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Bulging Under Clothes Leads To More

My public exhibitionism has consisted only of bulge flashing in tight jeans, or perhaps, sweats or scrubs. Over the years I've kept a kind of journal about various times I've been looked at. Not the shock/horror type of look but the lust look. Most of these have been while walking in a parking lot, in dept. stores, etc. I have no interest in the shock or horror or of disturbing anyone, at all. I do, however, love to be looked at with lust.

In thinking about all this, I realized that my bulge flashing has led to sex a number of times, or, if not sex, the woman in question telling me at a later date that she had noticed my lust and had had fantasies about me as a result.

The moral of the story is: if you're moderately attractive and don't exude a pervy energy, women will often look, look again with lust, and it can make a powerful erotic impression, both for me and the woman who sees me.

Below I've relayed a number of accounts where being seen has led to erotic interaction beyond merely being seen.

Bless the lusty women who look and lust!!!

Please read on and I'd love to hear from women who've had experiences in this regard, whether they were showing off, or, a guy was excited in their presence.


I had a facility in Los Angles 1999/2000. There were a number of studios in the complex. For several months I was living in mine. There was an extremely hot receptionist who worked at another studio across the parking lot. She'd arrive at work by 9 a.m. Normally there would be no one else there at that hour so I'd go say hello and catch up on the goings on at the studios. I started noticing that she was often looking at my mid-section. Over time I grew very bold to the extent that I'd wear nothing but surgical scrubs or very thin sweatpants, make myself fully hard, walk across the parking lot and chat with her. It got to the point where she would fully stare at my obvious hard-on for minutes on end. This went on for months, usually a couple mornings per week.
Fast forward a couple years. I had left LA by then but stayed in touch with her. At one point during a phone call she admitted to being totally attracted to me and said she still fantasized about seeing me standing in her office.

I worked in a residential facility for a couple years. One of my co-workers and I were constantly flirting, telling each other stories about our sex lives, etc. She often wore halter tops, braless, which drove me crazy. She probably saw me totally hard under my pants a dozen times and would look, just blatantly stare, just as I did at her amazing breasts. One day I was to leave the place on a break.
All our co-workers were in another section of the building. This lady met me in the employee bathroom, pulled her pants down, leaned back on the toilet and I gave her oral sex with her cumming in just a couple of minutes. That's all we did sexually but the visual teasing of each other went on for months and months after that.

A lady had me produce a cd of her music. On 4 or 5 different occasions she'd come to my house to work and I wore totally tight jeans, was obviously erect off and on. Another time I rode in the passenger seat of her car, her driving for 45 minutes after we left another studio. Again, I was fully erect with my legs stretched out in the passenger seat as she drove.
She never said anything but I could tell she noticed. Everything about her body language told me it excited her. Nonetheless, we continued working on her project w/out any verbal acknowledgment of it.
Months later we finished her project and she took various members of her production team out for celebratory dinners. The night she took me out she started playing with my feet and legs, under the table with her feet as we ate. We left the restaurant, drove up to the hills above town and walked up a trail in the woods. We found a slightly private area and I ended up sucking her breasts and giving her oral sex. She orgasmed numerous times although we stopped before it went further as we had been noticed by folks hiking.

Shared a house with a stunning woman who I sublet from. Over the months I saw her unbelievably perfect breasts, braless, with constantly changing nipple hardness, many times. Eventually I started going to her side of the house to chat while fully erect under my jeans.
Nothing was ever said about it at the time but months later we ended up having a torrid affair during which she told me she had definitely noticed me hard a number of times. She also told me she wore revealing tops and went braless around the house because she suspected it was driving me crazy.
This is her:

Great affair with lots of fun exhibitionist adventures in public, photo taking, toys, restraints etc.

Met a lady on Craigslist and we decided to, for our first in-person meeting, convene in a Target store, Me in tight jeans, her in a sheer top with a lacy bra. We met at the appointed time and pretended to shop but basically we just devoured each other visually for an hour or so. (There are a few pictures from this adventure, both of me and her, in my photo collection)
Our original plan was simply to tease inside the store, talk very little, and go our separate ways. However, as we were leaving I asked if she'd like to watch me make myself cum. Moved the car to a secluded area of the parking lot and she stood outside watching me, sometimes stroking me, and took pics the whole time. One shot shows her hand on me as I sat in the front seat of my car.

The woman who delivers my mail is extremely sexy. One afternoon I had been out shopping and running errands. Drove home and as I pulled my car up in front of my house, I was, absolutely, totally hard. The mail lady was just across the street unloading the back of her USPS truck. Since her and I had chatted and lightly flirted I decided to make no attempt to hide. Got out of the car and walked right up to her. I wish I had pics or video of how she reacted! We chatted for a few on the sidewalk and she was not subtle about checking me out-just blatantly staring!
(The pic was taken immediately afterward when I came in the house)

Fast forward a year or so...
Ran into her at a 7-11 store late at night. We had had a couple of drinks and ended up talking for a few minutes in front of the store. In the course of this conversation I admitted to having a crush on her.
She replied that she felt the same. I told her I had been fantasizing about her for a long time. She said: "Ditto that".
Anyway... over the next few days we spoke 2 more times about our lust for each other. She was seriously considering having a fling with me despite being married and told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted to.
Another few days went by and she finally told me "I decided to honor my vows".
Probably just as well 'cause she and her hubby live just up the street. Would have been a bad decision.
In any case it sure was great to have her tell me she fantasized about me.

I was working at a recording studio (different studio/era than the other studio story) and often would pull all-nighters. The owner's ex-wife was the receptionist at the time and she arrived at work around 9 a.m. One morning she was there as I was finishing another all night session. We sat in the reception area chatting for a few.
She was rubenesque, very busty, and wasn't shy about wearing low-cut tops. As we sat there talking, no one else at the studio, she told me about a new guy she had been dating. It somehow came up, her doing, that he loved to cum on her breasts at the end of their sex. Over the course of these few minutes, listening to her tell me this, I got totally hard under my jeans. I stood up right in front of her desk and gestured to my bulging cock, told her she was driving me crazy. She pushed her breasts together and said:
"I bet you'd like to cum all over these bad boys".
Nothing else happened that day but in the months to come we masturbated together on the phone a few times

I had started spending time with a lady who was just coming out of a horribly abusive relationship that led her to financial disaster not to mention fear and insecurity about sex and intimacy. I was well aware of her fragile state and despite us hanging out frequently, was extremely careful about pushing for sex. We started spending the night together but, all things considered, didn't have sex initially.
Given that I'd describe the erotic chemistry with this person as THE MOST intense of any I've ever experienced, it was quite difficult to keep sex on the back burner.
One morning after spending the night, again sexless, we got up and were preparing to leave her place for work. She was in her bathroom getting ready. As she came out, I was sitting on a chair facing her, my legs out in front of me and a fully visible erection bulging in my tight shorts..
I so wish I had a picture of her face at that moment!
Nothing was said about it but she was clearly shaken. I honestly wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing given her fragile state.

It was only a few days later that our overnights together started developing into oral sex, handjobs, breast play and kissing. I also became free about pressing my erection in to her body when we cuddled at night.

Fast forward a few months...
She had moved into an apartment in the building where I lived. We did end up having a number of encounters but there were even more cfnm moments with her-me hard in front of her, bulging under jeans or boxers, etc. etc.

In the end this relationship never got the timing right and the sex, though extremely erotic, happened much less than either of us wanted.
I ended up moving not long after to another state but that didn't stop us from having lots of email erotic talk, phone sex, and discussions about our heavy chemistry.
It's fair to say that I've masturbated thinking about this lady more than any other woman.

In 2003 I was set up for a blind date by a mutual friend. Met the lady at a pub for our first meeting. I was wearing tight, light blue jeans, commando.
(Matter of fact, these jeans!
Though i was never fully hard I was quite visibly bulging and made absolutely no attempt to cover up. We ended up necking in her car for a couple hours. Nothing other than kissing and talking that first night although I was quite open with her concerning my fetish for seeing a woman braless with erect nipples,the thrill I got from being seen hard under my clothes, etc.
Couple nights later we had our second date. We drove over Mt. Tamalpais here in Northern California. She was braless in a tight white top that did little to hide her breast's profile or erect nipples. At one point we stopped the car and walked into the woods. I had her stand on a trail while I faced her about 10' away. I was violently hard under my jeans. She stood there, nipples totally hard, staring at me. We talked about it later, but for us both, that moment facing each other, both totally turned on was as if we were both getting sex d**gs injected in our bodies.
Long story short, we ended up throwing a blanket down in some grass after hiking a bit and had some of the greatest oral sex either of us had ever had.
Ended up having an affair with her for 6 months or so which included a ton of visual teasing of this variety.

A different co-worker from the residential facility (mentioned in an earlier post) told me about a lady friend had been asking about me - is he single, what's his story, etc. My co-worker ended up giving her my phone number. Had a couple calls with this lady and we talked, among other things, about what we were looking for. It was clear that neither of us were interested in anything serious but that some erotic exploration was, if we felt comfortable together, definitely a possibility.
First time we hung out in person she came to my house, had some tea and talked. By then I had told her about my love of being seen, cfnm, braless women and the like. I don't suppose, in that context, it was especially surprising to her that, during this initial visit, I was wearing tight jeans and was often between moderately and fully erect. No effort at all to hide my condition nor was she the least bit shy in looking, telling me how it turned her on, etc.
A few days later I went to her house late one hot summer night. She had a 2nd story balcony outdoors and we ended up sitting out there having drinks. She was braless under a sheer top. Basically, for an hour or so I was nude on the balcony, stroking myself while we talked about sex, fantasy, and of past favorite sexual experiences. We ended up in her bedroom and, although I didn't orgasm that night, I ended up making her cum in my mouth numerous times.
We got together one other time. At that point she was about to move to a different city to get with an ex-bf she was reconciling with.
Again, I was fully erect under my jeans. Nothing happened but she was totally frank in looking at me. She admitting wanting to do more but was taking the high road what with the bf she was getting together with.
I've never seen her again but did receive email from her. Apparently that bf didn't work out and she ended up telling me she really regretted not doing anything sexual that last day we saw each other.
Like many of the scenarios I'm recounting, she too admitted that all the bulging and cfnm activities were a regular point of reference for her masturbation.

Yet another lady from the residential facility I worked in... She's about my age, gorgeous, although in a relationship. She, like the woman I gave oral sex to in the bathroom, would often wear halter tops to work in the summer, moreso when she found out how much it drove me crazy. She had really active nipples that would get extremely erect at times, obviously something, as you now know, that really turns me on. We talked a lot of sex talk during downtime at work and I was often hard in front of her. She loved seeing me get all worked up and openly looked at my bulge many times. Eventually she printed out a number of my pictures and would proudly admit to spreading them all around her on the bed while she used toys on herself.. We never hooked up beyond the visual teasing at work-our conversations concerning our fantasies for each other-but the situation made for some incredible masturbation for us both.

One final story:
A dear friend (to this day) and I had long had the hots for each other. Like many of the women I've been attracted to, she was, at least sometimes, really into showing off her stunning breasts.
In any case, though we had talked about wanting to connect, had phone sex a number of times, it seemed like everytime we were in the same town at the same time, one or the other of us was in a relationship. Several years passed and we stayed in touch. Finally she admitted to being totally curious about seeing my erotic pictures.I sent a number of them and she was totally open about how much she used them when she'd touch herself.
Soon after-she was single now-I offered to give her oral sex on her Bday. No reciprocation needed! Gave her a massage after which she had a stunning orgasm in my mouth.
(Btw, I made this video for her right around the time she was expressing how good her masturbation was while she looked at the pics)

I suppose about a year later she had gotten engaged. As we did sometimes, she was driving through my town and came over for lunch.
We certainly weren't going to do anything with her engaged, of course, but that didn't stop her from wearing a totally sheer sweater and a very thin bra that did little to cover her up.
I wore tight jeans, too. We ended up talking about a woman I was having sex with at that time who would routinely have, no exaggeration, 20-40 orgasms in one session. Quite amazing.
My friend was completely stoked about it, and also a bit jealous. She's the kind of woman that generally has one really strong orgasm in a session. (both types of women are great in my view!)
Over the course of telling her about this lady I got hard. She looked freely as I did at her spectacular breasts. That was kind of our agreed upon plan-We'd show off for each other but not go further.
Finally it came time for her to leave. We had a nice long hug during which I got completely hard.
Walked her to her car and she looked freely, told me I looked great. I looked at her, too, and praised her beauty, thanked her for wearing the sheer top and for looking so frankly at me.
Took this picture immediately after she drove off and sent it to her.

She's still a dear friend, happily married with a beautiful c***d.
And one of my sexiest memories, ever.

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