wilder and harder.

“Uhh, fuck!” Mike grunted, ramming into her hard. Clare moaned, then gave a soft hiss as she felt his cumming. His hot sperm pumping deep inside her pussy. He shuddered, his fingers digging into her neck. Clare dragged her nails down his chest as she felt him cumming in her. He was pushing into her hard, pressing her back into the sofa. “Oh god, Oh god.” He said repeatedly as he emptied himself into her. Holding himself in her even after he had cum. Only when he began to soften did he pull out. Clare gave a soft moan as she felt him slide out. Her pussy throbbing with pleasure at the f***eful way he had been fucking her.

He twisted to sink down beside her on the sofa. Curling his arms around her, pulling her against him. Clare took deep breaths in, letting her body recover from the hard fucking she had just been given. She could feel Mike breathing hard from his exertion. For a few minutes he just held her, she happy to just lie in his arms. Coming down from her afterglow of their sex.

She was so comfortable that it took her nearly a minute to feel his fingers softly rubbing against her. His hand sliding along her leg, his other hand gently rubbing under her breast. As if he knew the moment she was aware of him, he softly cupped her breast. Curling his hand around it, pressing his fingers into it. Rubbing them all over the round, firm mound. Running them over her nipple, which hardened to a nub in an instant. She gave a soft hiss as he focused his fingers on it. His hand on her leg moved round to slide along the front of her thigh. Moving up and down, each time reaching higher and higher. Until she felt his fingers brush against the top of her pussy. She u*********sly shifted her leg up a little as he did. He took that as permission and slipped his fingers between her thighs. Rubbing them along her pussy. Clare chewed on her bottom lip at the feel of his hand against her flesh. He lent down to kiss her neck softly, she could just feel the tip of his tongue against her skin. Then she felt his hard on, pressing against the back of her leg. She looked round at him.

“You want to go again?” She asked, he nodded softly. His mouth still on her neck, kissing her harder. Clare gave a murmur from deep in her throat. Moulding herself against him as he kissed her. His fingers rubbing with greater insistence at her breast and pussy. She felt him shifting her position. Lifting her upwards so she was bent over in front of him. All the time rubbing at her nipple and pussy. His fingers probing her flesh, sliding over her clit. Sending waves of heat through her. He moved behind her, still rubbing at her. Taking his time over taking her again. Clare was bent forwards, one leg on the floor the other knelt on the edge of the sofa. She felt him sliding his cock under her. Rubbing it against her pussy as he fingered her clit. She gasped, heat sweeping through her body from his fingers. Slowly he pushed into her, entering her, sliding his hard cock deep inside her.

As she felt him push fully in her Clare knew it would not take much to make her cum. His fingers had brought her to the verge without her even realising it. He pulled back and thrust in hard, once, twice. On the third time she let go. With a loud cry her orgasm burst within her. Mike wrapped his hand around her hip. Began to ram in and out of her. Slamming into her as she came. Clare cried out, a shrill squeal of passion.

“Mike, fuck Mike.” She squealed softly as he continued to pound into her. Ramming himself up inside her as deep as he could. Rocking her forwards with each thrust. She reached up to push against the sofa back. Holding herself in position. Her orgasm rolling through her as he rammed in and out. Sending jolts of pleasure up her body, adding to her orgasm. She hung her head down, groaning at the feel of him pounding her. His speed not lessening at all, if anything it increased as her orgasm died down. He was still cupping her breast, his finger pawing roughly at it now. Clare pushed back at him, matching him with her own thrusts. Each hard thrust into her sending a wave of feeling up her body.

He moved his hand from her breast, up to grab her by the hair. Pulling her head back as he increased the power of his thrusts again. Ramming in with f***eful, powerful thrust. Pounding her hard, pulling her back into him with his hands. Clare arched her back up towards him. Grunting and moaning each time he drove into her. His cock ramming deep into her pussy, slammed as far up into her as he could go. She could feel the sweat pooling on her back. Running down her neck and breasts. Her pussy felt so hot, almost raw with the f***e of his thrusts. She grunted, cried out, squealed as he kept on pounding into her.

“Oh god, Mike, oh fuck me Mike.” Clare cried out.

“Yes, Clare, yes, so good. Oh god you feel so good.” He groaned back at her. His thrusts harder, faster, but still controlled. Clare’s body was reacting again, building rapidly towards another explosion of passion. His hard thrusts shooting pleasure straight to her brain that simply overwhelmed her. With a wild cry she burst into another orgasm. She heard Mike grunting behind her as he felt her body cumming. He grabbed two handfuls of hair, pulling back hard. His thrusts beginning to grow wilder, out of control. Clare grunted, her face pushed into the back of the sofa by his thrusts. He was snarling behind her, growling as he rammed in and out. Pounding his cock up into her with all his strength.

“Clare, fuck Clare, fuck, FUCK!” He grunted sharply, burying himself as deep in her as he could. She felt his body go ridged behind her. Then, with an explosive breath out, he was cumming. Clare gasping as he pushed up into her. Trying to drive his cock even further into her. She was not sure he was not pushing up against her cervix he was so far inside her.

“Oh Mike, Mike.” She moaned as she felt him repeatedly pumping his cum into her. Shot after shot of cum emptying into her. He held himself deep within her. Pumping his hot cum inside her with harsh moans of pleasure. Finally he finished cumming and pulled back. Releasing Clare, who’s legs could no longer hold her up. She felt down onto the sofa, Mike dropping down beside her. Both of them gasping for breath, their bodies wet with sweat from their sexual exertions. Their arms wrapped around each other tightly.

It was with them like that, that Shelly walked in on. Mike twisted round sharply as the front door opened. He muttered a sharp curse and tried to disentangle himself. Before he could Shelly entered the room. She stopped and looked down at them. Clare shifted to allow Mike to move free. From his expression he was expecting Shelly to explode at him. Instead she smiled down at them.

“I see you decided to see if I was right.” She said to Clare, Mike glanced between them his expression confused.

“Yes, you seemed so sure. And I guess you was right, from the hard way he’s just fucked me.” Clare told her friend. Now Mike was staring between them dumbfounded.

“You mean you two set this up.” He finally said, Shelly laughed.

“Not quiet set it up.” Clare told him, “Shelly just informed me of your lust for me. I decided to investigate if she was right. I’m glad to find she was, that was the best sex I’ve had for ages.” She told him, Mike’s face flashed between indignation and smugness at her words.

“That good was it.” Shelly said, Clare nodded up to her. “Well in that case there’s only one thing I can do.” As she spoke she reached up to undo her dark auburn hair from it’s clasp. “I had better take a taste and get myself a good fucking also." As she lead Mike off to there bedroom.

This is the first time my husband has fucked another woman besides me since we got married. It wont be the last I am looking for more women to fuck him so I can enjoy him afterwards the thought makes me so wet. Hole you all enjoyed.

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