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My mom

well it all started when i was about 15 yrs old. I was walking past moms bed room when i herd a noise so looked in . to my shock there was my mom butt naked. Her 34 dd exsposed as she lay on her back moms head was twards me so as she lifted her tits to her mouth i saw how larger and dark moms areolas are.Omg i said to my self there so big i want to see more i thought to my self. So i stood there watching mom lick one nipple then the other as her one hand was busy rubbing her pussy im thinking since its down there i cant see moms pussy or her fingering it i just asume she is at this point. So i watch a lil more then i realize its my mom i looking at so i start to walk away.Just as i take a step the fllor squeeks. Mom tilts her hed and sees me .Josh hunny stop where you looking at me touching my self hunny mom ask.i didnt know what to say ummm not really mom i just cought a glimps and was but then i realized what i was doing im sorry mom. Dont be mom says josh your mom loves being watched come in her and watch me plz mom says. But mom im your son. Yes and I think i just told you todo something.Now do as mommy ask and come sit over on that chair and watch mommy play with her pussy some. Not wanting mom to get mad at me i did as i was told. I sat in the chair and looked over at mom she got a smile on her face as she lifted her legs up to her head exsposeing her asshole and pussy to me. I must have licked my lips cause mom said does mommy look tasty josh i seen you lick your lips.where you licking them over this mom ask as she spreads her ass cheacks exsposeing her tight brown hole
and slipping a finger in her ass ohhhhhhh mom moans as she slides it in deep useing just her elboes to hold her legs up mom uses her other hand and spreads her pussy lips open with her fingers or was it moms nice pink pussy she ask.
Ummmmmmm i pause. Well josh what you licking them lips about mom ask again . And i manage to say they just dry mom. is that so mom says as she pulls her finger from her ass and puts two inside her pussy. Ohhhhhhhh yea mommy likes being watched watch mommy finger her pussy josh. So i do as im told watching mom franticly finger herself the more i watch i feel my self getting horny.But i keep saying to my self this is your mom.
Then mom does something i couldnt help but love she started to pull on her niples omg they growing longer like lil penciles out of her areolas. mMMMM this is too much for me i feel my dick starting to stiffen in my jogging shorts.i quickly realize i dont have breifs on as my dick starts to lengthin and harden. Mom smiles well well does josh like his mommys nipples that much mom ask as i see her eyes looking at my shorts i realize my cock must be showing some i try to adjust it and mom stops me. now now josh be a good boy and relax let them legs part a lil its ok watch mommy suck her big softball size nipples. Mom sucks her right tit slurping her long nipples then trying to fit her hole areola in her mouth josh likes mommys tits dont he mom ask. Well i studer its ok tell mommy watch mommy she says as she starts fingering her pussy while sucking her left tit now.Oh josh you makeing mommy so horny watching grabs both tits and sucks both nipples at same time they must be close to 3 inches in length i lick my lips watching her suck them.MMM josh love mommys titties dont he. Im sorry mom them areolas are so huge and ive always wanted to see how hard they got since i seen ou when i was 10 that time
MMMM yea mom starts pulling at her nipples i forgot all about my dick getting hard as i watched mom playing with her tits and getting a big smile .mom then reaches over to her nightstand and pulls out a 7 inch dildo and says watch mommy take this josh. Then she sucks on it and spits some spit on the head of it and shoves it in her cunt moaning loud. as i watch i just happen to look down to realize im at full mass and a good 5 inches of my manhood was hanging out my shorts. I quickly reach down to pull my shorts over it and mom yells dont you dare cover that hard cock up mommys looking at it makes me so hott for some dick. show mommy all that cock of yours . Mom OMG Oh i just want to see it stand up and pull them shorts off . Mom i say and she yells back i said stand up and show mommy your cock last time i seen it it was much smaller. So i stand and drop my shorts with my back twards mom. well well look at that young tight ass my son has mmmmmmmm. Mommy likes josh now turn around mom says. so i do revealing all 91/2 inches of my thick cock.Omg josh your huge mom says then her mouth hanging open. As mom loooks i notice her speed incress now ramming that dildo so fast in and out of her pussy.thats a good boy mom says seeing me watching her dildo her self so fast and hard. I dont know what came over me but nextthing i realize i have my dick in my hand stroking it .Mommy dont rember asking you to jerk off i asked you to watch mommy does mommy pussy make you want to jerk that cock off mom ask. alli could do is shake my head yes. but mom says well stop it come close get a close up look stick your face inches from my pussy josh Mom notices me takeing a big sniff do you smell mommy pussy josh yes mommy im watching it grasp that dildo so tight.and with that some pre cum falls from my cock onto moms thigh oh my mom says lil boy got some pre cum on mommys legs mmmmmmmmm she says as she reaches down rubbing it into her thigh. Oh josh mom moans as she lifts her legs up above her head again. letting go of the dildo and holding her legs high up mom says do it josh place ur hand on that dildo and push it back in me. MOM i say and she replys i said do it. So i take the dildo im my hand and start to fuck moms pussy. This makeing my cock trob like made throbing so hard its bounceing a good halfinch .MMMM seems like that turns my boy on dont it josh. I dont hesitate yes mommy my cock is throbing so hard i drip more pre cum on her thigh mom scoops this puddle up on her finger and rubs it on her nipples. as i watch her do it my hand seems to find my cock again. Did mommy say stroke your self NO mommy im sorry oh faster babay faster mommys gonna cum from you yes fuck my pussy with that fake cock. Oh OH OH yes mom scrams then gushes so much cum out of her pussy omg josh i never cummed so hard. stick it in my ass use my cum as lube. oh yes josh burrie it in my ass deep no use your other hand on my soaking pussy . what mom . you heard me play with my pussy so i reach out and rub moms pussy omg its so wet i never felt a pussy so wetbefore i said. well josh you just made mommy cum a river of cum from my pussy now finger it josh so i dont hesitate im so horny i ram 3 fingers in her right away its too much mom explodes again arching her back jucies squirting from her pussy and hitting my face I open my mouth letting moms jucies run into my moth tasting mom i moan mmmm so good and tasty . oh josh mommys so sorry i ddnt mean to squirt all over you like that . its fine mom you tasted so good i ask do i then why dont you lick your mommys pussy josh. Without a moment hesitation i dove right into moms pussy toung first. I try to strok my cock again and mom yells again josh stop that and eat my pussy
yes mommy i say letting go of my cock. i move up aside of mom so i can stick my head down from her top and also lick her ass mom jumps with my toungs 1st pass across her do it again and again mom moans so loud so i get bravor and f***e the tip of my toung in moms as she dancing on my toung yes josh yes
eat mommys ass she yells then out of no where she grasp my throbing cock and squeezes it then she cups my balls in her hand as i lick her ass
then back to her pussy i spred it open and lick the hood sending mom over the edge again. i drink every drop of moms cum omg josh you like mommys jucies yes mommy but i think you need something bigger then that dildo i say mom looks you have something in mind i say yea this throbing cock i say shacking it at my mom. omg josh we cant im ur mom . you know you want it mom its almost 3 inches longer and fater then that dildo. butt josh im ur mom he says and i say well to late and i f***e my huge head into moms pussy lips.AHHHHHHHHHHH mom gasp at it its so big stop . but i hold it right there no mom i say then f***e another 2 inches in herOMG josh you must stop this is too wrong . but i dont i burrie all 91/2 inches inside her sending moms eyes to the back of her head as she mmoans so load MOM like that big cock dont she mommy omg josh its so wrong but yes its so big and hard fill mommys pussy with it again so i stick it half way and stop i said fill it josh no mom plzzzz give me your cock mom begs no mom you wait and with that mom pushes me back onto the bed and jumps up an my belly you gonna make mommy wait you think . she lifts her asin the air grabs my cock and sits on me she sits all they way down oh god yes mommy wants cock. and with that she starts to ride my cock like its the best she ever hadoh mom stop i say im gonna cum but mom keeps jumping up and downmy hard cock till i explode inside her my jucies ozzing all over my cock as i shoot o much cum inside mom. mom slows her pace and rides my sensitivedick back to hard then she gets on all fours and says fuck my ass josh fuck me like a slutso i spit on her asshole and f***e my cock in her ass mom moans so load so loud that my lil s****r heared her we didnt even realize it was that time that shes home next thing we know theres my 13 yr old s****r watching me fuck our momby the time we see her s*s is fingering herself gasping at my cock then she says hope i can get some of that mom jumps omg tonya its not what you think . well mom it looks like josh was fucking you with that well lets say huge cock oh hunny plz you cant say anything. I wont she replys if i can touch that huge cock josh hasgoahead then tonys mom say and s*s grasp me and stokes me omg josh i never thought of you but this cock is butifull s*s say and then swollows half my cock. omg lil girl where you learn to suck dick like that i seen you suck dad mom you have yes but josh so much bigger i cant swollow all of it like you do dad them mom says let me try there i was mom and s*s sucking my cock tonya tits are a d cup already and growing s*s let me see them firm tits i say and mom stops and helps her take off her top oh josh big large areola she has you want to suck them yes
i start to suck tonyas tits then i see her rech in her pants and rub her cunt.Oh you horny s*s yes b*o my pussy getting so wet yes i say seeing a wet spot soaked threw her panties and shorts oh tonya mom says tke them off i need to stain block them now young lady as mom rip her pants down then her panties to my shock my s****r had a big old muff. my eyes popped from my head omg s*s so hairy you want to toucjh me josh i dont wait my hand was there rubbing her slit felling her muff tonya lays back spreads her legs and says finger my pussy plz
i start ti finger s*s and mom sstrokes me oh your so big i want to feel it again mom says lay back so i do mom climbs ontop revers cow girl and i tell s*s to let me taste her she say really i say yes sit on my face mom smiles and says yes sit on his face and mom watches ans i eat my s****r till she cums thick white cream stuck imn her muff so i lick it clean then i ask if i can feel my cock inside her
yes sit on your b*****rs cock ill help guide it in mom hold my cock as my lil siser trys to sit on it oh its to fat i cant s*s says mom talkes to her its ok hunny just take it realy slow and i feel another 1/2 inch inside her now almost to my crown i push some more popping my head inside her omg its so big it hurts
it will soon feel good mom says and she grabs s*s waist and guids her down onto me some more Ahhhhhhhhhhhh she screams but mom f***es her onto it more with that i see the bl**d from my s****r i just took her cherry mom smiles and said well well pop ur s****r did you mom grabs tonyas waits and liftes her up and down rideit huny s*s starts to ride me faster and faster screaming it must have been good for mom she cumes al over my face drowing me almost then mom falls back and watches s*s fuck me what two good k**s i have yous come take care of your mom tonya lick mommys pussy as josh enjoys these tits he wants so bad and do i enjoy i straddel mom and start to tit fuck her my head and top 2 inches sticking out i tell mom to suck that head mom mom then sucked so hard my head swelled up and got purple i pull back and release stream after stream of cum all over moms tits and face
snd i colpse just lay there watching s*s eat mom till she cummed again them mom returned s*s the favor then we all fell asl**p to wake next moenig and fuck again

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