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It was three o'clock on a sultry Saturday afternoon. Sarah sat in the chair at her vanity table, still wearing her sheer, red dressing gown, sipping on an Iceberg.

"What a delightful drink," she thought. "Peppermint Schnapps and vodka. Gets you high, keeps your breath sweet, and holds all those worrisome problems at bay, all at the same time."

"But you better take it easy," she spoke aloud to the reflection of herself in the vanity's mirror. "You don't want to be too tipsy, if you're going over to play gin rummy with Wade tonight."

She pondered the reflection for a moment, smiling.

"Who?" she asked her image. "Who is that good-looking broad, looking back at me?"

She pondered the question in silence while gazing at her reflection, mentally running through the list of all that she was: a woman, a widow, a mother, and a grandmother.

A grandmother? Sarah? A grandmother? No, it couldn't be. No woman with my looks could possibly be a grandmother, could she? Grandmothers were short, plump, grey-haired women who went around wearing conservative summery dresses with aprons tied around their pudgy bellies. That certainly wasn't the image gazing back at her from the depths of the mirror! Not at all! The figure staring back at her was a woman -- all woman! -- with a full head of silver blonde hair and a pretty face. She had curves galore -- a show-stopping figure with a pair of lovely, shapely legs that stretched out below her for miles!

But, alas, the woman looking back at her looked very lonely.

Widowed a year earlier, she now lived alone in the huge house where she and her late husband, Henri had spent so many happy years together. Henri had been successful -- very successful! -- in real estate. His success had made him...them independently wealthy, able to take off at the drop of a hat and fly anywhere they wanted. The kicker had been his taking her on those jaunts as his 'personal assistant', and making a point to meet at least one local realtor and look at some property or other. That had allowed them to call such jaunts 'business trips', and write all the expenses off on their taxes at the end of the year! Henri had been a shrewd businessman, that way, knowing all the little tricks, and it had only served to increase their wealth.

It had been a good life, she told herself. They had enjoyed each other's company so much. In fact, they had been so wealthy that there was no reason for her to work. So she had spent most of her time socializing with other socialites in their rich circle of friends and accompanying Henri on his many business trips.

But when Henri passed away, all that changed. She found herself shunned by those same women who had once called her 'friend'. Now that Sarah was single, both her widowed or divorced girlfriends, along with the ones who were still married, viewed her beauty and grace just a little too much competition, especially at the lavish parties they threw. They felt that they were tempting fate to bring such a beautiful widowed woman with no 'attachments' around. Such a woman could easily seduce their husbands or gentlemen friends away from them, if she so desired.

She could hardly blame them though. She had always been smugly proud of her beauty and didn't care who knew it. Any attention she received was richly deserved, she thought. No matter what the age or source of attention, as long as it was a male. And on top of this, she had been quite the flirt. Now, even this came back to haunt her. In fact, that was the only contentious thing that had ever come between her and her Henri. He had been extremely jealous of her, and showed it. So now, Sarah found herself a social outcast, on the outside looking in on her old circle of friends... left to her own devices to find happiness for herself. She had never felt so all alone in her whole life...

She still had her looks, though, and those looks still attracted attention whenever she went out. Sarah had taken particular care of herself over the years, and now only a few, faint wrinkle lines marred her smooth, almost perfect skin. She worked out daily, almost religiously, in the room that Henri had fitted out as a home fitness center, and her diligence had paid off handsomely. Even though she was closing in on fifty-five, she had the figure of a woman much younger. In fact, when people saw her and her daughter together, many commented on what a pretty pair of s****rs they were -- a constant source of flattery to her, and one of grudging annoyance to Emily, her thirty-five year old daughter.

Stepping over to the full-length mirror beside her dresser, she looked at her reflection.

Her bouffant hairstyle, emphasized by silver-blond highlights, framed her pretty face with swirling curls. Her lips, painted ruby-red, were botox-full and luscious. But not too full, just right... Still, the warm brown eyes in the mirror held a tinge of sadness as they stared back at her.

Peeling her gown open, she slowly ran her hands across her flat abdomen and up to her large, pendant breasts. Stopping to cup them, she savored their heaviness as she studied their smooth perfection for several seconds. They were more than enough to turn heads when she entered a room, and she had always purposefully dressed to show them off. Uplift brassieres and a little magic from the surgeon's skillful fingers made them objects of adoration, eliciting looks of lechery from the men and looks of envy from the women.

They are quite lovely, she thought, smiling. Even after all these years. Why, even my grandson, Wade, still finds them fascinating!

At least he appeared to, the way he ogled them whenever he was around her. But that wasn't anything new, with him. She knew that he had sneaked around trying to steal a peek at her body every since he'd discovered the difference between boys and girls. Her mind slipped back...back to the summers that he had spent with her and Henri.

It had started back when Wade was around ten or eleven, she recalled. She and Henri had invited him to stay with them, to give his parents a chance to travel. Of course, Henri was working most of the time, either checking up on his properties or taking trips to other cities looking for new purchases, so it was just her and little Wade left to occupy themselves. They went swimming in the huge pool Henri had added to the backyard, played pool and countless hands of gin rummy and, in general, just had a good time.

One day, after she had finished her shower, she saw the shadow of Wade's feet in the open space under the bathroom door. She knew that he was peeking through the keyhole at her as she toweled off. It was a strange feeling to know that her own grandson was a peeping Tom. It was even more bizarre to know that she was the object of his attention. She knew that she should have felt angry, but she didn't. In her vanity, she felt curiously smug that her young grandson found her attractive. Of course, men found her so, but to know that a young boy barely beginning puberty -- and surrounded daily by all those cute young girls she saw when she drove past the school he attended -- felt the same way as the men was flattering beyond belief.

So, from that day forward, she made it a point to take a shower for her young grandson every day that Henri was absent. And she took particular care to stand in just the right place to dry off, so he could get an eyeful every time. This little cat and mouse game had gone on until Wade was sixteen and his parents saw no need for continuing the summer visits, much to Wade's disappointment she imagined. She had sort of missed the intimacy of their little secret, but she had kept it just that...a secret...their secret -- their secret that she had shared with no one, not even Wade.

Strangely, the thought of Wade seeing her naked had sparked a tremor of excitement inside her. As it did, her hand drifted downward over her trim, flat abdomen, rightly earned by the thousands of crunches and bow-flex workouts. Then arching her leg, she admired its shapely curves and smooth, tanned countenance.

Yes, she could definitely see what men saw in her, she smugly told herself as her fingers strayed across her tingling clit. And why even her grandson, Wade could find her...find her sexually attractive... This thought triggered another spark of excitement down below her waist...

"No...No...No...Don't even go there!" she warned herself, jerking her hand away from her clit. "You're going over and play gin rummy with him, tonight. So forget about that. You can take care of it tomorrow. Call up Harvey, the pool boy, and tell him that there was something wrong with her pool. Ask him if he could please come over fix it like he's already done on several occasions."

She smiled to herself. Just the thought of the handsome, young stud was making her all happy down there.

While Henri was around, she had been the absolute faithful wife. After all, who wouldn't? She'd wanted for nothing, materially, due to the money he had brought home. Companionship? Hell, they were always together, and he had loved to surprise her with sudden romantic trips. And, of course, there was the sex. Henri's sex-drive was as strong as hers, and if they'd ever done it less than three or four times a week, it was because one of them was feeling under the weather -- and even that didn't stop them, most of the time. As often as not, a good romp on the mattress -- or the couch, or the dining room table, or the island in the center of their kitchen, or in the hot tub -- had been just the 'medicine' they needed.

After Henri's demise, she had tried to be the prim and proper grieving widow for a while, but being used to having sex with Henri three or four times a week, she missed it. Of course, she missed Henri...but she missed the sex with him, too. While Henri was still alive, she had paid no attention to the trim, muscular teenage boys employed by the various services Henri had contracted their yard work out to. They'd made their weekly visits and done their tasks unnoticed by her. However, as time passed, she found herself taking more and more interest in the gardener, Ashley, and the way his eyes always seemed to be gazing at her when she was sitting on the patio with coffee or a drink, and the newspaper and he was performing his tasks.

And, of course, there was Harvey, the pool boy. She giggled at the notion of calling any nineteen year old male with a body like Harvey's a 'boy'. He'd had eyes for her, too, she'd come to discover -- eyes that were always seeming to be trying to remove the modest bathing suit she wore when sunning herself by their pool.

Finally, she had given in to her needs. Ashley visited on Tuesdays and Harvey came by on Thursdays. She chuckled briefly at the memory of how they managed to complete their regular tasks in about half the time they'd been taking previously, when they found out that they could spend the remaining time between her svelte thighs. As time passed, she came to focus more and more of her 'attentions' on the younger men. They were a lot more predictable and far less complicated than the few men her own age she'd dated in the wake of Henri's passing. They were a lot easier to control, too. They'd do just about anything she asked, in return for the chance to slip between her legs and pleasure her while pleasuring themselves. And, too, there was the fact that they were all a lot like that Energizer Bunny -- they kept going, and going, and going. Henri had so loved to pleasure her, but he couldn't manage the stamina of an Ashley or a Harvey without the aid of one of those little blue pills.

So, between the two well-hung, horny nineteen-year-olds, they could almost keep her physically satisfied. But there was something missing that she had when Henri was around. She always felt a little empty and a little 'used', after Ashley or Harvey had pleasured her and gone. Eventually, she'd come to figure out why. She missed the emotional attachment that went along with the good sex. She wanted more...but what? And where could she find it?

Pulling her gown back around herself, she shivered and stepped back away from the mirror...

* * *

Wade was in his room, watching a porn flick and jacking off, as usual. It seemed that he was always beating off when he was alone. He couldn't help it. He was so frigging horny all the time, whacking off was the only thing that could keep things down there in check. He felt as though, if he didn't, he would lose control and **** some woman.

Then, just as he felt the burn begin, the doorbell rang.

"Fuck!" he grunted out loud, wondering who it was that was ruining his jack-fest. "Who the hell could that be?"

Jerking his board-shorts up and into place, he looked over at the clock and saw that it was five-fifteen.

Almost suppertime, he thought, stumbling over to the window. Peeking out, he was surprised and thrilled to see his grandmother, Sarah's bright, red Escalade parked out in front of the house.

"Wonder what she's doing here?" he asked himself out loud, shuffling across the room as the doorbell rang again.

He shut off the video and the television, and headed out of his room.

"Coming," he called out, starting down the stairs.

He knew that she'd been coming around a lot since his grandfather had passed away a year earlier. She said it was lonely around her big house with Grandpa Henri gone, and she just wanted to be around people.

That was fine with Wade because, in addition to being his grandmother, she was one truly fine-looking woman -- definitely a 'hottie'. Hell, even the guys on the football and basketball teams that he played on, had seen her at the games and commented on her good looks. A few of them had even referred to her as a MILF -- at least, until he'd told them to "watch it; that's my grandmother you're talking about!" Secretly, though, it made Wade feel rather proud to know that he had a hottie for a granny.

She was in her mid-fifties, but you wouldn't know it, to look at her. Hell, stick her and his mother side by side, and the only thing that gave a clue to which woman was older was the way his grandmother always wore her billowing, blondish-gray hair piled up in a swirling mass atop her head. What did she call it? A 'bouffant' hairstyle?

She stood around five feet nine or ten in the high-heels that she seemed to wear all the time. And her face? It was pretty enough to stop a charging bull at twenty paces, he thought. He sure as hell knew it would stop him.

And her tits? A man could kill or die for a chance to bury his face in a pair like that! As he walked slowly down the stairs, using the time to adjust his cock inside his shorts and get the belt properly buckled, he recalled the days he used to spend at her house, during the summers, and all those showers she would take. The view through the keyhole had been the fodder for countless hours of masturbation. His fantasies had been filled with images of those tits, along with her knock-out figure and those legs that were so long and shapely, they seemed to stretch down forever. Yes, she was his grandmother and he knew that he shouldn't be thinking about her like that. But Jeez, he was only human. You couldn't blame him if she was so fucking good looking...

It was strange, but he had always felt all hot and tingly whenever he was around her.

Probably just hormones, he told himself, reaching down for the doorknob. Besides, that's no way for a guy to think about his grandmother!

Throwing the door open, he saw his grandmother standing on the front porch, smiling back at him. Glancing down, he saw that she was holding an overnight case in her hand. He wondered, briefly, what she had in mind, as he stepped back to allow her inside.

"Ma-maw," he grinned, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a little hug as she stepped by him.

"Wade, Honey..." she murmured, hugging him back with one arm.

"So, what brings you over here, Ma-Maw?" he asked her, leading her another step inside, so that he could close the door. "Mom and Dad are spending the week up at the cabin."

"I know, honey," she smiled, putting her overnighter on the bench in the hallway. "I just thought I would spend some time with my favorite grandson."

"I'm your only grandson, Ma-Maw," he snickered, breathing in the fragrance of peppermint wafting in the air.

"I know, but you're still my favorite grandson, too," she smiled, looking into his eyes.

Then her lips took on a very gentle frown.

"Is something wrong, Ma-maw?" he asked her.

"One thing," she nodded slowly, then took a deep breath. "Wade, you're eighteen, now, and it sounds a little c***dish for you to still call me Ma-Maw all the time. Not to mention that it makes me feel so old. So how about you call me by my name - Sarah?"

"Really?" he asked, shaking his head.

"At least while we're alone, honey. When we're around your parents, or anyone else who knows that you're my grandson, you can call me 'Grandma' or maybe just 'Gram'. Think you could do that for me?"

"Sure...I can do that for you," he grinned, watching her hips sway as she stepped over to the couch. "It's nice to know I'm still your favorite grandson. Even if I'm your only one. And just to let you know, you're not old. At least, you sure don't look old! You look great..."

He managed to let the last sentence trail off, unfinished. At least he'd caught himself before letting slip a comment on how hot he thought she looked.

"Why thank you," she simpered. "And thanks for not capping that phrase with 'for your age...'.

"You're welcome," he grinned back at her like a love-sick k**.

Now could you fix your grandmother a drink?" she asked him, sitting down and crossing her long, shapely legs. "She's thirsty, after that long drive over here."

"It's only a ten minute drive...on a busy day, Ma-, uh, Sarah," he laughed, crossing the room to the dry-sink. "What'll it be? The usual?"

"Yeah, the usual. An Iceberg."

"Coming right up," he said, picking up a tumbler and stepping into the kitchen briefly.

After fetching some ice in the glass, he returned to the living room. The dry-sink his folks used for liquor storage was tall, with a mirror in the space between the counter-top and the overhead stemware rack, and he took a long look at his grandmother's reflection as he selected the bottle of Stoli and the peppermint schnapps to make her drink. He couldn't help but appreciate the curve of her legs arcing out from her short skirt. They were perfectly shaped by the tall high heels she wore. And, as he sneaked another quick look, she drew even more attention to them by bobbing her foot and making the shoe jiggle up and down.

"It's just so lonely at my house," she complained as he popped open a beer for himself and took her drink to her. "I thought we could play a little Rummy, like we did back in the old days when you were just a wee lad. Back when you came to visit me every summer."

"Sure, but I gotta warn you, I ain't no k** anymore," he said, handing her drink to her.

"I can see," she said, suggestively running her eyes down his body.

"You know how big it is," she said, gazing at him as he sat down at the opposite end of the couch. A brief burst of panic hit Wade, and he risked a quick glance down at his crotch to reassure himself that his erection had withered to the point where it was only a small bulge in his shorts.

"How big the big the house is," Sarah continued, apparently having failed to note his plight. "I was thinking of selling it! It's so big, I just rattle around in it, day after day, like a single pea in a can."

"Oh!" he exclaimed, letting his eyes wander down to the intoxicating swell of her bosom. He was relieved to learn that she'd been referring to her house, and not a bulge in his board-shorts. And yet, he found a part of himself wishing that it had been the other way 'round.

Yes," she said, smiling, amused at the fondling caress of his eyes over her breasts.

Still the same old Wade, she laughed to herself.

"I've been looking around, and I think I may have found the perfect house," she said, lifting her glass up to her pouty lips and taking a long sip. "It's out near Brighton College."

"Hey, that's where I'm going to go to school!" he said, his eyes lighting up with the knowledge that he would be able to pop in on her every so often.

"I know," she laughed softly. "That's one of the reasons I'm considering this house. You see, it's quite a bit smaller than the mansion your Grandpa Henri had us living in, but it has a servant's quarters up over the garage. It's got a living room, eat-in kitchen, bedroom, and bath. I was thinking that maybe you would like to stay there, instead of in a cramped dorm room, and save yourself some room and board. Besides it would be nice to have someone around to talk to, every once in a while. And play gin rummy with..."

"Wow!" he exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. "You mean it? You really mean it? You want me to live with you?"

"Of course," she smiled, sipping on her drink and batting her big, brown eyes at him. "It's the least I can do for my favorite grandson..."

"Wow!" he yelped again, unable to believe his good fortune.

His college fund would just about cover everything, but subtracting room and board would give him a tidy sum of spending money. It would certainly make life a lot easier, if he didn't have to constantly watch his pennies. And he would have a place -- an actual apartment, not a cramped dorm room -- all to himself. His own place, that he would not have to share with any roommates. This was a godsend!

"Well?" she asked. "Do I buy it?"

"Sure...yeah...of course..." he grinned.

"Don't you even want to look at it?" she laughed.

"Uh, I don't know...I guess, uh, when? Now?" he asked, giddy with excitement.

"," she said, pushing up off the couch and strolling toward the bar. "It's too late to take a look at it, today. Tomorrow, we can go there..."

"Great," Wade exclaimed, watching the seductive roll of her hips as she walked.

"Well, I guess that it's all set then...if your mom and dad don't have any objections," she said. "I'd feel so much safer, and it would be nice to have a man...a man around the house to talk to and do all those manly things that men do."

"Uh, yeah, yeah," he muttered, running the possibilities through his mind.

"And of course, as any grandmother would, I would dote on you and spoil you rotten," she told him stirring her newly minted Iceberg.

There were so many possibilities and, from Wade's point of view, all of them were good. Maybe one of them might even turn out to better than good...

"I think I would really like to live with you," he said, getting up and joining her at the bar. "Want me to break out the cards?"

"Sure," she said, leading the way to the small table in the breakfast nook off the kitchen, knowing that her grandson's eyes were following every move she made, especially those of her hips as she seductively swayed them from side to side.

After three and a half hours, five more Icebergs for Sarah, and six more beers for Wade, they tipsily decided to call it a night after one more hand.

Then, as Wade dealt the hand, he felt Sarah intimately run the tip of her toe up his leg, under the table. It was suggestive, on the one hand, but it could just as easily have been an accident. Wade wanted to respond in kind, but he was afraid -- afraid she might consider it inappropriate, if her touch had been an accident.

Was she flirting with him, he giddily wondered? She flirted with everyone else -- or, did she, really? She was overly congenial and outgoing and, in some instances, that could be mistaken for flirting.

He decided that he'd be better off if he waited for her to repeat the touch, but she made no further overtures as they played out the last hand.

They spent a few minutes chatting as they cleaned up and then said their good-nights. Wade carried Sara's overnight bag upstairs to the guest room and set it on the low hope chest at the end of the double bed, gave her a quick goodnight kiss on the cheek, and retired to his own bedroom a few doors down the hall.

Once inside, the door closed behind him, Wade stripped out of his shorts and tee shirt, turned on the television with the volume low for background noise, and slid between the sheets. He couldn't get to sl**p, though. He tossed and turned in his bed as his mind ran over all the possibilities of his new quarters and the new relationship with his grandmother.

Finally, around eleven, he rolled out of bed deciding to go down and have a couple of shots of whiskey as a tranquilizer. As he padded down the stairs, he thought he caught a slight whiff of peppermint in the air, but couldn't be sure. Walking over to the bar, he flicked on the night light and made himself a strong drink. Throwing it down, he waited for the warm glow of the alcohol to spread out from his belly before he made another and downed it. Putting the bottle away, he turned off the light, made a brief detour to the kitchen to slip the tumbler into the dishwasher, and tipsily started back for the stairs.

Then, as he walked by the door to the recreation room that opened onto their patio, he smelled another whiff of peppermint. This time it was stronger.

Thinking that, perhaps, Sarah couldn't sl**p either, he casually peeked around the door. It was then that his heart did a flip-flop, and his cock twitched!

She was standing at the sliding door, looking out into the back yard. She had turned the backyard floodlight on, and its illumination silhouetted her body through the sheer, wispy gown she wore, highlighting each delicious curve and valley.

He couldn't explain the feeling that washed over him. She was his grandmother but, at that moment, she was much more. She was a delicate, fragile flower that he wanted to hold -- hold and show his love for her in a way totally unbecoming to a proper and respectful grandson. He wanted to take her and make love to her...

Hormones raging completely out of control, and the night's alcohol quieting his conscience's objections, he slipped across the room on silent feet and came up behind her.

"Sarah..." he wept, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to him. "I want you, so much..."

He felt a momentary stiffening of her body as she gasped softly. But then he felt her melt back down against him, gently pressing back at him.

"My c***d," she whispered, arching her neck back against him and turning her head to kiss his cheek.

Then she let her head move forward slightly as she nestled her warm, soft body back against him. The air around them reeked of peppermint and strawberries as Wade nibbled on her delicate neck.

His hands, almost as if they had a will of their own, found her breasts through the wispy material of her gown. Lovingly...gently...reverently, he cupped the big mounds of soft, pliant flesh. Wade had never felt such softness. Running his fingertips over the treasures, he could feel the hard knots of her nipples jutting out against the material and his fingers. He could feel the warmth of her heavy breasts exuding through the sheer material. Then her hand was on his, pressing it more tightly against her breast.

He had to have her. Have her and taste of the delicate, forbidden fruit that lay ripening down between her beautiful legs. More than that, though, he wanted to give her pleasure -- the pleasure he thought she'd probably done without ever since his grandfather had passed away. He'd done his share of snooping around their house, over the years, and noted the bottle of Viagra in the medicine cabinet in their bath. It hadn't taken much to put two and two together and know that, even at their age, his grandparents had been sexually active.

His cock had turned to rock, jutting up inside his pajama bottoms. It had never been so hard.

"Sarah..." he groaned, pulling her back against him and gently pressing his cock into the crack of her ass.

In turn, her hips swayed, as if she was trying to spread her cheeks a bit to nestle him more deeply against her.

"I'm so lonely, my c*** lonely," she murmured, pressing her butt back against his obvious arousal.

Leaning down, he slowly kissed his way up her graceful neck.

"If you want me to call you Sarah, can you maybe not call me, 'my c***d'?" he asked her. "It kind of makes me feel like I'm eight or nine, again."

"Mmm," she murmured, swaying her buttocks against his hardness as a reply. "You're definitely not a boy, any more, are you, darling?"

Resting her head on his shoulder, she bared the vulnerable underside of her throat to him.

Licking and kissing his way up to her ear, he drank in the sweet fragrance of roses and peppermint as she murmured out her permission.

"Mmm, yes; love me, darling..."

"Make...make love?" he whispered, gently nibbling on her ear lobe.

"Yes...yes..." she whispered back, gently pressing herself back against him. "Yes!"

Wade was ecstatic. His grandmother! He was about to make love to his dear, sweet grandmother! Make love to Sarah! Of all the women in the world, he would have never have guessed that such a thing would be possible with her. Her! His grandmother! His beautiful, loving grandmother! She was the last woman on earth he would have imagined...

Holding her tightly, he felt her hand drop away from his.

Then, he felt her lean away from him, ever so slightly, breaking the contact of their bodies for the briefest of time. But the contact was quickly rejoined when she slipped her hand back around and down between them. As she did, her fingers quickly found his throbbing cock.

"Oh..." she cooed, gently squeezing and exploring its rock-hardness through his pajamas with her probing fingertips, "So big..."

"The better to please you with, Sarah," he whispered, feeling her slip her hand inside the opening of his pajamas.

"So warm..." she murmured, gently squeezing his cock with her hot fingers.

"I want to put it inside you, Sarah," he mumbled.

"I have a special place," she said, breathlessly. "A special place just for it. Would you like to see it?"

" me your special place, Sarah," he said, slowly releasing his hold on her breasts and stepping back.

As he did, her hand uncurled from around his throbbing cock and slipped back out through the opening of his pajamas. Turning, she faced him, reaching up to one of the shoulder straps of her gown. Gazing deeply into his eyes, she eased the strap down over the creamy skin of her shoulder. While he watched on in an testosterone-induced daze, she eased her hand over to her other shoulder strap and pushed it down off her shoulder, letting her gown go whispering softly down her body to puddle on the floor around her feet.

Gawking on with eager anticipation, he thought back to all those sweaty, hot summer days when he had spied on her. She had hardly changed at all, as she stood before him as naked as the day she had been born. She was shamelessly letting him feast his eyes on her beautiful body, just as she had on those memorable summer days. The body he had longed to see again for so long.

Watching her, he saw her slowly turn, letting his eyes caress her nakedness. Even in the dim light, Wade was enthralled by her beauty.

As she continued to turn, he kept staring and fumbling with the snap on his pajama bottoms. Finally, he got them open and let them go slithering down his muscular legs.

"So! Do you still want to come and live with your grandmother?" she teasingly asked, smiling over her shoulder as he gawked down at her pretty, upside-down, heart-shaped ass.

"No," he answered, and she paused in her turn.

"But -- "

"I want to come and live with my beautiful, vivacious, foxy, and totally hot grandmother!" he murmured. "No woman with a body like yours should EVER be accused of being 'old'!"

"So you want to come and live with me, and see this body more often?" she asked, resuming her slow, deliberate pirouette.

"God, yes," he groaned, as her pussy came into view when she finished the turn.

He was surprised to see her pussy was clean-shaven except for a tiny tuft of twenty or thirty curly blond hairs at the very top of it. It was almost as if her clit was wearing a curly little wig.

"My, my..." she murmured, staring down at his hard, stiff cock. "It's beautiful..."

"So is yours," he said, staring down at her almost hairless pussy.

"Strange..." she mumbled, looking back up into his eyes. "I had never considered you as a lover...that is until this afternoon..."

"What changed your mind?" he giddily asked.

"I don't know...I was just sitting around all mopey and lonely. Then I decided to come over and play some rummy with you, and suddenly, I didn't feel lonely anymore, knowing that I would be around you. It just made me feel so good to know that I was going to be with someone I really care about. It made me feel whole again...made me feel like a woman again. It made me feel like I felt when Henri was around. And I knew how good Henri could make me feel, make me feel in those 'special' ways, too."

Then, she tentatively reached out and curled her hand around his jutting giant.

"Why me, Sarah?" he asked her, softly caressing her breast with his fingertips. "You could have any man you wanted, you know."

"Perhaps," she smiled, her grip on his cock growing tighter. "But I wanted you. My handsome grandson. I wanted to share my love with you. I know what we're going to do is something that many would see as sick and twisted. A grandmother and a grandson. Why, who could even think of such perversity? But I've been so lonely, I wanted someone I could love. I know that fifty-four isn't ancient or anything. But I didn't want to be alone any longer, alone and looking around to find someone I could love and trust, someone to love me the same way I loved him. I'm just so damned lonely. I love you and you love me. And I know that you've always been attracted to me...well, to my body, anyway..."

"You knew?" he muttered, his secret now out in the open. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be," she smiled, giving his cock another squeeze. "I even let you watch me after all those showers. That's why I took a shower every time Henri was gone -- so that you could have your little show. So, let's just ignore everything else for the time being and see how this works out. Do you think we can do it?"

"I'll give it my all," he told her.

"We can never, ever share this secret with anyone else...never...ever."

Wade could see the love in her warm, brown eyes as she spoke.

"I know, never," he said solemnly.

"The hardest part, I think, is going to be the play-acting we're going to have to do when anyone else is around," she told him. "It'll be simple when we're alone. Just like right now...we just do what comes naturally."

"What comes naturally," he smiled softly, taking her hand in his and leading her down the hall to the guestroom.

Stopping by the bed, he let her reach out and slowly unbutton his pajama top, button by button as she intimately gazed into his eyes.

Pushing his top back over his shoulders, she thrust her big, soft tits into his chest, grinding herself against him as she did. Wrapping her arms around him, she lustily pulled him to her. Their lips touched. He snaked his arms around her, clutching at her pliant ass, pulling her into him.

The kiss was soft and gentle at first, as he eased his tongue between her parted lips. Tasting her peppermint-flavored saliva, he began to gently probe her mouth with his tongue. Then his excitement surged as her tongue found his. Their tongues twirled and intertwined, greeting each other in a deep, sensual, kiss.

We're French-kissing, he feverishly thought. I'm French-kissing my own grandmother, and she's Frenching me back! How goddamned exciting is tha?

His mind grew giddy with the thought as their bodies touched intimately, molding themselves together along all planes. Continuing the kiss, they pressed and thrust against each other for several long, breathless moments.

As they broke the kiss, he saw that her eyes were teary when they finally fluttered open.

"Come to Sarah," she said, dropping to her knees on the thick, furry rug by the bed...pulling him down with her.

Lying on her side, looking up at him, he could see the need in her eyes. (PIC)

Then, she slowly rolled over onto her back and leisurely pulled her knees up to her chest, pressing them down on her jiggling tits. As she did, he crawled over her, his big cock jutting out at her up-tilted pussy. With a little grunt, she threw her feet up, over his shoulders while he eased forward. Aiming his cock down at the juice-slickened hole between her long legs, he moved forward. Taking his weight on his hands, he leaned over her with his hands on either side of her shoulders. Looking down into her lust-glazed eyes, he slowly pushed his cock down into the clutching tightness of her hungry pussy.

"God!" he groaned to himself. "I'm doing it! I'm fucking his grandmother. I'm really fucking my grandmother, my sweet Sarah!"

He hoped his heart didn't give out from the excitement of this wickedly perverse act.

" first," she murmured, looking down between her legs as his cock eased down inside her pussy.

It was all Wade could do to keep from immediately shooting his wad as eased his cock down into her warm, slippery pussy. He'd heard that women who were past menopause were supposed to be dry, but that definitely wasn't the case with his Sarah. She was so slippery, he was sliding right in, down into the forbidden depths of her clutching cunt.

As his hips met hers and he bottomed out in her, Sarah flexed her vagina down around his invading peter. She'd practiced her Kegel exercises daily, one hundred contractions morning, noon, and night, ever since she'd first learned about them as a teenager. Henri had always loved the way she could make her cunt clutch at his cock and squeeze it. She was certain that her grandson would come to love it, as well.

And love it, he most certainly did! He wasn't sure quite what it was, that she was doing, but he groaned with delight, arching his head backward and rolling his eyes as she rhythmically clutched at him, milking him with her pussy. As the line of his sight chanced across the night-table by the bed, he spied the true source of her slickness. Suddenly, the degree of her planning was revealed in all its clarity!

A bottle of vaginal lubricant. She had used a vaginal lubricant! He was right. The way things all worked out so easily, he had been suspicious that she had planned this, all along. She had desired him, and planned to seduce him and make him hers. And he came along eagerly, willing to be her slave. Her love slave!

The planning didn't matter now, he realized as his belly finally brushed down onto hers. He was fucking his grandmother, his sweet, hot, beautiful, wonderful Sarah. That was all that mattered. Savoring the sheer ecstasy of the moment, Wade held his cock thrust down inside the tight, clutching socket of her vagina for the longest time, enjoying the sensation as her heated tunnel pulsed around him.

"It's been soooo long," she murmured out, clutching her pussy down around his cock as she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair. "I've missed your grandfather for so long, but I have my grandson to fill that lonely void."

Wade's cock was a rock as he gently ground himself into her, twirling it around inside the warm mush of her pussy. Holding it thrust down inside her, he leaned down between her thighs and found her mouth with his. Plunging his tongue into her mouth, he kissed her long and deep before finally jerking his lips up off hers. Then he began to fuck her with slow, deliberate strokes, filling her to the limit on every thrust. Staring down at her pretty face, he watched her eyes glaze over and then close as she thrust herself up against him. He could feel her soft calves pattering up and down on his back and shoulders as he fucked her. Then after several deep, bone jarring blows, she ran her arms around her thighs and down to where Wade's cock was effortlessly sliding in and out of her pussy.

He felt her long fingernails tickle along the shaft of his cock as he worked it in and out of her pussy.

"Now, Darling, now," she murmured, humping herself up at his slowly pistoning prick. "You can fuck me fast."

Wade immediately shifted into a higher gear and began to hammer his cock into her. Soon, he was fucking her for all he was worth as she groaned and moaned out her pleasure. Pumping her harder and faster, he could feel her hips raising off the rug as she rose to meet him on his every down-stroke. The notion thrilled him to his core. Not only was he fucking her, but she was also fucking him back!

As she gasped for breath, Wade saw that she was giving as good as she was getting. She might be his dear, sweet grandmother to everyone else, but to him, she was a snarling wildcat as she clawed and scratched at him with her long nails. Wade's whole consciousness was focused on her and the sweet, sucking hole between her accordioned legs.

Wade could feel the burn down deep inside his slashing balls growing hotter and hotter as he pumped his cock into her even faster. Suddenly, he couldn't stop it. The gigantic fireball burst and he began shooting cum into her hot, sucking cunt in thick, fiery spurts.

"Oh, Baby, Baby, Baby," he heard her gurgle as her knees slapped up against his cheeks and she began to shudder and shake.

Jerking her quivering ass up off the rug, she thrust herself up against him, letting his twitching cock unload its payload of superheated cum down into her sucking manhole.

"Yes...yes, fill your grandmother's pussy with your hot, sweet cream," she murmured out, milking her hot cunt down around his cock, sucking out every last sperm from him.

Wade was wandering in a fog of euphoria as he leaned down and gave his grandmother a long, lingering kiss. As he did, he could feel his wilting prick slowly retreating back down the velvet-lined sheath of her pussy.

The warm, cum-filled channel was gently clinging to his cock as it slowly shrank back down to normalcy. And at last, it slurped out of her. As it did, It was followed by a stream of thick white goo that trickled down onto the rug.

"That was wonderful," she dreamily smiled up at him, lifting her legs up into the air to let him back away from her.

Disentangling himself from her, he quickly flopped down onto his back as she lowered her legs back onto the rug.

"Awesome..." Wade grunted. "I still can't believe we did that. You and I...I never dreamed in a million grandmother..."

"Neither did I," she panted. "Until this afternoon, that is!"

When she finally caught her breath, she raised herself on her elbow and gave Wade a sweet kiss.

"I know that I should feel guilty for seducing you like that," she murmured. "Seducing my own grandson. What a slut I am."

"Well, you didn't have to hold a knife to my throat, that's for sure," he mumbled. "I'm just as guilty as you are. I was just as hot to fuck you as you were, to fuck me, and I enjoyed it just as much as you did. We're both equally guilty. Guilty of bringing pleasure to each other..."

"But I'm your grandmother. And I'm fifty-four years old," she complained. "Why...why you're just a boy. Just a young, hormone-driven boy who's probably horny 24/7 anyway. You'd probably do any woman at the drop of a hat. No, no, it's my fault."

"Sarah, what difference does it make? Who cares who started it? It's done," he said. "So don't feel guilty. Anyway, this is just the beginning! Remember, I'm coming to live with you..."

"You're right," she sighed. "I had this all planned from the start."

"I know, Sarah," he said, reaching over and picking up the bottle of vaginal lubricant.

"Yes, even that," she smiled, watching him put it back.

"I like strawberries," he grinned.

"I'm going to clean up a bit," she said to him, looking down at her drooling cunt. "You made quite a mess down there."

"Sorry," he grinned sheepishly.

"For what?" she laughed, getting to her feet. "What would be the purpose of it all, if you didn't come?"

"I guess so," he blushed, watching her head for the bathroom. "But I don't want to hear you ever calling yourself a slut, again!" he called after her.

Gazing at the round perfection of her ass, he saw it quiver tightly with each jarring step. She paused at the door to the hallway and turned partially to look at him.

"Will it bother you, if I occasionally act a little like one, Darling?" she asked him coyly.

"Not if it's me," he told her.

There was a chuckle in his voice, but the expression on his face was a serious one. Already, he was starting to think of her as 'his'.

"With you around, baby, I won't have to look anywhere else," she reassured him, then turned and disappeared into the hall.

Getting to his feet, he crawled up on the bed and lay waiting for her to return.

After about 15 minuets, he saw her come strolling back into the room, freshly showered, with a towel wrapped around her waist. Fascinated by her big, jiggling tits, he watched them wobble and flop with each step.

"I was beginning to wonder," he said, as she reached the side of the bed and stood looking down at him.

"I just wanted to be clean for you," she smiled.

Wade could smell the fresh, clean smell of soap in the air as it mingled with the lingering fragrance of strawberries and peppermint. Getting up, he walked on his knees over to where she stood. Reaching out, he wrapped his arms around her. Crushing his mouth down on hers, he gave her a deep, passionate kiss, thrusting his tongue in between her partly opened lips. The taste of peppermint was stronger, now, and he knew she must have had another drink. As their tongues intertwined, probing, touching, his fingers found the knot holding her towel together and tugged it open.

Breaking the kiss, Wade leaned back away from her, freeing the towel to drop to the floor as he swept his eyes up and down her beautiful body.

Staring at her full, pendant breasts, he was surprised by their firmness. Watching them jiggle softly with each breath she took, he gently pulled them so that their tips were close together. Then he leaned down and delicately ran the tip of his tongue over her nipples. Toying with the pink buds, he could feel them hardening as he brushed his tongue back and forth across them. He felt her hands curl around behind his head, fingers twining themselves in his hair as she drew him closer to her and f***ed one of her jutting nipples deeper into his mouth. Pursing his lips around the rose bud, he gently sucked on it while he flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth across it.

After a few moments, he leaned back away from her, letting her spit-coated nipple slither out of his mouth. Letting his eyes flow down over her slightly rounded belly, he noticed that a delicate, gold chain that now encircled her waist.

"You're so beautiful," he murmured as he brushed a finger over her adornment, his eyes wandering lower to her pussy. "Oh, you shaved it all off..."

"For you," she smiled, spreading her long, statuesque legs and running her finger down the furrow between her puffy pussy lips.

"I like it," he said, grinning and sweeping his eyes down her long, firm legs to her dainty feet, now resting in a pair of tall high heels.

The heels shaped her legs into two towering monuments to the beauty of womanhood. That was more like her, he dizzily thought. He rarely saw her without her high-heel pumps. And her legs weren't fifty-four year-old legs, he dizzily thought. They were ageless, beautiful legs and he couldn't wait to have them wrapped around his waist. He slowly began to stiffen as the image of him fucking her again formed in his mind.

"Oh, he's waking up again," she murmured, reaching out and lifting it in her hand.

Squeezing and pulling on his peter, she quickly had him at full erection once again. Their mouths met again in another long, peppermint-flavored kiss as she thrust her breasts into his chest.

"Come, darling Sarah!" he whispered, backing away from her. "Come and let me make love, to your special place, with my mouth."

"Oh, my, so romantic," she cooed, putting her knee on the bed.

As she crawled up on the bed, Wade grabbed the two pillows and leaned them up against the headboard.

With an expectant smile, she crawled over to them and tilted back against them. Still smiling at him, she scooted down until only her back and head were propped up against the pillows. And her butt was resting on the bed.

Wade stood on his knees watching her, with a lecherous smile on his lips. He watched her long, shapely legs slowly part as the fleshy, pink wound between them unfurled itself, opening to him.

"So pretty," he mumbled, leaning down and palming her soft mound.

Cupping its warmth, he eased a finger down between the warm, damp lips of her cleft. Then, he gently eased the finger on down into the entrance of her pussy. Slowly working it in and out of the delicate opening, he saw her hand wander down over her belly. There was something so erotic, he thought, about a woman touching herself. Touching herself in such an intimate way as he watched her lazily finger her clit.

Sinking his finger in deeper, he saw her spread her legs wider to give him easier access to her hot sex. Gazing into her eyes, he continued to slowly slide his finger in and out of her pussy while she teased and toyed with the swollen nub of her clit. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back and rubbed her fingertips across and around the small, protruding knob.

Finally, he eased his finger out of her cunt and rolled over onto his belly between her outstretched legs. When he did, she lifted her legs and gently laid them onto his back.

Scooting up the bed, he tickled and kissed his way up her smooth, satiny inner thigh until his mouth found the soft, pliable lips surrounding her special place. Dipping his tongue down in between her fat, puffy pussy-lips, he licked it up the valley between them. Then, he tasted strawberries on his tongue. Strawberries? He had thought the lubricant was only strawberry scented, not flavored.

Sensing his hesitation, she opened her eyes and looked down at him.

"What's wrong?" she softly asked.

" taste like strawberries," he smiled up at her.

"Would you prefer a different flavor?" she innocently asked him. "I have several different ones. Tangerine, perhaps -- or watermelon?"

"Maybe next time," he grinned, "but strawberries are fine for now."

Lowering his mouth back onto her pussy, he flicked out his tongue and ran it up and down the length of her valley, from anus to clit and back.

A soft moan escaped from her lips as a dribble of the sweet juice trickled out of her and onto his probing tongue. The juice was sweet, and warmed by her pussy. Greedily licking over and around her soft pussy, he savored the taste of the tangy brew as he felt her fingers curl around the back of his head, pulling him down onto her pussy.

Reaching underneath her, he grasped her ass and pulled her cunt into his mouth at the same time she lifted her hips, bringing her pussy to him. Reveling in the sheer perversity of it all, Wade curled his tongue into a tube and slid it into her sopping vagina. Easing it in and out of her pussy, he marveled at the feel of her hot flesh on his tongue.

"Feels sooooo goood," she murmured out.

"Nnn-hnn," he assented.

The sound had come out quite nasally, as he wasn't about to free his tongue from its current pleasurable task in order to speak more clearly.

Finally, as she writhed beneath him, he pulled his hands out from under her ass. Following her pussy with his mouth, he felt her thrust it against him.

Dragging his lube-coated tongue out of her hot pussy, he leisurely licked his way up over her urethra to her clit. He felt a shiver tickle through her body as he raked his tongue over it.

"Yessss," she hissed, shoving his face down onto her pussy.

Then he began some serious licking...attacking her jutting clit with a vengeance. Moving his hands up her body, he clenched her big tits, kneading them and pinching at her nipples. She began to moan softly as the thrusts of her hips became more insistent. As he eagerly lapped at her clit, he felt the press of her quivering thighs against his cheeks. Keeping it up for the longest time, he finally felt the muscles surrounding her pussy begin to harden and strain.

"Almost...oh...almost..." she moaned out, her muscles tensing tighter and tighter.

Suddenly, she let out a short squeal as her hips began to jerk and shake. She had two fistfuls of his hair pulling him down onto her orgasming cunt as hard as she could. The spasms wracking her pussy were squeezing out more and more of her strawberry flavored juice as Wade dropped his mouth down to the spewing hole and lapped up the sweet, molten juices pouring out of it.

At last, the shaking subsided down to a shiver and then stopped altogether as she gave out a loud, gasping groan.

Wade slowly lifted his head up away from her lube-covered pussy.

"God...that was wonderful..." she breathlessly murmured.

"I love to watch you come, Sarah," he told her, crawling up the bed to lay beside her. "It''s so sexy."

"Mmmmmmm," she sighed, snuggling up against him as she d****d a leg over him and intimately rubbed her still moist cunt against his thigh. Leaning over, she gave him a long passionate kiss, running her hand down to his almost fully hardened cock.

His cock quickly responded to her touch, growing hard and stiff within a matter of moments. Slowly he pushed her onto her back and rolled up on top of her. Her firm thighs parted responsively as he ground his big, hard cock down against her pussy.

He was in no hurry this time. Their first time had been nothing less than pure, sex-starved, lust-driven fucking. This time, he wanted to make love to her.

Crawling up, he leaned down over her. His big, hard cock resting on her soft belly, he leaned down and pressed his lips down onto hers. Then, he began to rain down soft, butterfly kisses all over her face and then down onto her arched neck. On and on, the kissing continued until she couldn't take it any longer.

"Inside...inside me...I want you inside me," she murmured.

"Sarah, I love you! I love you so much," Wade whimpered, backing down her body until the head of his prick rested down in the slippery valley between her soft, fleshy pussy lips.

Looking back down her body, he saw her take his cock in both hands and guide it down to the oozing hole. Teasingly, he held the spongy head of his prick at the entrance of her vagina for several long moments.

"Please..." she begged, lifting her hips to him, trying to draw him inside her.

Finally, Wade couldn't hold back any longer and, ever so slowly, eased his big, stiff dick down into her pussy. The moist folds of flesh surrounding her vagina enveloped him as he drove it steadily deeper and deeper into the warmth of her heated tunnel.

Spreading her legs even wider, she moaned as he entered her with teasing, agonizing slowness. As he did, she dug the heels of her shoes into the bed. Using them as leverage, she lifted her hips to meet him. Finally, Wade felt his nuts nudge up against her ass. Once again, he was buried balls-deep in his grandmother's hot, clutching cunt.

"Oh, God, yes," she murmured out, thrusting herself up against him. "Fuck me!"

"No," he countered. "We already did that, and I'm sure we'll do it many more times. This time, let me make love to you, Darling Sarah!"

She acquiesced with a soft whimper and smile, but the glimmer in her eyes betrayed her true desire. Her arms enfolded him, as did her legs in the small of his back, pulling his body against hers at all possible points of contact.

"Then make love to me, baby," she cooed. "Make your woman!"

With maddening slowness, he began to ease his cock in and out of her tight pussy as she alternately whimpered and groaned out her pleasure.

The house was quiet in the morning stillness. The only sounds to break the silence were their soft grunts and groans accompanied by the wet patter of his balls gently slapping up against her ass on every thrust.

With each thrust down into the cloying heat of her cunt, he could feel her responding to him. Her head was thrown back, eyes clenched shut as she lunged back at him meeting his every down-stroke with an up-stroke of her own.

Five minutes passed...then ten...then fifteen minutes as Wade continued to fuck her with slow, delibermination.

Then as he felt her fourth orgasm tickle through her pussy, he gradually began to hasten the tempo.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," she murmured, reaching down and digging her claws into his bounding ass. "Fuck Sarah...fuck Sarah hard."

Now he was pounding his cock into her with wild abandon.

She kicked her long legs up into the air and wrapped her sweat-covered thighs around his waist. Locking her ankles together, she began to pound her heels down onto his bouncing ass, prodding him to fuck her even harder. Apparently, sometime in the course of their furious fucking, she had kicked off her shoes because it was now her soft, round heels, and not the stinging spikes of her stilettos, crashing down on his ass.

"Oh...fuck...fuck...gonna...again..." she gasped, digging her fingernails even deeper into his ass.

"Yes, my beautiful Sarah, yes!" he goaded her. "Do it! Do it for me! Let me see you come once more!"

Then she arched her back, thrusting up against him. Throwing her head back, she curved her neck, exposing the soft underside of her throat to him. Still pounding his cock down into her contracting cunt, he leaned down and delicately closed his teeth around her windpipe.

"Oh...oh...God," she groaned out, curling her neck even more, willing him to show his dominance over her like the alpha-male he'd suddenly become.

Now her whole body was shaking and shuddering as violent convulsions of pleasure wracked her body, but Wade gave her no quarter as he continued to thrust in and out of her, riding her through her orgasm. Both of them were drenched in sweat as he hammered away at her. Lifting his mouth away from her throat, he could taste the salty, tartness of her sweat on his tongue.

The grimace on her face melted away as her orgasm slowly faded.

Looking down, he saw her eyes flutter open and try to focus on his face.

The air around them was filled with the sweet fragrance of peppermint as she gasped to catch her breath.

"Oh, my God..." she murmured. "I've never..."

Then, he felt her heels begin to patter down onto his bounding ass again as her hands fluttered all over his body, tickling, scratching, urging him on.

" in Sarah's pussy," she frantically coaxed. "Sarah wants your hot, sweet cream!"

Driving herself up at him at a feverish pace, she spurred him on with her pounding heels. Her sweat-slickened thighs were sliding up and down on his waist, driven by the fierce pounding her pussy was receiving.

"Come! Baby! Come!" she pleaded desperately. "Fill me with your seed!"

The loud, wet slaps of their bodies crashing together filled the air. This obscene sound was accompanied by the vulgar slurps of her tight cunt sucking on his pounding prick. The creak and groan of the bed-frame, and the twanging of the box-springs joined in to complete the lewd symphony of fucking. But Wade could hear none of it over the roaring in his ears; he was only aware of the hot, wet, slippery hole between his grandmother's beautiful legs and the fireball that was growing down inside his flopping balls.

Then all at once, it exploded, sending out chards of mind-frying pleasure flying into every synapses in his brain. His giant cock bucked and spurted out a gigantic spume of thick, hot cum into his grandmother's convulsing pussy.

"Oh, yessssss," she hissed, thrusting up against him, pulling his spurting cock down into her spasming cunt as deep as it could possibly go.

Grinding against her, he held the spewing monster shoved down inside her as it emptied its vile, sperm-filled load into her. With each lurch, the demon spurted out another gush of his venomous cream into her. But, at last, there was no more to give.

"Oh, my beautiful c***d," she murmured as Wade slowly melted down onto her sweat-drenched breasts.

"Sarah?" he waggled a finger back and forth in front of her face in a gentle scolding.

"I mean, oh, my wonderful, handsome man!" She corrected herself with a little laugh and a look of total adoration. "That was"

"Yes! Yes it was..." he murmured, giving her a tender kiss, a kiss that went on for the longest time, eventually ending as he laid his head on the pillow of her luscious breasts.

After awhile, both had caught their breath, and Wade could hear the sound of Sarah's heartbeat returning to a normal pace. Accompanying that was the sound of her breathing as she began to drift off to a contented sl**p.

"Sarah?" he spoke quietly.

"Yes, baby?" she responded, lightly stroking his cheek with her fingertips.

"When we move to the new house, will I really have to sl**p in that place over the garage?"

"Only when your parents come to visit, Darling," his grandmother chuckled. "Only then..."

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