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Rita's vacation

There's a picture out there posted by the username : smithmp12 in his gallery titled Mom sexy pics, photo # 4 (or all of them for that matter). In fact that reminds me of a vacation I took once with my aunt Rita. That looks so much like her that I'm tempted to say it IS her, but I really know it is not. Go take a look b.o.y.s and g.i.r.l.s it is worth the detour.

Rita is my dad's s****r and when my mom died in a car crash she almost took over the mom duties - except for taking car of my dad, I assume but I don't know that much. Helped with the education, the laundry, the shopping, cleaning. The whole works. One year, my dad was unable to plan summer vacation for both if us (I'm an only c***d) and felt really bad about it. So he offered my aunt to go on vacation alone with me, all expenses paid. I thought that would be cool, I always like Rita, she had taken care of me a lot, showed compassion and provided a "mother's" presence in my life.

So off we went to Cancun, Mexico for a two week getaway. I'll spare you the touristy details cause I know most of you pervs just want to get to the crunchy stuff. Suffice it to say that at 16 I no longer looked like a c***d, I had my father's build (already 6 foot at 180 lbs) - not muscular but certainly not fat by any stretch. When we got to the hotel, Rita started planning for daily trips and some breaks at the beach and the pool. It ended up pretty much one day out, one day at the hotel. Grand vacation, I loved it.

The reason why these pics remind me of Rita is that one day I decided to go walk on the beach by myself and Rita stayed at the room, decided to grab some sun on the closed in balcony. I was gone for half an hour and when I came back I opened the door quietly, just to be nice, no jarring noises and that. When I got into the room it was cool and dark, the d****s closed to keep the warmth out. It is when I looked out that I got an instant hard on. Oh but to be 16 again. Hard ons in 1 minute or less. Anyway…

I looked outside and there was Rita with her top off and with a towel on top of her eyes. She wasn't moving at all and her breathing looked like she was asl**p. I stayed inside, grabbed my prick and slowly started jerking off while looking through a small opening in the d****s. For about 3 minutes I jerked and could not hold back and came all over the d****s. I was in panic and started cleaning up with a damp towel. Got my prick back in my pants and went and got a very large towel to bring to Rita as she was already burning from the sun.

When I opened the patio door she woke up and tried to cover up but I was already beside her with the towel.
"Here aunt Rita, you're burning up, you should cover yourself"

I tried to act as if this was nothing, seeing her naked, I turned around and went back in.

"Sorry that you had to see this Tommy, this was not right on my part"

"Oh come on aunt Rita, there's nothing there, I've seen girls breasts before" (trying to use non sexual terms for a grown up conversation)

"Still, not your aunt's tits right"

"Don't worry about it, it's nothing really"

"Ok then, ready for lunch? I'll just take a real quick shower and we can go down"

Man, going down was exactly what I had in mind. Rita then proceeded to take a shower but left the door partly opened. Lying on the bed, I could see the shower curtain in the bathroom and when she came out, I quickly saw her totally naked for about 5 seconds but that was enough to get my prick twitching again.

She came out of the bathroom wearing only a large towel having forgotten her beach dress and bikini. She grabbed it and simply turned around, her back to me, dropped her towel, put on her bikini panties and top. Man I thought I would come in my shorts. I had to replace this hard on that was coming back to life just as she turned around.

"Oups", she said, "Sorry am I causing you this discomfort. You DID say that there was "nothing there" before did you not?"

"Yes but, you are an attractive woman and I've never seen one so beautiful and TOTALLY naked aunt. It is a little much"

"OK let's go to lunch" then. Here I am walking to the elevator with my aunt, my hard on and what's left of my pride.

I let her go in first, there's a couple in there and they make room for us; I stand behind my aunt we smile at the couple. "Enjoying your vacation?" the woman asks.

"Yes" my aunt says, "trying a little "get away from it" all time off"

"This is the PERFECT spot for couples, no k**s, no a****ls… enjoy your week."

"Couples she said", my aunt repeats with a smile. "Well you do look old enough to be with an older lady. This could be fun this pretend game". And this is where things started improving dramatically.

Screw the details and the story. We had lunch, talked about getting back to the beach but decided to stay on the covered balcony. I just knew we had just made a silent pact. We were going to screw this very afternoon. When we got back to the room, aunt told me to go put my bathing suit on and join her on the deck. When I got out, she was already with her top off but lying on her stomach so I could only see the outside of her tits spilling out from her body. Of course you will think that she asked for me to put lotion on her back but that did not happen. Instead I went to my chair, grabbed a book and positioned myself just so in order to get a good view of her in the sun.

After a while she turned over, tits and nipples out not even trying to cover up.

"You're going to burn there aunt Rita, better get some 50 odd lotion there, this white fragile skin burns easy"

So she gets this lotion, spreads it all over her hands, applies it to the stomach and starts oiling her tits. Around and around she goes, and I'm seeing she's taking especially good care of her nipples, getting harder by the second.

"Here", I say, "let me do your legs."

With a smile, she gives me the lotion and I start applying it to her calves, her thighs and slowly reach up to her bikini panties.

"Oh fuck it Tommy, we both know what's going on, just touch my pussy over the material, just play with me a little."

Holly shit, I thought I'd die and gone to heaven.

I rubbed her legs and thighs. When she opened her legs, I knew she wasn't just playing me and I got my hand underneath the little elastic band between her crotch and her thighs and just got my thumb in, feeling her pussy hair. Got my thumb around her clit and just rolled it around. That is when she started making these little pleasure sounds and opened her eyes.

"Take your trunks off my little nephew and come lie on top of me."

She kept her panties on but allowed me to rub against her bikini. When I bent down and kissed her, she opened her legs real wide, kept her panties on, moved the material aside. "Fuck me now, just like that with my clothes on".

When I entered her she was so wet, I glided inside. She kissed me, my face, my neck.

"Oh god, I can't believe this, I would have never thought this would happen. I hope you'll forgive me but I like that sooooo fucking much".

Wow, my aunt can really be a slut. I really started pumping and licking her tits, kissing her. When she grabbed my ass and lifted her own ass, I knew she was close .. and so was I. She looked me in the eye and said "Come deep inside of me Tommy, come deep and we'll make love every day as much as we can for the rest of the week.

I came so hard, I thought I'd faint. I f***ed my dick to it's deepest point, balls agains her ass and filled her cunt. She screamed inside my mouth as we were kissing and started shaking when she came.

Those two weeks boys are engraved in my brain for the rest of my life. I'm now happily married with a perfect wife and two k**s, but every now and then, I can't help myself go back to the source and aunt Rita is always there for me.

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