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Half Priced Taxi

For those of you about to read this story, you may want to check out my first story entitled "Singapore Slinged" as it will help you understand my girlfriend Linda a bit better and in turn make this story more enjoyable. Enjoy!

After our little 'experience" in Singapore, me and my girlfriend Linda's relationship in the bedroom went through the roof, just the images of that night alone were enough for me to get in the mood to pound her for hours on end.

Although what Linda done in that hotel room that night was super hot and slutty she seemed to dismiss the topic when i brought it up, I've never really found the right time to ask whether there would be a repeat performance or not.

It was Friday and we had a stacked weekend in front of us, dinner with friends on that night and a house party on the Saturday night. I offered to drive on the Friday as i wanted to save myself for the Saturday but i also had other ulterior motives, i was hoping Linda would have a few wines and turn into a real minx later on in bed.

My plan had worked and Linda took advantage of not driving with a couple of wines during dinner, Linda was looking a bit glazy by the time the night was winding down and i thought it would be a perfect time to say our goodbyes to our friends and head home to bed.

We got into the car and as soon as i started the engine, Linda started to unbutton my pants!

"Woahhh your not wasting any time tonight are you" i said surprised.

"Cant talk right now my mouth is full" Linda joked as she deep-throated my semi-ridged cock that was growing by the second.

She proceeded to slurp and suck my meaty member the entire 20 minute journey home and let me tell you, i had to concentrate extra hard to not have a accident on the road! Just as we were about to reach home i let off my orgasm in her mouth that had been building up since we got in the car, she accepted my whole load and swallowed the lot, cleaning up anything that she missed!

"Holy Shit! where did that come from" i said.

"Thought i would reward you, plus i was so horny! take me to the bedroom now!" she demanded.

When we got to bed, i started to think maybe tonight would be a good time to bring up the Singapore incident.

"So your horny are you? how horny" i said as i tested the waters.

"Extremely" she said.

"Horny enough to fuck a complete stranger again"? i teased.

"Hmmm maybe two or three actually, but they must have a bigger cock than last time " she joked.

"So you would fuck someone else again? i said curiously.

"Umm maybe if it happened naturally like last time, i may consider it, would you mind"? she asked.

"Hell no! i think it's so hot when you become a nasty girl" i said as i slapped her ass for being naughty.

"Ok i will think about it, in the meantime why don't you shut up and fuck me" she joked.

"Yes Ma'am" i agreed as i began to enter her with my hard cock. We ended up having a steamy sex session, all the while all i could think about was what she had said previously about the possibility of her fucking someone else again.

I was awoke in the morning with Linda calling me.

"Wakey Wakey! what do you think of my dress for the party tonight as she began to model" she said.

I slowly opened my eyes and had a look. She was was wearing a black dress that barely covered her ass, with some really sexy heels, Linda has amazing legs to start with, they are nice and long with amazing thick thighs to match and this dress made her look like sex on legs!

"Fuck you look hot baby" i said.

"You don't think i look slutty in this dress do you" she said.

"No way! you pull it off nicely" i lied.

She did look slutty and i think she knew that too, every guy with a pulse would not be able keep their eyes off her in this dress, i didn't mind one bit as i knew i would reap the benefits later.

"Babe after seeing you in that sexy dress I'm ready for another round right now" i said.

"That would be nice but it would be even hotter if we waited till later tonight" she winked.

"I'm frustrated now! i need it badly baby" i complained.

"Well if i do it now, i may not be in the mood to get naughty later on, you want me to be super horny for later tonight don't you"? she asked cheekily.

"I guess so" i said.

What did this mean?, was she willing to do something dirty tonight? or was she just trying to get me primed for a steamy sex session later? either way it was getting me excited!

The party was at 8pm so me and Linda decided to do pre-drinks early and arrive fashionably late, we did some shots and by the time 8pm rolled round we were feeling pretty toasty. We called a cab to take us to the party.

By god did Linda look good! her dress hugged to her sexy curves, her legs looked so long and amazing and so did her ample ass! she had her hair down and her makeup enhanced her eyes beautifully!

"You sure we don't have time for a quick one before we leave" i asked.

"No the taxi will be here any second silly" she said.

"Darn" i said annoyed.

The Taxi had arrived and we headed outside, Linda jumped into the front seat and left me no other choice but to sit in the back alone, a move that surprised me.

"Evening" the Taxi driver said in a deep voice.

He was a fairly rugged looking African guy in his early thirties on first glance, Linda liked to chat to new people when she was d***k and began to strike up conversation"

"How is your night going" she said.

"Its been fairly busy, its a long night, got a few hours to go yet" he said.

"My name is Linda what is yours?" she asked.

"Raheem" he answered.

He now was beginning to smile at Linda, looking down at her exposed legs and thighs.

I didn't blame him one bit, i would find it hard not to look either. Raheem came across as a confident guy and commented:

"Your all prettied up tonight what is the big occasion girl?" he said as he looked her up and down a bit more.

"We got a party on tonight so yeah its going to be a big one, we are already feeling pretty good" she said with a laugh.

"Well your looking good tonight, that's a really nice dress" Raheem flirted.

"Thank you" Linda blushed.

Raheem and Linda flirted back and fourth during the ride, Linda mentioned the moisturizer she had put on her legs earlier and Raheem talked about that he had his own business outside of Taxi driving that was starting to make him a lot of money.

We stopped at the traffic lights.

"Excuse me i just got to get my map out of the glove compartment" Raheem said as he leaned over and brushed his hands accross Linda's legs trying to make out it was a accident, what made it even more obvious was that he had a GPS navigational system so why would he need a map book?

"So sorry" he said sarcastically.

We stopped at another traffic light.

"If you wanted to touch my legs all you needed to do was ask" Linda jokingly flirted.

Linda then looked at me and winked.

"Oh is that right" Raheem said.

He then rubbed his black hands all over her legs and thighs, he then pulled her dress up a little.

"Oooo black panties my favourite" Raheem said.

This guy didn't mess around and continued to feel her up as he kept driving, rubbing her legs and now moving his way to touch her pussy through her panties.

We continued to drive for a bit when suddenly my phone went off, it was a text message, it was Linda to my surprise, it read " This guy is getting a hard on through his pants ha-ha do you want me to suck his black dick off just like i did to you last night?;) she must have been writing this as she was getting felt up. I was a bit unsure but i thought it was too late to chicken out now, besides i had encouraged this, i answered "Well do what you want to do"

When i looked up from the message Linda and Raheem were now making out to my shock, Linda was now unbuttoning Raheem's pants and was going to suck black cock for the first time, she hadn't even seen my text and was going to do it regardless of what i said, i kind of felt a bit betrayed but thought it was hot none the less.

Linda pulled Raheem's cock from his pants, it was really dark and vainy, it was more or less around 8 inches the same size as mine maybe a tad thinner but had a massive head. Linda looked at his cock, it was obviously different than what she had seen before, she began to slowly jerk his cock off.

"you have a real sexy girl here man" Raheem said to me as this was the first time he acknowledged me.

"Yeah she sure is" i said.

There was some pre-cum starting to ooze out of Raheem's cock, Linda then moved her tongue down to the tip of his penis and began to lick in and around the entrance of his head. She then took his throbbing black cock in her mouth and began to slurp on his dark meat.

Raheem was also finding it really hard to concentrate on the road and i don't blame him, Linda when in a mood like this, sucks as good as anyone. Raheem's shift had went from long and boring to the best shift of his life in such a short period. Linda continued to slurp up and down on his black pole, bobbing up and down, making really loud sucking noises, she had his dick covered in her saliva.

Suddenly we came to the lights, four young guys in a car pulled up next to us on to the side and had obviously caught a glimpse of what was going on in the taxi, the driver beeped his horn and the guys all cheered, Raheem looked over at them and gave them the thumbs up while getting his dick sucked, it made him look like a hero to the younger guys, Linda startled, sat up and looked around at the four young guys in the car, she then winked at me and lifted her dress over her head, took it off and threw in in the backseat with me, she then unsnapped her bra and pressed her tits against the windscreen to give the guys a eye full, the young fellas all cheered again and wolf whistled, beeping the horn in a immature fashion. Linda then turned back around in the doggy-style position to continue to suck Raheem's black cock giving the young guys a good view of her round ass, Linda now had single handily made their night too.

We were coming up to the next set of lights when Raheem turned right which lost the young guys who were hoping to get another view. Linda looked so hot slurping on black meat in just high heels and panties, she was extra naughty tonight and was really turning me on beyond belief.

"The house is right around this corner" Raheem said.

"Well pull over at the park over there, i really want to make you cum" said Linda enthusiastically.

Not one to argue, Raheem drove forward and pulled to a Holt at a nearby park.

Linda picked up the pace and began to jerk his black cock hard while covering it in her drool, she slurped, sucked and jerked to the point of no return. Raheem let out a massive grunt as he exploded spurt after spurt into Linda's mouth, it was a massive load and Linda had a hard time keeping it all in her mouth but swallowed what she could, Linda sat up and sighed.

"Wow that was a huge load, have you been saving that up or what" she said sounding fairly impressed.

Linda looked so slutty!, she had cum in her hair, on her face and around her mouth, her tits had cum running down them which had dripped on to her legs, what a mess!

Ohh baby, that is just what i needed, Thank you! Raheem said pleased.

"My pleasure" she said.

"Have you got a towel so i can clean this off me before i go inside" she asked.

"No way your wasting my seed, your going to swallow all my cum" Raheem demanded.

Raheem then put his fingers to her mouth and began to smear the cum from around her lips into her mouth, Linda opened her mouth like a good slut and accepted the cum and his black fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean, she then took the initiative and scooped the cum from her breasts and on her body into her mouth to swallow until there was no more. Linda then put her dress back on, fixed her makeup and hair and reapplied some perfume to mask the scent of Raheem's sweaty seed.

"We will make that half price for tonight" said Raheem cheekily.

What a prick i thought, got the blowjob of his life and got paid for it!

We paid him and i were about to go inside when Raheem grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side.

He then gave her his card and whispered in her ear, he began to grab her ass and then he and Linda kissed again.

Linda giggled like a schoolgirl and then walked over to me and waved goodbye to Raheem.

"What did he say?" i asked.

"Ohhh nothing" she said.

"Bullshit, you aren't going to tell me?" i said.

"You really want to know?" Linda said.

"Of course" i demanded.

"Well he gave me his number and his address, said he finished at 2.00 am and that i should come over to his place so he can fuck me like never before but he said to leave you at home" Linda said.

"And what did you say" i said curiously.

"Never mind" Linda dismissed.

"What? you got to tell me, this is killing me" i pleaded.

"You really want to know? she asked.

"Yes of course! i said.

"I said maybe" Linda answered.

"Wow what have i created, you would seriously go to his place and spread your legs for him with out me there? i asked.

"Of course! you know he is going to fuck me the way i like it, his cock was rock solid the entire time i sucked him and besides i kind of like black cock and what some more now" she laughed.

"I thought you said you like it when i was a dirty girl and it turns you on? your not going back on this now are you? I'm starting to have fun" she asked.

Decisions, Decisions? I had some thinking to do.

The End

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