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Mindy... Chapter 6

Mindy Finds a Way to Cope

A couple of weeks had passed since Mindy’s trip to New York with her father… she went to work with him every morning but only worked for four hours, three days a week… she had two hours of her College classes every day in a comfortable training room in the corporate suites along with four other fellowship students. After class she would call her father’s executive assistant and arrange for a ride back home… there was always a company messenger making runs around town so she never needed to wait around the office with nothing to do.

Mindy was the youngest in her fellowship class… she hadn’t told them that she was a week away from starting her senior year of high school. Her first fellowship course would end just before the start of high school and give her three college credits on her International University transcript and which she would use when school started and she met with her guidance counselor to work out a schedule where she could attend for half a day in a work study program and continue to work and take her University courses. She was knew she had more than enough high school credits to graduate, with honors, so she almost didn’t give high school another thought. She immersed herself into her job and preparing for the college classes. She was considered an intelligent overachiever by many of her peers and “colleagues.”

The weeks had also given her body a chance to heal and begin to function normally again. Upon returning home from New York she began her monthly menstrual cycle almost two weeks before it was due. Her anus burned for days… and her vagina quivered spontaneously sometimes… and at other times cramped in wild spasms. Mindy’s visit with Doctor Amanda resulted in a diagnosis that her symptoms were just her body’s way of adjusting to her “heavy” sexual activity… she was advised to pace herself and not try to do too much at one time… A smile of comfort and twinkle in Dr. A’s eye signaled approval along with an accompanied pat on her shoulder. Everything else checked out… Dr A did not pry for details of Mindy’s new sexual activity, but gave her a thorough examination… everywhere… taking many swabs for cultures as well as bl**d for tests. One notation that Dr A made aloud for whatever reason was that her vagina showed signs of “normal” tearing and abrasions… Mindy accepted that piece of knowledge as evidence that she was NOT ****d by her father… well… not vaginally anyway… so she “assumed some blame” for the night with her father and allowed that her alcohol level must have crept up on her and caused her loss of inhibitions that resulted in her “sl**ping” with him and the night of d***ken rough sex… d***kenness also explained her inability to remember much of anything except for the flashes in which she was “engaged” in sex acts with him and not a memory of “f***ed” sex with him. Her private evaluation of the facts she could gather allowed her to continue to function at home and work and not blame him for acts done to her. She must have been pretty d***k to have done so much and remember so little… only her battered body revealed the extent of the acts they had performed… she was ready to move on.
The first weekend after school started Rick was back to spending more time with his community college friends and Mindy woke up on the Saturday morning to find that her parents had gone to a lake cottage with some friends. She played a voice message on her cell phone that her mother had left for her when Mindy was in the shower. She was almost relieved that she was finally alone and took the opportunity to return to her bed…naked…and felt like doing nothing for as long as she wanted.

Mindy had very few thoughts about sex these days. After her check up with Dr A came back clear and the doctor advised her to pace herself… that was just what Mindy decided to do… she had satisfied her curiosity about sex… and had probably experienced most forms of it… even if she didn’t remember some… and… not including sex with another girl… which wasn’t anything Mindy was really interested in… but she did have a curious feeling with Dr A and the closeness she felt with her… like a really good friend who knows “intimate details” about you and still smiles and pats your shoulder in encouragement… Dr A was a very attractive woman and Mindy would be curious to hear about her life and things about her that were personal and intimate… whatever they were… it wouldn’t matter to Mindy… she liked Dr A… she was attracted to her as well… for many reasons.

Even though Mindy wasn’t thinking of sex… she found that she had become aroused by thinking of the possibilities and additional discoveries that were out there. She stretched out in one of those great yawning stretches that causes tingles everywhere and juices to flow throughout her young… nubile… but no longer tender body… Her sheets glided effortlessly over her nakedness as she moved under them and the delicate material furnished a very tender touch to her nipples which tensed up tightly in an aroused state of small rigid columns. Goosebumps erupted over her body which also caused it’s fine fuzz to react to her movement in the sheets and she was momentarily flush with a heated wave of stimulated sensation… She tingled with the short lived excitement… but regained composure quickly as Mindy thought about how her recent experience affected her…she had been put through a wash and rinse cycle a few times… removing all the new from her. She had nothing new to offer anyone… well… with the exception of maybe one thing… a deep, abiding, and fully devoted… love… As corny as that sounded… Mindy knew that she had never felt that before… and when… and if… it happened… it would be her “virginity” to be offered… her love… it was untouched… she smiled at her own optimism for a “happily ever after” and refused to wear the label of SLUT that she had felt she deserved to be called … as well as i****tuous slut and adulterer… and sodomizer… (but only if blowjobs and receiving or allowing anal sex qualifies)… Mindy wiped those off her list of things to do and may have done… and did not put them on a list of crimes or sins she has committed. They were all secret and therefore, unknown and she stands innocent until proven guilty… Mindy has been restored to wholeness.

The problem with thinking about sex when you haven’t been giving sex much consideration… is that a series of randy switches are turned on and involuntary feelings become stimulated and begin to swell up in all the sexual areas… Mindy was becoming restless… and as she tossed and moved her body continued to be stimulated as it brushed against the sheets… she had unintentionally become aroused and her visions of a quiet Saturday morning were about to give way to some form of gratification… she was prepared to masturbate for a quick release… but there were a few curiosities that she was haunted by… the most obvious one to her was the anal fucking… evidenced not only by the soreness she experienced, but by the fair amount of cum she held in her rectum until she released it that morning… she had no recollection of any sensation from that act and can’t report if it was a horrible or sensational experience… she shuddered when she thought of her father’s massive cock entering her tight butt hole… still finding in unbelievable that it was possible… the then… her injuries bore witness to the fact that something large was able to enter her and leave a deposit behind. She was curious about an anal experience because it must fall somewhere in between pain and pleasure… probably closer to the painful end of the scale. Mindy would like to know for certain so that she could properly categorize it… She would try it again…after insuring all the tearing and abuse that her poor anus suffered would not occur again… Brad’s penis immediately came to mind as her candidate of choice for providing that service… he would be gentle and caring… and very concerned with her level of comfort… Her concern was that he may be repulsed by the suggestion of putting his penis into her ass… Mindy could not think of a way to make that sound appealing… Another concern she flashed on was that if she did enjoy it… would she then want to experience a scale of penis sizes to know which ones she liked and the ones she didn’t… she knew she would absolutely refuse to allow her father’s cock in her again. Mindy felt a trickle of fluid escape from her vagina and run down over her anus… it tickled as well as stimulated her.

Mindy reached for her cell phone and sent a text to Brad… “Are you UP to anything BB?” she asked coyly… knowing that she and Brad had an “understanding” and was prettying certain that if he were home he would know that she was inviting him to visit her in her room… it had been awhile since they last spent some intimate time together and unlike her… he may be more than ready for some action… she hoped he might be UP for what she was going to suggest…

It took almost 15 minutes for Brad to tap lightly on her door… and announce that it was him by quietly asking, “Mimbe are you up?” acknowledging her query to him… and indicating that playing along with her.

“Come in BB!” Mindy called… remaining in her bed… naked under the sheets… she was feeling her randiness ramping up now that her playmate was entering her room and she felt committed to proceeding with her plan to invite him to try something “different” and help her to satisfy a curiosity and her current sexual stimulation… The moment she saw him enter through her door she felt a warming within her and she was very happy to see him and welcome him to her bed again.

“Get undressed BB and get in here.” She commanded playfully… as she pulled her sheet aside revealing her nakedness awaiting him…

“I… I… almost gave up on us.” Brad reported while hastily shucking off his tee shirt and shorts… he slid into bed beside her very quickly… smelling freshly bathed and of wet hair… “I was in bed when I got you text and needed to clean up before coming over…” he explained to her although it was obvious and unnecessary… He pressed himself closer to her and kissed her arm and shoulder so as not to violate her aversion to kissing on the lips (unless she initiated it as she has on a couple of occasions…) Mindy smiled at him to show her pleasure and acknowledge his happiness to see her again… well… more like his happiness to be in bed with her again… they do “see” each other almost every day. She returned his sweetness by lifting her head to his and kissed him on his lips in one of her typical “smooches” that he loved.

He moved his hand to her hip and began to run it along the curves of her hip, thigh and side… and waited for her to roll to her back and allow him access to her stomach and groin and eventually to her slot and inner thighs where he would work at her vaginal opening until she was ready to receive him as would be indicated by her tugging on his penis and pulling onto her… (not as basic and crude as it sounds… he was very happy with the way she handled him) He started to make conversation with her but she interrupted him and present her plan for their love making.

“BB… I want to do something different today… something different for US but pretty common with couples…” she presented to him… Brad was silently awaiting the rest of her plan for them, as he was used to doing… He would gladly do whatever she would ask him to do

“I’m going to do something very special for you because I want you to at least try to do something for me… but I’m not going to tell you until I want you to try it… Okay???” she asked with much more mystery surrounding her than she has ever revealed.

“Sure Mimbe… You know I’ll do anything for you.” He sincerely replied back to her.

“Good… now lay back and let me do this…” she told him as he rolled over and she went right to work on his erection… her mouth finding his head easy to suck in and she enjoyed how she could suck in his length and still play her tongue over it’s head and length… she worked it well.

Brad has enjoyed her mouth on him a few times and was wondering what her “something special” was going to be… but it really didn’t matter to him… because he had already masturbated this morning while thinking of her… and had done so many, many times over the past few weeks she hadn’t invited him to her bed… he was working on another hard wank when he received her text… he very nearly shot his load when he read her message… Damn he loves his s****r…. He thought… as he rolled his head in pleasure he just happened to see Mindy’s free hand pushed between her legs and appeared to be working her pussy with it… her hand was either deeply into her vagina or she was massaging her butt cheeks as well…

Brad watched his s****rs working her hand on herself as she worked her mouth so hard on his dick… it was a tremendous turn on… enough so that he suddenly erupted in one of his premature ejaculations… much to his grievous dissatisfaction…. That is… until he noticed that Mindy didn’t pull away from and just stroke his penis until he was drained… but she continued sucking and stroking him during his climax… driving him from despair right into wild and repeated spasms of near perfect pleasure and satisfaction. He moaned with the ecstasy of the moment and the long overdue satisfaction of the sexual pleasure his s****r had introduced him to… was happy again… at last.

Mindy instinctive knew some of the basic mechanics she must overcome to achieve her desired goal of receiving Brads penis into her butt hole. The first was already established by her “willingness” to experience an anal fuck… willingness would help her relax and “release” her sphincter for the entry. A second important step was to work the opening with a lubricant and a fingertip to loosen the sphincter and stretch it in readiness for the penis. After texting Brad, Mindy anticipated his response by retrieving a couple of things that Dr A had given to her… a spermicidal lubricant and an applicator tube for loading the lubricant and inserting it into the desired orifice… it may not have been designed for the ass… but it couldn’t hurt… she had already read the literature and couldn’t find any mention of it being unsafe or a warning NOT to put it into an rectum. She was very generous with the lubricant… which left her fingertip massage… and to prepare for that she clipped her middle fingernail short and smoothed it… taking a total of two minutes for everything she just lay in her bed and fingered her anus while waiting for Brad to respond… she had more than ten minutes of finger fucking herself before she heard Brad in the hall… she was very ready for the anal experience.

Mindy suck Brad’s penis dry of all traces of his cum… she felt as if she owed him that much… and was almost certain that she had probably swallowed much more of their fathers cum in New York than she got from sweet Brad… she just knew it… She then continued to suck on his deflated penis until it became stimulated again and grew to it’s full proportion in her mouth… Brad moaned with satisfaction throughout the entire act… and she was happy to have given him a simple pleasure. When he was at full erection… Mindy moved her body over him and straddled his waist as if she were going to ride his penis in the same way she had before… but this time she gave him a few words of warning about her doing something different…

“BB, I’m going to try something different now…” she cooed to him… “This is for me… I just want to try it… so help me out Okay???” and without waiting for a response from him she guided her but over his penis and guided his penis to her loosened and well lubricated anus… as soon as she lowered herself into position and rubbed his gland over the sphincter… he knew what she was trying to do and he assisted as best he could.

In moments his young penis was able to enter her… she had prepared herself well and his narrowness was perfect for a tight opening… slick with lube… she lowered down onto him until she was seated on his groin… she felt his entire length in her butt and the stimulated feeling within her as if she needed to make a bowel movement… but with something different… and something exciting as an extra benefit… her vagina was stimulated as well… not as strong as when a penis is within it and massaging the walls with it’s presence… but she could feel an excitation and very sexual stimulation… she slowly made her rocking moves that enabled her to stoke Brads penis with her ass… she moaned with her own sensation of pleasure and continued to rock and pump herself with her anal fucking… It was going to have to be classified as a good feeling and one that she would now have to further investigate for size… to find her maximum pleasure threshold… much like she originally wanted to do with basic fucking… Damn… again with the slutty thoughts and plan… “Oh Damn!” she humped faster because it felt good… but then so did Brad… and she felt him shoot into her rectum and heard him gasp and moan in his quick climax….

Mindy and Brad resumed their same favorite “special occasion” time and spent the whole morning talking and laughing… and repeated the gentle fucking… but trying as many variations as they could think of… Brad on top, in front; Brad on top, in back; Mindy on top, facing down; Brad from behind; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… finally he did another anal with her as they spooned… The anus was a convenient opening for fucking from behind… and her ass ran freely with Brads cum by the time they showered. A very excellent morning of very pleasurable sex. Mindy was moved to hug Brad tightly in the shower and speak softly in his ear… I love making love with you… and I’ll miss you when I can’t be with you anymore… She meant it… but she also knew that their time together had come to an end… well, very soon… probably… and she didn’t want to pretend that they would be able to be together forever.

They held a tight embrace for many minutes … standing seamlessly together in the shower… appearing to have actually been bonded together… glued by the result of their terrible secret… a taboo intimacy that was in violation of law and the social standards that their class of people set for all others to follow… a set of standards often used as the base of jokes or demeaning comments when referring to the most backward and ill-bred class of people… (despite what history has proven in studies of long lines of Pharaohs, Kings, Queens and Dynasties as being the offspring of countless b*****r and s****r pairings… as well as mothers and sons, and fathers and daughters… all products of “taboo” relationships reserved for them and prohibited for the masses) But regardless of history… Mindy and Brads intimacy was not an effort to procreate… but was born out of their sexual awakening and the frustrating curiosity about why their bodies reacted the way they did with the slightest stimulation… and a need to find a safe outlet in which to discover the ways in which their frustrations could be satisfied… a safe way… a secret way… that was non judgmental… and non punitive… but a shared gratification… Mindy and Brad held onto each other in acknowledgement of their real feelings for each other, but also in affirmation of their mutual understanding that their sexual interludes had no future and there would not be a lasting physical intimacy between them… but would be a basis for the perfect and timeless love for each other.

Mindy also made a mental note to herself to be sure and always plan to have her lubricant with her on any future trips with her father… She would be watching her alcohol intake much more closely… but prepared for the “just in case”… she would always have her vagina and rectum loaded before she went to bed… whether it were to her own… but especially if it were to his.

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