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walking down the road near her campsite.

"Oooh, yeah, he's with that group of college boys across from the bathrooms," replied her s****r Stacy.

Their s****r-in-law, Carol, watched the young man, but didn't comment. She was taken aback sometimes at how open her two s****rs-in-law could be in ogling young men and teens. Carol liked the looks of the young man, too, but was reluctant to admit it out loud to her husband's s****rs.

For sixteen years now, Carol and her husband and k**s have taken annual camping trips with her husband's two s****rs and their families. All three nuclear families had boys in the same age range, now eighteen to nineteen; as well as girls who were similar in age. The cousins all got along well, and it made camping easier for the moms now that they were old enough to wander around the state park on their own.

With their camps now set up on the first day, and hot dogs boiling in a pot over the Coleman stove on a picnic table, the three fortysomething wives and moms sat at the table sipping wine coolers and winding down, waiting for their husbands and k**s to return from a game of Whiffleball at an open field.

"Here come the boys," said Stacy. Carol turned to see the four boys sauntering down the road. She recognized her eighteen-year-old son Tom's slender figure; Stacy's eighteen-year-old son Jason, a head taller than Tom, and broader-shouldered; and Julie's sons Rick and Billy, nineteen and eighteen respectively, both significantly shorter than Tom, particularly the younger Billy.

"Tom's developed a nice build," commented Julie.

"Yes, he has," agreed Stacy.

Carol was a little surprised that Julie and Stacy would be admiring their nephew so openly, after just ogling another teen not much older. She felt herself getting a little flush at the thought of older women admiring her son.

"Have both of your boys hit puberty yet, Julie?" Asked Stacy.

"Yeah, they have," replied Julie. "How about Tom, has he completed puberty?"

Carol was flustered by such a brazen question about her own son. "Uh, he shaves, and his voice has changed, if that's what you mean."

"And he's developed down below?" Was Julie's follow-up question.

"Uh, I don't know. I, uh, guess," stammered Carol.

"You haven't seen him naked lately?" Asked Stacy.

"No," answered Carol. Was it the wine cooler or the questions that made her face feel warm? Carol presumed that Julie and Stacy, who had been drinking all afternoon, wouldn't be so crude if they were completely sober. It was an odd conversation. But, Carol thought to herself, she had secretly admired Stacy's son and Julie's two teen sons herself. It was strangely reassuring that other "normal" women her age would take note of such young men in their own f****y.


As the four boys entered their campsite, the three moms told them to come and eat. Stacy's son Jason, the tall muscular teen with short blonde hair, hurried to the table. Jason had been looking forward to camping all summer. He had always enjoyed camping with his mom's f****y, but in recent years the extra-added attraction was spending time at the camp and beach with his two attractive aunts, Julie and Carol. What a pair of bookends! Julie had shoulder-length blonde hair, a pretty face, and big round tits! And Carol had shoulder-length brown hair, equally as pretty, long shapely legs, and even slightly bigger tits! Jason had spent many hours under the sheets creating teen fantasies about these two mature women, imagining them, separately and sometimes together, stripping for their nephew and letting him play with their big tits before letting him fuck them.

Julie didn't look much like Jason's mom Stacy. They had different hair color and texture, and different faces altogether. But sometimes Jason wondered if they looked similar naked. Jason had peeked at his mom's bare tits a couple of times, and wondered if Julie's tits had a similar shape, and similarly-sized and shaped areolas and nipples. He'd gotten erections seeing his mom's tits - imagine how great it would be to see his aunt's!

As hungry as Jason was, as he prepared his meal, he stared down where Aunt Julie sat. Her tank top was gapped open slightly, and he stared down into her cleavage. Jason caught Julie's eyes, and wondered if she'd caught him looking at her tits. Julie smiled at Jason, stood up, and got behind him. She reached around him and adjusted the Coleman stove's flame. In the process, she pressed her big tits firmly into Jason's shoulder. A wave of arousal shot through Jason, and he instantly felt his cock twinge in his shorts. Julie took her time adjusting the flame with her right hand, and rubbing her tit back and forth along Jason's shoulder. She placed her left hand on her nephew's left shoulder, and squeezed his muscular arm.


Carol's son Tom quickly grabbed a plate of food and sat at the picnic table, squeezing in next to his Aunt Stacy. As others squeezed in on the other side of Stacy, she moved closer to Tom, until their bare legs were pressed together under the picnic table.

Tom was a little surprised at how aroused he got just feeling Aunt Stacy's bare thigh rubbing against his in their shorts. Tom, like his cousin Jason, had secretly admired his busty blonde Aunt Julie for some time now, but it was only recently, in his most horny moments, that he had fantasies about Aunt Stacy. Clearly Julie was a MILF, but Stacy was a pretty average-looking mom at best. Stacy's figure, which was heavier than her s****r Julie, her brunette "mom" hairdo that curled under several inches above her shoulders, and her constantly present glasses made her look bookworm-ish, like some librarian, or Sunday school teacher, or - just some mom. Tom thought Julie was pretty and voluptuous, as was his own mom Carol, a revelation that Tom tried to suppress. But Stacy was your average mom. Still, recently, while receiving an unusually long goodbye hug from Stacy after a holiday party, Tom had noticed that Stacy was kind of cute behind the glasses, and her fleshy figure had one thing going for it - big tits, nearly as big as Julie's, really.

As Tom ate his hot dog, he took notice of how smooth Aunt Stacy's thigh was. It may have been fleshy, but it was shaved and smooth. And Aunt Stacy didn't seem to mind rubbing it against her teen nephew's hairy leg. Even her calf was now pressed firmly against his. Julie placed a paper napkin on her lap. As she did so, she briefly rested her hand on the top of Tom's thigh just below his shorts. Tom couldn't remember any woman, or girl his age, ever placing a hand on his thigh like that before. He was getting hard thinking about Stacy. Sure, he'd love to fuck Aunt Julie, but he'd do Stacy in a second.


The girls and husbands returned to the campsite and got in line for food. In line behind them, Carol grabbed a paper plate and prepared her meal, leaning over the picnic table. As she leaned over to make a salad, she glanced over and saw Julie's boys Rick and Billy, who were sitting on the opposite side of the picnic table, trying to peer into her tank top. Carol instinctively put her left hand up to her chest to hold the top closed. Rick and Billy looked up at her, smirking, and then smirked at each other.

Rick and Billy had always been a handful. They were mischievous little brats sometimes. They were smart and good students, but around the f****y they always seemed to be in trouble. They weren't really bad k**s, but always went an extra step than the other k**s, and were generally the instigators when there was trouble. And they never seemed remorseful for their sins, always just smirking when being scolded or punished. Rick, the older teen, had red hair and freckles, and although Carol would never say it out loud, reminded her of Alfred E. Neumann, a smirking troublemaker. Billy, with short blonde hair, wasn't so snide looking, but was capable of egging on his older b*****r and causing just as much trouble. Carol didn't dislike the boys - their pranks were usually relatively harmless. She wished her son Tom wasn't so timid sometimes.

Carol felt her face go flush again as she caught the boys staring at her breasts. But it was far from the first time that she'd caught one or the other staring at her body since they'd reached puberty. In fact, upon greeting the boys now, instead of running away from a hug as they did in their youth, Rick actually would seek her out and give her long hugs, running his hands down low on her waist, and up the sides of her breasts. And as embarrassed and flustered as this could make Carol, she was flattered by the attention that she so rarely got from men these days. She had to admit that she had come to think of the teens as more than nephews. As long as others didn't notice their gazes and touches, she secretly enjoyed them.

The two other moms got in line behind Carol, but Rick cut through to grab some cookies from the table. Rick stood directly behind Carol and reached around her for the cookies with is left hand. As he did so, Carol felt her nephew's right hand touching her left butt cheek over her shorts. It wasn't just an incidental bump, either. It was a full open-palm squeeze. Nobody noticed the slightly shocked and surprised expression on Carol's face as she got her ass felt, and Carol was too surprised to say anything in public. She simply endured the grope for several seconds before Rick left the table.


The following afternoon, the three husbands went golfing. The remainder of the three families - the three wives, the four boys, and the girls, loaded up Carol's van and Julie's SUV with towels, blankets, coolers, and beach toys, and drove down to the public beach.

This was the part of the trip that Jason most looked forward to, seeing his aunts in their bathing suits. Carol was wearing the same pink one-piece suit that she wore last year. But Julie had a new red one-piece suit. It appeared to be pretty conservatively cut under her shorts, but it did scoop down in the front and expose most of the busty blonde's tanned and freckled chest, and cling nicely to her body, accenting her tits. Julie had just a little too much flesh on her tanned thighs, and her ass was a little larger than the teen girls at school, but Jason admired her whole body. He hoped that the suit would cling nicely when Julie removed her shorts and got wet.

At the beach, Stacy immediately whipped out a camera, and made the entire f****y pose for pictures, with one of the girls clicking the shutter. As they all bunched together to pose in front of a pine tree at the back of the beach, Jason was happy to see Julie standing next to him. While posing, she pressed her left tit into his bare shoulder, as she had the evening before at dinner. Then she placed her left hand on his left hip. As they all froze for the photos, Stacy slid her hand down over Jason's butt, and squeezed his left teen butt cheek over his flimsy bathing suit. Jason had a bit of a hard-on by the final photo, and wondered if it would show.

While Julie was secretly rubbing on Jason, Stacy was standing behind Tom. Tom felt his bespectacled aunt leaning into him, and felt both of her big tits pressing into his back. Then Stacy pressed forward, and rubbed her crotch into Tom's butt. Tom could swear he actually felt his aunt's pussy mound slowly rubbing up and down on him, as the group said "cheese."

Carol was the tallest of the group, and found a place in the back row, behind the girls. Rick and Billy found spots on either side of her. Soon Carol felt hands on both of her butt cheeks over her shorts. Carol froze as she did the evening before. Then Billy put his arm around her and squeezed her waist. Between photo clicks, he reached around her, and got a quick feel of the side of her tit over her bathing suit top.

As the photo session ended, Carol let out a secret exhale. She had now let Rick squeeze her butt twice this weekend, and Billy touch her breast, without any admonishment.


The moms laid out beach towels to claim their spots. Jason watched Julie strip out of her shorts, wiggling them down her hips. All the k**s headed into the water, the girls on one side of the beach, the boys on the other. Soon Julie and Stacy joined the boys in deeper water. Initially Carol stayed up on shore by herself, but soon Rick and Billy ran up from the water and insisted that she come out and join them. Aroused at the thought of splashing around the two teens in just their skimpy bathing trunks, Carol shyly agreed. The two b*****rs stared at Carol as she unzipped her shorts and tugged them down her legs, leaning over to show some cleavage. Carol couldn't help notice their stares and grins, maker her blush. On her part, Carol caught a glimpse of Rick's wet trunks. They were stuck against his legs, and Carol clearly detected the outline of Rick's teen dick hanging down his right leg. It wasn't hard or anything, but the fact that she could see anything at all aroused her. Rick really has grown up.

In the water, after a brief game of "Marco Polo", the boys and women took turns lining up and swimming between each other's legs. This was something that they'd done since the boys were toddlers, but it took on some erotic overtones with the boys all grown up and darting between the mature women's bare spread thighs just inches from their crotches. In fact, Billy somehow managed to rub the back of his head across Carol's crotch, and Rick got a hand on her upper thigh.

As each one swam through the gauntlet, they would in turn let others swim between their legs. Rick stood behind Carol as the others swam between their legs. The aggressive redhead put his hands on his Aunt Carol's hips, and goosed her. Carol felt his semi-stiff cock pressing right between her butt cheeks over her clinging bathing suit.

The game turned into a general game of grab-ass in four feet of water, with various aunts and nephews pairing off and getting separated in the crowd of swimmers, pushing the others under water and trying to knock each other off their feet. Julie and Jason in particular got mutually aggressive at this game. Each managed to get in a number of "accidental" feels under the water. Julie started it, grabbing Jason's butt. Then Jason returned the favor, squeezing his aunt's big butt over her bathing suit. Julie then tried to pull Jason's trunks off. Jason stopped her, but Julie managed to palm his crotch in the melee. Jason reciprocated by "accidentally" getting a palm over Julie's crotch, without verbal admonishment. The wrestling became general, with both of them blatantly grabbing the other's body parts under the water, surrounded by unknowing strangers.

Jason and Julie each grabbed the other around the waist, and the wrestling momentarily turned into a general hug as the two panted and laughed. Julie wrapped her legs around Jason and put her arms around his waist, half floating in the water and half-carried by Jason. She slowly squeezed her nephew's butt with both hands. Jason, emboldened by Julie's groping, held her up by his hands under her butt, and took the opportunity to slip both hands up under her suit and feel her bare ass. Julie pressed her crotch against Jason's, and slowly dry humped him underwater. With the water now up to their necks, Jason took the opportunity to reach up with his right hand and feel his aunt's left tit over her bathing suit. Julie just stared into his eyes, with a dirty smirk on her face.


Ten yards away, a similar faux wrestling match had broken out between Stacy and Tom, although not nearly as rough. Stacy was the initial aggressor, trying to tug Tom's suit down, and managing to get it to mid-thigh once and getting in one good feel of Tom's bare teen ass before he pulled it back up. When Stacy began to play with his cock over his suit under the water, Tom stopped fighting. Tom wasn't all that desirous of his fleshy aunt's big butt, yet when he grabbed her there, and she didn't even attempt to push his hand away, he took the opportunity to get in his first good feel of an adult woman's ass. He really wanted her big tits, and managed to get his aunt in deep enough water that he slyly felt her tits under the water, over her bathing suit top. Without her glasses, Stacy squinted at Tom as they silently groped.


It was two-on-one between the tall busty brunette Carol and the two shorter aggressive b*****rs Rick and Billy. They quickly ganged up on her, separated her from the rest of their f****y, and d**g her to deeper water. Carol fought off their four hands, which were all over her body, starting low on her thighs and working their way up, over her ass and crotch, up to her chest. Carol had an embarrassed grin at first, pushing hands away only to have them reappear somewhere else on her body. Nick swam up from behind and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her off her feet. As he pulled her back, he got both hands on her tits over her bathing suit, and had a long feel of them before Carol escaped his grasp.

When her nephews started sliding their hands under the suit onto hear bare ass, Carol tried harder to stop them. "No... Don't... Rick... Billy...No... Stop!"

But the boys would not be deterred. They giggled as Billy slid his hand under the back of her suit and felt her bare ass, while Rick simultaneously slid his hand in at the crotch and rubbed her pussy mound over her pubic hair.

"Don't...I'm warning you," Carol muttered, but didn't want to draw too much attention to them in the crowd. Eventually she stopped protesting. Instead, all she could do was writhe to their touches, pressing her hips forward when Rick rubbed her crotch, then arching her back as Billy felt her breast from behind. She struggled slightly as Billy slid his hand inside her top and squeezed her bare left tit, but she also couldn't deny the pleasure the young boy's attention was bringing her.

When the girls found the aunts and nephews, the secret erotic touches broke off, and they all headed up to the beach.


Up on the beach, Julie grabbed a can of beer and sat in a lawn chair. Jason grabbed a chair and sat nearby, watching Julie rub lotion on her legs, arms and chest. Julie lowered the straps on her bathing suit top, exposing a little more cleavage, beyond her tan line to the pale white flesh of her cleavage. Jason watched, with a feeling of satisfaction that he had just felt up that body, but at the same time aroused and frustrated that his buxom aunt was just a few feet away and he wanted more of her. He tried to be casual and look around the beach in his sunglasses, but his eyes kept returning to his Aunt Julie, memorizing every inch of her bathing suit-clad body, and also looking for a sign of acknowledgement from her that she had also enjoyed their little grope-fest. Her top had slid down enough that he felt he was getting a better idea what the shape of her tits would look like topless. Damn, he'd felt those puppies over her suit, but he sure wanted to see them!


Tom strategically placed his beach towel right at the feet of Aunt Stacy's beach towel. Tom lay on his stomach on his towel, looking up at Stacy as she stood on her towel right above him. She spread her legs wide, and rubbed lotion into her inner thighs and calves. She put her right foot up on a nearby chair, holding a "Captain Morgan" pose, rubbing her jiggling inner thighs, and affording Tom a view right up to her bathing suit-covered pussy mound.

Stacy sat down cross-legged on her towel, and caught Tom staring at her. She handed him the bottle of lotion, and asked, "Can you do my back, Tom?" Tom sat up and accepted the bottle and the invitation. He poured an ample amount of the warm cream into his right hand, and placed it on his aunt's back. He rubbed the lotion into her flesh, down as far as the suit allowed. Stacy pulled down her straps, and Tom rubbed her shoulders.

Stacy thanked Tom and took back the bottle. Tom lay back down on his stomach, as Stacy again sat with her legs spread. She rubbed lotion on her own chest, as Tom watched the tops of her big white tits jiggle. When she was done lotioning herself, she kneeled over Tom, and poured warm lotion onto his back. She rubbed it in slowly, massaging his slender but firm shoulders and back. She rubbed down to the top of his trunks, and slid her hand inside the waistband, subtly rubbing down to his tailbone momentarily. Then she poured lotion on her nephew's upper thighs, and slowly rubbed them. She slid her hands far up underneath his trunks, managing to touch his bare little butt cheeks several times in public.

Stacy sat on her towel again with her legs spread, just four feet from Tom's eyes in the sunlight. Something had changed. There was now a large tuft of reddish brown pubic hair sticking out of the crotch of her bathing suit. Stacy had her glasses on again, staring down at Tom staring at her crotch and clearly protruding hair. Damn, that's gotta be a hairy pussy! Tom had another hard-on as he lay on his stomach.

Stacy pulled down her bathing suit straps to get sun on her shoulders. Tom stared at the white tops of her exposed tits. For the next thirty minutes he lay there and watched Stacy drinking a beer and staring back at him. Her suit continued to slowly slip down her chest. Besides her own f****y, there were plenty of strangers walking along the beach. Tom had the best view of Stacy's mature cleavage, but a number of other people could have seen it if they'd been looking. More and more of her pale tit flesh came into view. As Tom stared at it, Stacy stared right back, deadpanned.

Tom thought he could see, and then was sure he could see, the brown top of Stacy's right areola. He had just felt those tits, but now for the first time he was getting an idea of the size and color of her nipples and areolas. He desperately wanted to jump on her and fuck her.


Carol took her time toweling off and setting up her lawn chair on the beach. She was still shaken up by having - allowing - her husband's s****r's teen sons to feel her all over. She tried to suppress her mixed emotions of anger, self-blame, and eroticism; and enjoy her vacation in the sun.

But Rick and Billy returned to hover over her, setting up beach chairs in a semi-circle very near her where they could watch her. They watched her towel off her body. She was now acutely aware of every time she would lean over and expose some cleavage, or turn her back to them and bend over, pointing her mature butt at their faces, or spreading her legs to accent her pubic mound in her clinging bathing suit. She put on her sunglasses, fished in her beach bag for her suntan lotion, stood up, and began lotioning her face and arms.

"I'll get your back!" Stated Rick. He practically grabbed the tube of lotion out of Carol's hands, and before Carol could say anything, was standing behind her and rubbing lotion onto her back. Carol was aware of the arousal she felt having the teen's hands on her bare flesh again. But now she was out in public, and looked around the beach, and at her f****y, hoping nobody was taking note of the teen's rather unusual rubbing, or could detect the pleasure she was taking from it. She wished he would stop, but wished he would keep going.

Rick kept going. His slippery right hand was meticulous in getting her whole back evenly covered. He slid his fingers inside the edge of her suit, and rubbed practically down to her tailbone. Then he knelt behind her, and put lotion on the backs of her thighs. Carol was very aware that his face was inches from her butt, and her crotch. He rubbed his hand up to her upper right thigh, and slid it inside her bathing suit, getting in a quick rub of the bottom half of her bare butt cheek.

Just as Carol was working up the courage to stop Rick from touching her butt in public, Billy stood up, grabbed the tube of lotion from Rick, and started rubbing lotion on her shoulders, standing right in front of Carol. Carol was a good four inches taller than the young Billy, and she looked down and watched him staring at her chest as he rubbed her shoulders. He pulled down the left strap of her bathing suit, and rubbed her bare shoulder. Then he brazenly rubbed her bare chest. The naughty boy aggressively pulled open the top of her suit as he rubbed her chest. A quick glance down told Carol that Billy could likely see most if not all of her large breasts, all the way down to her nipples.

Carol didn't dare look around the beach now, not wanting to betray her awareness that she was taking part in something wrong. As Billy rubbed her chest down to the top of her cleavage, and Rick felt her thighs and bare ass, Carol stared straight ahead. It was over in seconds, but it felt like hours that she was felt up in public. The flushed aunt quickly sat down on her beach chair, her hands shaking.

Rick and Billy also sat down, ignoring the sun and the beach, and facing Carol. Through her sunglasses, Carol studied the teen boys' bodies clad only in loose swimming trunks; Rick the more toned of the two, Billy having more baby fat. Again she felt an awareness that she was only clad in a clinging wet bathing suit, clinging to her large breasts. It was bought through a catalogue, and it showed a little more cleavage than she would like, and was a little too tight over her motherly rounded tummy, and pulled tight into her crotch.

The two boys stared at her chest, and her legs; they stared at all of her, really. After a while, Carol became aware that Rick's trunks were riding up his legs, exposing more thigh. He sat watching her with his legs spread. Carol instinctively looked up the loose shorts, and was surprised that she could now see Rick's dick head, peeking out down his right shorts leg. She tried to look away, but continued to return her eyes to the teen cock. Each time she looked, it seemed more of the head and the shaft were exposed, but only for someone with a straight-on view like Carol had. Rick was now looking at her face, smirking. She was confident that he was deliberately flashing his cock at her, and looking for a reaction. She tried not to show that her reaction was arousal that the teen was showing his cock for her benefit; and also Carol was impressed, as it appeared to be a fairly large cock for a young teen.

Carol glanced over at Billy. She realized that his loose trunks were tenting up. As he sat before her, he was sporting a large erection in his trunks. Carol was even more impressed at Billy's "tent" display, as Billy had a smaller body, which made the stiff cock appear that much bigger.

She knew that when she returned home and got alone in her soft bed and with her vibrator, that this vacation's adventures with the boys would supply many hours of masturbatory fantasies. It took her some effort to stay cool and not to smile. Carol relaxed and cherished the sexual attention being heaped on her by her two nephews. As long as the boys kept their distance.


At dinner at the campsite that evening, after a shower and a change of clothes, Jason wondered if he would ever get the chance to "play" more with Aunt Julie. He had trouble keeping his eyes off of her as she prepared dinner, wearing tight seam-stretching cutoff jeans that showed off her tan thighs. Even her big round mature butt looked sexy in the form-fitting denim, and in the front a seam was getting sucked up into her pussy lips, forming a "cameltoe." Her white t-shirt was tight over her smooth bra, and several times Jason detected her nipples protruding through it, and the swell of her cleavage spilling out the top. He studied the outlines of her bra and panties, mentally undressing her layer by layer, picturing her in just her underwear, and then naked. He knew that later he would be using this visual information for many jackoff sessions at home.

Jason's three male cousins temporarily disappeared as dinner ended, but Jason made a point to hang around the picnic table as the adults finished dinner and began cleaning it up.

"I'll go to the store to buy more ice if I get out of cleaning up," Julie bargained. The nearest general store was just outside the state park, about a four-mile drive from their campsite. Jason's mom and Aunt Carol agreed she should go, as did Julie's husband.

"But I need help carrying all the ice bags out of the store. Jason, want to go with me and help carrying the ice?"

Jason's adrenaline jumped at Aunt Julie's request of his assistance.

"Yeah, Jason, go with Aunt Julie," commanded Jason's mom Stacy.

"Uh, Sure," said Jason, trying not to sound too anxious.

"Let me throw a cooler into the back of the SUV, and we'll go," said Julie. That being done, Julie climbed into the driver side of her SUV, and Jason climbed into the passenger side.

"We better hurry. I think the store's about to close," said Julie. They pulled out onto the campground road and worked their way through the camp.

Jason silently sat, looking at Aunt Julie. Her seatbelt was buckled, and her shoulder strap was pulled tight between her tits, causing her shirt fabric to be pulled snugly over her big tits. Her legs were spread as she kept her right foot on the gas pedal. Virtually all of her thighs were exposed below her short frayed denim cutoffs. As the SUV bounced over a bumpy part of the road, Jason could see her thighs jiggling.

Julie glanced over at him, with a little smile on her face. "I had fun at the beach today," she stated.

Jason presumed that she was referring to their little groping games, but he wasn't sure about it. "Me too." They exchanged dirty glances, but Jason was still a little afraid to talk openly about his aunt feeling him up.

"You've grown into a strapping young man," said Julie.

Jason didn't know how to respond. He said nothing as they reached the general store. They quickly hopped out of the SUV, bought numerous bags of ice, which Julie paid for, loaded up the cooler in the back with the ice, and jumped back into the SUV.

Back on the campground road, Julie looked down at Jason, smiling at him. "In the lake today, it felt like you've developed a nice package down there." She reached over with her right hand, and placed it on his bare left thigh below his shorts. With no objections from Jason, Julie quickly slid her palm over his crotch, and rubbed his hardening cock through his baggy shorts and boxers.

Within seconds, Jason was completely hard, and Julie stroked his cock through his shorts. There were a few other cars on the winding two-lane road as they slowly drove through the park, but none were taller than Julie's SUV, so there was no chance of anybody seeing in at what they were doing. The most anyone could see was Julie's arm stretching across the gap between the two bucket seats, and the big grin on Jason's face.

Jason reached across the SUV with his left hand and placed it on Julie's bare right thigh. She smiled as he squeezed and rubbed the smooth flesh. He eagerly slid his palm up her thigh, and placed it on her crotch over her tight cutoffs. Julie responded by spreading her legs wider. Jason rubbed.

"Mmmm," Julie moaned. Their windows were open, but at the speed they were crawling very little noise was coming in, so Jason could hear his aunt's purring clearly. He rubbed harder over her denim-covered mound as Julie arched her crotch forward to accept his hand. She grabbed his cock harder.

Jason noticed that Julie had turned off the main road and had taken a detour, meandering through the state park in the early evening dusk. His aunt unbuckled her seatbelt. Driving with her knees, she unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, pulling them open to reveal red cotton panties. Jason placed his hand over her panties, and Julie spread her legs wide. After rubbing her pussy over her panties for a moment, he slid his fingers into the side of her panty crotch. He felt her hairy pussy, and found her slit. As he pressed his middle finger into the slit, he felt a lubricated wetness. His finger slid into the slippery warm slit easily, despite a somewhat awkward angle.

Jason was finger fucking his aunt. And she was moaning and purring with pleasure.

Julie started working her hand inside of Jason's shorts leg. Jason instead opened his fly, and released his throbbing red stiff cock. Julie stroked it up and down as she drove, occasionally exchanging smiles with Jason, or looking down at his cock in her hand, but otherwise keeping her eyes on the road.

Suddenly Julie pulled the car onto a dirt maintenance access road that was cut out of the forest. She drove down the one-lane road far enough to be unseen from the main road, put the SUV in park, and turned off the engine. She continued stroking Jason as she looked around and checked out the environment. The windows were still down, and the only sounds that could be heard were a few insects and birds.

When Julie appeared satisfied that they were alone and would be undisturbed, she leaned over, and planted her lips on Jason's. She f***ed her tongue into his mouth, and passionately French kissed her teen nephew. "Mmmm, mmmm," she moaned. The eager Jason reached up with his right hand and grabbed her left tit over her shirt. He expected to get a handful of stiff padding and wires, but instead the bra cup was one very thin layer of fabric. He squeezed her big tit through the flimsy bra, feeling the pliable boob mold and shape to his hand, and finding her hard nipple.

Julie slid her legs out from under the steering wheel, facing Jason. She grabbed both her open shorts and her panties, and scooted out of them. Jason watched his aunt strip bottomless, seeing her pussy for the first time. It was covered in strawberry blonde hair, shaved a little on the sides away from her bikini lines, a half-inch from her tan lines on either side. Jason noted that it was the same color and thickness as his own newer patch of pubic hair. Maybe a f****y trait!

Julie climbed over to the passenger side, spread her legs, and straddled Jason's lap, facing him. Jason instantly felt his cock make contact with Julie's hairy crotch. Julie lowered her crotch down onto his dick head, guiding it in with her hand. Jason felt the slippery warmth of Aunt Julie's pussy slide down his ticklish dick head and shaft. It was the single greatest thing he'd ever felt.

Julie wrapped her bare thighs tightly around Jason. She slowly thrust her hips in and out, allowing Jason's cock to slowly slide in and out of her pussy. She put her arms around him, and again French kissed him.

Jason reached up and felt both of Aunt Julie's big tits over her shirt and bra. Julie let go of Jason's shoulders, and, while still thrusting in and out, grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, and pulled it up, exposing her midriff. When she got to the bottom of her bra, she grabbed the cups along with the shirt, yanked up, and allowed her tits to fall out into view, leaving her shirt and bra bunched up on her chest.

Jason stared at his aunt's two big white globes bobbling in his face, capped with medium-sized dark-pink areolas and hard nipples. He reached up and massaged them as he continued fucking her.

"Ohhhh. Oooooohh!" Cooed Aunt Julie, arching her back as she thrust her tits into her nephew's face.

Jason leaned forward, and placed his lips onto Julie's left tit. He licked and kissed the smooth flesh, and then sucked on her hard nipple, flitting his tongue over it. He did the same to her right tit, while still working on both tits with his hands. He buried his face squarely into her cleavage, licking the valley, pressing her tits against his face.

Julie returned her arms to Jason's shoulders, massaging his teen shoulders, back, and chest over his tank top. Jason could hear the squishy sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her lubricated pussy canal, and the slapping sound when their pelvis's met, as she panted in his ear. He ran his hands over her bare ass, and over her hips and thighs. Julie was supplying most of the thrusting. The SUV was rocking quite a bit. Julie started working up a sweat. Her bare back felt warm and sticky as he held her tight.

"Ung, Ughhh!" Julie started grunting in his ear. Jason had never really heard a grown woman grunt like that. Julie's head was touching the SUV's ceiling, messing her blonde hair. Her eyes were mostly closed now. "Huhhhh! Hunnggg!" Julie slapped harder into Jason. She clamped her thighs around him tighter, digging her fingernails into his shoulders.

Jason concentrated on the wonderful feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of his aunt's love canal. He couldn't believe how great it felt. The combination of lubrication and friction and warmth was just right. Fucking was everything that it was built up to be. But now that he was thinking about it, he felt himself close to cumming.

"Huwwwww! HAAAAAHH!" AAAAAHHH! OooooooWEEEEE!" Julie wiggled her hips back and forth. The SUV was rocking so much that he could hear the tree and shrub branches outside rubbing against the SUV body. Julie had to keep her head fairly still so she wouldn't bump it on the ceiling, so she gyrated her torso and hips while keeping her head still. "OOOOH!" "GRRRRH!"

Jason couldn't hold back any more, and a flood of jism gushed from his teen cock into his aunt's pussy. It kept gushing and gushing and gushing, his cock pulsating with each gush like a cartoon fire hose.

Aunt Julie held Jason close, practically suffocating him, as she thrashed about. "UNG! UGGGH! GRRRRHHH!" Finally her thrashing and pumping slowly subsided, and she rested her torso against Jason's, leaning her head on his shoulder, still panting like an asthmatic. Jason left his cock in her still pussy, feeling it pulsating, not losing any of its hardness.

After Aunt Julie finally composed herself, she lifted her head, and gave Jason one long, passionate kiss. Then she looked around outside, and pulled her bra and blouse down over her tits. She slowly climbed off of Jason's lap, exposing Jason's cock to fresh air. Jason studied her bare pussy and ass while she awkwardly pulled up her panties and shorts, and climbed back into the driver's seat. Jason stuffed his sticky and still-hard cock back into his boxers and shorts. Julie looked at herself in her rear view mirror, combed her fingers through her hair, and briefly fanned her flush face with both hands. She started up the SUV, backed out onto the road, and sped back to camp.

"That was AWESOME!" Were Aunt Julie's only words to her nephew.

"Yeah, that was fantastic!" Replied Jason.


It was well past dark when Carol entered the public shower building down the road from her campsite. During the day the showers can be very crowded, but at this late hour there was nobody else in there. So Carol took a little more time showering behind the metal door separating the common area of the ladies bathrooms from the shower stall. She couldn't get Rick and Billy off of her mind. It was thoroughly erotic thinking about the teens staring at her, touching her, even flashing for her. She was so horny that she wished she could sit on the bench and masturbate, but she was afraid someone else would come in and catch her. Still, as she showered she took a little extra time caressing her breasts, rubbing her pussy, and toying with her asshole.

Carol opened up the shower door to grab her towel off the hook in the common area. Carol thought she heard something outside. There was an open window about six feet off the ground. She glanced up at the window, and she could see two faces looking at her. It was Rick and Billy, who apparently were standing on the bench outside in the darkness to peek at her. They were seeing the dripping wet Carol in full-frontal nudity, her long wet nipples hard, her large dark areolas puckered, her long brown pubic hair wet and flat against her pussy.

Oh!" Carol gasped, quickly grabbing her towel and holding it in front of her body. Aware that they'd been detected, the two male faces dropped out of sight. Carol could hear them giggling as they ran away. Full frontal! They've seen me full frontal now! She was red with anger at them for scaring her, for being sick little assholes and peeking at her, and for giggling as they ran away with probably no remorse. She was also getting aroused at the thought of them seeing her naked. What did they think of her body?

The rest of the night at the campsite and around the campfire went without physical incident, as all four of the teen boys came and went, but Carol caught numerous smirks from the two bratty boys. She wondered if they'd told her other nephew Jason about what they had done and seen that day. Or even her son Tom. They wouldn't tell Tom, would they? To her knowledge Tom had never seen her naked. Would he be interested in knowing what she looked like? She suppressed the thought.

That night in her tent, Carol lay next to her husband Bob. She was wearing her usual sl**ping attire of a loose t-shirt and cotton jogging shorts over cotton panties. Their two sl**ping bags were zipped together at the bottom, the bottom sl**ping bag spread over their double-sized air mattress, and the other sl**ping bag covering them. Carol had trouble sl**ping, thinking about Rick and Billy. She wished that she could just go masturbate somewhere and get them off of her mind for a while.

She'd been in and out of sl**p, when a storm raged through the campground. Carol and Tom and Bob and their daughter were lucky that virtually no water leaked into their tent, save for a few drips here and there. When the initial storm had passed, Bob went outside to look around. Other people were outside talking, too. Bob reappeared in the tent, and said, "Stacy's tent is dry, but Julie's tent got soaked. Can we fit a couple more people in our tent for the night?"

"Um, sure, of course," replied Carol.

Moments later, Bob again stuck his head in and said, "Julie and Jack are going into Stacy's tent, and the two boys are coming in here." With that, Rick and Billy entered the tent with their sl**ping bags. Carol's husband took charge, and threw Billy's sl**ping bag down near the door, by Tom's feet. Then he laid Rick's sl**ping bag down in the only clear space left, next to Carol's sl**ping bag, against the tent wall. At least Bob put Rick's head down by her feet, and not in her face. That would have been really awkward, lying right next to Rick's face all night.

In a few moments everybody had settled down and went to sl**p in the darkness. Carol stayed awake for a while, aware that Rick was lying right next to her, with his head down by her feet. With her husband snoring next to her, Carol finally fell back to sl**p.

She had no idea what time it was when she was awakened by something touching the back of her thigh. It took her a moment to remember the situation. It was pitch dark. It was raining fairly hard again. The noise of the rain hitting the tent, and the wind, drowned out any rustling movements when she turned on her air mattress and sl**ping bag in the warm stuffy tent. Whatever woke her was gone. She lied on her side facing her snoring husband.

A moment later she felt something again, on the back of her thigh, up high. It couldn't be. It was, a hand. It didn't take her long to come to the conclusion that it could only be Rick's hand on her bare leg in the dark. Damn, her sl**ping bag was unzipped on Rick's side! The hand slid up the back of her thigh. He was trying to cop a feel in the dark, as she lay right next to her husband!

Carol froze, on her side facing her husband and her back to Rick, not knowing what to do. She flinched and stirred, hoping to scare the incorrigible teen away. But the hand stayed, the palm massaging her leg, moving to the inside of her thigh. Finally Carol reached back, and pushed the hand away.

The hand returned. Carol didn't know what to do. She couldn't thrash or admonish the boy, not wanting to risk waking anybody in her f****y, particularly her husband, and risk having to explain that Rick had been allowed to touch her at other times. Maybe he would just have a little fun with her leg and go back to sl**p.

The hand slid further up the back of her leg, and she felt it slide under her shorts, the fingertips grazing her panties. She flinched her butt cheeks, yet the hand continued sliding under her panties, palming her left butt cheek.

Carol froze, not wanting to encourage the groping, but not wanting to wake her husband. Carol tried to control her breathing as her nephew massaged her butt cheeks and ran the tip of his index finger up and down her butt crack.

The hand now tried to slide between her legs, clearly in an attempt to get to her crotch. Carol kept her legs together, but the hand was persistent.

Carol turned onto her stomach, slowly so not to wake her husband. The hand rested on her butt again, cupping her bare clenched right cheek. Then it moved between her legs again, and tried to slide to her crotch.

Carol resolved to stop Rick from touching her pussy. She kept her legs clamped together tightly. Still the teen hand was persistent, and f***ed its way between her legs, under her shorts. It rubbed her pussy over her cotton panties for a moment, and then worked its way into her panty crotch.

Carol tried to keep still and her legs locked, but the fingers still combed through her pussy hair. The tip of the middle finger was sliding up and down the outside of her slit. It pressed into her vaginal defenses, until it was able to penetrate up to the first knuckle.

Carol knew from the lack of friction that her pussy was wet. She was embarrassed at this. She suppressed a gasp as the finger slid further into her wet pussy as she laid perfectly still on her stomach, next to her husband, as a lad thirty years her junior finger fucked her.

She realized that she had unclenched her legs a little, and that her knees were now a few inches apart, allowing easier access to the hand, and more comfort for Carol. How long would he do this?

Two more fingers entered her pussy. Carol feared that the sloshing noise of the fingers would be heard above the rain. But her husband was still snoring inches from Carol's face, and everybody else in the tent was still. She couldn't deny that her body was responding to the vaginal attention. Carol had trouble containing her breathing. She closed her mouth to suppress whimpers.

The three fingers circled around her large elastic mature pussy. Carol did her best to keep still, but found her hips slowly rotating, responding to the fingers. Her husband snorted and stirred, and Carol lay still again, until she was sure he wasn't going to wake.

Rick withdrew two of his fingers, and now slid his middle finger in and out of his aunt's pussy rapidly and deeply. Carol responded by slowly bucking her hips in and out. She let out an involuntary moan before biting her lips. Rick fingered her faster.

Rick withdrew his finger, but immediately replaced it with his thumb. As this stronger digit rotated in circles and slithered in and out, the angle allowed Rick's four fingers to cup Carol's crotch above her slit. No matter which way his thumb moved, one of his four fingers was always rubbing Carol's clit. She wondered if the position was an accident required by the odd angle of his reaching up from below, or if Rick knew how to rub a woman's clit. Either way, the constant rubbing of her clit while getting thumb-fucked had a devastating effect. Carol clamped her pussy lips around the thumb, and gyrated her hips beneath her. She clenched her teeth to keep her grunts from being too audible. Her bucking hips were bouncing the air mattress, and she could see her husband getting bounced up and down in the opposite direction as Carol. She kept the rest of her body as still as she could, but she turned her head from side to side, facing her husband and then away, her hair getting messed up and tangled on her face.

Carol felt lightheaded. Her breathing was uneven and loud. She couldn't suppress her orgasm any longer. She spasmed and wriggled on the air mattress.

Her husband Bob, getting bounced around the air mattress by his moaning wife, let out a loud snort, and turned. As Carol's orgasm subsided, Rick must've noticed that his uncle had stirred. Rick stopped moving his hand. He held it inside of her pussy as Carol's husband sat up. Within seconds Bob lay down again, and turned his back to Carol. Rick slowly slid his hand away from Carol and out of her sl**ping bag. When Carol relaxed and regained composure, she zipped her sl**ping bag up high.


The next morning, Tom woke up to a clear day. He had no idea that his cousin had fingerfucked his mom just a few feet away from him last night. But he did notice that his cousin had been sl**ping in very close proximity to his mom, and for some reason that made Tom's horny cock twinge. He put his mom and cousin out of his mind, and thought about what might have happened if he had been able to sl**p so close to Aunt Stacy. Would anything have happened in the darkness? Would she have tried to touch him? Would she have allowed him to feel her big tits under her sl**ping bag? Tom tried to suppress his hard-on and get up early and see if Aunt Stacy was up yet. Maybe he could catch her changing in her tent or something.

When Tom exited the tent, he found a number of other people awake. Aunt Stacy was up, and she was outside in her pajamas! She sported a sleeveless white cotton tank top that scooped down a little and was loose on her torso, and matching loose shorts. The only other things she had on that he could see were her glasses and some gym shoes. He followed her around trying to figure out what she wore under her pajamas. He quickly came to the conclusion that she was braless, by the way her big tits bobbled, and the slight slope to them, and by the two nipples protruding through the garment. He stood behind her while she hung up wet items from last night's storm, and eventually was rewarded with some peeks into her loose armholes at the sides of her braless tits, seeing the pale hooters slope away from her body. Damn!

Tom looked for panty lines under her pajama bottoms. After all, his mom always wore panties under her sl**pwear, which had kept the curious boy from learning more about his own mom's body. But he detected no panties on Aunt Stacy. Would she be outside with no panties? Tom even saw Stacy walk up to the bathrooms in just her pajamas, her braless tits clearly bobbling way down the road. He wondered how many other men and teens would notice that? Or be interested in a fortysomething fleshy mom in glasses?

Everybody was rousted fairly early, as they had made reservations to go horseback riding. Tom had once fallen off of a horse, and had no intention on riding another one. He insisted that he stay back and not go. Later, he heard Aunt Stacy say that she didn't want to ride, either, and announced that she would stay back at the camp and clean up after breakfast, and get some items dried out from last night's storm.

Tom couldn't believe his luck when everybody except himself and Stacy climbed into various vehicles and drove away. It was like fate. Aunt Stacy had been aggressively flirting with him and touching him this whole trip. But with an opportunity to escalate things, would she go further? He had known girls in his short past that flirted with him but rebuffed him when he tried to reciprocate, confusing him and adding to his insecurity with the opposite sex. Tom decided that his plan of action was to stay near Stacy and make himself available, but let her be the aggressor. She was, after all, his aunt, married, and about thirty years older than him. Why would she want him?

Tom sat on the picnic table bench behind Aunt Stacy's tent, where most of the meals were served, with his back to the table and leaning against it. He watched Aunt Stacy hang up a few wet towels on the clothesline and then clean off the picnic table around him. He couldn't keep his eyes off her big bobbling braless tits as she wiped off the table. Stacy appeared to catch him staring at her, giving him a knowing smile. But Tom didn't care. He'd been thinking about this trip for months, and was going to take every advantage to see his aunt scantily dressed. The tent and some trees hid the picnic table from the road and all other occupied campsites. With his f****y gone, there was nobody else that could see him ogling his aunt's body.

"How is your sunburn today, Tom?" Asked his aunt.

"My back hurts a little, that's all."

"Let me see," ordered Stacy. "Take off your shirt."

Tom palpitated at the command, and agreeably pulled off his shirt on this warm morning. Stacy looked over her nephew's body. Tom was pretty slender, but he did play sports, so his physique wasn't bad. His aunt seemed to have admired it yesterday.

"That's not too bad. But I have some cream. Let me get it. Don't move." Stacy half-jogged to her tent, making her tits bobble. She returned shortly with a jar of white cream of some sort. She opened it up, stood next to Tom, and put some on his upper back. Her tits were bobbling right in his face as she rubbed. He was getting hard.

Stacy sat next to Tom to his left on the bench, close enough that her right thigh was rubbing into his left thigh. She rubbed cream into his left shoulder, pressing her tit into his forearm. This was all very sexual, not medicinal. Stacy was looking into his eyes through her glasses, then down to his body that she was rubbing. Her face was within inches from his. She appeared to have a bit of an erotic smile behind her glasses.

"You have a firm body. You've turned into quite a handsome young man," she softly stated.

"Uh, thanks," Tom muttered.

Stacy stood up and put more cream in her hands. "Let me put some on your chest." Stacy gently pushed Tom back against the edge of the table. She placed her hands onto his chest above his nipples, and pressed cream into him. Then she sat down right on his lap, straddling him. She swung each of her legs around his torso to the other side of the bench, and clamped them around his waist. She rubbed her moist hands over his chest and shoulders. "Mmmmm," she moaned.

Tom looked up at Aunt Stacy's face, directly across from him, three inches away, her eyes staring into his through her glasses, a dirty smirk on her lips. He could feel her smooth naked thighs wrapped around him. She started to slowly and subtly thrust her hips forward. Her crotch was pressed against his hard dick, and she slowly dry humped him. Tom placed his hands on her hips, then around her back. He glanced around to make sure nobody was watching. He could hear other people at other campsites, but nobody could see Stacy straddling Tom's lap. Then his eyes went to Stacy's chest. Her top was gapping open, exposing some cleavage.

Stacy continued to rub her palms over his chest, breathing heavily. "Would you like to rub my chest this way?"

Tom paused briefly, not believing what she said. "Uh, yeah," he muttered. Stacy lowered her right pajama strap, then the left, and they slipped down to her elbows, allowing major cleavage to be exposed inches from Tom's face. Then Stacy easily reached into the front of her top, and hauled her tits out over the top. Both of her tits spilled out into the daylight. She sat up straight, arched her back, and wiggled her tits right in Tom's face as she chuckled.

"Goddamn!" thought Tom. "They're so fucking big!" He momentarily inspected the two pale round globes, capped by medium-sized light brown areolas and soft nipples. He placed both of his palms on them and began to firmly knead and squeeze them.

"Mmmm," Stacy moaned in his ear. "Do you liked them?"

"Yeah, they're real big."

Stacy purred as Tom played with her tits. She continued to dry hump her pussy over his hard cock hanging down his leg.

Tom leaned forward and burrowed his face in Aunt Stacy's cleavage. He wiggled his nose between the fleshy globes, and licked into the crevice. Then he grabbed her right nipple in his mouth, suckling it. He alternated sucking her left and right nipples as he fondled both her tits.

Stacy reached inside of Tom's shorts leg, and found his cock under the boxers. She pushed the garments back, until she could expose his cock to the light. She stroked it a few times, allowing the firm pulsating shaft to stick up. Then she reached between her legs and pulled her loose pajama shorts to one side, exposing her mass of reddish brown pubic hair. She rose up slightly, aimed her pussy at Tom's dick head, and lowered herself on his shaft. Within seconds, she was sitting on his lap again, his cock buried in her slippery pussy. Tom couldn't believe how good it felt. He was fucking his aunt! His cock was inside her! Wow!

Stacy slowly slid in and out again, letting the cock snake deeply into her slippery canal. "Oohh," she moaned in his ear. Tom never did let go of her tits hanging out of the top of her pajamas, and continued kneading them as he fucked her. Stacy looked down at him through her glasses, smiling.

Tom sort of wished he could fuck faster into Stacy, but his aunt did have some weight to her. Her hefty thighs and butt weighted him down, not that he was complaining. Tom had never fucked before, and wished he could get her down and just fuck her in the missionary position.

As if she'd read his mind, Stacy asked, "Would you be more comfortable in my tent?"

"Yeah," replied Tom, anxious to get inside.

"OK, let's go." With that Stacy gingerly raised herself up and allowed Tom's cock to slide out of her pussy. She held her hands in front of her exposed tits hanging out over her top, and quickly scooted to her tent flap. As she zipped it open Tom quickly followed her, his stiff cock tenting out under his shorts. They entered the tent, and Stacy zipped the door closed behind them. Tom's eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness. There was a fair amount of light streaming through the thin nylon tent, and two of the mesh windows were open at the top several inches. So Tom had plenty of light to watch Aunt Stacy face him, finally remove her glasses, pull her top off over her head, and slide her pajama shorts down, allowing her big tits to hang down and bobble.

Stacy posed naked in front of Tom, watching her nephew pull off his shorts and then his boxers. He was surprised at how hairy her pussy was, and enjoyed her large white bobbling tits and big areolas.

Stacy snuggled up to Tom, and they hugged and kissed standing up naked near the center of the tent. Tom felt his dick head slide along her pussy hair. He ran his hands up and down her back, and then squeezed her big naked ass cheeks. But he couldn't keep his hands off her tits for long, and he eagerly squeezed them.

Stacy knelt on her sl**ping bag, lied down on the center of it on her back, spread her legs wide, and opened her arms for her nephew.

Tom looked down at his inviting naked Aunt, her pink pussy showing amongst her pussy hair, her big white tits sloping just slightly to the sides. He knelt between her legs, and allowed his aunt to take his cock and guide it into her pussy. The air mattress below the sl**ping bag was slightly under inflated, and Tom worked to get into a comfortable position. He lay on top of Aunt Stacy's chest, his elbows on either side of her, his hands under his shoulders. And his cock inside her pussy.

Stacy closed her big warm thighs around Tom slightly, as Tom got into practice of thrusting his teenhood in and out of her hot wet tube. In no time at all the anxious teen was thrusting rapidly. He rose up once to look down at his aunt's big round tits bobbling and shaking with each thrust, and then laid down on her again.

"Ohhhh," Stacy whimpered in his ear. "Uhhhh!" She ran her fingers over his shoulders and back, down to his little thrusting bare butt. "Ohhh, you're just a young stud, aren't you?"

Besides the physical pleasures of having a cock in a real pussy and a naked woman beneath him, Tom had a sense of pride that he was able to satisfy his own aunt, an experienced mature woman. He DID feel like a young stud! He thrust faster, learning how to dig in deep with his knees and toes, pressing his cock as deeply into the mature woman's snatch as he could. Stacy seemed to be responding by grunting in an unladylike way, and thrusting her own hips. The stuffy tent was causing them to sweat, and he could feel his body sticking to Stacy's.

"Huh! Unghhh! Hurrgghhh!" Stacy was having trouble suppressing her grunts and hoarse moans. Tom wondered if anybody else could hear them, but he really didn't care at this point. "UGGGHHH! OHHHHGGH!"

Stacy started to thrash her big body around, dragging the slender teen from one side of the air mattress to the other. Tom knew he was close to cumming. He didn't know if he was supposed to announce it or not. He just kept pumping. Suddenly he felt that familiar feeling that he was going to cum, and shot his load into Aunt Stacy's pussy. Stacy clamped her thighs around Tom, shuddered, choked and gasped.

Finally they both stopped moving. Tom started to get up, but Stacy held him down, as his cock trickled the last of his jism into her pussy. He lay on her naked panting body for a minute, and then she allowed him to roll to the side. Stacy put her arms around him and kissed him passionately, as Tom lay on his back, his greasy dick still sticking up. Tom looked down at his naked aunt. Her stomach protruded, her thighs were big, her tits hung down her sides, her hair was a mess, and without makeup she looked her age. And in a minute he'd fuck her again any time she wanted.


After last night's groping and peeping episodes, Carol was fairly determined to not get caught alone with Rick and Billy. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy their attention, but it had gone far enough, too far, surely. She didn't want anybody noticing how much attention they were paying to her, but mostly she was afraid that somebody might see through her fa├žade and guess how much she lusted for her nephews, and had allowed them to do things that no other male had done since she'd gotten married.

So Carol stayed with groups much of the day. Horseback riding was fairly uneventful. Still there was something about having her legs spread wide around a horse and her crotch pressing against a saddle horn that always got Carol aroused. And with her big tits bouncing along the trail under her tight t-shirt, which kept her nipples hard much of the time, it seemed like Rick and Billy spent a lot of time looking back at her instead of on their own mounts. Then again, it seemed like all of the stable hands, her other nephew Jason, and even her own son Tom, were staring at her bouncing breasts. Maybe she was just imagining it all, that the attention from Rick and Billy made her feel more attractive. But her boobs did bounce so much during that hour in the saddle that they were a little tender afterwards.

And at the beach that afternoon, with the husbands along today, she didn't even go out into the water. Oddly, neither did her s****rs-in-law Julie and Stacy. There were more stares from the boys, and she couldn't help looking at Rick and Billy in their bathing trunks through her sunglasses, but she kept her distance from them.

It was Carol's turn to start dinner that evening, and so mid-afternoon she announced that she was going to walk the mile back from the beach to the camp, and start preparing. She started walking alone, wearing a t-shirt and shorts over her pink bathing suit, gym shoes and no socks. As she thought about Rick and Billy, she contemplated lying down in her tent when she got back and masturbating a bit.

But as she neared the campground, she looked back and spotted the familiar forms of Rick and Billy, catching up to her. Damn! Now what do I do? What will THEY do?

Carol hurried to her tent. Instead of a leisurely masturbation session, she decided she better get changed quickly and start dinner and stay in the open. She quickly zipped herself up into her tent. The mesh windows were open a bit at the top to allow air during the day. Carol didn't waste time zipping them up, despite last night's voyeur episode. She hunted for her bra and panties, but by the time she found them, she saw through the mesh window that Rick and Billy were in the campsite. She zipped the window facing the campsite completely up, leaving the rear one that faced the woods open just a bit.

Carol faced the door, and quickly removed her shoes and dropped her shorts off. She pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Standing in her pink one-piece bathing suit, with her back to the rear window, she lowered the straps of her suit, pulled it down her torso until she was topless, and then began tugging it down her butt.

Carol had her suit half-way down her thighs, bent at the waist, when she looked back and saw the two boys staring at her again, this time as she bent over and mooned her white ass at them, her pubic hair likely visible between her legs. Carol gasped, and tried to quickly pull up her bathing suit again, hearing their familiar giggles. "Oh, you... BOYS!"

Carol sat down on the edge of her air mattress and fumbled with her shorts. She heard the door zipping open.

"Did you call us?" joked Rick.

"I'm DRESSING!" Carol whispered hoarsely.

"I thought you were calling us," said Rick as he popped his head into the tent.


Rick and Billy entered the tent, and stood over their aunt sitting on the edge of her sl**ping bag and air mattress in her bathing suit, her long legs spread open. Billy started zipping the door closed behind them.

"Billy!" whispered Carol. "Please leave! I'm undressing!" She couldn't stand up because her shorts were tangled in her feet.

"Go ahead," replied Rick.


"You didn't say 'no' last night," said Rick.

"Or in the lake," said Billy.

"I DID say no in the lake."

Rick sat down on the edge of the mattress, on Carol's right. "You didn't say 'no' like you meant it." Rick was joined by Billy, who sat on her left side. Rick put his hand up onto Carol's bare shoulder.

Carol just turned her head. "No, this is wrong!" But she didn't push his hand away. Nor did she push away Billy's hand when he touched her left shoulder.

Rick gingerly grabbed Carol's right bathing suit shoulder strap, and pulled it off of her shoulder, letting it hang down her arm. Billy mirrored Rick's move with her left strap. Carol had her hands back behind her on the sl**ping bag, supporting her weight as she sat on the edge of the mattress with her legs spread. She looked down at the white inside lining of her suit straps, like she was helpless to pull them up again. "No, Rick," she whimpered.

But Rick was in no mood to take such a feeble "no" for an answer. He carefully reached up again, grabbed the bathing suit top on her right side with just his thumb and forefinger, and slowly peeled it down. Carol only leaned back as if she were tied up, while her big white right breast was exposed. Billy did the same to the left side of her suit, and soon the suit was pulled down south of her breasts, the top turned inside out and hanging upside down on her torso, its white lining turned inside out.

Rick and Billy took a moment to admire their aunt's big tits close-up. Then they each reached out with one hand and began caressing them. Carol simply looked down at them with a frightened look on her face. But as they played with her nipples, tugging on them until they were long and hard and her areolas were puckered, she threw her head back and shivered.

"Rick, they're real soft, liked water balloons!" said Billy.

"But they're really heavy, see?" Replied Rick as he palmed her right tit and lifted it up and down. Billy did the same to her left tit. While they played with her, they talked to each other like she wasn't there, making comments on her body. She didn't care if these two bad boys disrespected her, as long as they didn't stop. She was no longer in any mood or condition to push them out of the tent.

Rick and Billy leaned over and placed their lips on Carol's tits. Carol looked down to see the two b*****rs kissing and sucking on her breasts as she leaned back on her hands, thrusting her heaving chest out. She shivered involuntarily at the erotic sensation. Billy was the first to place a hand on her thigh, and run it up to her crotch. He rubbed the protruding mound over her bathing suit crotch. Carol arched her hips up to meet the pleasurable rubbing.

Rick and Billy both began to tug her bathing suit down her torso. To Carol's own surprise, she didn't stop them. Even more to her surprise, when they got it down to her bellybutton, she laid back on the sl**ping bag, arched her hips, lifted her butt off the ground, and allowed them to slide the suit off of her bottom. Billy yanked the garment down off of her legs, and Carol laid back on her sl**ping bag naked for her two nephews.

As Rick and Billy pulled off their shirts and swimming trunks, Carol scooted up further on the sl**ping bag and air mattress, until she was on the middle, with her head propped up by two pillows.

Carol stared at their two exposed hard cocks. Billy's was surrounded by blonde hair similar to Carol's husband's pubes. Rick's cock had a tuft of yellow-orange pubic hair above his, significantly lighter than the red hair on his head. Both of their cocks looked impressively large on their little bodies.

Rick and Billy lied down on their sides on either side of Carol. Rick leaned over with his smirking face and made out with his aunt, feeling her tits. Billy went back to suckling her tit, and rubbing her pussy over her thick triangle of brown pubic hair.

Carol reached down with both hands, and found their two impressive hardons. Damn, did they have hairy cocks! But they didn't feel as big as they looked. Perhaps because their whole bodies were so much smaller than her husband's. She stroked both of the firm shafts in unison.

Billy worked his finger into Carol's slit, and slid his middle digit rapidly in and out of her extremely wet pussy. Carol moaned as Rick French kissed her.

Billy slid down and knelt between Carol's legs. He buried his face between her thighs, and licked into her forest of pubic hair until he found her slit. He licked up and down and back and forth, causing more moans and whimpers from his aunt.

Rick stopped kissing Carol and moved his body up. He thrust his crotch into her face, lying on his side. He grabbed the back of Carol's head by her hair, and pulled it towards his red cock. "Uh," Carol whimpered as her only objection, but then immediately opened her mouth and let the teen dick head slide between her lips.

While her younger nephew ate her pussy, her older nephew fucked her face. Carol wasn't used to losing complete control during sex like this, especially with two boys, whose combined ages were nowhere near her own age. Somehow it was so erotic letting these "bad" boys have their way with her.

Billy slid his body further up between Carol's legs, and began to insert his red cock into her pussy. Carol again had a second of hesitation, but then opened her legs wider, and felt the dull thick tool slide easily into her wide aged pussy. Billy leaned up on his hands as he thrust into her pussy. Carol continued to turn her head and suck off Rick.

"Mmmphhh! Mrphhhll!" Carol tried to moan as she sucked Rick's cock. "MMMMMHHHO!"

Rick reached down and felt her right tit, and Billy reached down and grabbed her left one. Both boys were quite rough, tugging on her nipples, and pinching her tit flesh hard. Carol found it quite erotic.

Rick began to pull her face more rapidly into his cock. She tried to keep up to the speed he wanted, but his dick was poking the back of her throat. "Guck! Guck! Guck!" Were the sounds emitting from her throat. Her nose was being tickled by that strange yellow-orange pubic hair.

Rick shot a load of jism into the back of Carol's throat, and she gagged and choked on it. But Rick held her head onto his cock, until every last drop had been unloaded between her teeth. It dribbled out of Carol's mouth and down her face and chin, onto her neck and sl**ping bag. Rick withdrew his cock, and let Carol lie back, gurgling jism, as Billy fucked her.

Carol was reaching an orgasm quickly. "Wee! Wheee! "Ooweeeeeie!" She squealed. Anybody within the vicinity of the campsite would have heard her. Carol gyrated and twisted, practically throwing the little Billy off of her body. But Billy hung in there as she shuddered and spasmed through her entire orgasm, before unloading his own cum deep inside of her pussy.

Carol lay back on the sl**ping bag, panting, in tears as all of her emotions fell out of her. But within moments, Billy was laying on his back at the top of the air mattress. "Suck MY dick, Carol," he ordered with his newly-changed voice.

Carol turned over and got on her knees, lowered her head, and dropped her lips down onto Billy's shaft. For the first time ever, she tasted her own pussy juice intermingled with a man's (boy's) cum. She sucked hard with all the skill and passion she could muster, as the reality of the situation came into focus, and she didn't know when, if ever, she would again have a chance to have sex with a pair of horny teenaged boys. She decided to make the most of it, and she also felt it important to show the boys that she was good in bed.

Rick got up and knelt behind Carol, as she stuck her mature ass up in the air and blew Billy. Rick stroked his cock a few times, slid it around her butt for a minute, and then slid it into her slick gaping pussy.

Carol sucked Billy rapidly as Rick slapped his pelvis hard into her butt, a noise that could likely be heard from quite a ways away, too. The older b*****r fucked her hard and furious, but Carol knew that he had just cum, and could be back there a long time.

Billy reached down and felt her dangling right tit, and Rick reached around her and felt her left one.

Carol was enjoying the experience, when Billy announced, "I want to fuck her again."

Rick stopped fucking her. "Shit," said Rick. "OK, Carol, move up and fuck Billy." Billy scooted down under Carol's long body. When he was in position, she lowered her sloppy pussy down onto his slick dick, spread her legs wide, straddling him, and fucked him from on top. Billy reached up with both hands and felt her big dangling tits, and then took the right one into his mouth and sucked it as it hung down.

Just as Carol had gotten into a comfortable position, Rick pushed her down firmly onto Billy. Rick mounted Carol from behind her, getting up on his feet, and began stabbing her butt crack with his slippery dick. He opened the crack, and began working his dick head into her asshole.

"UHHHH!" Carol moaned. She had never allowed her husband to do this. "UNNGGG!" Rick had worked in the head, and was working his shaft in, inch by inch. Carol's teen nephew was taking her virgin ass.

Eventually Rick and Billy and Carol got into some kind of rhythm where they were all getting pleasure from the double-penetration fucking. Despite the pain, Carol had never felt the sensation of having her ass lanced by anything except her finger. The two dick heads were in close proximity to each other way down deep inside Carol somewhere, and it was an indescribable sensation for the mature woman.

"UNNNGG! UNNNNGG!" Carol grunted. The three sweaty sticky bodies were stuck together in the warm tent. "URRRGGGGHH!"

Carol began a long violent orgasm, even more intense than the one she had just experienced moments before. She tried to thrash and gyrate, but the boy's body on top of her kept her in place. Rick fucked her ass faster and faster. Her cheek was plastered against Billy's sweating young face, her tits stuck to him with perspiration. "UNNGUNNGGUNNGG!"

Carol felt Billy squirt jism into her pussy, followed almost immediately by the strange new sensation of Rick's liquid gushing deep in her asshole. Carol shuddered and shook uncontrollably through her orgasm.

The three of them lay still, their bodies stuck together. Rick and Billy started chuckling. At first Carol found it insulting. But then she started chuckling, too. She felt happy. Maybe the most joyous she'd ever felt in her life.


That evening after dinner, Carol had more than one drink. It seemed liked everybody needed a lot to drink, certainly Stacy, and especially Julie, who was often a big drinker. Carol was relaxed and satisfied, she'd fixed dinner and left it to others to clean up, and she made Rick and Billy promise not to openly pursue her for the rest of the trip. This was the last night camping, and it was customary that most of the f****y stayed up later.

The three husbands were situated around the campfire drinking beer. The girls were playing a board game at the picnic table. And the four boys said they were going down to the lake for a while. The three women accompanied each other to the showers, and were now clean and mellow. But when Julie went to get more beer out of the back of her SUV, she announced, "Oh, oh! I think we have a problem! There was another case of beer back here an hour ago, and it's gone now." She looked around. "Where are the boys?"

Carol instinctively sobered up a little. She wasn't a heavy drinker herself, and she was strictly against teen drinking. She wasn't going to sit idly by and let Tom drink. "Let's go find them," said Carol.

Without telling their husbands why they were leaving, Stacy announced to them, "We're going to go look for the boys." The three husbands acknowledged her announcement, and then returned to their conversation. With their own stash of beer, the husbands would be happy there until late, and oblivious to anything else going on.

The three wives headed down a path that they thought the boys took down to the lake. It wasn't by the beach, but a secluded, rocky spot away from the campground. In a few minutes they got to the shore, but didn't see the boys. They continued on down the shore silently.

Finally, they heard some voices, coming from around the bend. They crept up and stayed out of sight. They saw two figures in the dusk, chest-deep in the still lake water. Carol instantly recognized Tom, and the other appeared to be Jason. A moment later, two more figures emerged from a clump of shrubs near the shore. They were naked. Carol recognized Rick and Billy, having seen them naked before. Rick's yellow-orange pubic hair in particular was unmistakable. Seeing it again made Carol subconsciously lick her lips to see if there were any still in her mouth to spit out.

"They're skinny dipping," whispered Stacy.

"Should we go get them? How do we get them out?" Asked Carol.

"I'll go get them!" quipped Stacy. Carol and Julie both knew she was suggesting that she wanted to go walk up and see them naked.

"Let's go steal their clothes!" whispered the intoxicated Julie. Carol thought she was joking.

"Yeah, let's!" said her s****r Stacy. Before Carol could stop them, the two tipsy moms crept around through the shrubs to the spot where they saw Rick and Billy emerge. There was a clear patch of grass inside the clump of shrubs. Carol recognized the blanket laid out over the grass as an old blanket of hers she used for the beach. On top of it were four piles of clothes, the missing case of beer, and a few empty beer cans.

Julie and Stacy quickly scooped up the clothes, and stashed them behind a tree a few feet into the woods. Then they emerged from the shrubs, and headed for the shore.

"Yoo hoo, hi boys!" Called Julie to the four startled teens.

"We've got your clothes!" Called Stacey.

"Come on out," said Julie. "We're waiting."

There was a pause as the four boys looked at each other and ascertained the situation, staying covered in deep water.

"OK, give us our clothes," called Jason.

"No, you come and get them," laughed Julie.

After another moment, Rick called his mom's bluff. "OK, you asked for it, I'm coming out." He began wading into shore. Carol's body shivered as she once again saw Rick's hairy dick, not completely hard but nearly full-sized, hanging between his legs and swinging back and forth as he strutted towards her from the lake. Right behind him, a grinning Billy also approached the shore, and walked out strutting his hard meat, completely erect, perpendicular to his body, and pointing straight out at the women.

Rick and Billy's mom Julie just stood with her hands on her hips, looking at her naked sons. Stacy let out an audible "Hubba Hubba!" to show her approval of the two teens' naked display.

"Well, you two boys might as well come out, too," Carol called to Jason and Tom. Jason, the tallest and broadest-shouldered of the four, climbed out of the water. For the first time, Carol saw her other nephew naked. He also sported a lot of hair over his cock, which hypnotized her the way it swung back and forth. Just when she didn't think the vacation could get any better, it did. More fantasy material, she thought.

Then right behind Jason came Carol's son Tom, whom she was now observing naked for the first time in many years. She couldn't help stare at her boy's naked form. Of course the part that had changed most since he was a toddler was his cock, hanging down and covered with a big tuft of hair, a thick patch of strawberry blonde hair like his father's. Carol couldn't help but twinge with both pride and eroticism. Then she stopped herself.

The wives retreated to the grassy area in the shrubs again, where the boys had retreated, expecting to find their clothes. The boys had no towels, and so they simply stood up to air-dry or sat down on the blanket.

Julie whispered, "Don't give them their clothes back!" She reached over to the case of beer, grabbed a beer can, and popped it open. "Anybody else want a beer?"

"I do," called Rick. Julie paused for a minute, and then handed a beer to her naked son. With that, Stacy and the other three boys grabbed beers. When Tom grabbed a beer, a befuddled Carol took one.

It was a strange sensation sitting around on a blanket with two other women and four naked young men. Carol didn't know where to look. But she couldn't help looking, at the teens. All four teens. All four had deep tans except from their waistline to mid-thigh, and that seemed to draw Carol's eyes to their white butts and crotches like a beacon.

"Damn, Tom, you're well hung," said Julie. Tom, standing next to Julie with a now-hard dick, just blushed a "thanks." Julie reached out and grabbed it and gave it a yank. Tom looked over at his mom. Carol didn't know what to say. She couldn't admonish Julie for admiring her son, when Carol had sex with Julie's sons earlier that day.

"And a nice butt, too," added Stacy, who reached over and gave Tom's ass a squeeze.

"All of you boys look hot," said Stacy, patting Rick and Billy's bare butts, too. "Don't you agree, Carol?"

Carol just blurted a, "Uh, yes!"

Jason was shivering a little. "It was warmer in the water. If you're not going to give me my clothes back, I'm going back in the water.

Julie had chugged her beer. "I'm ready to skinny dip. Let's go, Jason!"

Jason looked over at his mom Stacy, and then said, "OK, let's go."

With that suddenly Julie was tugging at her t-shirt, pulling it off her head to expose her big white bra. She kicked off her shoes, and dropped her shorts, revealing navy blue Jockey for Women panties. She reached behind and unhooked her bra, and dropped it on the blanket. Her big white globes bobbled freely. Then she slid her panties off and stood naked.

Carol, no slouch in the breast department, couldn't help get a twinge of excitement and admiration at her steps****r's breasts, and her uninhibited manner of exposing them to teen boys. Then she remembered that one of those teens was her own son. She looked over at Tom, whose jaw had dropped and was unabashedly gawking at his naked aunt. His cock was straight out and red. Carol stared at it some more. Unlike her father's cock, which curved down slightly, Tom's cock had just a slight upturned curve, which for some reason made it look bigger or better. Carol couldn't take her eyes off it.

"Let's go, Jason." Julie grabbed Jason's arm and led him off toward the lake.

Stacy looked over at Tom, too. She suddenly pulled off her shirt, and unhooked her bra. She didn't have Julie's overall figure, but her breasts were nearly as impressive. She pulled off her shorts and white panties, giggling, and soon was also naked in front of Tom and Rick and Billy.

"Your, turn, Carol," said Stacy.

Carol blushed. "I'll stay here."

"Come on, Carol, let's go swimming," said Rick.

"Yeah, c'mon," said Billy.

Carol glanced at her son. She might have been tempted if her son wasn't there.

"C'mon, mom, let's skinny-dip!" said a smiling Tom. "Hurry up! Let's go!"

Carol looked at her naked son, coaxing her to strip naked. She'd had just enough alcohol. She stepped out of her shoes.

Carol tugged off her shorts. She was wearing a pair of turquoise cotton panties, now exposed to the waning sunlight. She'd never even deliberately let her son see her in her panties before. It was a strange feeling. "I'll just wade like this."

"All of it," said Tom.

She pulled off her shirt, showing her big white bra. "Maybe I'll just go in my underwear."

"No, all of it. Don't be a spoil sport," said an impatient and naked Stacy.

Reluctantly, but with a wave of eroticism at stripping in front of a group of people, Carol dropped her panties off, showing her hairy bush to her son. Then she unhooked her bra in back, and pulled it off her chest, letting her large white breasts feel the cool air on them.

"Oh, nice," said Stacy.

"Geez, mom, they're HUGE!" Exclaimed Tom.

"They sure are," said Rick and Billy in unison. Then the whole group headed towards the water. As they slowly walked down the rocky beach and into the cold water, Carol was aware of Tom's stares at her swaying breasts and long hard nipples as he walked right next to her. She instinctively held in her stomach and thrust her chest out to make her body look as shapely as possible. She could see Stacy's butt cheeks rising and falling as she walked in front of Linda, and presumed that her cheeks had a similar jiggle. There may have been a pretense that this was just a naughty hippie-type naturalist thing to do, but Linda felt the sexual tension as everybody stared at everybody else. Certainly the erections on the four boys betrayed arousal on their part.

Julie and Jason were already in the water, and as Carol worked her way into the cold water, she could see that they were hugging naked under the water. Wow!

The groups of aunts and nephews paired off as they had before. Carol was reluctant to let Rick and Billy near her again in view of her son and their mom. But as she watched Julie playing with Jason in deep water, and Stacy now hugging Carol's own son, she didn't make a fuss as Rick and Billy approached her and fondled her naked tits just below the water line.

But despite enjoying Rick and Billy again, Carol looked over at her own son, who was clearly fondling HIS aunt's big breasts, as well as kissing her. Has Tom had a history with Stacy? There was something erotic about watching her son making out with a mature woman.

Julie led Jason over towards Stacy and Tom. "I want to play with Tom, too," Julie announced loud enough for Carol to hear. Tom released one of Stacy's breasts, and felt one of Julie's. Now Carol's son was fondling TWO of his aunts!

Jason, being released by Julie, reached over and felt his own mom's bare tit. "You got big boobs, too, mom," he said.

"And you have a big cock," muttered Stacy, who appeared to be reaching out for her son's cock under the water. Now her other s****r-in-law was fondling HER own son!

Somehow Carol and Rick and Billy drifted towards the rest of the group. Rick suddenly became interested in his Aunt Stacy, and began fondling her tit. Stacy allowed him to, tugging on his cock. When Jason's cock got released from his mom's grip, he turned towards Carol. The brawny boy simply reached out, and felt her naked tit under the water.

Now Billy joined his b*****r playing with Stacy. This gave Carol and Jason free access to each other. Jason felt both of Carol's big tits, and rubbed her ass and pussy under the water. Carol squeezed his ass, just a few feet away from his mom, and then felt his hard cock and balls. She leaned over and kissed him.

When Carol looked up, she saw Julie and Tom intertwined. Julie was thrusting in and out, with her arms wrapped tightly around Tom. Tom was arching his back under the water, and appeared to be humping into his aunt. Oh my God, Tom is having sex with Julie! Carol continued to watch with mixed emotions as her son had sex right in front of her. Again she couldn't really scold either one, considering her history with Julie's boys.

Carol turned her attention once again to Jason, as the strong youth picked her up by her ass, with her weight buoyed by the water. The tall shapely woman was no small fry, but then Jason was a strong boy. She felt his cock pressing into her. Sober, she would have likely backed away. But intoxicated, she let the dull head tickle her slit like a fish in the water. Then it was entering her! It slid in so easily, and she just let it! He was having sex with her, right in front of HER son, and HIS mother!

Carol glanced over at Jason's mom Stacy. She was sandwiched between Rick on her front, and Billy on her rear. Their thrusts and her rhythmic whimpers suggested that Rick was also fucking her, and Billy was doing something to her from behind. Was Stacy getting double penetration by the b*****rs the way Carol had just a few hours ago?

Then Carol was drawn back to Jason, who was thrusting deep inside her. The water splashed around her, and she let out several audible squeals. She looked around and caught Tom's eye. Tom was watching her fuck!

After that there was a blur, as the effects of the whole scene made Carol dizzy. Somewhere in the background she heard the others splashing, and women panting and moaning, but it was her own squeals that were the loudest. She was so dizzy and weak that she laid her head on Jason's shoulder as they both completed their orgasms. She was weak and panting and being supported by Jason as she saw Tom and Julie heading toward shore, Tom watching her intently.

Stacy and Rick and Billy followed Julie and Tom to shore. Jason had to hold the unsteady Carol and help her to shore where she collapsed naked on the blanket.


Julie stood across from Carol, and guzzled another beer, as did the rest of the group. Rick stood next to Julie, reached out, and groped her tit. "Nice tits, mom."

Julie didn't stop him. "Pretty good for an old broad, huh?" She thrust her tits out, and let both of her sons feel them. She reached out and grabbed both of their cocks, and aggressively jerked on them. "Nice cocks! Bigger than your dad's!"

Julie then sat down on the blanket and twirled an empty beer can. "Let's play 'Spin the Bottle!"" she said.

"Yeah, OK", said Jason.

Julie spun the beer can on the blanket, and the opening pointed towards Tom. Julie leaned over, and gave Tom a long, passionate French kiss.

Stacy anxiously spun the can next, and it pointed to Billy. Both stood up, and Stacy bent him over and gave him a long kiss. Billy reached out and groped her tit.

Julie spun again, and it pointed to Rick. Julie simply planted her lips on her own son's, and gave him a long French kiss. To Carol's eyes, Rick seemed to enjoy trading tongues with his mom.

Stacy spun again, and it pointed towards Jason. Stacy did as Julie had, French kissing her own son with no hesitation or resistance. Carol was simply amazed at the weirdness of the whole day! What kind of f****y had she married into??

A recovered Carol spun next, and it pointed towards Tom. Carol was reluctant to approach her son, and Tom appeared a little reluctant himself. But the two exchanged closed-lipped kisses, gingerly at first. Then Tom continued pressing his lips against his mother's. Carol closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and tentatively stuck her tongue out half way. Tom slid his tongue out to meet his. Soon they were in the throes of a full-blown lip-locked French kiss, with twisting heads and sliding tongues. Carol slid her tongue along her son's teeth, and deep into his mouth. Then she felt a hand on her left breast. Tom was fondling his own mother's breast. Carol moaned into his mouth. She reached between his legs and took hold of his hard cock. Her son was hard for her. She continued stroking, as Tom continued fondling her breasts.

The Spin The Bottle game seemed to go on without them. Carol, full of alcohol and lust, lost in the day's debauched events, simply couldn't let go of the biggest taboo yet. Tom had long ago grown away from wanting to hug her, sit on her lap, or be physically touching his mother, and Carol had missed being close to her son. She didn't want to let him go. But it was more than a mother's love; Carol enjoyed the sexual aspect of going at it with a randy teen.

Tom pressed her down onto the blanket, and felt her up as he made out with her. Likely the beer that Tom drank had an inhibition-lowering effect on him, too. Carol wasn't going to break the spell.

Carol glanced up long enough to see Stacy on her left, lying next to Jason, who was making out with and feeling up HIS mom. Carol heard giggling coming from across the blanket. She looked over to see Julie lying on her back and her legs spread, with HER son Rick's face burrowed between her legs. And Julie's OTHER son Billy was straddling her chest, sliding his cock in and out from between her big breasts, which Julie held together for him, while she and Billy giggled. My God!

Tom finger fucked his mom's wet pussy, as she vigorously yanked on his cock and toyed with his balls. Tom climbed between her legs, and without giving it any more thought, Carol spread her legs and assisted her son in sliding his cock into her pussy. The slender boy lied on her long shapely body, and fucked rapidly.

Lying on her back, Carol could hear the sounds of one couple and one trio nearby having sex. "Ohh, yeah, Tom, that's good!" she whispered. "Oohhh! Ohhhh! BABY!" "URGGGGGGHHHHH!"

Carol felt her son shoot cum up inside her birth canal. She thrashed through another orgasm, probably leaving nail marks in Tom's back.

Carol lied on her back with her son, French kissing him some more as her panting subsided. She looked to her left to see Jason lying on his back. His mother Stacy was straddling him, riding him hard. She was fucking her son, thrusting her hips rapidly, causing her big butt to quiver and ripple.

Julie approached Stacy and Jason, apparently done for the moment with her two sons. Without being asked, she also straddled Jason, lowering her pussy over his face. She wiggled into position, letting Jason lick up into her pussy while Julie's s****r fucked him. Stacy pressed her large breasts into her s****r's back, reached around, and felt Julie's bobbling breasts. Jason also reached up, feeling Julie's right tit with his left hand, and feeling Stacy's left tit with his right hand.

Carol sat up as she regained her composure. Julie looked over at her and said, "C'mon Carol, join us!"

Carol shook her head no, but then Tom said, "Go on, mom!"

Carol knelt next to Jason, but didn't know what to do. His face and his cock were taken. Then Jason saw her, reached out with his right hand, and felt Carol's tits while eating and fucking the others.

Stacy and Julie were cooing and whimpering as Jason took care of their pussies. Jason moved his hands down between Carol's legs, and worked his middle finger into her. He was now servicing three pussies - his mom's, and his two aunts.

Now all three mature women were whimpering and moaning from the teen Jason's work.

All three women devoted their full attention to Jason, who was thrusting maniacally up into Stacy's pussy, licking furiously up into Julie's pussy, and frigging freely into Carol's pussy. The "Ooohh"'s and "Haaaa"'s were random at first, but soon all three women were whimpering and moaning simultaneously.

Just as simultaneously, all three writhed uncontrollably in a chorus of wails that echoed off the nearby lake. "OOOHHH! AHHHHH!" The wails then turned into very deep, hoarse, unladylike grunts. "UHHHHGGGG! URRRRGGGGHH! AGGGGGHHH!"

All three women exploded with orgasms almost at once, shuddering and shaking on top of Jason, their butts and thighs quivering, their breasts bobbling in all directions, until all three collapsed on top of him.

Before Carol even had a chance to recover, lying on the blanket panting, a still-naked and erect Rick approached her. "Hey, Carol, let's fuck."

As appealing as another roll with Rick sounded, Carol moaned, "Oh, Rick, I'm so tired and sore!"

Rick, as usual, wasn't taking no for an answer. "C'mon, just once more."

Julie, curled up on her side, said, "I'm spent for the night. Go ahead, Carol, give him one more fuck and then we'll go back to camp."

"Yeah, you go ahead, Carol," said Stacy.

Carol smiled, and sat up. She began to lie on her back for her nephew, but Rick said, "No, you be on top. I want to play with your tits while I fuck you." So Rick lied on his back, and Carol climbed on top of the smaller teen. She lowered her pussy down on his cock, and began to slowly thrust into him. Rick reached up and felt her hanging tits, and the shorter boy took the taller woman's left breast into his mouth as it dangled above him.

Billy stood to the right side of Carol, and felt her right tit. Carol sat up erect, putting her hands behind her, thrusting her chest out for Billy as she fucked Rick.

Jason stood up and felt Carol's left tit. Carol reached out with both hands, grabbed Billy and Jason's juicy cocks, and stroked them.

Tom stood up and moved closer. He appeared to want to get into the action too, trying to reach in with his hand to get at a tit. Carol had no more hands to stroke her son's cock with. She leaned slightly to the right, where Tom stood next to Billy, opened her mouth, and caught Tom's dick head between her lips. Tom thrust his hips in her direction, put his hands behind her head, and pulled her head towards him.

Carol forgot all about her two s****rs-in-law watching her. This moment was all about Carol satisfying four teen cocks at once, something that she had barely even been able to fantasize about before. As Rick fucked her pussy, and Tom fucked her mouth, Billy and Jason fucked her hands while they played with her tits. She felt like she was in Sex Heaven.

Carol was already building up another orgasm. She wanted to satisfy all of the boys, so she worked hard on her fucking, sucking, and jerking. She took her son's cock as deep into her throat as she could, tightened her cunt muscles around Rick's cock, and used her long fingers deftly on Billy and Jason's shafts and balls.

Rick came first, setting off Carol's orgasm. As she shuddered through her orgasm, she felt Tom's hot sperm gushing in her mouth. The cock slipped out from between her lips, and several shots of sperm landed on her cheek, hair, and neck. Catching the spurting cock in her mouth again, she tried to swallow as much as she could, but much of it dripped down her chin.

Then Billy squirted his cock jism all over Carol's right tit. Mere seconds later, Jason shot white goo all over her left tit and chest.

Carol laid back and looked at herself, covered all over in the cum of her four teen relatives. She thought about jumping into the lake to wash off, but she left it on, allowing it to dry and cake on her flesh as she got dressed.

The entire group got dressed and finished off the beer, and headed back towards camp, d***k, happy, and satisfied. Carol's husband did ask where they'd been, and she simply replied that they went down to the lake and found the boys, and watched the sunset.

Carol quickly passed out in her sl**ping bag, still sticky with her four lovers' cum that would nearly match her husband's DNA. She woke up with a headache from the drinking, a sore pussy and asshole, a small hickey on the underside of her right breast thanks to Rick, and a smile on her face.

Tom also had a headache from the drinking, and slept little once the alcohol started to wear off, replaying in his mind all of the nudity and fucking and sucking he'd gotten the past two days from his aunts and his mom. Especially his mom. He felt like life would be a little different from now on, a little better. He was already looking forward to his dad's next business trip out of town, when he might be able to hook up with Mom again. And he'd look forward to all f****y get-togethers with Julie and Stacy.

Jason had his dreams come true, fucking Aunt Julie and Aunt Carol, together and simultaneously, playing with the busty blonde and the busty brunette's tits like they were his own personal fun bags. And fucking his own mom was a major bonus, and one he hoped to repeat. Available big tits and pussy, right inside his own home, what more could a teenaged boy ask for?

The husbands didn't notice the extra-long hugs and quick kisses goodbye that morning when they broke camp and the three nuclear families drove off on their own. But Stacy, Julie, and Carol all whispered to each of their nephews that they hoped they would see them again soon.


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