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Breaking In the Sales Counter

Breaking in the New Sales Counter
A few years ago I worked for a local convenience store chain. I was in charge of the maintenance and construction of the companies facilities. One night about three am i get a phone call from the company director telling me that # 39 was on fire. I laughed and said real fucking funny Chuong. He said no shit it was on fire and to meet him there. It was on fire and he and i watched the fire dept try to save it but with no luck. An arsonist had set it on fire to cover up his theft of lottery tickets. Dumb ass didn't know they were worthless until activated but...that's not the story.
This meant this old store would have to be rebuilt and since it was a poorly built store we had bought it was a good thing. We were going to modernize it. As this store's construction came to a close and we were planning on the final phases of reopening, in the office comes Sue. She is going to be the manager of this store and get it up on its feet again. Now Sue and I had been friends for several years. She was one of the companies long term employees and she was a great manager. She fixed problems all the time in our troubled stores. She also had the whackiest sense of humour and the saltiest mouth in the company. Her customers loved her cause if they needed it she would give them a hug or tell them to quit crying and fuck off. She also was always coming on to me as I did to her. it was more of a fun game then anything else. She was married to a guy I knew so anything else was off the table.
While we making plans for the grand reopening she mentioned that she and greg had split up and were getting a divorce. Damn that was a shame as i told her. She said it was coming for along time and they finally admitted it. Well they were two extremes in personality so I had to agree. We all went to lunch and planned a little more. Then i asked Sue if she had seen the sore lately and she said no so i told her I would be out here later after the contractors left cause I had alot of stuff to do. So about 5:30 that evening she showed up and i gave her the tour. We had made alot of changes to the typical store design and she was loving it. When i showed her the point of sale area and the new Corian inlays that would keep the counter tops from wearing out so fast she asked me what are these again. I repeated and said Corian inlays. She laughed and said she thought i said this was where she got laid. i laughed too and said she was a pervert for reading that into my conversation. We went on through the oversized beer cooler and the rest of the store when she said we ought to toast the new store. I said that sounds great but there was no merchandise here and the store was on the edge of town and nothing was close to it. She said i brought some champagne with me and proceeded to go out and get it from her car. We popped the cork and drank and talked for the next hour. She went into the rest room for a minute and when she came back out she had left her clothes behind except for her blouse which was open and showing her firm ripe b cups. I said damn girl you seemed to have forgotten something. She said she had wiped but she was still wet. I smiled at that and then she stuck her tongue down my throat. The next fifteen minutes were kissing and grabbing and groping.She really was wet and i was instantly hard. She proceeded to help me get my clothes off and i suggested we slip into the backroom. She said she intended to fuck me on the Corian like I said. The thought of fucking in public view on the point of sale was too much and we both went at it.Ii grabbed her up and plopped her naked ass right on the corian and proceeded to slip a tongue up and down her furr patch.Now she had a thick pubic bush on her. i had to part her hair with my hands to find her slit. I sure do love to explore but in just a minute she is grabbing me by the hair and pulling my wet face up to hers. She licked my face and told me to fuck her know. As soon asI got junior inside the bush jungle and got set to start thrusting she came loudly and held me tight. I stopped and said damn girl. she kept breathing hard for a minute or two while still holding me tight. She then told me that she had dreamed many times of fucking me on her stores counter just like we had done. She said all the times I was standing on a ladder in her stores she had thought of this. I said well if you want to know what i had thought about many times was the way she kinda bent over sprawled out over her counter while talking to customers. She said oh yeah like this and she turned around and bent over the counter. So I jammed junior back into the fur mound and proceeded to fulfill her pussy and my fantasy. I rode her hard for awhile and kept banging her into the Corian inlay. I had her all the way up on the counter top where her pussy juice was dripping out onto i and my balls were hitting the the front edge. Like a dirty girl she reached back around and under her bush and grabbed my balls and pulled the trigger. I shot a weeks load of cum inside her small pussy. And then we both layed there exhausted. When we got up and put our clothes back on she said oh my god look at the counter. We had left quite a mess of pubic hairs, girl cum and man cum on the Corian countertop. I laughed and said that Corian guarantees there countertops to be stain resistant. She laughed and said i wonder if any one had ever tested them this way. We both laughed.
The next day I am back working in this store with five other guys in the room and i just smile to my self about the Corian. Just before lunch a contractor i work with regularly came up to me and asked if I had remembered that we had a meeting here last night. i apologized for forgetting and he smiled real big and said that it was no problem. As he started to walk away he turned and said I would have plowed into that sweet bush rather than meet with me too!!
I don't work for the company any more but this store is still my favorite and it is on my way home. I love standing where i stood fucking Sue and pay for my beer and reminisce. Sometimes the clerk asks what i"m smiling about and i tell her that I have fond memories of building this store and I walk out.
The Corian really does hold up to a pounding even years later!! LMFAO !

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