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More of mum and me

well i was in heaven dad had to go away for a week so left mum and me to our own devices, i was thinking now what i could do with mum,providing she was up for it,i was hoping that i could sl**p with her for the rest of the week now,i also asked mum if she would wear a short skirt and blouse for a change so that i could look and see her nice plump figure,she agreed but said she had to go shopping so would have to wait untill she got back from town,i said fine and she left for town,i went upstairs into my mums bedroom and looked through her underwear drawer to see what i could find ,i did notice that she had got some new toys,i never knew she had any,she had a vibrator which was about the same size as my cock,also i noticed some cock rings with various protusions on them i thought they would rub her clit as she used her vibrator,after finding these i went back down stairs and just sat back and watched tv.well mum got home about 3hrs later,i went into the kitchen to make mum a sandwich and a cup of tea she followed me in and start sowing me what she had bought,which included new skirts,blouses and various pairs of knickers and bras,some for comfort and every day wear others were very sexy lacy numbers which i told her that she would look good in them,she looked at me and kissed me on the cheek and said thanks,mum agreed that we could sl**p together that week,i smiled at her and gave her a big kiss full on her lips,we un packed all the shopping ate lunch and settled down in the lounge,mum said shes going up for a shower ,i asked if she needed her back scrubbing,she smiled and said no and shut the door as she went upstairs, im in my usual teeshirt and jeans.well i got the shock of my life when mum came back into the lounge,she had makeup on which ive never seen her in before,dressed in a short black skirt,stockings(i guess)white blouse,i could see her bra through the material of her blouse,and a pair of high heels(well they were high for mum)and she gave me a twirl ,i said that she looked very sexy,mum then sat down in the chair oposite me,so i could look and admire her mature curves,,it didnt take long for me at gain a bulge in my jeans just looking at mum,so i stood up and took my teeshirt and jeans off,leaving me in a pair of tight boxers,i noticed mum sit up to look at me,she licked her lips and put her hands down to pull her skirt up alittle so that i could see that she did have stockings on,her hands were rubbing her inner thighs,revealing her little pair of lacy knickers ,,i could see her pubic hair either side of her knickers,she stood up and we moved closer so that we could kiss i felt her tongue deep in my mouth as i pulled mum towards me i cupped her ass with both my hands as we kissed i stepped back so that i could see my sexy mum i started unbuttoning her blouse revealing her matching black bra,so theres mum in just her bra a short dark skirt stockings and heels,and i knew i was going to have my hard cock in her hairy cunt soon,i unclipped her skirt so it fell on the floor leaving me to look at mum i her new underwear,and god did mum look good,she unclipped her bra revealing her large sagging tits (40"c cup)she moved her hands down to her knickers and rubbed her mound through her knickers i could see that she was now wet i knelt down in front of her felt her sockined clad thighs, and licked her now wet mound through her knickers she tasted devine i f***ed my fingers through the knicker leg and explored her wet cunt with my fingers,i asked mum to get on all fours to which she did i knelt down behind her stll wearing her knickers i moved closer so that i could guide my cock through the knicker leg of her knickers into her soaking wet cunt,the sght of mum in front of me taking my cock made me even harder im cupping mums ass as i pound her she moans as she feels my cock inside her it seemed like an age but i felt her gripping my cock with her cunt muscles,forcing me to shoot my cum deep into her soaking wet cunt,i withdrew my cock making sure her knickers stayed on and i wiped my wet cock into her very wet knickers we just laid beside each other kissing and caressing each other.i cant wait for the rest of the week.

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