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The Curious Case Of Mistress Katrina

This has to be one of the strangest series of encounters I ever had. Parts of it, too, were fantastically sexy. It's a long post but hopefully you'll enjoy.

Back in the late 1990's through the mid-2000's Craigslist personal ads were an amazingly fertile place to meet women. Sadly, at least in the SF Bay Area where I live, that's no longer the case.
Nowadays it's almost nothing but spammers, email phishers, cam and e****t girls, and the weird-shut-in-pic-collecting trolls.

In 2004 I came across an ad, wherein a guy, allegedly the male "master" of a woman, claimed he was sending his "slave" to a mid-day movie and wanted to find a guy to approach her, randomly from her perspective, and let things develop right there in the sparsely populated theater.
She was described as petite, asian, mid-30's and beautiful.
I responded. Sure enough I was told to go to a movie theater for a flick starting around noon-that she would be in the very back row. I was to sit next to her (even though the theater had like 5 people in it) and see what happened.
I was wary and nervous but I sat down in the seat immediately to her left.
She didn't acknowledge me. The previews were playing and she was texting on her phone.
Her shirt, a button down, was 1/2 open and I could clearly see her entire right breast.
My heart was beating fast but I wasted no time and put my hand inside her shirt and began tweaking her nipple and breast. She didn't display ANY alarm at all so I kept doing it to both breasts.
This went on for several minutes as she kept texting. I was going from nervous to extremely excited, quickly. Lights dimmed fully and the movie started. She reached down to her purse, pulled out a vibrator, turned it on low-speed, spread her legs slightly (she had a skirt on) and slid it inside.
For a few minutes I continued playing with her breasts and she sat quietly with the vid inside.
Finally, I took the vibe and started moving it in and out of her, pulled her skirt up so I could see, too.
She reached over, unbuttoned my jeans and freed my cock. One thing to keep in mind: An usher was walking up and down the aisles. I wore a black sport jacket and had removed it, keeping it around my knees so we could cover up our activities when he walked by. So far so good, right?
So there we were, still haven't exchanged a single word, me sliding a vibe in and out of her while she was stroking my cock. Perhaps this went on for 10 minutes. It became obvious she was about to cum. As her mid-section bucked I, too, orgasmed in her hand.
So now what? A couple minutes passed as we recovered. She put the vibrator back in her purse.
I then got on my knees between her legs, put my jacket over my head and shoulders so as to be relatively unseen and brought her to orgasm in my mouth in only a couple minutes. She was gorgeous btw, fully shaven-smelled and tasted fantastic-her body was perfect for a ballet dancer.
Lithe, petite, small breasts, a perfectly round ass, strong thighs and carmel skin. I later found out she was Fillipino.
After she came in my mouth, I sat back on my chair. The first words she uttered were: "do you have a condom".
I said yes, produced one from my pocket. She got on her knees, put the condom over my cock and proceeded to give me incredible head. After 5 or 10 minutes I was on the verge of cumming again only 20 minutes after I came in her hand.
Unfortunately, despite my efforts to keep us hidden from the usher, I started thinking he was on to us.
I pushed her away from me, achingly close to cumming, unfortunately.
She got back in her seat, I pulled my pants up. Shortly after she thanked me and left the theater.
I'd guess this all took place over an hour or so. Have no idea what the movie was btw, and I shortly after followed in leaving.

Of course when I got home I emailed the person who set this up. Totally expressed how hot the whole thing was, what a beauty she was.
I got an email from her saying she had fun and that I did quite well. She also claimed she had no idea anything was going to happen, that her master hadn't told her. She suspected something had been planned once she saw how I used the coat to hide us, that I just happened to have a condom handy.
I was, apparently, well prepared.

In response I asked her if she'd consider a 3 way with another woman friend I was seeing.
A few days later, that happened. Also exquisite, though it was mostly about the 2 girls. In fact, they tied me down to my bed and made me watch them have oral sex. They both came in my mouth as well as made each other cum. I didn't orgasm but it hardly mattered.

Few days later I get email from her asking if I had ever considered being a submissive.
Well, the answer was, and is, no. Ok. I guess from time to time I like to restrain a woman, or be restrained, but all in all I prefer to give and take with those kinds of power dynamics.
I'm certainly not submissive in my day to day life, either.
Nonetheless, I asked what she thought my role would be if I agreed to participate.
In essence, it wasn't about her dominating me, like, whips and chains, it was more about her having control over my arousal, especially her having the say as to when and how often I orgasmed.

Once she agreed that I could still see my other woman friend from time to time and orgasm freely with her, I decided to go ahead.

So then what happened?
Well, I'll tell ya.

First off we had to wait a couple weeks to get started because I was moving to a different place-had no time to do much anything aside from moving, with her or the lady I occasionally saw.

Finally I settle in my new place and we get going.
The first thing we did?

She picked me up one afternoon and we went for a bite to eat. She was wearing a knit sweater that did absolutely nothing to cover her braless breasts, a dangerously short skirt, no panties which she made obvious as I drove us to lunch. This girl was fearless!
After eating she wanted to drive up the highway to a thrift store. During the whole drive, she sat in my passenger seat lightly touching her clit.
Go in the thrift store and she requests that I pick out a skirt. A skirt? Uhhh. Ok, sure, why not.
We buy the skirt and she has me drive behind a huge box-store, a furniture place. She tells me to remove my pants and put the flimsy skirt on right there in the front seat. Now we're going into territory I've never been in 'cause dressing in women's clothing is the farthest thing from my mind.
Nevertheless I put it on. There's no one around behind this store at this time. She asks me to get out and lean on the hood of my car, stands and admires me, begins grinding her amazing ass on me, makes me hard, stands back and admires me leaning against my car, my cock straining under this skirt!
Get back in the drivers seat of my car, she kneels over me, facing me, asks me to open the sunroof so she doesn't have to bend her neck, opens her top, and tells me to play with her breasts but-only hands, no mouth. She pulls the skirt up and starts masturbating. By this time a truck has pulled in for the store and he's sitting there able to see her head sticking out of the sunroof-must have been obvious what was going on.
After a few minutes she has a rippling orgasm, the whole time my cock is pushing up, under the skirt right near her pussy.
Incredible, again!
Drove home, dropped her at her car and got my pants on before I walked into my house.

Although the whole thing of wearing a skirt doesn't do anything for me, it was obviously doing something for her. Don't know if it was the skirt, or just me giving her the power. the control, Watching her cum as she knelt over me was incredible. Well worth putting a skirt on for!

By now I had given her the ability to dictate when I orgasmed. She made me go days, demanding I masturbate and edge myself over and over w/out cumming. Other days she'd request I did nothing at all.
This had gone on for about 10 days since the skirt/clothing store event-my abiding by her 'orgasm schedule.
Was at work preparing to leave and make the 20 minutes drive up the highway.
Got an email before I left and she instructed me to give myself an orgasm while I drove home. It was 10 p.m. or so, dark, fortunately.
It was the first time I'd cum since abiding by her "schedule". I came quickly with extreme intensity and made a hell-of-a-mess in my car-all up my shirt, my pants, the car seat. It was fantastic. Not sure I recall but it may well have been the first orgasm I'd had since she masturbated in my car. In any case it had been days and days at least.

I was beginning to understand the nature of her games. She truly wasn't trying to control my life, she was trying to get me to levels of excitement that were unprecendented as well as get herself turned on.
Remember, she had a master, and it may well have been that she was doing this at his behest, or, perhaps he was making her do it in order to take advantage of the lust it caused in her. That part I'll never know.

By this time she'd asked me to name one fantasy that I wanted to do, something I'd never done previously.
Indeed there was/is one (which I've still not enjoyed to this day).

It is: to be fucked by a beautiful woman wearing a small strap-on. There are caveats however.
She has to have a mini-vibrator against her clit, under the strap-on. I want to be on my back, her leaning over me, breasts available to my mouth. All the while she's stroking my cock as she fucks me. Finally, most importantly, we both orgasm at the same time.

Mistress Katrina replied that this was a distinct possibility "If I did well" under her direction.
So now we have a goal to work towards? Uhhh. Ok. All new to me.

We're now about a month after the movie theater btw, and there's about another month to come, as follows.

I continued following her wishes about when I orgasmed. It wasn't easy for someone who, to this day, usually orgasms once if not twice a day.
And here's the rest of what transpired in the order of events:

She requested that I go to a dept. store, engage a pretty saleswoman in order to buy 5 colors of tiny panties. After buying them I was instructed to go to a public bathroom in the shopping mall and try each pair on.
Can't honestly say this did much for me. On the other hand, her next request was that I take pictures of myself during various masturbation sessions, none of which I was to orgasm, and send them to her with my cock overwhelming the panties when fully hard.

She had me buy a pair of those short shorts folks wear when they run. They usually wear them over lycra I think. They were completely sheer, blue, and short. She requested I wear them when I had to go downtown for errands. Much as I love being an exhibitionist, doing things in public where I could offend someone, or have a youngster see me, or an evangelical-zealot, much less getting charged with indecent exposure? Not good, not sexy, either.

Another time she asked me to wear the same shorts during a recording session at my house with a client. I did, though wore boxers underneath. It was a hot day so it didn't look too out-of-place to my client. She stopped by the session and listened for awhile. I walked her out to her car. As she got in the drivers seat ,she, once again w/out panties under a short skirt, lingered as she got in and exposed her pussy to me for a couple minutes while we chatted, me standing in the street. I got fully hard and had to quickly recover after she drove off so as to return to my client. Still, seeing her with her legs spread, her shaved pussy visible while she stared at my erection and smiled....
Very very hot!

Another time I wore the same thing-boxers under the running shorts-and met her for lunch at a quiet, outdoor cafe near her work.
Same thing. Got totally hard in front of her as I watched her get in her car, pantyless. As usual, whatever top she'd wear did very little to cover her gorgeous, tiny breasts.

She had me buy a thin, long vibrator which she asked me to put in my ass and hold it against my prostate during numerous, mostly orgasm-less masturbations.
It wasn't unfamiliar. If you've practicing Taoist erotic exercises as I have, you'll learn to massage the prostate, both for health and pleasure. Nonetheless, given that I was largely refraining from having orgasms, it was stupendously good.
(I doubt I've ever flowed such enormous amounts of pre-cum as I did during those sessions. It's one of the great benefits of prostate stimulation-tremendous amounts of pre-cum.)
I don't recall how many times, but at least once she allowed me to cum while doing this. Again, as in the car driving home from work, it nearly broke my back with intensity. Also, as time went on, the few times she'd have me cum resulted in unbelievable amounts of semen, just amazing amounts. Even when I was younger I can't recall more than a few times that I ever came so copiously or had so many contractions.

She requested one afternoon, via email, that I drive somewhere in my town, park the car on a street, and make myself cum.
This I tried but didn't like. It was broad daylight, virtually impossible to not have people around.
Again, getting caught, potentially freaking people out-it's just not my thing. Not at all.
I lied to her this time. Actually, after quickly giving up in the car, I came home and orgasmed but told her I'd cum in the car.

There was one final in person encounter between Mistress Katrina and I.

She emailed that she'd like to stop by one afternoon when I was home. At this point I had been following her instructions, save for in the car, to the letter. I hadn't orgasmed in days and days and over the 6 or so weeks this all went on, had had maybe 4 or 5 orgasms, tops.
I was so horny, just relentlessly turned on the whole time. In fact, this time period are when some of my favorite 'bulge-flashing' events occurred.

(It accounts for some of the first times I ever tried going out in public in tight jeans, and, assuming I'd see someone I thought might be open to it, I'd make myself visually available. It's amazing to me how intensely a woman will stare if she doesn't feel imposed on, or, that she's dealing with a trench-coat-flasher... That's another story.)

So Katrina stops by. I'm home working wearing regular shorts, no shirt- 'cause it was hot as hell that day.
She's, again, in a short skirt. Sits on my bed and we chat a bit. Finally she leans back, pulls her skirt up and tells me to put the tip of my tongues on the very tip of her clit. She insisted I didn't do anything beyond that-no motion, that she absolutely did not want to cum. I knelt there, not moving, my tongue on her perfect clitoris for as long as she allowed.
She pushed me back, told me to sit in the chair near the bed, that she wanted to watch me make myself cum.
I still fantasize about this-her sitting in front of me, watching me like a hawk. Her legs spread while she held her pussy open, her clit swollen and moist, and me, in a near frenzy of lust being allowed to, finally, have an orgasm while she watched me.
When I finally came my semen literally shot up to my face. And I was sitting upright!
Another absolutely massive orgasm, just incredibly strong, again, thanks to Katrina's manipulation of my mind and body.

So by now, as good as the eroticism was, my normal self was getting ancy. I wanted to cum more. I wanted to know who she really was, not her fake name "Katrina" but her real name. I figured if I was going to let someone control my nervous system to this extent, I ought to at least know her name.

"Katrina" had accidently signed one of her emails, with her real name, in the course of setting up another 3 way with my sometimes playmate, same one involved in the earlier 3-some. My friend had a 3-some with Katrina and her 'master'.
My pal told me her real name. I knew she worked in genetic research in Marin County North of San Francisco.
She was Filipino and her name was unusual in America. Combine that with Genetic research and it's an easy search.
With no effort on Google, I found her at the companies website, a picture of her, her husband and k**s.
Though I was fully wanting to continue and looked forward to her taking me with the strap-on, I also wanted to know who she really was.
I couldn't take the games despite the incredible pleasure it brought.
I also just didn't, and don't, like anyone telling me what to do, at least not on an on-going basis.

Sent ehr an email using her real name.
Needless to say, this did not go over well. At all.
She chided me saying: you've been doing so well, there's so much pleasure awaiting you, we haven't done your strap-on fantasy and you haven't yet fucked me, etc. etc.

I owned up yet made no apologies. I obviously wasn't, nor was I going to stalk her. Hell no. That's not in my make-up.

Me finding out her real name was the end. Aside from the email in which she chided me, I never heard from her again.

One time a couple years later I saw someone posting on Craigslist asking if they knew where she was. Whoever it was described the same person-of that I'm sure. Whatever relationship he had had with her, he was still in lust.
Maybe there were lots of guys like me she played with? Would not be surprised.

But all things considered, she created some of the sexiest situations, odd though they were, I've ever been blessed to have enjoyed.

Long live Mistress Katrina, whoever and wherever you are.

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