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Fucking My Hot Auntie On Holiday

Hi I'm Kyle

18 M Uk

I am 6ft Tall,Dark Brown Hair ,Toned Muscular Body, Tanned ,Brown Eyes ,9" Cut Cock

My Auntie Is Called Debbie , She Is 48 ,5 Ft 7 ,Short Blonde Hair , Tanned ,38 c Tits,Hairy-trimmed,Blue Eyes

She Has 2 k**s ,joshua 14 and Kayden 6

This Is How It Happened......

My Auntie Debbie Booked a Holiday To Turkey With Her Boyfriend Ian But About A Month Before They Were Set To Go

They Had A Bad Break Up For Some Reason so a couple of weeks before she came around to out house and asked my mum would she like to go with her and the k**s .

My Mum said she would Love to go but she couldn't Get The Time Of Work .

So I Said I Would Go If It was Ok and said I'd look after the k**s and give you abit of a break .

She said yes if you really want to come that's fine with me .

So A Few weeks later we jetted of to turkey.

The Hotel was really Nice and a 2 Huge Pools .

In The Day We would relax by the pool and I would play about with the k**s in the pool while debbie read her books and relaxed.

On The 3rd Night we all went up to the room to get changed for the evening ,joshua who shared a room with me got a shower first

And was ready in no time soon after him and jayden went down to the games room

I jumped in the shower shortly after they went

I was in the shower for about 10 mins then got out , I dried off inside the bathroom and walked straight into the bedroom fully nude

As soon as I turned the corner auntie debbie was in the room rooting Through Joshuas Case,

She was looking right at me when I walked in and had a look of shock then started giggling ,

I ran back in the bathroom and tied it around me then walked back in

She smiled and said sorry kyle I did shout and let you know I was here , I said I musnt of heard you then ,

I sat down on the bed facing away from her as she was kneeled on the floor sorting joshs case out ,

I glanced over and saw her pink thong up her arse in her white linen pants

I started to get a little hard , I was trying my hardest to stop it as we were still both chatting

She said to me , what's up you look worried , I said its nothing as I put my arm on my lap to try and hide my growing cock ,

She started laughing , so I smiled and said what's funny ? ,

She replied " I'm not daft you know "

I said what do you mean by that

She said stand up and ill tell you

I went red and said nar I can't and laughed

She told me to stand up and show it her

I said WHAT !

She said don't be daft I'm you're auntie there's nothing to be shy about or have you got a little one she giggled

I said , put it this way its far from small

She said well if you've got nothing to hide prove it

I felt wierd but I stood up and my cock was rock hard lifting my towel right up

She said fucking hell kyle what's your mum been feeding you

I said I told you its not small ,

She said come here , I said why nervously

She said just come here a minute

I walked over and stood infront of her

She looked up at me and smiled and I smiled back

She grabbed my towel and pulled it off me , I stood looking down on my own auntie with a raging hardon

She was in shock at how big I was ,

She grabbed it and started admiring it as I just froze and looked upon her

She started sucking my cock it was wierd at first but so good at the same time

Shortly after she stood up pushed me onto the bed I sat back and watched her undress taking her top of first then her linen pants

She undid her bra and pulled of her thong revealing her nice trimmed pussy

She stood right infront of me and I started to suck her nipples as I rubbed her already wet pussy

Suddenly she pushed me flat onto my back on the bed and crawled up me , she grabbed my cock and aimed it into her wet cunt

She took me inch by inch as I just lay there , she started to ride me hard and she started maoning as her nails dug into my pecs

She started riding harder and harder before I couldn't take much more , I told her I was going to cum

And she just pushed down deep onto my cock as I filled her up ,

She jumped off my cock and went to the bathroom ,

When she came back in she said did you enjoy that

I said words can't explain how that felt ,

She said well good never mention it again to anybody , promise ,

I said yeh I promise , we both got dressed and went down for our meal and met the k**s

That Night ........To Be Continued thanks for reading

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