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My mom's friend... Part 1

This story occured when I was just turning 21, My mom was able to get me a job at the factory where she worked. It was great..10 bucks an hour working a machine that cut and stamped metal. During our lunch breaks I would eat lunch with my mom amd some of her friends...mostly women my mom's age.
I became friendly with one lady in particular, Maria....she was in her late forties at the time..a short woman...5'1" .. maybe..still a nice body with large full breasts...a killer smile and sweet, innocent way about her.
On a couple of occassions when we were alone she would tell me a little bit about her personal life....married for twenty four years...husband was a nice guy but inattentive to her needs...worked long hours etc....I kind of got the feeling she was attracted to me...the way she always seemed to smile when I would run into in the factory and she would always try to sit next to me at lunch or on break times...but I dismissed those thoughts from my mind...hell she was old enough to be my mother and she was married....
About three months after I started working there my 21st birthday was approaching and my mom and her friends agreed to has a get together after work that night to celebrate...nothing special... pizza and a couple of drinks after work at a place just down the road from the factory.
We all met there and we had a good was getting late and the party started to break mom left and so did everyone else except Maria...she ordered us a couple of more beers and we chattted a bit more. We finally had our fill and we were walking to the cars she told me she had a special birthday present for me...a little surprised I asked what it was...she smiled..."it's a very personal gift" she said. " personal" I asked.
"well" she said "if you want it we need to go somwhere private". Knowing now what she had in mind I suggested a little motel down the road and she agreed.
I got us a room and as we walked in I locked the door behind us and moved close together...she took my hands and pulled me close to her , she leaned forward and we kissed...I could feel the desire within her as her tongue slipped into my mouth searching for mine...we embraced..her huge breasts pressing against my chest...her hands rubbing my back as we our lips parted she asked..." do you want to fuck me"...I kissed her again and with one hand reached for her breast...holding it firmly..."yes" I replied..." but , I would like to take a shower first..I'm kinda sweaty from work"...
I headed toward the bathroom to shower..I turned on the water and began to undress and realized I had left the door I went to close the door I caught a reflection of Maria getting undressed in the mirror which hung on the bathroom door...I watched intently as she removed her clothes...when she was down to her bra and panties I got my first good look at her body...then I watched as she reached around and unhooked her bra...her large ..full breasts
came tumbling out...they were magnificent...I quickly showered and wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back into the room....Maria was sitting on the edge of the bed...her naked body covered by a bedsheet she had pulled around herself....I approached the edge of the bed and reached my hands out to her..she stood up...the sheet still covering her nudity...we kissed passionately for a minute...and then I asked "are you sure you want to do this?"
She nodded yes and let the sheet fall from her body and then without a word her hand moved to my cock...rubbing it through the soft material of the bath towel...I could feel my cock getting hard...then she pulled on the towel yanking it away from my body...we kissed again...her hand gently stroking my hard member....I pushed her backward a little a sitting position on the bed, then I kneeled down on the floor...Ilooked into her eyes...She knew what I had in mind....she parted her soft thighs and I leaned and began kissing them...quickly working my way fingers parted the soft folds of her pussy and I started to lick her most intimate area...her pussy was warm and moist as I licked her...I could a soft moan as she became aroused...her hips moving slightly as my tongue continued to tease her...soon she cried out with a way of orgasmic passion swept her body..her juices flowed..I could taste them on my lips ...faster tongue soon brought her to a point of no return...her hips moving her body squirming as wave after wave of
heated passion overtook her senses....her hands hold my head as her juices flowed freely...she finally called out in Spanish..." no mas mas..fuck me"

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