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A Holiday to Remember

Late in the summer of 2010 I went on holiday with my mum Jane and I took my mate kyle with me.
We went to tenerife for a week , the hotel was really nice and because I had kyle with me I wouldn't get bored

The first 2 days we just had a good look round the hotel and just chilled out really
My mum would just go down to the pool and read her books all day working on her already dark tan
My Mum Is 48 and looks quite good for her age she is around 5 ft 8 , a little chubby but not big she has short blonde hair ,
Blue eyes ,dark tan and huge 38e natural Tits .

The second day of the holiday was a day Ill remember, I went round to mums room and she was cooking tea for us, what surprised me was she was cooking tea topless, I told her to cover up but she insisted she was hot and stuffy and no one could see her, only me, who had obviously seen them before.

On the 3rd day me and kyle came down to the pool a little later than my mum and when we got down to the sunbeds my mum was lay down topless
Reading her book ,I wanted to say something to cover up but felt abit wierd infront of kyle so I just left it we sat down and chilled out ourselves
My Mum and kyle were chatting away about something for a while then I said " mum can't you put your bra back on I feel wierd becuase kyles here "
She said " don't be daft james ,kyles not bothered are you ?" He replied no I'm not fussed it doesn't bother me "
I said " oh yh , it wouldn't bother you would it "

We left the conversation and just forgot about it , soon after I went over to the pool bar to get us some drinks
And as I looked over the pool I could see kyle and my mum gigglin away at each other just looking abit too comfy for my liking
I could tell she had a little crush on kyle , who didn't , he got all the girls at home because of his tan and his 6 pac
My mum always said to kyle how nice his eyes were when we were back home ?

I walked back over to the sunbeds and sat down after a while my mum said right I'm goin for a quick dip in the pool are you both coming in
I said " no I can't be arsed " she then said " kyle will come in with me won't you love ? " He couldn't really say no so he got in with her
There I was lay down watching my 17 year old mate swim about with my mum with no bra on it was torture ,they swam to the corner and stopped and just chatted away for 5 minutes s
Smiling and giggling to each other then they got out
Both of them were dripping wet they lay back down next to me and dried of in the sun .

My mum kept rolling around on her bed lapping up the sun, at times her pussy lips being visible from the sides of her bikini, my friend getting full view to my annoyment.

About 45 minutes later the sun started to fall so we grabbed our bags and towels and went up to the room to get ready for the evening.

Mum had her own room and Whilst she was getting changed I wandered into her room to see her casually walking around completely naked, with just a very small thong barley covering her trimmed strip, I asked what time we was meeting up and left.

Me and kyle had a quick shower each then got ready into t shirt and shorts , we waited for my mum
When she come out of her room she was wearing a tight white dress. With white bra and thong and some platform heels .
As we walked down the corridor behind her even I had to look at her shapely arse with her visible white thong showing through.
We had our meal in the hotel and went and sat at the outdoor bar for a while and had a few drinks while the live band played
My mum was getting a few looks because she was dressed abit slutty for her age ,
Her tits looked great I have to say , I kept catching kyle have a little glance at them every once in a while

When it started to get late and quite boring I said. " Kyle what you doing are you cuming upto the room or what I'm knackered " he said
"Nar I'm happy here ill be up soon "

So I went upto the room and got in bed I fell alseep quite fast I woke up a few hours later and turned the light on and kyle wasn't there I looked at the clock
And it was 3 in the morning , so I thought where the fuck is he ?
I climbed out of bed and opened the patio door and my mums light was on next door ,
As I leaned over her balcony and looked through the gap in the curtians
There they was on the bed fucking . Kyle ontop of my mum both of them completley naked
Kyle was pressed up with his hands looking down into my mum eyes as she grabbed his arse cheeks as he pumped her
I thought is this really happening ? Is my mum really fucking my 17 year old mate ,
I felt really wierd I just froze and continued to watch them together !

I could see kyles big 9 inch tanned cock going in and out every time he pumped her ,
My mum grabbed and stroked his arse cheeks and back as he pleasured her with his meat .

I couldn't believe my eyes but yet I couldn't stop watching them together
To be honest it was quite hot to watch both of them were really tanned and both gifted in the right areas .

About to minutes of hard fucking later they rolled over and my mum got ontop of kyle
She grabbed his big cock from underneath and aimed it back inside her and began to grind and ride on him
He lay back looking up at her playing with her huge drooping tits
I started to get rock hard and began rubbing my cock through my shorts ,it was like watching live porn

Not too long after my mum crawled off kyle he got onto his knees on the bed and she got on all fours facing him
She started to suck his big tanned cock as she wanked him
I was amazed at how good she was at it , she was taking him atleast half way down as he run his fingers through her hair

He told her to turn around into doggy then aimed his cock back into her now dripping wet cunt with ease
He started pounding her quite fast with his hands on both arse cheeks , my mums big tits dangled down and wobbled evrytime he pumped
They were both sweating and fucking hard , I could hear her faint moans through the thick patio door
He quickly pulled out and mum flipped over onto her back kyle stood up and began to blow his huge load all over my mums big tits and face
She opened her mouth as wide as she could , it looked as if she actually like the taste of his young load
She grabbed his cock and wiped all the cum with his cock the put it back in her mouth and slowly sucked it all of as she looked up at him

My mum went into the bathroom and kyle got ready , they had a quick kiss at the door so I ran back into my room and got in bed and pretended to be asl**p as he creeped back in .....
Every other night that holiday kyle snook out of my room and fucked my mum hard ...

Its wierd but I actually love the thought of how slutty my mum is to fuck her sons 17 year old friend, and I can't stop watching , since then I imagine the differant people that could fuck her maybe all of my mates gangbang her and treat her like the slut she is ;)

Ive heard a rumour she has had a few experiences with younger guys all younger than me but Id imagine they would be alot bigger than me

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