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Wife Goes Out

Wife Goes Out

This happened a few years ago when we lived in Ca. My wife always wore short dresses & usually wore panties

with a snap crotch. I had a few drinks & she was upset with me so we had words. She left, found out later that she

walked up the street to the movie. When she came back I asked what had transpired in the movie. She said this

guy sitting behind her kept pkaying with her hair & telling her how beautiful it was. I pushed her up against the

wall & put my hand up her dress & unsnapped her panties. She was extremely wet, so I asked her what else

happened. We were both getting really turned on. She said he took her outside...they sat in his car and kissed. He

told her how sexy she was & started playing with her breasts as they kissed. Eventually he worked her zipper

down on the back of her dress & got her bra unhooked....which freed her scrumptious breasts so he could nibble

& roll the nipples between his thumb & fingers. That really set her off...she has very sensitive breasts...Then he

was really surprised when he found the snap crotch. He had his fingers working in & out while he suckled her

nipples & she was very hot. She reached over & felt him through his pants & found a nice hard bulge. He

whispered in her ear for her to get it out, which she clumsily did....he slowly pressed her head down to his waist &

she kissed the head of his dick & ran her tongue around it slowly...then he pushed on the back of her head until

she had it engulfed in her mouth...and she started sucking as he pushed in & out. After that he pushed her so she

was laying in the seat & procedded to lick her wet pussy & bite her clit. She had a huge cum....then he pulled her

over so she was straddling him...& she reached down & guided his big dick into her steamy pussy. She rode him

to another orgasm & shortly after that he filled her with cream. She cleaned up with some kleenex he had in his

car & he dropped her off in the driveway. That;s why she was so damned wet when I put my fingers in her. We

went straight to bed after that & got very little sl**p!

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