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Gas Station Shemale

Before I begin this story let me say this: I know that a gas station is a place where one would not likely see a chick in a short skirt with heels and even if you did it wouldn't happen in the wee-hours of the morning.........would it???

On this night I hadn't paid close attention to how much gas I had in my car and when it was time to drive home from the party I'd been at I realized that I absolutely had to stop to get some (probably not a real good idea but I had no choice). Signage along the freeway indicated there were three gas stations at the next exit. A quick look at them from the exit ramp showed me that one was basically empty.........looking good. I pulled in, shut-off the car, grabbed my credit card and hopped out to go to the pump. At the forefront of my mind was the fact that I was wearing a short-style black skirt, black pumps and a tight-fitting cami-top that you could certainly see the shape of my b-cup breasts through but one could also see the darkness of my nipples as well. This was fine for a party but now I was in a public place. So, anyway, here I am, I'll be quick........I feed the machine on the pump my card, get authorization and pull the nozzle and hit start. As the fueling begins I hear a car (and it's blaring stereo) enter the property......ugh......not what I was hoping for. And wouldn't you know it......they had to park right behind me. Well, out hops three black guys and as I'm kind of watching them via the reflection on the glass of my car I see that they're scoping-me-out to the point that they want me to realize it. So I look over and give them a thank-you-ish kind of smile so as to be polite. I'm a white gurl who tends to really dig black men but meeting guys at the gas station wasn't really what I had

They went inside to shop and pay for some gas. One came back out to fill the car and the other two stayed in the store standing near the glass watching me.......again I just smiled. They turned around to talk to the clerk for a bit and by this time my car was plenty-full with gas so I thought it was a good time to finish-up and go. I put the nozzle back and as I'm putting my gas cap on here they come......walking in my direction and eventually right up to we go. The one-liners started flying........"damn baby that is a sexy-ass skirt"....."shit girl.....them legs is dat ass mmmmm mmmmm"......"she got nice titties too boy".....(just to name a few). I was as humble and as polite as could be as I thanked them for their kindness and said I was going now.........this caused a which they said things like "nawww baby stick around a minute"......."yea....don't be leavin yet"........etc. I asked what I needed to stick around the gas station which I was told that they had made a bet with the clerk that I might be a t-gurl and the clerk didn't believe it so I needed to go in and prove to the clerk that I was in fact a t-gurl so they could collect. OK, a survey of my surroundings indicates that the place is well-lit and there are cameras videotaping so nothing bad should happen but if it does it is caught on tape (along with their plate number etc.) Alright I thought.....I'm game....lets go.

They're all excited now and lead me into the store where the clerk is waiting. He sees me and my bouncing boobs as I walk-up toward the counter. Then one of my new friends says to the clerk that "this is a t-gurl and its time to pay-up on nat bet b*o". The clerk says "bullshit......this is a woman". They all burst into laughter and so did I. Then another said "nuh nuh nuh b*o....this here's a t-gurl.....a shemale and a sexy-ass one too". Again the clerk wasn't buying it. I could see where this was going........I would have to prove it for the bet to be settled. So, I spoke to him in my gurl voice at first and then in a lower register in order to convince him........that did it. His eyes popped and his mouth hung open and again the room erupted into laughter. I have to admit, I was enjoying this. So, the clerk made good on the bet (turns out it was $50.00) and the guys decided to give me 10 of it for playing along.....which was nice. So, that was that right? Nope. Two of my three new friends turned, thanked me with a hug and started for the car and one whispered in my ear..........."you got a minute baby"? Sure I said.........and followed him about 15 feet to the other side of the little c-store near the bathrooms. Once there he looked down at his crotch which was absolutely bulging like crazy and he said "how bout u n me go in dis bathroom a minute"? I said "what about the clerk.......won't he........." to which he interrupted "naw baby...he awright......see". I looked back and saw the clerk grinning and nodding in approval. Well, this was very interesting. I'm standing in front of a gorgeous black man with a what looks like a huge cock bulge and he's hitting on me. "OK......lets go" I said.

In a flash he opened the door and before I knew it he had the door closed and locked and that awesome cock out and I was on my knees sucking it like there was no tomorrow. I laid the shoulder straps of my cami top aside and let my breasts fall out so he could touch them........which he eagerly did.

The first thing he said was "damn baby....I ain't never had me a shemale before but dis shits da bomb". I don't think it was but another 20 seconds and he busted in my mouth as he gasped and moaned in pleasure. Clearly, his friends would be looking for him by when we both came out together they had somewhat astonished looks on their faces because they knew something had happened.........but what??? Well, as fate had it, there was a little of his cum on my chin and walking out into the cool night air I suddenly sensed it was there. I stopped right in front of their car and when I touched it with my fingers and pulled back it kind of stretched out and they whooped it up loudly because now they knew what time it was. I took this little bit of cum, now on my finger, and licked it with my tongue. One guy inside the car yelled "you go go girl!!" So I politely turned to all three as their car started and blew a kiss to them. They backed the car away, turned and were gone.....whooping-it-up loudly as they went.

One last look at the clerk.......he was grinning from ear to ear. I waved to him and said thank you.......he waved back. And so closed another great experience for the friendly neighborhood t-gurl.

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