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The girls in the flat above - Part 2!

Jenny & Kelly had moved into the flat above mine & were in a lesbian relationship - but they liked a bit of cock too!

Without Kelly knowing, Jenny & me had had a one-off great sex session but had to keep it secret from Kelly because they had promised each other that if they were going to "do me" they would do it together.

One summers afternoon I heard raised voices from the girls flat. They were arguing about something but I couldn't quite make out what. After about 15 mins it stopped & I heard their front door open but not close. I heard someone coming down the stairs & there was a knock at my door. I opened the door & there stood Jenny in her PJ's with a look on her face as if she had been crying. "Whats wrong"? I said. Jenny replied, " We've had an arguement & I've told her we have had sex"! I thought shit, no chance of fucking them both now - how wrong was I?

"Kelly said can you come upstairs for a chat"? asked Jenny. My heart was pounding, I wasn't scared of the girls but it does make you a bit nervous!I closed my door behind me & followed Jenny upstairs - watching her sexy little ass as I went! We entered their flat & Kelly was nowhere to be seen. "Kelly is in the bedroom, she will be out in a minute" said Jenny. I sat nervously on the setee waiting for Kelly.

All of a sudden I heard the bedroom door open and some footsteps coming towards the living room. The door opened behind me & I thought "here comes my bollocking"! "Stand up you tosser" barked Kelly! I stood up and slowly turned around fully expecting a slap around the face but what greeted my eyes was stunning! There stood Kelly in a tight basque & stockings, wow! "I hear you've fucked my girlfriend"? "Err, yes" I muttered. "Well now you will have to take your punishment & then I MAY let you fuck us both". This is the sort of "punishment" I like!

"Take off your clothes but leave your underwear on", Kelly said. They were all off in about 3 seconds flat. "stand over ther" Kelly said & pointed towards the door. "You slag", she said talking to Jenny, "get your clothes off too, except for your panties". Jenny stood up & started to take off her pyjamas. Bottoms came off first to reveal her red lacy panties. "Get your top off & get your tits out slut" demanded Kelly! "I am mistress", said Jenny. My cock started to stir. Seeing the two girls dressed like that & Kelly dominating Jenny!

"Get me the strap" said Kelly to Jenny. Jenny opened the drawer & pulled out a leather strap. "Give it to me" she demanded. Jenny walked slowly over to Kelly. "Stand up straight" she ordered Jenny. "Hold your tits up for your punishment" she demanded. Jenny cupped her breasts from underneath & offered them up to Kelly. Kelly raised the belt above her shoulder & brought it down with a stinging whack on Jenny's left tit & nipple. Jenny took a sharp intake of breath. "Now the other tit" she said & with that the belt landed on her right tit and nipple. "Take off your panties slut" said kelly. Jenny, holding back a tear, eased her panties down. "Hurry up" said Kelly. "Now lie on the floor & open your legs". Jenny did as instructed. "Now hold open your pussy & push your clit out" she said. Whack! the belt came down onto Jenny's pussy. Her nervous reaction was to close her legs. Kelly turned to me & said "did you fuck her ass"? "No" I said. "You are a lucky girl, I don't need to whip your ass then"

"Get over here & take off my panties" she said to Jenny. Jenny walked over & eased off kelly's panties. Wow, my first sight of Kelly's pussy. It was bald an had a fine set of labia. "Kiss my cunt" she said. Kelly parted her legs & Jenny put her face between her thighs. I heard the kissing noises & felt my cock twitch again.

"Now get over there & get his cock out" Kelly instructed. Naked Jenny walked over to me & gave me a sexy wink. She pulled my boxers down & out sprang my cock. "Don't either of you touch that cock"! Kelly walked over & said to me, "undo the top two of my buttons & ease my tits out - GENTLY"! I did as I was told. They were fantastic, olive skinned with dark red nipples. "Do you like?" she said. "of course I do, they are stunning"

"Get the belt & do as I instructed" she ordered Jenny. Jenny picked up the belt & walked towards me. She pushed me back towards the door. "Wait"! said Kelly. She came over to me & knelt in front of me. She looked at my cock & said, "I can see why she wanted your cock in her pussy, very nice". With that she reached up & held my hard shaft. "You'd like me to suck your cock wouldn't you, just like that slag"? "Yes, I'd love you to suck my cock, plese" I begged.

After a few wanking strokes she gently took my cock & put it in her mouth. Moist, hot & wet - fantastic. I got so hard it was amazing. "Mmm, a bit of pre-cum, tastes good". "Now do as you were told" she said to Jenny. Jenny pushed me back towards the door. "Hold still, it'll be better for you" said Jenny. "Put his cock in your mouth while you do it" said Kelly. Jenny knelt before me & put my cock into her mouth whilst with her hands, she began to tie the belt around my cock & balls. When it was tight & secured she tied the other end aroud the door handle, pulling me backwards. I was secured to the door by my cock & balls. "Get the other strap & do his hands" said Kelly. Jenny produced another strap & proceded to tie my hands behind my back & also to the door handle. "Now get the hanger & put it onto his cock" Jenny reached into the the drawer and produced a coathanger with adjustable clips. "I usually use this on Jenny's nipples when she misbehaves, but itll work on your cock too" Jenny adjusted the clips & was just about to put it on my cock when kelly instructed her to smack my cock. "Smack it hard" she demanded at which point, Jenny gave my cock two hrad slaps. Kelly came over & pulled my dick out & Jenny clamped on the clips. They were really tight. "do you like that"? she asked. "It hurts I said but yes". "Kiss his cock & balls" she told Jenny. Jenny did this for a couple of minutes. "Take off the hanger then get over here & srevice your mistress" she said.

Jenny took off the hanger - to my relief - then walked over to Kelly who had now lay on the setee. Legs wide open & bare pussy glistening wet. Jenny knelt down beside Kelly & started to suck on her dark red nipples. "strip me bitch" she said. Jenny started to undo Kelly's basque. She gently kissed Kelly's nipples & slowly unbuttoned the the basque & removed it. "Now lick my pussy & beg forgivness" "I'm sorry pleaded Jenny, it won't happen again without you, I promise" "It had better not or I will make you stand in the window, naked with the clips on your nipples for a whole hour" Kelly said.

After about 10 mins Kelly said "I suppose you want to fuck us both now"? "Yes please" I begged! "Tough shit" said Kelly. You've been bad too & don't deserve a fuck but we will give you a blowjob & make you cum BUT on one condition"! "Whats that" I pleaded. "I want you to fuck me & fuck us both together, she said but as I said, you don't deserve that yet, so what is going to happen is, we will give you a blowjob together & you will cum in my mouth but then I will kiss you & give you your cum back which you MUST swallow otherwise you will never get to fuck me or both of us together - do you agree"?

While I felt a little put off by the thought of swallowing my own cum, It was too good an opportunity to turn down. "Yes, I'll do it" I said. They both came over and started to slowly rub my erect cock. Jenny was the first to put my cock in her mouth while Kelly watched. Jenny was a good cocksucker & I put my head back & closed my eyes. Jenny took her mouth off my cock & started to lick my balls. I opened my eyes to be greeted by the sight of Kelly rapidly rubbing her clit with one hand & pulling her nipples with the other. "Move over slag, I want some cock" she said. "sit over there & wank yourself off". Jenny moved to the chair & started to rub her pussy & play with her tits.

Kelly licked the tip of my cock & kissed the head before opening her mouth wide & taking my knob into her mouth. Kelly was a good cocksucker too & soon had me on the brink of cumming. "Do you like me sucking your cock"? she asked. "Yes, of course" I said. "Are you still going to swallow your cum"? In the excited stste i was, I'dve probably swallowed another mans cum so I said "yes"! "Here we go then" & with that she put her mouth back onto my cock & started sucking for all she was worth. I could feel the cum starting to rise in my balls & my cock started to twitch & pulse,it just got hotter & hotter then I shot my hot load into her mouth - gallons of it! She made gulping noises & started to swallow some of it. She carried on sucking to drain every last drop. She then stood up & looked me straight in the face. She stuck her tongue out to show me a small amount of my cum left. "Open your mouth" said Jenny - to which I did. Kelly moved forward & inserted her tounge - & my cum - into my mouth!

The taste of my cum was lost in the excitement of what had just happened to me & the feeling of kissing Kelly for the first time. She took her mouth from mine & stepped back. Looking me in the face she instructed "run your tongue round your mouth & swallow" I did this & Kelly smiled, she then walked over to me & kissed me again. "I can't wait to have your cock in my pussy" she said. Then she walked over to Jenny who said "I'm cumming, suck my pussy" to which Kelly obliged. After a couple of minutes Kelly came back and kissed me again putting her tongue in my mouth so I could taste Jenny's cum to.

Kelly then walked out of the room saying "I'm going for a shower - kick him out" Jenny came over & untied me. "Did you enjoy that"? she enquired! "fuck me, yeah" I said. "Oh I fully intend to" she said with a smile on her face. After a bit of kissing & groping of Jenny's hot body, I got dressed & went to the door. "There WILL be more & you WILL get to fuck her & both of us - she is gagging for you"!

I couldn't believe what happened to me but what happened next was even better. To be continued.....................

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