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Caught Son Jerking

First my son was living with me since he was 16, since my divorce I had custody of him. He took after his mothers side of the f****y in size and hair. Shorter than me, 5'9" and hairy as a bear cub. Nice happy trail down to his man meat and bushy cock, and legs. Nice package for a guy his size, about 6"

I got a call from the neighbor who I had told to keep an eye on my place and if my son was causing any trouble. Well he gave me a call one day early that my son looked like had skipped school and was home at 10am already. I was like dam fucking k**. So I told my boss had to leave because of some issues at home. Pulled up to apartment complex and got upstairs and heard the tv going. So I opened the door quietly and walked in without him hearing me obivously. by then I was watching him nude on the couch, stroking his cock to one of my porn movies. He was really into it and didnt even noticed me there for like 5 min. or more. I was growning a pretty big boner myself watching my son jerk his cock. I cleared my throat and he then noticed me, and was like holy shit dad. and tried to cover up, I said son its too late now. I've seen enough. I was first telling him how dissappointed I was that he skipped school and that his grades were suffering enough already. But then to be home stroking it off. He said dad it was a blow off day, nothing really going on at school, and completed my work, but I. I then interrupted him with my movies are private.

He complained that he was horny and needed to get off so bad. he tried to get up and go back to his room. I told him son, its cool all us guys jerk off, even your dad, he said yea I hear you sometimes at nite doing it. Its ok, but not to skip school for. I walked out of the room and hit the bathroom. I thought this would give him time to get dressed and cleaned up. When I was in the bathroom, my mind was racing and my cock was hard as hell by now. I was like I really need to beat off as well. I took a long piss which was pretty rough now, and then played a little with my cock. Walked out and headed back into the livingroom.

There he was still jerking off to the movie. I started to laugh and said you just cant get enough, Hell I remember when I was your age I could cum like 4 times or more. Jon said ya dad, I already did once. I went into the kitchen and said might as well have a cold one and enjoy the show. Opened up a beer, called my boss told him I'm taking the rest of the day off, and would be in the am. Then went back into the room, My son seemed to enjoy showing off for me and was getting close to another cum shot for me this time. I sat back and enjoyed watching him getting off. I then saw the most incredible cum shot of his. He was stroking to slow now and really edging his cock. I could tell he was about ready, and lifted his legs a bit and then squeezed his balls with one hand and let out this moan that seem to come from his balls, and his cock shot a huge rope of cum almost to his face and load after load, I was really impressed with his amount of cum for his 2nd shot of the day. He finished, and walked back to the bathroom to clean up. I was in disbelief of what I had just witnessed with my k**.

I was so horned up myself, and was squeezing my cock thru my pants now. The movie was still playing and I had just finished the first beer. It was noon now. So grabbed another beer and sat back down to finish the movie that was still playing, I heard my son in the shower, so I thought hey I can get off a quick one before he comes out.

I unzipped my fly and pulled out my aching cock now. I put some spit on my palm and started to stroke so slowly getting my head now engorged and rising. Unbuckled my pants and pull them down over my knees so I could stretch open my legs and play with my balls as I jerked off. I was beating it pretty fast now, building speed as the movie progress while watching this 2 guys fuck this hot chick, one at each end. The guy getting sucked off in the movie was about to cum, and he was jerking off to her face , It was pushing me over the edge. I was about to cum myself and was dripping pre-cum and lubing my cock at the same time. I could feel it tense up and swell and started to lift my legs abit and squeeze my balls just then I looked out the corner of my eye and noticed my son watching and stroking his cock to me. when I saw him I shot my nut off and screamed in my orgasm over my stomach. He laughed and said dam dad, you blew one hell of a nut off.

Yea, well I was pretty horned up with you watching this movie and I had to get this nut off as well. I tried getting up and cleaning off, he threw his towel to me so I could wipe up my cum. He then sat down on the couch in front of me and still naked. I was really surprised that he felt this comfortable in front of me now. Jon said "Dad it was really hot watching you jerk and shoot your load" Lets do it together and watch the movie some more. He started jerking his cock again and it was hard in no time. I watched him some and played with my cock that was recooperating and trying to get back. He stood up and that did it, seeing him stand in front of me with his cock in his hand and jerking to this movie or jerking to me, which ever, that brought my cock to attention now. I was jerking in time with him, we were starting to go faster and faster to each others stroke. Stroke for stroke I kept up with him and I could see him getting close already, I was like dam boy, you can sure bring your but off fast. He was going crazy when I talked like that now to him , So I started talking more dirty, saying come on son, show dad how big you can get that cock nice and hard, he was now moaning and dad how you like my cock now, I was son that is one beautiful piece of cock meat I have ever seen, Son play with your balls now for me, squeeze them and tug on them hard, I was doing the same to mine. I was sitting on the large chair now and my legs spreading more and more. Feeling beneath my balls and playing with my ass now. I could see Jon watching me and sensing I was about ready to shoot. He said come on dad, shoot that load again for me, I started pounding my cock hard now and grunting, Jon got closer and I could sense he was ready, I started lifting my legs and opening them up, he then started shoot his cum and shot across my legs and on my cock as well. That did it I blew my load after load with my son's cum on my cock. I couldnt stop and didnt want to. I was way beyond this now. he looked so fucking hot with his cum dripping out of his cock in his hand and loads on my chest. This was our first time jerking off together.

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