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Seduction - Part 2

As soon as the door closed behind you, it was a different matter. Putting the champagne and glasses on the table, you embraced, mouths locked together in a long, deep kiss, tongues probing each others mouths. Your legs entwined, and you felt her grind her groin against your thigh as you squeezed hers in return. The nervous girl from downstairs had been replaced by a hungry a****l, thrusting herself into your arms, and devouring you with her mouth. Breaking free, you led her to the bed and laid her down, where she kicked off her shoes and invited you on top of her. But you wanted to have some fun first! Climbing astride her, you held her hands together above her head, and, dipping your head up and down, gently kissed and licked her face and mouth, nibbling her lips and ears as she writhed underneath you. She moaned, and you could feel your own pussy getting wetter and wetter. Releasing her hands, you undid her blouse, revealing a pretty lace bra. Your tongue again dipped towards her, tickling her chest, and working its way up and down her body, but always coming back to the soft gentle skin between her breasts. After a few minutes, you decided the time had come to remove your own blouse and bra, and as you took these off, she sat up and did likewise before laying back down.

You leaned forward, your own breasts skimming her body, your erect nipples just touching her own. God, this was good! Her breasts were not too large, with small but pert nipples, and her body was clearly the product of regular sessions in the gym. "Hold my hands" she requested, lifting her hands above her head again. "You like that?" you smiled, happy to comply, and again, clenched her hands above her head. Your naked torsos now rubbed against each other, as you again teased her mouth and face with your tongue. Every now and then, you sucked her tongue in your mouth, gently at first, but when it became clear that she was aroused by this, with increasing vigour until you were sure it must be hurting somewhat. She was moaning in Italian now, and although you didn't understand her, it was clear that what you were doing was well received. This was intriguing! Not only did she like being held, she also clearly enjoyed being pushed a little in terms of pleasure.

"You like me holding you?" you asked, scarcely daring to hope for the answer. She nodded, unable to take her eyes off yours. "OK, hang on" you said. Slipping off the bed, you quickly removed your shoes and then your stockings. Damn, they were almost new and a lovely pair of Janet Reger hold-ups, but some sacrifices were worth it! Climbing back astride her, you leaned forward, and tied each of her hands to the head of the bed with a stocking. Fortunately it was an old fashioned bed with a metal barred bed-head. Her breath was now coming in short bursts, and her eyes followed yours. Sliding down, you undid the zip on the side of her skirt, and wriggled it out from underneath her. She too was wearing hold-ups, along with a lace thong that matched her bra. You could feel her heat as you took her knees in your hands and parted her legs. How you had longed for this! It had been weeks since your last encounter with fresh pussy! Dipping your head, you licked and kissed the insides of her thighs, working her way round the soft, tender flesh. You could smell her dampness, but for the moment you avoided the main prize. Teasing, tantalising, you kissed, sucked and nibbled her legs. She was writhing now, but with her arms tied above her head, could do little but allow you free control over her.

After a few minutes, you allowed your tongue to move in, at first just kissing the delicate flesh either side of the thong, but finally, when you could yourself wait no longer, giving a slow, deliberate lick up the middle of the taut material. You felt her buck beneath you. The material was already damp, and you could feel her pussy lips beneath them. Looking up at her you smiled. "More?" you asked, although you knew well what the response would be. The answering groan could only be positive!. Again, you licked the outside of the thong, before pulling it to one side, and revealing her lips underneath. She kept herself well trimmed, with a narrow strip of soft down above her pussy, but the sides of which were soft and smooth. Again, your tongue dipped, except now with no material in the way, it pushed inside her, soft, moist, and very warm. God, that felt good! You felt you own pussy contract in response, as well as hearing her cry out. Now you could enjoy her to the full, allowing your tongue to push deep inside her, lapping up the juices that were now running freely from her, teasing her lips, and occasionally circling or sucking her clitoris. Kneeling between her legs, you allowed one hand to creep down to your own pussy, and felt the wetness there soaking your own panties. She was now panting hard, and you could sense from the tautness in her body that she could not be far from orgasm.

Wanting to coincide, you quickly stood up and removed your own skirt and panties. Climbing back, you knelt astride her chest, allowing her to lick your own pussy, while you played with your clit and breasts. If she had never kissed a girl before, she had clearly been imagining it for some time, if her enthusiasm was anything to go by! Although she could not move far because of her tied hands, you moved your body to allow her tongue easy access to your dripping pussy. She in turn strained her head upwards, greedily lapping at you and pushing her tongue inside you as far as she was able.Periodically you allowed the full weight of your body down on her face, smothering her and allowing her no means of breathing. From the sounds she gave off this was clearly adding to her excitement, but you had to be careful not to overdo it as, with her hands tied, she could do little to indicate to you when she needed air. But the combination of restraint and breath control was clearly turning her on even more, to say nothing of the effect it was having on you! Rarely had you come across this combination in another girl, still less one who claimed not to have had sex with another girl before.

After a few more minutes, and with the feeling that your own orgasm was starting to build, you reversed your position. Pushing a pillow under her head to give it some support, you lay down on her in a classic 69 position. You needed to keep you own legs wide apart so that you were low enough for her mouth to access your pussy, but that was fine with you - a little bit of discomfort only added to your arousal. You felt her hot, moist tongue resume it's probing of your pussy, and at the same time lowered your face towards hers. You gently pulled her lips apart to reveal her delicate inner labia, coral pink, and shining wet. You licked like a cat that had been starved for weeks - which in this case, was not far from the truth, at least for this particular dish. You drank deep of her juices, savouring the musky aroma that you had craved. Her clit - swollen and firm, like a tender bud, you caressed with your tongue, and occasionally sucked with all your might, causing her to write even more. Pulling her legs apart and her knees up towards her body opened her up to further exploration, and, licking an index finger to moisten it, you played with the entrance to her delicate butt. More moans! This was clearly very welcome, so pushing gently, you slid your finger further inside until the whole of it was inside her butt.

You felt her body tense, and could sense that she was approaching her climax. With your finger probing her ass, you buried your face again in her pussy, losing your face entirely in its sodden embrace. Your tongue flicked again and again on her clit, until, with a primitive and shuddering groan, you felt her body tense and buck beneath you. At the same time, her thighs squeezed your head in a vice-like grip that went prevented movement. Clearly those hours at the gym had been worth it! But you were lost in the moment, your face locked where it most wanted to be, tight against her pussy, as you felt your own orgasm rip thorough your body. You f***ed your groin into her own face, and felt her suck your clit as the waves swept over you. FUUUCK! Why was it that encounters with strangers produced the most intense climaxes imaginable? Although you were deeply attached to your own partner, you knew that you would never be able to resist the lure of brief but overwhelmingly satisfying encounters while on your travels. As the spasms eventually subsided, you relaxed down on top of her, and assumed your original position, with your face towards hers.

Slipping off the knots that held her hands to the bedhead, you cuddled intently, nuzzling each others mouths, tongues playing with each other as you kissed and licked your faces clean. You stroked her hair, pushing it back from her face where it had been dampened and stuck by your own fluids. "How was the celebration now?" you asked, smiling down at her. She thought for a minute, before her reply. "I liked the party downstairs" she said, "But I liked the after-party upstairs even more!"

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