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The First Day - Part 2 (FEMDOM)

Part II

It is 5:45 now. Where are you? You haven’t called. Thoughts racing though my head, my heart pounding; you’re going to make me wait tied up like this until 8, or the next morning, or I didn’t tell you the right hotel address. I look around the room as much as I can in my tightly constrained position – I can’t even see the keys anywhere. Where did I put them? Maybe they are on the bed, or are they on the dresser? If I do find them, will I even be able to move enough to reach them and release myself? I take a mental inventory of the locks I need to open; two bounding each of my wrists to my ankles, and another two locking your cock tightly in chastity. Four keys – I won’t even know which goes where. I think about yelling for help; maybe someone will hear and call the hotel to have security come and release me. I break out into a sweat, and fill my entire body flush with the humiliation I will need to face. Yet, your cock remains hard. And dripping. I notice for the first time the large wet spot on the front of my hot pink panties. Your cock grows harder still, straining against the metal bands, digging into my shaft, crushing my balls, sending waves of pain across my body. I feel my nipples stiffen, the clamps squeezing even tighter. I can’t begin to concentrate on an escape plan in this condition.

It’s 6:40. I hear the click as the key card is inserted into the lock. I quickly compose myself as best I can, and f***e my eyes downward. The door opens, and I see red. Red leather boots with a high heel. I don’t dare look higher than the pointed toe. Your cock is absolutely throbbing now. You are just standing there. Then I hear your laugh. Laughter leaden with pride and amusement and dark intentions fill the room for several minutes, as you stand there surveying your desperate suffering slave.
Finally you close the door and slowly approach me. I still see only red; I want so badly to see my beautiful Goddess but fear your punishment for my disobedience. So I keep my eyes downcast. You are mere inches from me now. The scent of your perfume enfolds me, my hunger for you intensifies and brings yet more pain. My body shivers, causing me to struggle against my bonds. Another burst of laughter from you; I desperately hope this is a sign that you are pleased.

I feel your hand briefly caress my face, softly stroking my cheek and then gently, lovingly, pushing your fingers through my hair. “My poor helpless little puppy”, I hear you from above me, using your sexiest voice. “Were you afraid your Mistress had stood you up? That she found another puppy to play with instead? Or maybe she was just she was busy on the phone with her new boyfriend? Awww, puppy, don’t worry – you have my full and total attention this week, I own you and no other and you are only starting to begin what ownership truly means. If you must know, I went for a run before I came here, and ran a bit longer than I had planned. But I am here now, and I know how grateful you must be. Close your eyes now, slut, I want to inspect my property”.

I reluctantly close my eyes; the anticipation of seeing my Goddess becoming maddening. I hear a chair pull up as you sit down to inspect my bound body. I feel your hands roughly checking only my bindings, While you are checking my wrist and ankle bonds, I begin thinking about your going running, and something doesn’t feel right. I know that you are wearing high heeled boots, so you surely didn’t run in those, and something tells me that you aren’t wearing your workout clothes. My thoughts are s**ttered once you get to your cock, roughly pulling and rattling the cage, yanking on each lock individually, and checking that my balls are secure by way of a tight squeeze in your hand.
“Open your eyes, slut”. I open my eyes. Your face is inches from mine. You are so beautiful. Your lips a deep dark red and so heavenly full. I notice these first, and can hardly take my eyes away. I see your beautiful long dark hair cascading down your neck and shoulders, framing your face drawing even more attention to your luscious mouth. Even though I am unable to speak with a mouth full of your panties, I find that I cannot even if I try – I am rendered totally speechless by your beauty.

You lower your face;, your eyes meet mine for the first time. They are incredible. Dark and deep and dangerous. And angry. I can see anger in your eyes, and I grow terrified.
Your eyes not leaving mine, I feel you roughly grab your cock. The chastity device constrains it so that with one hand you can grab the entire cock and balls. You squeeze. Still looking into my eyes without speaking, you squeeze. You see my eyes begin to tear, hear muffled moans through my gagged mouth, and you squeeze. “Such a filthy, pathetic whore”. Still squeezing, harder. “I haven’t touched you, you haven’t even fucking seen me yet, and somehow you managed to fill your panties with nasty pre-cum. I was planning on giving you a reward for waiting so patiently, but you can forget about that now.”

You finally release your tortured cock and balls. You raise your hand up to your face, and look at your palm. You turn your hand so that your palm is directly in front of my eyes. “Just look what you did. You soaked all the way through your sissy panties, and now made a mess all over my hand.” You slap me hard with your cum-covered hand, and then roughly rub your palm all over my face, spreading my own pre-cum all over my face. “I hope that feels nice whore; you won’t be allowed to wash your face until tomorrow, and only If you’ve earned it. Oh, and another thing, these aren’t nearly tight enough, you little pussy.” I feel your hands push down my bra, your fingers sharply tightening the clamps on my nipples. I cry out through my gag. Once they are tight enough to your liking, you order me to lower my head. You grab the chain linked to the clamps and pull it over the back of my head, letting it drop around my neck. “That’s much better”.
You stand up, facing me. Any attempt to raise my head sends searing pain through my nipples, so I am again relegated to look only at the toe of your boots. “Slave, when I told you I was running, I wasn’t lying. I did go for a two hour run, but that was earlier this afternoon – while you were chained helpless to the bed, I was busy showering and getting dressed so I could look nice for my slave. I’m wearing my sexiest black skirt and that tube top that makes my tits pop out. I even shaved my pussy; it’s too bad that you won’t be seeing it anytime soon”.

I see your panties drop down over your boots, your beautifully manicured fingers picking them up off the carpet. “I had a very good run, and worked up quite a sweat. At first I was embarrassed about putting on the same panties that I ran in after I showered, but then I remembered that no one was going to be seeing them. Except for you, of course. And we both know that you will be worshipping me however and whenever I say, so why should it matter which panties I wore?”

You take your seat again, only this time you press the heel of your boot against my balls. “I’m going to take that gag out of your mouth now slave, but you are not to speak, or else you will feel my heel drive your balls straight into the floor.” You pull the gag from my mouth, which remains open. “Poor slave, you must be so thirsty! Hold still…” You pull the hair from your face and spit into my open mouth. “Keep your mouth open slut and don’t swallow”, you say as you dangle your sweaty panties in front of my face, “you know where these are going, don’t you?” I can’t speak with my mouth full of your spit, but nod my head, which brings new pain to my raw nipple. “Good boy”, you say as you stuff your soaking panties into my mouth.
You reach into your bag and pull some things out. You walk over to me with a roll of duct tape, wrap it across my mouth. On the night table right in front of me, you set down an enormous but plug and a wooden paddle. “I am going to go out and have dinner now, slave. You can think about what will be in store for you when I get back”.

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