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Cindy gets a taste of Black

Cindy Gets Huge BBC Cock at the Lake.

Every year a large group of us go to place we have been going
to for years and years on end and camp as a whole f****y aka f****y
reunion thing.

Cindy is actually my cousin Roy's oldest daughter.
And at 27yrs old she's one fine f****y tribute to our
gene culture! She's 5'6" and weighs a mere maybe 105lbs
and that's with a, soaking wet towel on.
She has long blonde straight hair that hangs past her ass
now which itself is a treasure,It's one of those you wants'
just grab and enjoy the feel of mother natures having blessed
a woman with ones, It's one of those jiggly wiggly as you walk
absolute bubble butts! Now she was blessed with that ass for sure
but she by no means was large breasted in the least. In fact not
truly knowing a Woman's breast/bra size thing i'd say at best a
33b maybe? But believe me she's got two of the puffiest standing
out proud as hell nipples. Looks like someone glued 2 bon bons on
those titties to tease us men from hell and back!

And as well she is long legged looking. And has that look
right between them legs of having been born sitting on a horse
or something because she has that spread out right between the legs
look about her. We down here in the south call it she's been hit
between them legs with a splitting wedge. But she has those curved
hips that makes everything come together to make a man go damn how
can something like that be built. Just shouldn't happen at all..

Anyway all our group both, old and, young alike f****y
members all gathered at a camp site place at one of our local lakes
and looks like half a town of hillbillies done took over!

Well right next to all of us was f****y of Blacks camping and
it seemed that they were much as we were several families together
and enjoying the outdoors and camping alike all together.

So being all neighborly as my can't keep their noses out of peoples
damn business f****y is their all saying join us and have a great time
of which no doubt there since several of our f****y members have bands
and such so kicking back with a good campfire a going and drinking and
sippin' and pickin' and grinnin'! Well the f****y of blacks come over
and join us and are having a hell of a time though they didn't much
care i think for our backwoods damn pure ass hillbilly music.

Well after the highs i'm this and howdy i'm that and that's old
uncle joe over there he moves kinda slow and he's a bit perverted
so pay him no mind sort of greetings between us all and one of their
members a rather really nice looking and a prim taking care of person
He I could tell for sure could give a shit less about being here
camping in anyway shape of form. He looked more like he belonged on
an expensive as hell country club golf course somewhere.

Anyway he name was Billy I think. Anyway this young man could
tower over about any human being! He stood easily 6'ft3" maybe
6'ft5" tall and weighed a hefty muscular 260to 270 and no doubt
he had to be some athlete somehow. Well he was damn friendly and
had all of us in laughter with ranting about this and that so
he wasn't an asshole at all. Well pretty soon as the booze began
flowin' through veins heavier and heavier the whole place began
to loosen up and everyone was having a hell of a blast.

The olders of course piled up in their group talking about this
and that and the younger ones in their groups talking their own
brand of talk and so Cindy was there as was Billy and as I began
to mossy about from group to group I noticed Cindy was damn sure
giving that crotch of Billy's a lookin' over for sure!

A woman does not look at a man like that and be licking them
damn chops just because she's hungry! Oh she's hungry alright,
Hungry as hell for that crotch she be a watchin'!

So my mind immediately sprang to attention that; Little Cindy there
was gonna' sneak all off somewhere and get her a dose of that black
dick tonite!

Well as things got more boozed up and everyone was feeling no damn
pain whatsoever I was still moving around from this group to that and
noticed Cindy was missing as was Big Billy!

Far off just out of the bonfires lite I caught a glimpse of Cindy
and Billy off by a tree all to themselves. And saw the ol' lefty thing
a burnin' and was like oh hell yeah! So I went over and partake in the
fornification as we term smoking a lefty! Well it wasn't long before
all three of us were stoned off our asses, and so being open minded as
hell as I am I just busted out and said: Damn Cindy why don't you get
you a dose of that huge black cock Billy has! Well silence came about
and all we could hear then was the crickets and locust a singin' off
and Cindy blushed like hell and giggled like a damn little school girl
as Billy just looked at me with that damn dude you gonna' fuck up my
getting some of that ass with shit like that! Well Cindy just lowered
her head and with that still flustered look on her face said I've never
had a black man before. Then looked up at Billy and said is it true
what they say about black men being hung like hell?

Well Billy just then giggled and said; Well I don't know there
Cindy what do you think?

Well Cindy just murmured out; It sure looks like it!

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