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Beware of strangers

Beware of stranglers

Role playing is a fun way to get a few fantasies in and get real dirty. I have a few role play fantasies. I have one that is in the dark side but turns me on.
It starts off with letting my lady know, via text message, "beware of strangers".
Before she gets home, I get my favorite cockring on, head out and take a drive. Giving her 30 minutes or so I pull up to our place and knock on the door. When she opens the door, she half way hiding behind the door. She is wearing a t-shirt, showing off her big tits and short. She acting as if I was a stranger, asking, "could I help you?" Before she can react, I reach out, grab a hand full of hair, step in and f***e her into the door causing it to shut. She fights for a moment but I pin her chest into the door as I hold her head by the hair and lean into her. Close to her ear I tell her, "I have been watching you and I'm here to have my way with you".  
Sliding my hand between her body and the door I take a hand full of her tits, squeezing and kneading them roughly. I tell her to slide her short off as I reach down and pull my cock out. Leaning into her again, I f***e my cock between her legs, my hand reaches up, grabbing the collar of her shirt and pull down, ripping her shirt open, releasing those big tits. Now I have full access to her nipples, pulling and pinching them as I pump my cock between her legs. Jerking her head back, I lead her to the center of the room and f***e her down to her knees.
I tell her to pull my shorts down and I step out of them. Still holding her by the hair I tell her, "open your mouth bitch", where I slid the head in and she wraps her lips around the head and starts bobbing her head sucking my cock. Pulling my cock out, cock slapping her face, I tell her, "I'm going to fuck your mouth and you are going to deep throat this cock". She is looking at my cock and telling me, "I can't deep throat that cock". Jerking her head again, I tell her, "it's not a matter of you able to but that I'm going to f***e it down". She shacks her head "no".
Quickly I slap her face, telling her, "you are going to take this cock, bitch", "now open your mouth and take it". I slide my cock in about half way and she wraps her lips around my cock. She starts bobbing her head taking my cock. I let go of her hair as she takes over sucking my cock.
First she grip a hold of my cock at the base as she bobs her head, quickly. When she pulls off I tell her, "spit all over my cock", "now jerk it off". After a few minutes I grab a hand full of hair and push her head down on my cock, forcing it down her throat. When she starts to gag I let go and popping her head up, releasing my cock, she catches her breath. Again, I tell her to spit all over my cock. Grabbing a hold of my cock, I jerk it a few strokes before pulling my cock up as I pull her head down and place my balls on her lips. She starts licking them but I  tell her to suck them. She opens her mouth, taking one of my balls into her mouth, wrapping her lips around the base and starts sucking it. She goes from one to the other but quickly jerking her head, I tell her, "now suck my cock again and get ready to deep throat it, you dirty whore". Quickly she is bobbing her head taking most of my cock. Twisting her hair around in my hand, I take a firm grip of her hair and push her mouth down on my cock. When the head hits the back of her throat, I start pumping her head, repeatily forcing my cock down her throat. She is gagging over and over before I let up and pull her mouth off my cock. Jerking her head back, I grab my cock by the base and cock slap her face telling her, "you are going to be a good little slut and take this cock".
I f***e her head down, taking my cock, making her gag, where again I let up. Still with a hand full if hair, gasping for air, I position her mouth over my cock and she takes my cock again. Quickly I f***e her head down, pumping my hips as I again start fucking her throat. I start working my cock farther down her throat. She is gagging and gasping for air. Jerking her head back, my cock pops out of her mouth, saliva is dripping off my cock. I tell her, "you are going to deep throat this cock" "now open your mouth and take it, bitch". When she does, I push my cock in, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag. Wrapping her lips around my cock, I start pumping my hips as I f***e her head down and my cock down her throat. The room is filled with her groaning, gagging and me talking dirty. "suck that cock" "deep throat it" "take it you slut"
I jerk her head back, popping my cock out if her mouth, saliva dripping from my cock and from her chin coating her her chest. Again I take a hand full of hair and f***e my cock down her throat but this time I keep push as I watch her take my cock and her lips are at the base of my cock. With both hands I hold her head, as I pump my hips fucking her throat.
I can't take it much longer as I feel my balls tighten. Wanting to cum all over her face, I jerk her head back, pulling my cock out but before I could grab my cock she sits up and wraps her big tits around my cock. Cupping and squeezing her tits around my cock, she starts bouncing them up and down tittie fucking my cock. Just as Im about to cum she grab my cock aiming the head at her mouth shooting the first load into her mouth, them rubbing the head between her cleavage finishing me off between her big tits.
I quickly grab a hand full of hair, pulling her up, sitting her on the coffee table, I lean her back and push her legs into chest. I bury my face into her pussy quickly taking her clit into my mouth, sucking it and nibbling it. Quickly she is moaning loud but the moment I slide two fingers in, she moans out, "Im going to cum". Her pussy grips down tight as she cums all over my finger.
I pull her to her feet, leading her to the dinner table, where I bend her over the table. Grabbing my cock at the base I push forward, slipping my cock between her legs. Resting the head of my cock on her lips, I grab her shoulders and push forward pushing my cock deep in her pussy. When my cock hits bottom, I hold her shoulders and pumping with short deep thrust.
Pumping a few times, I grab a hand full of hair, pulling her head back, I lean in close and tell her. "I'm not here to fuck that pussy" and pulling my cock out. I place the head of my cock right at the opening of her ass and tell her. "I'm here to take this ass, not just fuck it but pound it".
Spitting on her ass, I grip my cock at the base and push forward. I watch the head of my cock slide in, when the crown slips in, she moans out loudly. Gripping her hips I slowly push forward  a few inches, then slide back. The next time I push forward, my hand slaps down hard on her ass, telling her, "take that cock in your ass". Pulling back till her ass is gripping the head of my cock, again I push forward. This time I slap her ass repetitively, telling her to take my cock as I just keep pushing forcing all if my cock in her ass.
Bent over the dinner table, she has her arms spread out, gripping the edge of the table, I hold my cock deep in her ass pumping my hips. Grabbing a hand full of her hair, I pull her head back as I slowly slide my cock out till I feel her ass gripping the head, where I slam my cock back in as hard as I can. Again I pull out slowly and again I slam my cock back in. She is moaning uncontrollably as I start fucking her ass hard and deep. Letting go of her hair I grip her shoulders, pulling them back as I now start to pound her ass. The room is filled with her moaning, screaming and our body slapping together. I moaning out dirty talk, calling her my, "dirty whore" "my cum slut" and tell her, "I'm going to stretch that ass out".
I'm fucking her so hard, the table is walking across the floor, before it stops hitting the wall. I grip her hips hard as I slam my cock in her ass. I'm pulling back slow but my forward thrust is fast and powerful slamming my hips into her ass, causing my balls to slap forward hitting her pussy. I pound her as hard as I can give it.
She is begging me to let her rub her clit. Pulling her hips, I pull her back about a foot or so from the table. Quickly she slides a hand between her legs and starts rubbing her clit fast and hard. I can feel my balls are ready to explode. Shoving my cock all the way in, I pump my hips with hard short f***eful thrust. She moans out, "here I cum" exploding in an orgasm. My thrust must of gotten real short because now my lady is holding the table, bouncing off my hips, then sliding forward before slamming back. I hold still as she fucks my cock. I slap her ass a couple time before gripping her hips and shoving my cock deep. Holding still I start cumming deep in her ass as I finish off my orgasm with short strokes popping the head of my cock in and out of her ass.
She slides forward as I watch my cock slipping out of her ass. She collapse on the table as I sit

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