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The Masked Revenge part 3

The first place we stopped was a hot little dance club in town. Looking through the window, I saw a line of people waiting to get in. Jenn handed me a black masquerade mask. It was exotic, with shiny sequins and black feathers. Kim, Jenn, and Amy all put on a similar mask, each a different style and color. Their identities immediately faded into a shroud of mystery. I still knew who each of them were because I'd seen them before (and I also knew their hair and their clothing), but I was sure no one else would know them. This reassured me a little as I donned my own mask. 'No one will be able to recognize me,' I thought. 'I hope.' My heart was pounding. Even though I had already been humiliated and knew the humiliation might get even worse, I was truly excited by the whole thing.

After we had been standing in line for the door for about 15 minutes, people started to leave. A couple of girls a few spaces in front of us turned around and walked passed us. "They shut it down." they said as the passed. "No one else is getting in tonight."

In just a few minutes, we were the only ones left. I figured we were gonna leave too, but then Amy started flirting with the doorman. "Come on, there's only four of us. You can let us in can't you, sweetie?"

"Sorry, beautiful." He said, "Can't let anyone else in." He was a huge, muscular black guy with chiseled features. Amy looked like a little girl standing next to him. She barely came up to his chest and had to look up at him as she spoke. I have never been particularly attracted to black men, but I must say he was handsome for a black guy.

"Surely there's something we can do to change your mind." She said as she reached out and put her arms around his waste and started to hug him.

He played along, obviously enjoying the attention of a pretty, young white girl.

Amy started rubbing his crotch through his pants. "Oh ho ho!" She flirted, as if to flatter his endowment, but it didn't look like she was acting. She looked at me and then Kim, who was still holding my leash. She gestured for Kim to bring me over. Amy reached out and put her fingers on my cheeks. With her thumb, she traced my upper lip and then my lower lip, pulling my mouth open on the way. She gently directed my gaze up into the bouncers eyes. He was studying me, as if to undress me mentally.

"How would you like these pretty little lips to suck you off?" Amy said seductively.

"Mmmm. Yeah, I think I'd like dat." He said in a low voice.

"Enough to let us in?"


"Alright." Amy said. "Five minutes." And she took the leash from Kim's hand and gave to him.

I knew what he wanted and the whole thing had me weak in the knees and wet between my legs. This was crazy! They wanted me to suck off a complete stranger--a black guy at that--right here on the street in front of a club? It was the audacity of it and the sheer excitement of breaking so many taboos that made me hot. I don't even remember how it happened, but the next thing I knew I was squatting in front of the guy unbuckling his pants. My hands were shaking as I struggled with the button on his pants. I dug down into his boxers to claim my prize.

What I found, confused me. My hand grasped something fleshy that was too big to be a penis. It felt like it was an arm, but it was not as firm as an arm. I struggled to pull it up over the waste band of his underwear. What finally emerged caused me to catch my breath in my throat. It was a penis. No, a dick, a big black cock almost the length of my forearm and as big around as my wrist (maybe thicker). It was already halfway erect. I held it in my hand staring at it in disbelief. I've never seen a cock that big.

"Holy shit!" I heard one of my girlfriends let out. And the rest gathered around to look.

"Come on na. I only got fi' minutes. Get to it." And I felt his huge hand palm the back of my head like a small basketball. He urged my lips toward his monster.

I was only able to take the head on the first try. I gagged, pulled away, and coughed. Then, determined, I went back to it. This time I was ready and was able to get a little more in my mouth. I opened my jaw as wide as I could and sucked him in and out, in and out. Almost immediately, I felt his cock get harder. I knew I was doing it right for him. Since I still could only fit a fraction of his length in my mouth, I used my hands to stroke his full length. First I just use one hand, then both. He was so big I could only encircle his whole penis by using both my hands. A couple times, I pulled him out of my mouth and slid my tongue down and up his entire length. Up the underside and down one side. Then I licked his balls. They were huge--like tangerines hanging down in a sack of baggy flesh.

One of my friends leaned down and whispered in my ear. "He's almost ready, slut. I want you to let him cum in your mouth. And you better swallow it. You don't want to go in the club with a cum stain running down the front of your dress." She laughed and continued, "With balls that big, he's gonna cum a whole lot more the Joe. Better be ready."

As if on cue, I heard the huge black man start to groan and I felt him grab the back of my head with both hand and push his dick deep in my mouth. I squeezed the base of the invader hard with both my hands trying to hold him back and managed only barely to keep him out of my throat. My eyes rolled back in my headed and tears streamed from the corners of my eyes as I gurgled and gagged. It felt like my jaw was going to break. My tongue was pressed flat against the bottom of my mouth and I could feel my teeth pressing into his flesh. My mouth was completely filled. Then I tasted the warm, creamy nectar of the black god coat the back of my throat in rapid spurts. His cock pulsed and flexed with each spurt. I tired to cough, but I couldn't. I swallowed awkwardly because I couldn't close my mouth. This made the urge to cough even stronger, but I fought it back, sensing my only escape was to endure the assault, swallowing as much as I could. It seemed like it lasted forever, but finally I felt his grasp release me and he slid from my mouth as I fell back away from him onto the ground. I turned to the side and had a coughing fit, trying to catch my breath and not throw up from all the gagging.

"Bravo!" I heard someone say and they were all laughing and clapping.

By the time I got control of myself again, "monster man" had his weapon put away and was opening up the door for us. I heard the muffled sound of music from inside break out to us as the door pulled open and the man waved us through.

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