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Chapter 3: Becky Goes On Vacation




Becky Goes On Vacation

This is a sequel to "My Roommate Takes My Girlfriend" and "Becky Joins The Mile-High Club," although neither are necessary to read before this story. -- CO

The event that finally made me sober up to my cuckolding with my girlfriend Becky occurred when we took a weekend trip to a beach house withsome freinds. One was my good friend from college Ted, and his new girlfriend Amy. The other was Amy's Ex Craig. They had parted on good terms and remained friends and as he had nothing to do they decided to invite him along, apparently they owed him one.

I knew that Becky had cheated on me several times, but I thought that this weekend trip would be the chance to get it behind us and recommit to each other. Unfortunately, the week before the trip, my boss was sent on a conference halfway around the world. He demanded that I come with him, but I managed to convince him to let me go on my weekend trip, as long as I was available for teleconferencing for meetings. I was going to spend the entire weekend on the phone, but I thought I at least would get to spend a little time with Becky.

Becky was more than a little pissed when I told her the news, but I promised to spend as much time with her as I could, and she eventually calmed down. We drove out to the beach house on Thursday morning. Becky was excited for the trip and already changed into a tight tanktop and shorts for the car ride. I kept looking over at her as I drove. She looked gorgeous, with her long brunette hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her slim, firm legs reached out on the dashboard. I thought about suggesting that she flash me, but I didn't want to appear rude to her, although I was aching to see her beautiful C-cup breasts.

When we finally arrived, I saw Ted and Amy standing in the driveway unpacking their car. Amy was already wearing a bikini, and I tried hard not to stare at her out of respect to Ted. Amy is a dancer, and it showed. Her slim, tight figure was complimented with pale milky skin and smaller, B-cup breasts that looked great and perky. She had beautiful red hair, which she kept cut short in a pixie style. Amy didn't know either of us very well, but when she saw us, she squealed and ran over to hug Becky like she was a s****r.

As we unpacked, the door opened and another guy walked out. He introduced himself as Craig, after introducing us I found out they had invited his on-again, off-again girlfreind susan but she had a case of food poisoning and could not come. Craid a good looking strongly built guy was alone with two couples.

I told the group that I also had work commitments and would probably spend most of the weekend cooped up in my room. Amy responded in jest, "Oh, that's fine, Craig will just be Becky's boyfriend for the weekend, then!" they all laughed Becky a little more enthusiastically than id liked. Craig wasted no time using that to introduce himself. He eyed her up and looked quickly at me as if determining whether he could make that a reality. I got worried. Everyone laughed, but the act made me a little nervous. Craig was tall and looked fit, the kind of guy that Becky couldn't resist when she was turned on. I silently hoped that she wouldn't be tempted. But hey pigs fly right?

My hopes were raised when we all went to our rooms to change into our bathing suits for the pool. When Becky stepped out of the bathroom, she was wearing a conservative dark blue one-piece bathing suit. It showed off her great figure but wasn't provocative, which made me breathe a sigh of relief that Craig wouldn't get any ideas. But then it was unchaacteristic of her so I wondered how long this modesty would last.

We all played around in the pool for a bit and it was a relaxing day. I really enjoyed watching Becky and Amy prancing around in their bathing suits. Ted and I had a nice conversation that made me feel like we were right back in college again. Occasionally I would glance over to see where Craig was, but the whole time I saw him napping by the pool.

Sometimes I caught him looking Becky and Amy splashing in the pool. I wasn't very happy to see him leering at the girls, but it wasn't anything worse than what I was doing, so I let it go.

After a couple of hours, my cell phone ringed. My boss was getting ready to go into a meeting and needed me for the rest of the day. I told everyone I had to go upstairs, grabbed a beer and went up to Becky and my room.

I spent a few hours conferencing with my boss and over my headset and staring at my computer. At one point while I was on a conference call I noticed the sun had gone completely down. As my desk was right by the window, I peered the window sill and saw that I had a great view of the pool and everyone there. As my boss droned on, I began to notice that Amy and Ted were sitting together in a corner of the pool, and that Craig and Becky were alone in the opposite corner, with Craig sitting on the edge and Becky standing in the shallow water.

Becky starting smiling a little too flirtatiously, and started glancing down at Craig's lap. Craig was openly staring at her breasts as he talked, which looked great confined in her soaked suit. I suddenly realized that Becky's nipples were so hard they were almost poking out of her suit. It seemed that Craig was noticing them, too, judging by how hard he was looking.

As I watched, Craig said something to Becky and pointed straight at her tits. Becky grinned and raised her hand up to her breast, and started rubbing her nipple through her top. I was shocked. What was she doing? Just touching herself in front of this guy? Craig laughed and then leaned back, far enough that a very large bulge was visible through his trunks.

I glanced over to Amy and Ted. I was hoping Ted would see what was happening and would rush over and stop it, I could trust him to keep Becky under control. But he and Amy were sitting on the deck idly chatting.

When I looked back at Becky, I saw her putting her hands on Craig's thighs. At first I wasn't sure what she was doing, but then I saw her pull his trunks tight against his lap. It made the outline of Craig's cock totally visible. Even from my distance I could see it, so Becky must have had a perfect idea of what his dick looked like. She looked up and him and I heard her mouth, "Wow."

I was shocked. I wanted to rush outside and stop it, but I wouldn't have been able to leave without disconnecting from the conference, and I would get in serious trouble if I did that. Instead, I stood there and watched angrily at Becky, hoping she would look up and see me. But instead, she just looked back down at his dick and stared.

I guess Craig thought he also deserved something, since he grabbed the front of Becky's suit and tried to pull it out. He leaned over, but before he could get a good look down her suit, she slapped his hand and away. She laughed and splashed water at him and swam over to join Amy and Ted. I breathed a sigh of relief.

A few minutes later, everyone got out of the pool, and a few minutes after that Becky came to the room and went to shower. She emerged in a tight white top and pajama pants. I stayed on the phone for another hour and finally went to bed where she was waiting for me. As soon as I got into bed, Becky straddled me.

"Baby, Craig was really looking at me today," she said with a smile. "All day long he was staring at my boobs." She slowly lowered the straps of her top, revealing her naked breasts. They're incredible, firm, round C-cups topped with slightly puffy pink nipples. She grabbed them teasingly. "I think he really wanted to see them, baby. I caught him looking so many times."

I kept quiet about what else I saw her doing, and thought maybe if I didn't react she would leave it at that. But instead she reached down and started stroking my cock. "Should I tease him a little tomorrow, sweetie? Would you like me to show off a little and make him sooo jealous of you?"

I started to mutter a protest, but right then Becky reached down and engulfed my dick with her mouth. Her delicious blowjob totally silenced me and I leaned back and groaned.


The next morning when I woke up, Becky was already out of bed. I walked downstairs and saw that everybody was already eating breakfast.

I was surprised and a little upset to see that Becky was wearing the same white top she wore to bed the night before. She hadn't put on a bra, either, so the shape and weight of her breasts was easily visible through the top. I could even barely make out her nipples through it. I sat down next to Becky and tried to get her attention to tell her that she was being indecent, but she didn't seem to hear me.

Everyone was chatting about going to the beach today, although I knew that I wasn't going to be able to make it because of work. The whole time during the breakfast I saw Craig just stare openly at Becky's barely-covered chest. I'd glance over to Becky occasionally and she looked like she recognized what he was doing. Every now and then she's look over at him and smile mischeviously, and she kept reaching over to get butter or salt, exposing a generous amount of cleavage, or she would take in a deep breath and push her tits tightly against her shirt, making the outline of nipples totally visible.

When we finished breakfast, Craig started collecting the plates. "I'll do the dishes, since Ted and Amy cooked," he said.

"I'll help!" Becky said, and jumped up and started picking up utensils. The two of them left the room into the kitchen.

I stayed alone with Ted and Amy, mumbling some small talk while trying very hard to hear what was happening in the kitchen. All I heard was the two of them chatting about something, but I couldn't make out what it was. At one point I thought I heard Craig say, "see your bikini," but then the talking suddenly became quieter and I wasn't able to hear anything else.

Ted and Amy kept on chatting as I got quiet and pretended to listen, while straining to hear what was happening in the kitchen. I wanted to get up and go into the kitchen, but I didn't want Ted and Amy to think I was suspicious of Becky and Craig. So I just sat and listened.

The talking eventually stopped, which made me worry but I was relieved to hear the sound of dishes being washed… after about 5 minutes of that, that sound had also stopped. What were they doing in there? I wondered. Images flashed in my mind of Becky and Craig kissing over the sink, or Becky stroking Craig's dick through his pants or even the two of them having sex right there in the kitchen.

Just as I was about to get up , I suddenly heard Becky squeal. Ted and Amy and I jumped in our chairs. At first I thought she was in distress, but then we heard her laugh and say, "Ooooh, you total nerd! Look at me, now I have to go change!"

A few seconds later, Becky walked out of the kitchen into the living room, her arms wrapped around her chest. "Hey, what happened?" I said.

She turned toward the table and dropped her arms. I was shocked to see that her white shirt was drenched. It clung tightly to her skin, and Becky's breasts and erect nipples were completely visible through it.

"Craig sprayed me with the sink hose!" she said.

She was grinning, like it was a joke, but I didn't see what was funny about this. She could have been topless and it would hardly have been any different. Craig had basically just seen my girlfriend's naked breasts. I turned to Ted and saw that he was staring at my nearly-topless girlfriend, his eyes wide open. He quickly turned away, but I think it was because Amy was in the room.

Amy was just laughing, though. "He got you really good!" she said.

"I know!" Becky replied, crossing her arms in mock anger, which just made her tits bounce in her soaked shirt. "I'm going to go shower and change into my swim suit," and disappeared from the room.

I looked at Ted, embarrassed, but he wouldn't make eye contact with me. He must think Becky was a trashy girl, I thought, and I was upset that my best friend didn't like my girlfriend.

I excused myself and went upstairs to our room. Becky was in the bathroom showering. I waited for her to walk out so I could talk to her about being more decent, but then my phone rang. It was my boss, starting the day's work schedule.

I had talked with him for a few minutes when the door opened and Becky stepped out of the bathroom. My jaw dropped. Becky was wearing a skimpy, tiny blue bikini. I had never seen her wear anything that revealing. She saw me and smiled. "What do you think?"

I held the mic on my headset and quickly said, "You're wearing that?"

"You like it?" she said, spinning around to give me a full view. "I thought maybe I'd tease Craig a little at the beach, like you wanted!"

I tried to say I didn't want that, but just then my boss asked me a question and stopped me from answering her. By the time I responded to my boss, Becky had given me a quick peck on the cheek and left.

Discouraged, I began my work day, hoping that Becky would behave herself, or at least that Ted and Amy would shame her into it.


I didn't hear back from anyone until later that night, when the four of them returned, laughing and chatting about the day. I was still on the phone, so I just waved to them when they came in. They were all dressed in shirts and shorts now, to my relief. Becky wasn't still showing off.

After I hung up, we all chatted in the living room and I learned about their day, which was apparently pretty tame, just the day at the beach and then dinner at a seafood restaurant. Everyone was exhausted and they quickly retired to their rooms.

Becky and did our bedtime chores and got into bed. As soon as we laid down, Becky reached into my boxers and started stroking my dick.

Baby, I was so naughty today," he said. "I teased Craig all day long. I was showing off all day."

"How so?" I said, upset that I was so hard while she was telling me this.

"Well," she said. "When we got to the beach, Amy and I laid down to sunbathe. She untied her bikini top and asked Ted to run some suntan lotion on her back. So I thought I'd be naughty, and I untied my top and asked Craig to rub some lotion on me!"

The idea of Craig rubbing lotion all over my girlfriend's sleek, naked back was not appealing to me at all, but at least it stopped there, I thought.

"And he rubbed lotion all over my back, and he kept moving to my sides. I think he was trying to feel up my boobs, baby. Isn't he naughty?"

"Did you let him?" I said, afraid of the answer.

"No, I was good," she said. "But I thought I'd tease him a little, so when he got to my lower back, I lifted myself up a little and told him to keep going, and then I slid my bottom down over my butt! I let him see my naked rear end, sweetie! Aren't I naughty?"

I swallowed hard.

"He was really excited and even rubbed lotion all over my rear. Even your friend Ted saw me! He said I had a great butt! Isn't that naughty?"

It wasn't naughty, it was whorish. I was furious that my girlfriend had exposed her naked ass to Craig and Ted, but even angrier that Ted didn't even care about it and even encouraged her. Couldn't I trust him? I had known him since high school, and he had known Becky and I were dating for several months now. Now he had seen my girlfriend basically naked from the back.

I wanted to say something, but Becky's stroking had had its effect, and I groaned and started spurting cum into her hand.

"Aw, look how excited that got you!" Becky said, smiling. She got up to wash her hands, leaving me humiliated.

Becky came back and turned out the light and was asl**p within a few seconds. I laid wide awake, trying to calm down. Finally I decided I needed a glass of whiskey to calm me down. I got up and sneaked out of the room to head to the kitchen.

When I reached the upstairs balcony, I saw that Ted and Amy were downstairs quietly talking and drinking a beer.

"Did you see what Becky and Craig were doing?" I heard Amy say. I stopped in my tracks and stood on the balcony, listening.

"They went out into the water and they looked like they were fooling around over there," she continued.

"What do you mean? Flirting?" Ted asked.

"No, a lot more than that. I don't know, but I think she took her top off right in front of him."

"What? Right there in the ocean?"

"That's what it looked like to me. I looked out and it didn't look like her bikini top was on." Amy said.

"Well, she already showed him her ass, maybe she wanted to show off more," Ted said.

I knew that couldn't be true. I know Becky had cheated on me a couple of times, but she wouldn't just take her top off right in the middle of a crowded beach.

"Maybe because he showed off to her during breakfast," Amy said. "She told me that while they were washing dishes, Craig told her that he couldn't wait to see her in a bikini. Becky said that she could tell, since he clearly had a huge hard-on. Then he said that he'd show it off more if he could see her tits. She said maybe she'd think about it, and he just reached in his shorts and pulled out his dick!"

"Wow," Ted said. "That's crazy! I know Craig is a womanizer but damn he is smooth! What would Susan think?

"Apparently it's really big, she was really happy to see it," Amy said. "Anyway, then he asked her to show her tits, but she said maybe later. That's why he sprayed her with the hose."

The two of them kept talking, but I was too upset to listen anymore. It looked like Becky and Craig had been showing off a lot more for each other than I had thought. She had seen his dick and he had seen her butt and her tits through a wet t-shirt. I knew things were getting out of control, but I felt helpless to stop it. I went back to bed and laid down and tried to sl**p.

A few hours later, I woke up. I looked at the clock and saw that it was four in the morning. I looked over at Becky's side and saw that she wasn't in bed. At first I thought she was in the bathroom, but after a few minutes I realized she wasn't in the room.

I knew where she was, even as I didn't want to admit it. I got up quietly and left the room. I snuck down the hall to Craig's bedroom. It was closed. My heart began sinking, I bent down and looked through the keyhole. There my suspicions were confirmed. Becky was lying on her back on the bed, completely naked. Her legs were resting on Crag's chiseled shoulders, as he stood over, pounding his dick into her pussy. Becky's tits wobbled obscenely as she tried to stifle her moans.

"Shhh, David's right down the hall," she whispered. Craig picked up his pace and Becky started moaning louder.

"This is so bad, Becky," Craig moaned. "I'm fucking you with your boyfriend right down the hall."

"It's so bad," Becky repeated with a smile on her face

"You were so hot today," Craig grunted. "All day long I wanted to grab you and fuck you."

Becky said breathlessly: "Do you think Amy and Ted saw you pull my top off?"

"I don't care," he said. "I couldn't wait any longer to see your tits."

"Ohhh..." Becky moaned. "I couldn't wait to stroke your cock. I wanted to so bad after you showed me in the kitchen."

"Do you like it? Do you like it inside you?" Craig said.

"Oh, God, yes, you're so big," Becky moaned. "You're so big and thick."
She grabbed Craig and brought his head down to her tits. Craig sucked on one of her puffy nipples while Becky thrashed and moaned more. Craig stood back up and starting pounding harder. "I came so hard in the ocean today," he said. "I can't believe you jerked me off while I started at your big naked tits right there in public."

Becky shuddered with pleasure. "Did you like seeing my tits? Did you like seeing my naked tits right out in public where anyone could see?"

"Yeah, oh yeah," Craig grunted. "Your tits are so hot, Becky. They're so big and firm. They look so perfect." Craig reached down and cupped her bouncing tits, groping and squeezing them.

Becky moaned. "I wanted to suck you so bad. Right there in the ocean. I wanted to suck your cock and have you come in my mouth."

"You still can," Craig grinned. "We've got tomorrow."

"Let me suck your cock tomorrow," Becky said. "I'll show you my tits and I'll suck you off I want to suck you off OOOOOHHHH" and Becky shuddered into an orgasm.
That set Craig, off, he started pumping harder and harder. "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum," he shouted. “do you want me to withdraw?”
“no cum inside me Craig.” Becky moaned.. “fill me up with your hot cum.”

“damn your such a slut Becky” taking another mans cum while your boyfriend is a room away.” :fuck that’s hot” Craig said. Becky moaned as she stared down at Craig's cock as ihe finally came and fired his load. When she had milked out the last drops of his cum, Craig gave a final groan and collapsed on top of her. I didn't want to see any more. I walked back down the hall and went to bed. Becky snuck in a half hour later, still naked, clutching her clothes in one hand. As much as I wanted to explode at her, I kept my mouth shut and pretended to be asl**p.


. As soon as I got up, my boss was calling me with more work. I stayed on the phone with him all morning while Becky and the others got ready to go out to town for the day.

The four of them disappeared and I didn't see them all day. In fact, they didn't come home that evening, either. When my boss let me go, I drove out to a bar and had a couple of drinks, then drove home around ten, thinking they'd be back. But the house was empty.

I had a few more beers, and then, exhausted and d***k, I went upstairs and fell asl**p.


I woke up sharply around one in the morning as my phone started to ring. I looked over and saw that Becky still wasn't in bed. Figuring everyone was still out, I picked it up and my boss told me that he needed me on a conference call for a couple of hours to finish some things on his end. I slapped myself awake, sat down at my computer, and started to listen.

As I listened to the call, I realized that I heard music playing downstairs. Was everyone back? I snuck over to the balcony, which was about as far as I could go before the wireless connection with my headset started dimming, and leaned over. The balcony had a vantage point across most of the living room, but since none of the lights were on upstairs, I was shrouded in darkness.

Craig and Ted were sprawled out on the couch, holding beers. Ted had a joint in his other hand. Amy and Becky were d***kenly dancing in front of them. They were just wearing bikinis! I didn't even know they had gone to the beach today, and wasn't sure why they were wearing that. But then I noticed that they were wearing each other's bikini bottoms. How did that happen?

While my boss droned on, I focused my attention on what Craig and Ted were saying as they watched the girls dance.

"Oh, man, this is the best night ever. I'm baked and the hottest girls ever are dancing in front of me," Craig said.

"Right on!" Ted added.

"Becky's hotter," Amy pretended to pout. "Look how big those boobs are!" She reached over and squeezed Becky's tits through her top.

"No way!" Becky said, "Amy's are so much better. Perky and hot!" Becky jumped behind Amy and grabbed her tits from behind and jiggled them up and down. Amy squealed.

"Why don't you girls let us compare?" Ted said.

Amy laughed. "Ted! You want Craig to see my boobs?"

"If I also get to see Becky's, then sure!" Ted said.

Amy turned to Becky. "That's my boyfriend, desperate to see other girls' boobs!"

Becky grabbed her own boobs. "Just ask Craig," she slurred. "He got to see them!"

"No way!" Ted said. "When?"

Craig reddened. At least he had some shame, I thought. I hoped Ted would get angry at hearing that his friend's girlfriend was showing her tits to some other guy and would come to my defense, but instead he said, "how'd they look?"

Craig grinned, realizing he was safe. "Best I've ever seen."

Becky gave an "awwww!" She actually seemed touched!

"Well, you just haven't seen Amy's," Ted said. "Hey, why don't you girls switch your tops, too? And not behind the counter this time."

So that's what happened, I realized. There was a counter at the far end of the room, the girls must have teased the guys by switching their bottoms behind it.

"You just want to see Becky bust out of my top and me slip out of hers!" Amy said.

Craig laughed. "We just want you girls to match!"

Becky and Amy huddled together for a second, then sauntered over behind the counter. Ted and Craig groaned. From my angle I could see the girls' heads and the tops of their shoulders but the rest was blocked from view. Ted and Craig would only be able to see their heads.

Becky and Amy began shuffling around and I could see the straps of their bikini tops fall off their shoulders as they switched tops. A second or two later Amy called out, "You guys ready?" Ted and Craig whooped back.

The two girls walked out. Becky and was wearing Amy's bikini top, which was designed for two cups smaller. Around Becky's C-cups it was stretched to the limit, and mostly just covered the center of her tits, not even their bottom curve. It looked incredibly sexy. I glanced over the Amy, who had the opposite problem. Becky's bikini cups hung loosely over her tits, and with every movement Amy made her nipples threatened to slip right out.

"I like this way a LOT better!" Ted said, and everybody laughed. Becky and Amy started dancing again. This time Amy began giving quite a show, with a bright pink nipple popping out every few seconds.

Just then I heard my boss ask for something and I quickly scurried back to my room to get him the figures. The whole time I dreaded that Becky's top would pop off. But a part of me wondered whether I didn't want it to happen or whether I just didn't want to miss it.

I got back to the balcony twenty minutes later. Everyone seemed even more d***k and high. Amy's tits were still bouncing in and out of Becky's bikini top, but it seemed that Becky still had her top tightly clung to her.

"Look how hard Craig is!" Amy suddenly blurted out. Craig turned red again as the girls burst out laughing. It was true, he had a sizable bulge in his shorts.

"Is it big? It looks big!" Amy said.

"Ask Becky," Craig smiled. "She saw it."

Now it was Becky's turn to blush as Amy squealed. "How was it?"

Becky paused for a second and then said, "Best I've ever seen!"

I was very depressed to hear my own girlfriend admit that this stranger that she had just fucked last night had the best cock that she had ever seen. Even more so to hear Ted and Amy gasp and ooh, completely ignoring that Becky had basically just admitted she and Craig had been inappropriate with each other.

"Let's see it, Craig!" Amy said. "Pull it out!"

"No way!" Craig said. "I'm not gonna be the only one naked!"

"What if we switch bikinis again?" Amy said.

"Behind the counter? No way!" Craig said. "Yeah, no way!" Ted agreed.

"...well, what if we switch and maybe forget to put our tops back on?" Amy coyly asked.

"Amy!" Becky exclaimed, and blushed even more.

"Then maybe, sure," Craig smiled. "Heck, I'll whip it out, too!" Ted said.

Amy pulled Becky back behind the counter. "Get ready, boys!" she shouted.

I watched as the two of them whispered urgently to each other. I was shocked but not surprised at the idea that Becky was going to show her naked tits to Ted. Craig had already fucked her, and Ted had already seen her tits through a wet t-shirt, so it's not like anything worse could happen, I supposed. Still, it burned me up with shame, and because I couldn't hang up the phone with my boss there was nothing I could do about it. At least I would get to see Amy's tits, I thought.

The girls began to pull off her tops and their bare shoulders came into view. Then they ducked down a bit, to take off their bottoms and switch them around, I guessed. They stood back up, and their bare shoulders came into my view. Both of them were giggling and blushing furiously.

"Ready?" Amy shouted out.

"Let's see!" Ted said back.

Amy and Becky stepped out from behind the counter, and suddenly I saw that they hadn't switched bottoms at all. They were both completely naked.

There was a second of silence as the guys eyes widened, and then they burst into cheers. There was my Becky, her full, round tits, puffy nipples, flat stomach, and light auburn bush totally exposed to Craig and Ted. Her blushing made her even more gorgeous. Even in my anger I couldn't help get a little aroused. I looked over at Amy, who also looked incredible. Her small, milk-white tits were topped by beautiful pale pink nipples, and her bush was a soft red. She was less curvy than Becky but had the hard, smooth body of a dancer.

The guys were gawking all over them. "Holy shit, Becky, you have got TITS!" Ted exclaimed. I burned, listening to one of my closest friends, gawking at my naked girlfriend.

"Amy, you look like a super model!" Craig said.

The girls giggled and awww-ed over the compliments for a few seconds. Then Amy said, "Oooh, looks like someone got even harder!" and pointed to Craig's enormous bulge.

Craig immediately stood up and pulled his shorts down. A huge, thick cock bounced out. Amy gasped when she saw it. "Oh my god, look at that!" She then walked over and started stroking it, much to Craig and Becky's shock.

"Wow..." Amy said. Craig groaned as she pumped his dick up and down. Then Amy turned to Ted, "Baby, don't just stand there clothed!"

Ted immediately pulled off his shirt and shorts. Now Becky oohed. Ted's dick wasn't as big as Craig's, but it looked impressive and his body was more sculpted.

Amy kneeled in front of Craig, and winked to Becky. "You have fun," she said, and began kissing Craig's dick.

I didn't get what she meant by that until Ted walked up behind Becky and grabbed her breasts. Becky let out a gasp and then moan as one of my best friends began pulling on my girlfriend's nipples.

Amy energetically sucked Craig's huge cock as he stood over her, reaching down and groping her small tits. But my attention was on Ted, as he gently pushed Becky over to the couch. Becky didn't resist at all, and within a few seconds he had her bent over the couch arm and was aligning his cock with her slit.

With a slow thrust, my friend pushed his dick into my girlfriend's cunt. Becky gasped at the sudden invasion and then pushed back into his pelvis.

"Oh my God, Ted, you're so hard," she gasped.

Ted slowly pushed in and out a couple of times, and then started pumping furiously into Becky.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned. "Oh, yeah."

"Oh, god, I can't believe this is happening," Becky said. "This is so wrong."

Ted moaned. "Oh, Becky, I've wanted to do this for so long."

"You have?" Becky moaned.

"Ever since I saw you with David," he said, sliding his dick in and out of Becky's pussy. "I've wanted to see your big tits and fuck you so bad."

Becky just groaned deep in response. Ted reached over and grabbed her hanging breasts, stroking her stiff nipples.

"I wanted to grab your tits and fuck your pussy for so long," he said. "Get you naked and moaning, I can't believe it's finally happening."

"This is so wrong," Becky gasped back, trying to whisper. "David's right upstairs. You're one of his best friends."

"I don't give a shit, it's worth it," he said. "God, you're so hot."

I was burning with shame and betrayal. I wanted to scream at all of them, but with the conference call buzzing in my ear I knew I couldn't say anything or else I'd be fired. I looked over at Amy and Craig, who were now sixty-nining. I was wrong to expect Ted or Amy to have controlled Becky, but I couldn't believe how Amy had basically pushed Becky to get completely naked in front of everyone and then fuck Ted. I wanted desperately to blame her, but I knew that Becky was the responsible one.

Ted varied his rhythm with Becky, pumping her slowly for a few seconds, then suddenly pistoning into her hard and fast, causing her tits to shake and bounce all over her chest. "Oh, God, Becky, I'm fucking you," Ted said. "I can't believe I'm fucking you." He reached over and grabbed Becky's hanging breasts, mashing them against her chest and groping them rabidly.

Suddenly Becky shouted, "right there, right there!" and started cumming loudly. "Oh, yeah!" Ted groaned, pumping into her through her orgasm.

Amy and Craig were in their own world, with Craig eating her out furiously while Amy worshiped his huge dick with her mouth. After a few minutes, Craig roughly pushed Amy off of him and mounted her, and began pounding his cock into her while she moaned and screamed.

But my attention was mostly on Becky, as Ted wildly pounded my girlfriend over the couch. After what seemed like an hour, Ted started grimacing, "Becky, I'm gonna cum!"

"Come inside me!" Becky breathlessly said. "Shoot your cum up in me!"

"I'm going to cum in you, Becky," Ted said. "I'm going to cum inside you while your boyfriend is right upstairs."

Becky groaned deeply. Ted grunted, "Here it comes!" and stiffened. He pulled Becky up and stretched her, thrusting her breasts gloriously out, and he groaned as he shot load after load into Becky's pussy.

"Oh, God, you're cumming in me! Oh, Amy, your boyfriend is shooting his load into meeeee!" Beck squealed, and she reached another orgasm.

I watched Becky and Ted collapse exhausted onto the couch. At that moment, my boss chirped in my ear that I needed to deliver my presentation. I rushed back to the videoconference, trying hard to choke back my tears.

This time I had to stay in the room talking. After two or three hours, the call ended. I hung up and walked back to the living room. This time I walked down the stairs and right into the room.

The lights were dimmed way down low, almost too dark to see. The stench of pot and cum was everywhere. The first thing I noticed was Ted and Amy, who were naked and passed out next to each other. Amy's bare breasts rose and fell softly with her breaths.

Finally my eyes focused enough and I saw Craig and Becky. Craig was sitting on the couch, while Becky, still naked, was kneeling in front of him, giving him a slow blowjob. I stared at Becky for another minute as she lazily bobbed her head up and down on Craig's dick, her beautiful tits wobbling as she did.

"Mmmmm," she whispered. "I love this. I could do this all night..." and started pumping her mouth over his cock again.

It wouldn't be any use getting into a fight now, I decided. I walked upstairs, feeling betrayed, with a rock hard cock. Why was this so erotic….Inside I knew the answer.. I was now a cuckold and things were going to get very interesting.

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