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Demon Dreams

Demon Dreams

She came to me in the night, she was like a dream. Very young and very hot, hardly dressed, with a mischievious smile, I woke up with this fine lady’s hand massaging my junk. I could not believe my eyes, it was like a night terror but I did not feel afraid, just paralyzed. My cock soon started to grow, without a word she took me into her mouth and started to suck the head. After torturing the head of my cock she swallowed it all the way down to my balls. Her tonsils massaged the throbbing member as the cock head hit the back of her throat. It was done in only a few minutes. My balls were boiling, my cock was straining and even though I was almost paralyzed I could moan my enjoyment. No longer could I hold on to my load I exploded my hot seed deep into her throat. She never gaged or missed a drop. The girl lovingly cleaned my cock off and crawled in bed next to me. She said,” that one was for you big guy, after you rest then it is my turn.”

We cuddled a little and she started to rub me again. Like a good soldier my cock started to stand at attention. I was in a half asl**p half awake state still feeling this must be a dream, and a really good one, before I realized it she was on my cock riding fast. Her young firm breasts were swaying in face, her nipples hard and erect. She rocked back and forth with an unending powerful motion. My mind raced but I decided to completely enjoy the sensations. She clasped my hands and bent over to kiss me on the forehead. She whispered,” I need you on top of me, I need you to cum in my pussy. Give me everything.”

With one simple movement we changed positions almost without un-coupling , I was on top of her. I took a minute and looked into her face, she was very pretty , I saw a red flash behind her eyes and she smile at me. I started to thrust softly at first then harder as she moaned her approval. The more she moaned the faster and harder I pumped her pussy. In a little while my balls started to burn, I could feel them slapping her ass, pushed deeper and harder. All the muscles in my body ached sweetly from the exertion. Finally I could not hold on any longer and I let myself orgasm. My cock felt like a flame thrower, my groin burned with both pleasure and pain, after what felt like an eternity everything went dark.

When I woke up the next day, the bed looked like it had been in a fight, but other than that everything was in its place. It seemed no one else had shared my bedroom. I was tired, feeling like I had not slept at all, I went to work and had kind of a long day. This lovely syrian that came to me in my dreams haunted my thoughts all day. That night I went to bed early but I did not dream at all. I felt cheated and lonely in the morning, nothing had happened.

Two nights later she returned, this time we talked when she appeared. She told me her name was Daphne, her main goal was to please me and take a small part of my being each time we met. She explained my “soul" was at risk but this was a concept I could not understand. Science has never proven a person to have an immortal soul, what she talked of made no sense, but she was very pretty and very persuasive so I agreed with everything she said. I really did not care what was at risk, the sex we had was mind blowing and each time after I shot my second load I would wake up in the morning.

These vivid dream encounters continued every other night or so. She would come to me right after mid-night, we would chat a little and then we would enjoy each other fully. The mornings after I would wake up weak and shaky, sick to my stomach but my balls were completely drained and sexually satisfied.

This morning I woke and things were different. The night before Daphne came to me sadly and explained this would be the last time we would meet. She said,” I must not see you anymore big guy, I am hurting you and you don’t know it.” I protested, “ I feel fine Daphne, if it is only my immortal soul to trade for your touch I give it to you completely.” She shook her head and looked at me mournfully, we made love after that and like always I passed out when we were done. In the morning everything was same as always, I felt sicker than normal, mostly with the thought of never seeing her again. It does not matter I know, all just a dream. But the weird thing is, on my night stand there was a single bl**d red rose in a black onyx vase, placed there carefully by someone right out of my dreams.

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