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An unusual Threesome with a Surprise Ending

I asked Bill to write this story about a straight male, a bi-sexual female and a homosexual female. Hope you enjoy it!

FROM BILL: Many men have the fantasy that a real man could make a lesbian go straight after he gave her a great man-fuck. I sort of half believed it, and recently had a chance to test the theory. My friend Monica was visiting Evonne at her house and invited me over to give her the $100 monthly allowance I owed her. Evonne is 100% lesbian; Monica is a switch hitter, and I've got pictures to prove it. Curious how this would go, I downed a 50mg Viagra on the way over in case I needed some extra horsepower.

When I arrived, I gave Monica a sweet kiss I gave her a pat on the ass in full view of Evonne. I turned to Evonne and opened my arms.

"You can have a hug, but don't pat my ass."

I complied, but taking mental notes of Evonne's body as I gave her a lingering frontal hug. Evonne is a tall, heavy black woman, who was wearing flannel pajamas. And no underwear, as I rubbed her back confirming no bra. I could feel her large tits against my chest; actually a bit lower when you factor in several degrees of sag. I kissed her cheek, but she didn’t kiss mine.

“Bill, you know I only date girls and don’t want any man patting my ass.” She sat down on a sofa with an ottoman and propped up her feet, legs spread apart about 30-degrees, in my direct sight from a facing sofa. As we were talking, I noticed that she kept touching herself between her legs just for a moment. The subject was intimacy and sex. Was she teasing herself getting turned on? I sure was, and that Viagra was kicking in strong. I felt like a teenager again with the constant erection. I hadn’t positioned my penis very well and it was getting uncomfortable as my very visible erection continued to grow. Monica was just sitting there watching us both with amusement I’m sure.

I suggested we all have a beer (wanting it to act as a social lubricant) and everyone agreed. The women both downed theirs pretty fast, but I took my time so as not to lose any sexual edge. It worked pretty fast for them. Evonne kept touching herself more and lingered longer, obviously turning herself on. Meanwhile my hard-on was growing, and I had to adjust myself to keep from injuring myself.

Getting up my nerve, I opened by belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled them down to my knees, exposing my tighty-whities with a huge bulge. “I’m sorry about this, Evonne, but you keep playing with yourself, and it turns me on…as you can see.

“I didn’t ask you take that thing out in front of me.”

“It’s not out. I have to adjust myself.” Taking one hand, I re-positioned myself north-south slowly so Evonne could see my shape and length. “What do you think of this, Evonne? Aren’t you at least curious how it would feel sliding into your pussy?”

“Well, if she’s not, I am,” Monica interrupted. She had been standing off to the side watching. Remember, bi-sexual Monica had been with us both individually, so she had double reasons to get horny. I looked over and Monica had one hand deep into her sweatpants, stimulating her sensitive clitoris. Now she walked over and set beside me. “Do you mind?” she said as she pushed my hand aside and started running her fingers lightly up and down my dick. “Let me help you,” I said as I pushed my drawers and pants down to my ankles and stepped out leaving myself naked from my waist down.

Monica had worked herself into a wet, horny condition that had to be relieved. She stood up and removed her sweat pants and thong. I could smell her excitement as I ran my hand between her legs, feeling her wet pussy lips and bulging clit. She stepped one leg over mine, facing away toward Evonne, and slowly lowered herself until my vertical dick touched the entrance to her vaginal opening. And she stopped, gesturing to Evonne to walk forward toward us.

As Evonne walked forward, she had her eyes almost closed almost like in a trance. Monica cupped her hands on Evonne’s face and guided their lips together. First kissing softly, the kisses grew passionate and insisting. Monica, moved her hands down Evonne’s chest, stopping to fondle her nipples. Now she unbuttoned Evonne’s shirt to touch her skin and maybe give me a view, which I took with pleasure. Time and gravity had taken their toll, but Evonne’s nipples were fabulous. Her areolas were jet black against her dark brown breasts. Her nipples were long and hard, as Monica teased and massaged each one.

Evonne was obviously fixed on the girl-girl action, maybe not caring about the boy-girl action getting ready to start as Monica lowered her body taking every inch of me into her pussy. She slowly ground her hips in a circular motion, feeling my dick rub around her pussy and across her clit. Each time that happened, Monica would let out a groan, and I could feel her pussy tighten around my dick.

Now I’m feeling really adventurous and confident I can get away with something not possible 15 minutes earlier as I reach around and put my hands on Evonne’s waist, wondering if I’m going to get a bitch slap…but nothing. She’s either not aware or doesn’t care. I guessed the latter and slowly began pulling her pajama pants down. Still no resistance, as I reached her pussy hair line and continued until her pants fell to the floor.

I’ve seen some hairy women in my time, but nothing like Evonne. I took a clump of her hair between my thumb and forefinger, rubbing the coarse hairs together, as I noticed she had moved her feet wide apart, an obvious invitation. I rubbed her inner thighs slowly, as Evonne rocked her hips forward and backward like the lover I so wanted her to be.

Monica and I have had threesomes with a small number of other women, so she’s not selfish. She likes evenings to unfold at their own pace in their own directions. As much as she wanted her sexual gratification right now, she wanted to defer to Evonne at this moment. Monica raised herself off my rock-hard dick and walked around behind Evonne.

Monica pressed herself against Evonne’s backside, reaching around to first feel Evonne’s nipples, then moving down to her pussy. Like a tour guide who knew her client’s deep appreciation for the female clitoris, she parted Evonne’s pubic hair with her hands exposing a clit to die for. Evonne’s clit was thick and long with the slight shape of the head of a man’s dick. I touched it lightly as Evonne flinched and groaned. Then I leaned forward and ran my tongue over it slowly and softly, as Evonne thrust her hips forward to give me full access.

I knew I could rush this and lose this opportunity to fuck a lesbian to see what effect it would have. I stood up slowly rubbing against Evonne’s as my shoulders finally passed above hers. I kissed her cheek like before to see what reaction I would get now. Instead of a kiss back, she took hold of my waist and pulled me closer while at the same time pushing me downward. I bent my knees, extending them between her legs as she reached between us to take a light hold on my dick. She ran her thumb over my dick’s head feeling either my pre-cum or Monica’s vaginal lubrication.

Didn’t matter. She rubbed by dick across her erect clit, now kissing me deeply, her long tongue seeking my tongue and mouth. As she rocked against me, I wondered if she would take me as a woman takes her man. “I want you, Evonne,” I whispered. “I want you too, Bill, like I’ve never wanted a man ever before in my life. Please fuck me right now.” Bingo!

I dropped to my knees on the blanket Monica had spread over the carpet and invited Evonne to lie down. When Evonne spread her legs, I saw the most incredibly hairy pussy. I hoped I could find her vagina without a flashlight! As I moved over her, Evonne pulled her knees forward so that my dick was laying lengthwise over her pussy. To my surprise I saw Monica reach down and spread Evonne open to reveal her deep, pink pussy and excited pussy lips now against my dick. I moved back and forth as we each added some natural moisture and slickness.

“Wait a minute, Bill,” said Evonne. “I want to be on top.”

In a matter of seconds, Evonne was sliding forward and backward over my excited dick, finally sliding too far forward so that on the backstroke, I entered her virgin (to a man) pussy. Her vagina was narrow and tight against me as she moaned with each stroke, wanting me ever deeper as the rhythm of her hips increased speed. I could feel her long, hard clit slide against my dick on her backward motion. It was driving us both crazy along with Monica touching Evonne’s nipples and fingering my asshole until we both came together. Evonne’s contractions continued for almost 30 seconds, long after I had pumped every ounce of my fluids into her.

“Monica, quick go get our two bath towels and put them under Bill. I’ve got to pee so bad and don’t want to leave this position.” Evonne couldn’t wait long enough as I felt her warm pee trickling down my dick and balls as Monica desperately crammed the towels between my legs. Then she lt loose the floodgate, soaking me and her, the towells, the blanket and the carpet. She must have had a quart or liter of warm piss in her. But I didn’t care, and Monica knew it because she had done the same thing to me many times at my request.

So, did I change Evonne from homosexual to bi-sexual? I guess you’d say I did by definition. But the real test would be to see if she would fuck me when it was just me. I’ll let you know as soon as I can find out!

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