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Visit To Mistress


Mistress Carol got a hold of Master at work and asked if She could use me for one night. Master gave Her permission. So here I am walking to the door of Mistress Carol’s house knocking with butterflies in my stomach and a worry look on my face. A tall brunette answers the door, she is at least 2 inches taller and I’m 5’5”. Mistress Carol is 6 feet tall. The girl tells me to come in. I follow her down the hallway to a room where there is a cross and floggers, crops, paddles, whips on the wall. I see on the table a lot of dildos, vibs and strapons. I gulp seeing all this before me. My eyes roam from one to the other digesting each and every toy in my mind. Then I see a bicycle in the corner and I wonder what that is used for, I can’t see all of it for its covered with a blanket. I see chains hanging from the ceiling, which have been reinf***ed and chains attached to the floor. The girl tells me to strip and sit on the bench and wait for Mistress to come. I nod my head and walk over to the changing room and take my clothes off and lay my purse on top of my clothes. I make sure my hair and collar are looking neatly and walk over to the bench and sit down.
I hear some chatting and then I see Mistress Carol come in. She is prettier then I remember and I smile big. Mistress Carol comes over to me and has me stand. She introduces me to the lovely beauty that answered the door. “This is my slave, lisa, and she will be with U/us as W/we play tonight”, Mistress Carol says. I smile at lisa and she smiled back. She is looking my body over and I see her lick her lips, which makes me blush. Mistress Carol said first W/we will have some dinner and get acquitted with each other first. W/we all sit down at the dining room table in the next room. Lisa and I are naked with our collars on. Mistress Carol is in a lovely leather halter and skirt set and thigh boots. I love the perfume She is wearing and I inhale it in deeply, which She smiles at. A male slave serves O/our dinner, as W/we eat, chat and laugh and get to know each other. By the end of the dinner I have calmed down so much I feel like I’m at home.
Mistress Carol says for U/us to go into the living room and watch a movie as O/our stomachs settle. Mistress Carol sits in Her chair and lisa and I are sitting at Her feet. W/we watch this bondage movie with a Mistress and two subs, one female and one male. Lisa and I are getting wetter by the minute and Mistress Carol notices this. She tells us its time to go into the Dungeon. Lisa and I follow Her. Mistress Carol has me go to the cross and as I stand Mistress chains me to it facing Her. Chained like this my boobs stand up more and that pleases Her. Lisa is hooked to the chains from the ceiling and floor. I watch as Mistress smacks lisa’s boobs several times making lisa yelp. Mistress gets one of Her floggers and start on lisa’s boobs. Lisa is struggling and pulling on the chains as that flogger hits and hits again on her boobs. I see her boobs getting more and more red and the nipples hard as rocks. I lick my lips thinking how nice those nipples will taste. Mistress Carol starts flogging lisa’s pussy. As I hear lisa’s moans and groans, I start wiggling. Lisa is panting and moaning. Mistress Carol starts flogging lisa’s back with another flogger, which has braids this time. I see lisa struggling more this time. I see marks on her back appear. Then Mistress moves to the ass and I see lisa really struggling. She is panting so hard. Mistress stops and comes around and kisses lisa deeply.
Mistress comes over to me now with a crop in hand. I gulp. With an evil glare in Her eyes She starts on my boobs. Over and over again goes that crop on my boobs and

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nipples. I am yelling and moaning, struggling against the chains. I can feel welts coming up on my boobs as Mistress strikes over and over again. She moves downward to my pussy and my clit and attacks them with that crop. I am panting now trying my best to calm my breathing. Ohh damnn this hurts so good. Mistress feels to see how wet I am and is satisfied at what She finds. She gets mousetraps from a drawer and puts them on my nipples. I am struggling now from the pain. Damn those are on tight ohh damnnn. She then goes over to lisa and pinches on her clit making lisa moan louder.
Mistress takes me down and walks me over to the bicycle. Now I will get to see what this is. She takes off the mousetraps, which make me moan from the bl**d rushing back. As I moan She pinches my clit. She said that I’m wet enough to have the bicycle treatment. She pulls it out of the corner and pulls off the blanket. I gasp in shock. This isn’t a normal bicycle. A large dildo has been attached to it; there is no seat only that dildo and its double edged so it goes into both holes. She puts me on the bicycle with both my holes filled and tells me to start peddling. I start and the dildo moves in and out of me with each peddling. The faster I peddle the faster the dildo moves in and out of me. Damnnnnn this is ingenious. Ohh man I hope I can live thru this. Mistress is cropping my ass telling me to peddle faster, which I do, and the dildo moves in and out. Mistress puts clover clamps on my nipples, which makes me moan louder. As I’m peddling and getting fucked at the same time, Mistress goes over to lisa and gets her down.
Mistress makes lisa lick Her pussy. I can hear lisa’s moaning as Mistress crops her ass. Oh mann this is too much for me I’m about to cum. I plead to Mistress to let me cum, but no, Mistress won’t let me. I moan in frustration. As my peddling slows down I get a crop on the ass from Mistress reminding me to keep the pace up. Mistress Carol cums all over lisa’s face. Lisa is cleaning Mistress off now. Afterwards, lisa gets taken to the cross and chained there.
Mistress comes over to me and tells me to stop and get my breath. I am very grateful for and tell Her so. Then Mistress takes some rope and starts tying up lisa’s boobs. I see the veins pop out one by one and the boobs getting purple. Mistress calls me over to Her. I go and kneel at Her feet. She orders me to eat lisa’s pussy. Which I do greedily. I am slurping and sucking lisa’s pussy, I hear lisa moaning and struggling. Mistress pinches on lisa’s nipples telling her to cum hard for Her. Oh man lisa tastes so sweet. Lisa cums all over my face and I start cleaning her then lick my lips off.
Mistress says it’s my turn now and takes lisa down from the cross after untying her boobs and puts me on there and ropes up my boobs too. As lisa starts on my pussy I am soo ready to cum, but Mistress made me hold on longer. As I feel lisa licking and sucking my pussy I am struggling against the chains, Mistress pinches on my nipples and I’m so pleading to Mistress to let me cum. Finally, Mistress gives it to me and I cum hard.
Mistress leaves me on the cross to calm down as She takes lisa over to the horse and ties her to it with legs spread and arms to other side. Lisa has her ass high in the air. Mistress puts on a strapon and lubes it up. I know what is going to happen to lisa and man I get wet again. Mistress starts fucking lisa’s ass hard and deep. I hear lisa’s moans and groans. Mistress flogs lisa’s back as She fucks harder now. I can hear lisa’s noises and pleading to Mistress to cum but not yet. Oh man how can lisa hold out so long? Then finally Mistress gives permission and I hear lisa moan out her thanks so loud.
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I wet my lips thinking of how hard she just released. Mistress tells lisa she will get to fuck my ass, which lisa gets an evil grin on her face. I gulp.
Lisa comes over and releases me from the cross, and puts me on the horse she was just on. Mistress hands lisa another strapon that has a bigger dildo then was used on lisa. I plead to Mistress to not use the big one but She just gives me an evil snicker. Lisa puts on the strapon and lubes it up good. Mistress comes in front of me and as lisa slides that big dildo into my ass, Mistress releases the ropes on my boobs. I am whimpering in pleasure as bl**d comes back into my boobs and lisa gets the dildo all the way in my ass. Ohh yesss I am yelling in my head. Lisa starts fucking my ass good and hard now. Mistress flogs my back over and over again harder each time She hits. Lisa is fucking faster now. I start pleading to Mistress to cum but no She tells me to wait. Oh grooannnn!!! Lisa snickers at my torture. Finally when I can’t take anymore Mistress yells for me to cum and cum hard. Ohh yessss finally! As lisa takes out dildo and cleans it off along with other the strapon, Mistress allows me come back to earth.
Mistress releases me off the horse and tells lisa and I to come to bed with Her, for She is tired. Lisa and I grin sheepishly and follow Her. As W/we all curl up together on the bed with Mistress in middle, lisa and I purr with contentment against Mistress’s breast. Mistress grins and pets our heads as She falls to sl**p. Lisa and I go to sl**p then. In the morning I will go back to my Master.

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