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Lovely Step-Daughter

One afternoon i had ta leave for work a little earlier than normal because i had some errands I had to run. Getting my clothes together for a shower i asked my step-daughter if she needed ta go before i got in she said she didn't and i was in.
I couldn't have been uner the water more than 3 minutes whne i heard her come in and say she was wrong hearing the water run made her need to which was nothing new it always did happen. I just politely told her not to flush that I would take care of it when i was done. SHe said thank you and i thought that was the end of it boy was i taken back.
As i was rinising the soap from my head i felt a cool brezze in the shower and when i opened my eyes there she should just smiling. I got on to her telling that this was not right that I was her step-father and she needed ta get dressed and get out. She corrected me and told that i was nothing more than her mothers boyfriend and either way we was not related so it was fine.
She told me that she had seen him hard several time when she had came in ta talk with her mother of a morning and had always wondered when he actual looked like. I had ta admit there was several times I had to take care of myself in there shower from thinking of her but wasn't gonna let her know this. Then she continued of telling me of how one morning she came into the bedroom after her mother had left and i was still sl**ping that the covers had been pushed back and i had one of the good morning I have ta pee erections
She told me that she had sat on the edge of the bed looking at it and playing with herself to the point she had almost gotten herslef off but had ta stop cuase she was a screamer. By now she had moved past me and was under the running water with her back to me my manhood was steadily growing thinking this was it.
I couldn't take my eyes off her small round ass and how the water was running down it i wanted ta reach out and grab her hips and pull her back to me and thinking this just made him bigger. She turned around runninig her hands down her body her breast the perfect B cup size and her hands keep going doen her tight stomach and to her neatly trimmed pussy.
She told me that it would be our little secret that no one needed ta know. I told her that i still wasn't sure about this and she reach out and grabbed my cock and started stroking him saying that someone was sure of it and thats when i told her that i had often thought about her while I was in the shower.
She looked me in the eye and told me that here was my chance to make my fantasys come true. With that I couldn't stop myself I grabbed by the hips and pulled her to me her hand never letting go of me. Pressing my lips against hers she opened her mouth invitingly. I then strated kissing on her neck and whispered in her ear, just between us right ? and she moaned and said god yes as gripped him harder.
I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her tight against her she had no choice but to let go of him and for the first time I felt how wet she was but then i thougth how did I know it wasn't just the shower water. And as if she could read my mind her gazed eyes looked at me and told me it was all my doing. Our kiss got hotter and deeper after that. I pulled back some and let my head rub just outside of her sweet pussy lips and she started moaning telling how good it felt but there would be more to come since i needed ta get cleaned and off ta work.
She reached for the soap and started ta lather it up and drop it on purpose or accident i don't know but i had come to far to be denied now. She bent over to pick it up and i wasted no time I grabbed her and pulled her back to me my flag pole cock going straight in. she let out a gasp of air as i pushed him in but stayed bent over. As i slide him in and out her rythm matched mine and at time passed mine as she would push him in even farther than what i thought he could go.
She was really getting into this and i had to admit I was to I could feel my balls beging to boil as her pussy tightened around him next thing i know i heard her screaming for dear life telling me she was going to cum it was seconds after that a flood of her juices washed over my stiff cock and started burning I know i had now choice I let go inside her and she shuddered.
Her breathing had slowed down some but my cock was still as hard as a teeneager as he slide out of her silky smooth pussy. I could have stayed in there and keep going all day. She told me she had never gotten off like that before and that I had better finish with my shower and get ready for work. The shower water had turned cold but barely noticed from out body heat.
That day at work all i could think of was her body and how good it felt. Good thing I have a desk job cause i keep a hard on all day. I was there at work maybe 2 hours when i recived a picture text it was from my step-daughter. She had sent me a picture of her pussy with one of her toys deep inside her and a caption that read she misses you.
That was it knowing I couldn't leave work I went to the bathroom and started wacking off looking at her picture and shot my load wasn't as good as this morning but gave me a little relief. I took a picture of the head of my cover in cock covered in cum and sent it to her telling her he missed her to.
A few days went by and nothing happened out of the ordinary which was good but I still wanted her body next to mine again. Every now and again she would do something to flash her body at me loose cut top bent over with no bra so I could have a great view of her ample breast or bending over in her little shorter than short daisy duke cut offs.
The next morning I awoke but not in the ususal way the night had been cool so we had opened the windows to the bedroom and i felt a lite brezze blowing acrossed my dick. It was only when i opened my eyes that i realized it was not a brezze but my step-daughter lightly blowing over him and making him stiff.
She told me that her mom had left for work over an hour and that she couldn't wait for me to get up. As she kept blowing over him she asked me if I had enjoyed the show the past few days. I told her that I had and that a couple of time during the show I had went ta the bathroom to take care of myself. She grined big at that and told me that had excited her very much. lightly running her fingers up and down my manhood he was getting more erct by the second, I figured what the hell and took the chance and started playing with her inners thighs slowly inching closer to where I wanted them to be.
i have no clue what came over me i guess i was caught up in the moment but my hand rushed up and there was nothing there to hold him back as my fingers slide right in and i heard a small gasp of air escape from her and i could tell she was shocked with my eagerness.
as my fingers slide deep inside her brushing stoped I was starting to wonder why till she said so you want to play that game huh and griped him firmly in her and stroked him hard but of course i didn't mind we played with each other for seemed liked hours and she looked at me and told me and said that my other hand look kinda loney not having anything bto dio but she could take care of that and the words came out of her mouth she took off her night shirt to expose her breast to me
Well I didn't need any others words to tewll me what to do as my hand reached up and gentley caressed her nipple. After awhile i had lost control of what i was doing and with whom I was doing it with. I loved her very much and told her so as my fingers slide in and out of her glory hole. She said she was glad as she tightened her grip around him
I figureed I might as well go for broke so as i played with her and she played with me I raised up out of the bed and took one of her nipples deep in my mouth and it grew as fast as my cock had in her hand. I guess I must have struck some kinda of cord cause if it was possilbe her pussy tightened even harder around my fingers than they had around my cock. I looked up at her and grined and said so you have sensitive nipple do you and she moaned out a little yes and with that I gave a tender bite and in an instant her juices flowed.
I had had all of what I could stand of her hand not that I didn't enoy it mind you but I wanted and needed more so I f***ed her to release her hand by lifting her up over me and guiding her to him. I was about to slide him in to feel her warmness wrapped around him again untill she stopped. First thought was that now she had realized what we was doing was wrong but she smile angely at me and simpley said I want to feel him somewhere else. Where I softly asked and without word she slide him back only a few inches to her puckering ass.
I couldn't believe it not only was I getting ready ta have anal sex for the first time in my life but I was going to have it with my own stepdaughter and with that she gentley lowered herself down taking him in I could have shot right there and then but held back I had to wait for the right moment.
barely a quater of him was in and she was already riding him like a stallion. Her ample breast bouncing withe each thrust but I was being greedy I wanted it and then I remembered. Wrapping my arms around her I lowered her down to me as she continued to ride. She reached out ta give me a loving kiss her mouth parting already. I whispered I don't think so and my mouth found its mark as I dipped my head and put her nipple back in my mouth and bite a little harder this time.
I got what I wanted as she rammed back and took him full and deep insided and screamed YES !!!!!!I knew what was happening the second hes loves juices started washing over me I had made her cum before she was ready and then I felt the death grip around my manhood and she look evily into my eyes and said I won't release him now till I get what I want. Like a woman possied she rammed him harder and harder each time but I kept up.
Final I could feel it getting ready to come. I just looked at her and said you want me to cum in your ass. and she repied by saying gawd yes give me a sperm enima. That was all i need and wave after hot sticky wave of my juice filled her tiny hole.
Our bodies covered in sweat my cock not even wanting to go down we laid there in each other armsshe told that was the best anal she had ever had.I told her nicely it was my first and that I would only do it again if it was with her that it felt that great I was not going to tarnish this memory. From the gleem in her eyes I could tell she liked this and she slowly started to ride him again guess it didn't matter to her that he had went limp.
Then all of a sudden her moanaing got got worse with puzzlement I ask what. She repiled he is growing inside me and told her i knew she said she had never had anything like this happen to her before. I asked if she was okay and she moaned better than oksy and before he could get stiff again her juices was flowing like water again.
I rolled her off of me making the excuse that I seriously did have ta go pee and cleaan him up a bit. told that was that she for the first time was exushusted. I kinda luaghed and went to the restroom. I did use and washed him off since I had never had anal before I didn't want what was coming next ta interfer with what I had in mind.
As I came back there she was still naked and laying on the bedi couldn't wait for what I had in mind next. laid on the bed next to her and told her thank you that it was great. She smiled and said know I know why i hear mom moaning all the time at night. Then I relived the biggest secret to her I said dear your molther and I haven't made love in over 7 years now. The shocke that washed over her face was surprising even to me and all she could say was you mean I had a virgin. smiled back and said you could look at it that way yes
With that she told me she wated more and that I could do anything I wanted to her I smiled and looked at her and said really she smiled back and said said yes really. So climbed on top of her and aimed stright forward. Pushing him feeling her vevlet walls wrapped around almost made me cum roight there and then but I held back as i stroked him in and out. her moans and breathing got shorter and thats when i went for it.
I took her nipple even deeper and harder into my mouth biting and swirling my tounge. In someways I wish i hadn't cause her legs wrapped around me with a death grip her hips thrusting to met my every mover. I stopped chewing and she screamed at me not to so I went back at. 6 times in less than 2 minutes i felt her body convules against mine and then I went and spent my load just as thick and as hard as i did in her ass.
We laid ther for awhile and from time to time having out little fun. We was both almost sound asl**p my cock in her hand and my fingers well deep inside when the door opened up and there stood my gorlfriend I was thinking this was it i'm looking for a new place to live. But all she said as she underdressed was now you see why it has been so long ...hope you left some for me.....

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