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Me and my b*****r in law

This is my real experience, for the sake of privacy I will refer to my b*****r in law as Anton.
Anton and I met when we both were still at school, we became friends and dated a few times then he went on and dated my elder s****r. They married after a few years. Anton and I remained friends; he still gave me attention but nothing sexual.
I got married and hubby and Anton became close friends. We two couples spent a lot of time together, at home and on vacations. Hubby was and still is not jealous, so I was free to tease and play with Anton.
I posed in my first g-string for him even before I showed hubby, I would walk naked before him and he kissed and touched me as he pleases, my thrill was that someone whom I knew took notice of me.
Then sadly my s****r passed away. I rushed to my mother’s where we were to assist one another.
That night while everybody were asl**p I went to the kitchen to make coffee for me and Anton, as I turned around from the kettle Anton was standing behind me, his pants were open and his stiff dick out, he begged me to kiss and fondle him as he was in need of comfort. After kissing, I , for the first time ever touched his cock, without any words he pressed me down on my knees and I was confronted with his bulging cock in my face. I sucked him shortly, shocked a little yet caught off guard I stood up and we had coffee.
The next morning we set off to his house on a smallholding to sort out stuff. I was in jeans and heels with a top.
We worked all day and just as we were getting ready to leave he took me in his arms, thanked me for the effort of the previous evening and kissed me, for the first time I felt good kissing him, he must have sensed it, because he laid back on the bed, open his pants and ask if I want to finish what I have started the night before. I went on my knees and took out his dick, I was excited to the point of breathing heavily, he took my top and bra off and I sucked his dick, kissed his balls, gave him a tit job and for the first time in my life had a man cum in my mouth, on my face and over my tits. I got on top of him and he kissed my face and tits, his hands exploring inside my pants. My pussy was wet and I enjoyed every moment of this extreme happening.
I set off on a three hour drive home. I sat thinking about my first sexual encounter outside of marriage, I was shocked to realise that I did not feel bad or guilty – I felt excited and worked up – I recalled his big dick, bigger than what I was accustomed to. First his dick in my hands then that first taste, slowly so as to enjoy every unfolding moment, his load coming through his dick filling my mouth. Then the play and kiss, it was only when at home did I realise that I left his house without my bra- that evening hubby and I had awesome sex….
Two days later, I, on Anton’s request returned to Anton’s house to help him further for a weekend, but also willing and eager to be available for more fun should he ask.

I dressed up in heels, tight jeans and braless top, only hubby and I knew I was going to Anton for a whole weekend.
As I drove nearer I become more and more aroused, not really knowing what to expect, was Anton really just in need of comfort or was he ready for more sexual fun.
He didn’t say anything but I think my hubby knew I was on the verge of exploring new, sexy and wild terrain and he allowed me into it knowing I will always return to his loving affectionate comfort. I now know that my choice of partner also helped to put my hubby at ease with the whole idea.
Anton was home from work when I arrived.
My doubts and uncertainties were immediately put to rest.
He came out and received me with a kiss. With his arm around me he walked me into his house. After unpacking we sat down for coffee and discussed what we are to do in the house for the weekend.
Then he turned the conversation and asked if I would mind allowing him to fulfil a fantasy with me, one that he had for all the years we were playing and teasing, he made it clear that we are not building affection, not loving and stringing up but being there for him for hardcore sex, walking and working in full nude, clothes will only be needed in shopping events. A weekend of lustful enjoyment, I agreed and undressed there and then.
For the first time I was admired by another man, he touched my boobs and clean shaven pussy, it felt right, inside I was burning to undress him to feel him and enjoy him.
Later I bathed with him watching every move, and then we got to bed.
I lied on my back; he was undressing, revealing his lustful expectations with a hard dick. He got onto me, his mouth kissing and biting my nipples, his one hand between my legs, he moved my legs apart and started fingering me.
I felt like having an orgasm, then, without any notice he penetrated my pussy with his big cock, deep he went, deeper and faster, faster and harder than I have ever experienced, I had to cling to his body to remain stable. After a while he took his cock out and came across my face, he f***ed his cock into my mouth, this was not a smooth BJ, he rammed his cock down my through to the point of almost choking me, still I was enjoying this.
We swapped places, he was lying down and I was on top, his cock in my mouth and his mouth in my pussy and ass, he started to finger my ass and I kept sucking more furiously. It was the first time I had a finger up my ass and it felt good.
Then he turned me over, got on top of me and we had sex till I shouted in the heat of a uncontrolled orgasm.
Sweaty and exhausted we hold one another and naked we fell asl**p.
Little did I realise that something slutty wild has came loose within me, this was only the beginning of many exciting and rewarding sex endeavours that would follow for me……
We had this awesome relation for the past 6 years, even today he is my photographer and sex buddy………..

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