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My foot fantasy

For as long as I can remember I have always been attracted to a lady's feet. Everything about a woman's body is a work of art sculpted by God. Her feet are no different. The perfect foot to me has high arches, straight toes, wrinkled soles, and smooth skin. I have always had fantasies about worshipping a lovely pair of feet and receiving a footjob from them. The main fantasy I wish to live out begins with my woman (or any woman for that fact) coming home after being on her feet for an extensive period of time. Her feet ache and may be sweaty from the shoes she was wearing. She sits down, kicks off her shoes, then lays her feet across my lap and asks me to rub her feet while she begins to tell me about her day. While I am giving her a lengthy foot massage and she's finished talking, she starts to tell me about how good the foot rub feels. She says that it still hurts though and that she wants me to kiss it to make it feel better. I lean in to give them the kiss stopping just inches away, teasing her feet with my lips. I inhale deeply and fill my nose with the aroma of her sweaty feet. I kiss the top of her foot starting from her ankles and moving down to her toes. I then kiss the bottom going from her toes, to her soles and arches, to her heels, then back up again. Her breathing is getting deeper and she wants more. Starting again on the top of her foot I run my tongue from her ankles to her toes. I go over every toe slowly. Then again from the bottom I run my tongue from her toes, down her soles and arches, to her heels. I kiss her heels as if I was French kissing her mouth, adding a little suction to the kiss. I do that again all the way back to the toes. I sniff her feet again taking deep breaths to get as much of the scent as I can. Then I gently french kiss her big toe a few times before finally succumbing to my own excitement and start sucking her toes as if I would never get the chance again. My mouth doesn't leave a single inch untouched and my tongue leaves her feet glistening with saliva. My dick is hard from the sexual energy that fills the room. She takes away one foot and begins to rub it over my crotch while I am sucking on her other foot. I can feel my hard dick being both teased and pleasured through my pants. My bulge growing ever bigger. She then takes away the other foot, thanks me for helping her, and says that she's going to return the favor. Using both feet she rubs them over my bulge going up and down stimulating my cock. She tells me to take off my pants so of course I do. She begins to jerk my cock with her beautiful feet that's still glossy from my saliva. She jerks me in several ways to display her range of techniques. She starts by holding my dick with her toes and jerk me for a bit that way. Then she goes to let me dick rest on the arch of one foot while she rubs her foot along the length of my dick. She changes it again puts my dick between her feet like a hotdog and goes up and down that way. Then once again she changes it and jerks me by putting my dick between her arches. We switch positions another time and she sits on my face to make me eat her clit while she gives me the footjob. After a few minutes of being privileged enough to get to eat her pussy and receive a footjob at the same time I begin to get quite excited and worked up until I cant hold back any longer. I tell her I feel I am going to cum and she does something completely unexpected. Instead of just letting me cum she pinches the head of my dick to make me last longer. She then moves to the other side facing towards me. She places her feet on my dick again as if she is going to proceed giving me a footjob then leans forward and begins to suck my dick while rubbing her feet on my cock. It felt so good that I don't even tell her when I felt the need to cum again so that she wouldn't stop. She is still blowing me and rubbing my dick with her feet when I suddenly erupt into her mouth. She just keeps going until I am finished then lets it drip out of her mouth and onto her feet, rubbing it in with her feet like it's lotion. I grab a towel to clean ourselves off with and we continue on with our day happy and feeling great.

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