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The Neighbor Upstairs Enters the Backdoor

I couldn’t wait for 9 o’clock to come. All night long, I couldn’t sl**p, I just lay there in my little bed and thought about what I did with Mr. Jones yesterday, and what I was going to buy with all the money he gave me. I went up to help him around his apartment yesterday, and ended up doing some things with him that I had never even dreamed about, and the strange thing is, I don’t feel bad or dirty about it. He is a lonely old man, and doesn’t have any one to love him. I am going t love him, and be nice to him, and he will be nice to me. He has the biggest dick in the whole world I bet. He said he has never seen one like it, and I have only seen one, and it wasn’t sticking out, just hanging there like a worm. Mr. Jones’s dick hangs down almost to his knee, and is bigger around than my arm. I could barely get the head in my mouth. Yes, I put it in my mouth and he shot all this white stuff down my throat, and I swallowed all of it, and he gave me 100 dollars. I took off all my clothes and let him touch me all over, and it felt so good, I passed out. I had cream coming out of my pussy, like never before. He stuck his fingers in all my h-les, but couldn’t get it very far in my pussy, because he said that I was still a virgin, but he would change that. He then said he would give me 100 dollars for each hole he could stick his huge co-k in, but I don’t think I will get any more money, because it is just too big, and I am so young and tiny. I just got my first period last month, and my Mom told me that I was a woman now, whatever that means. I felt like a woman yesterday, when I was making Mr. Jones feel so good and shoot his stuff all on and in me. I told him I could keep a secret, and I will, because I know this can’t be right, but it feels good, and I want the money. I never had anything, and now I do. I will let him do anything he wants, and never, ever tell. He said they would take me away and put me in a home, and he would get in trouble, and I don’t want that to happen, because then we would both be screwed, so I just better keep my mouth shut except when he wants to put something in it. HaHa. Well, it’s 5 till 9, and I’m going upstairs.
Good morning little baby doll, come on in said Mr. Jones. He was still wearing his robe, but I was tied loosely, and I could see Mr. Snake hanging there. I said hello Mr. Snake and bent down and kissed the head. Mr. Jones liked that, and smiled, and said I was just the perfect little baby ho, and that I sure was a fast learner. I asked him what he wanted me to clean today, and he said his tubes. I looked at him funny, and he just laughed, and said he wanted to shoot as much cream as he could, and teach me a lot of new things. I said cool, what’s first. He said take off all your clothes and come over here. I quickly took off all my stuff, and spun around so he could see my little body. I am 4ft. 10 inches tall, and weigh about 85 lbs. I have blond hair, and just getting some sprouts on my pussy, and titties the size of an orange with nipples like pink gumdrops. My skin is real thin, and you can see the blue veins under it in places, and the insides of my pussy are pretty pink, I know because I looked, and my butthole is too. I walked over to him and stood between his spread knees, as he was sitting in his recliner. His robe was open, and he pulled me close, and hugged me, and it felt so good. He grabbed my little butt cheeks, and pulled the apart, like stretching my butthole open. His long dong was standing up, almost between my titties, and he was sitting down. I asked him if he had a tape measure, and he said to look in the kitchen drawer. I went and found a cloth tape measure like you sew with. I told him I wanted to measure his cock, and see how big it was so I could remember it when I got older and he was gone. He said I need to get it real hard first, and for me to turn around with my back ot him and stand on my hands, putting my crotch in his face. I did, and he put my thighs over his shoulders and started licking my pussy. He found my little clitty and started tickling it with his tongue, and it felt so good. He leaned back and pulled me with him, and my face was laying in his crotch. He smelled good, and I rubbed my face in his balls, and along the base of his cock. It felt pretty hard to me, but he was having fun with my pussy. He bent me double, with my knees on my chest, and wrapped his arms all the way around my back, and had my pussy and butthole right in his face. He ran his tongue back and forth, and would stop and put it in one hole, then the other. I was in heaven. He told me to reach down under him and see if I could put my fingers in his a--. I put first one, then two, and wiggled them around, and it felt pretty tight. He said to try to get ass many as I could in there. Meanwhile, he was sucking my pussy like it was an orange. I was creaming a steady flow. He said it was the nectar of the gods.I got most of my fingers up there, but it was an awkward position, so he turned me back over, and said he was good and hard now, and boy was he ever. I measured from the base where it began, and all the way to the end, and it was 15 inches exactly. I didn’t realize then what a monster it was. I measured it around the base like a tree trunk, and it was 9 inches, and the head was 8, and the rest 7 and a half. I will remember this forever. It curved up in the middle, like it was proud, and I guess it was. He asked me where did I want it today besides my mouth. It was going in my mouth anyway, so where? I said it won’t fit in either hole, and he said oh yes it would, and that maybe it would be better in my butt. I said no way, and covered my little hole with my hands because I was only t----e, and not fully developed yet. He laughed, and said we had all day, and we would start stretching me out a little bit at a time.
We went into the kitchen, and he had me lie down on my stomach. He then went to the counter and brought this basket over with vegetables in it, carrots, and long green squash things, some bigger than his co-k. He poured some olive oil in my butt crack, and took out this tube of something called KY jelly, but it wasn’t jelly, it was a clear real slippery lotion, He put the nozzle up my butthole and squeezed it hard, and it was cold as the dickens, and I squealed and moved around, and he slapped my butt and said to lie still. He squeezed it again, and again until it was all up there. It felt weird, but slippery. He went and got a pillow for my stomach, and put it in a plastic bag so it wouldn’t get messed up, and went to work. He gave me a big banana to eat, and told me to practice sticking it all the way down my throat without gagging, and it would keep me occupied while he did his thing in my butt. He started with one finger, and it just jumped in, like nothing, and I said is that the best you got? He said don’t get cocky, or I would get cocky. I laughed and stuck the banana in my mouth. He then put two fingers in and swirled them around, and it felt great, and I said so. He said I was going to be a natural born ass fuc-ing k-d. He then picked up a carrot, about 8 inches long, and oiled it up and stuck it up there. It went in pretty easily, and he pushed it in and out and moved it from side to side. He said he wanted me to do this to him one day, and I said I would , because payback is a mother. He then picked up a zucchini about 12 inches long, and I said, I don’t think so, and he said oh yeah. He lubed it up, and started pressing it slowly in, and I guess because I was so young and pliant, it didn’t really hurt, just made me feel full. He put it all the way, and left it there, and asked how was I doing with the banana? I said ok, and said we will leave it there for awhile, and you can suck me for a while. He moved around and stood in front of my face with that tree trunk inches from my nose. I stuck out my tongue and lick the pearly drops that were forming on the head. He said what a nasty little slut I was, and I said yeah, your nasty little slut.
He put the head to my lips and I opened as wide as I could, and he f***ed it in. Once the head got past my teeth, it was ok, it just filled my mouth. He started pushing it down my throat, until I couldn’t breathe, and held it there, as I turned red in the face. I started moving frantically, and he pulled it all the way out and laughed. He told me to clinch my butt muscles 100 times, because the next thing in my butthole was going to be his monster co-k, but first he wanted to try something else. He pulled the squash out of me, and squeezed KY on his right hand, and 3 fingers up my butt with no problem, and moved them around, then he tucked his thumb inside his palm with his little finger, and pushed them in my hole. It got in about as far as his thumb, and stopped, and started to hurt a little, and I told him to stop. He said I was doing great, just relax. He pulled his hand out, and put the head of his cock up against my hole and rubbed it around al little bit. Then he started pushing, and it went in through the first ring of muscles, and he pulled it out, and stuck it back in and out for awhile, then he pushed it in, and said ok, when it starts to hurt, tell me, and I said that I was scared, and he leaned down and kissed my cheek, and said not to worry, he loved me and would never hurt me. I felt this steady pressure, and it felt like a football was trying to get inside me, and I said stop, and he told me to push back like I had to go to the bathroom, and to relax. I started straining like I was trying to pinch one off, when I felt a pop, and the head was passed the inner set of muscles He held it there, and flexed his cock muscle a few times, making it bigger and smaller. It felt cool. After that, he slowly applied pressure and moved it forward. What a full feeling, I thought it would come out my mouth. He couldn’t believe it, when he stopped moving, and said with disbelief, it’s all in!! I love you. No man or woman has ever been able to take it all, you are one in a million. We were just made for each other. He leaned down on top of me, and hugged me, whispering in my ear that I had just made him very happy, and that I had just made myself 100 bucks. I just lie there feeling so full of love and cock. He then put his arms around me, and held me to his chest and told me to reach back and wrap my arms around his neck, and then he stood up., still inside me. Holy shite, He walked out into the hall and into the bathroom where there was a full length mirror, and said just look at that. We looked like Siamese twins or something, like I was a growth in front of him. We stood facing the mirror, and he lifted me up a few inches, and I could see his cock, all shiny and wet, and let me back down, it felt incredible, and looked even better. I was about half his size, and when he lifted me up, his cock was bigger around than my lower legs, I couldn’t believe it. He said, let’s try to turn you around, and walked to the bed, and lay back slowly, until I was sitting on him. He said to slowly try to turn around so I was facing him. I just put my left leg outside his, and pulled myself around until I was facing him. The look on his face was wondrous, he was in heaven. He asked me if I could squat over him, and I slowly put my feet under me, and then he said to start lifting myself up and letting back down at my own speed. I lifted up until it was almost out, and I could feel the head at the ring, and it wasn’t about to come out. I then sank back down until I was sitting on him, and repeated this faster and faster, as I felt a warm flooding in my loins, and put my hand son his chest,, leaned forward, and he said “fuck me baby doll” and boy did I, I could almost stand up, and just plopped back down, and did this faster and faster with my eyes on his, and we both just grinned, and started cummi-g at the same time, I thought I would pass out, from the pleasure. I didn’t want this to end. I was exhausted, and just lay down on his chest with his thing still in me, and fell asl**p, with the fullest, warmest happiest feeling I had ever had in my life. I felt loved, and complete. I wondered what he had in store for me tomorrow.

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