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Honey's Story

There you were standing in the middle of the hotel room, with a mischievous glint in your eye. You were holding a few silk scarves in your hand.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this.” You giggle in delight.

“Me too. It was all I could think about at work today. My cock is aching because it’s been constantly hard.” I reply.

I smile at you and grab my still solid crotch. You walk towards me and hand me the silk scarves. Then I go to take your hand and lead you over to the four poster bed. I lay you down and very delicately tie each of your limbs to each of the posts on the bed. Every time I tie a hand to the post I soft lick you wrist and bite on your forearm. This makes you jump with anticipation. As I get to your legs I tickle your inner thigh with the silk scarf and nibble on the backs of your knees before tying you down.

“I now have you exactly where I want you Honey. You are going to get the time of your life right here. Before I forget I have another surprise for you.”

“What is it? Oh Jay I want you to tell me” You said.

“You are in no position to ask or even demand here Honey. You must be patient and wait like a good little slut.” I reply.

I reach into my pocket and I pull out another silk scarf which I immediately tie around your head to cover your sexy eyes up. You try to speak as I finish tying the scarf so I quickly dart my tongue into your mouth and kiss you sensuously. A slight moan escapes you and you soon realise that you are at my mercy.

I get up and look at you in pure awe. Your sexy red lingerie plus your smooth light brown skin makes my penis quiver. As you cannot see at the moment your other four senses are working over time. You can hear my foot steps and become aware that I was walking away.

“Jay? Where are you going? Sweetie come back. This isn’t funny” you say.

Minutes pass and still no reply. You shout on me a few more times and to no avail. Worry and panic sets in as you are not sure what is going on. More time passes and just as you are about to shout out for me you feel a hand caress your inner thighs.

You get a fright but at the same time feel slightly relived that I haven’t left you all tied up and semi naked.

“Oh baby I was so scared you had left me all alone” you say.

There was no reply. Just roaming hands all over your body with the occasional wet tongue trailing down the sides of your rib cage. You feel goose bumps all over and your sex becoming wetter and wetter with time.

“Honey, my dear, I think I’ll need to take your underwear off. Its getting in my way” I whisper into your ear.

You moan in agreement and one at a time I untie you and then re-tie you so you don’t run away. Now that you are totally naked and spread eagled you feel ever more vulnerable and willing to do whatever I want.

I kneel down next to you and suck hard on your nipple making it hard. My tongue whirls around the dark brown nipple. I do this for quite some time and you start to think that I should be doing the other breast. As you think this your other breast is being taken into another man’s mouth. You gasp in shock.

“What the hell, Jay? What the fuck is going on?” you shout.

I reply, “I told you that I had another surprise for you.”

I take your blindfold off and you see another sexy looking young stud for you. You stare down to his nether regions and see that his dick is massive.

“Mmm Hmm, I like his dick Jay. I want to fuck the two you now!” you demand.

“Not yet. You can call him Sugar. Sugar is here to please your every need.”

I look at Sugar and he gets up and sits on your face. His big balls land square in your mouth and you willingly swallow both up in your mouth. Your hot breath making him squirm with delight. As you suck his testicles Sugar is stroking his manhood in pure pleasure.

I get in between your legs and lick your pussy lips and every so often your love juice escapes and I get to taste your sweet honey. While licking your fifi I softly suck in you labia and nibble on them for a while. My nose rubs the tip of your clit now and again which makes you jump. Your aroma is mind tingling and all I really want to do is fuck your brains out, but I refrain.

Sugar turns around and shoves his long shaft deep down into your throat which you accept with open mouth. He thrusts in and out, in and out and in and out. Each time he gets deeper and deeper. You feel the tips of his mushroom shaped head on the back of your throat.

Meanwhile I am still between your legs and now slowly slipping my tongue into you tight slit. Your sweet pussy juices covering my tongue. I know this excites you as I can hear muffled moans. I look up and see Sugars cock sliding in and out you mouth. Your spit making his smooth long shaft glisten in the light. I wish it was my cock now but I have more pressing matters in front of me. Your clit is now aching to be touched, you feel it throbbing and pulsating. It feels like it might explode if I don’t touch it so you try to move your hand down to rub it yourself. You get so far and then remember that I had tied you up and are now completely helpless.

Sugar pulls his cock out your mouth and kisses you deeply. His tongue massaging yours. You get his face all wet with your saliva. He moves over to your big breasts and straddles you. He places his cock in between your soft breast and squeezes them together.

“Spit you filthy slut. Make my cock wetter than it already is.” Sugar said.

You don’t hesitate and spit loudly onto your big tits and his already wet cock. He start to fuck those big boobies with great intensity. I can feel your body move and have trouble licking your hot wet sex. So I swap my tongue for my fingers. I start with one and then two and soon I had three fingers sliding in and out your tight slick hole.

Your moans get louder and soon you are begging for me to suck your clit. I give in and engulf your pulsating clit with my mouth and lap at your clitoris with great vigour.

Between Sugar fucking your tits and me sucking your pussy it all gets too much for you and you lose control and an orgasm starts to overpower your thoughts. The sensation you get is almost euphoric.

Sugar shout “Holy shit I love these big titties. I’m going to spunk all over you Honey.”

Not a moment to soon Sugar grabs his dick and starts to pump his load all over your tits. Thick strands of cum lacing your breasts. The two of you finish cumming and Sugar uses his penis to collect up all his cum in a shot glass and pours it down your throat which you take with great ease. His sweet spunk trickling down your throat.

We untie you and you get on all fours begging me to fuck you now. I did not waste another second. I grabbed your gorgeous ass and thrust hard to pierce your cunt in one swift motion. I felt so good inside your wet hole. It was warm and welcoming. I slid in and out with ease.

You look over your shoulder and say, “Fuck my arsehole Baby. Fuck it real hard.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I pull out and spit on your brown hole just for extra lubrication. I slip it into your butt hole and I can feel you clenching.

“Awwwwwww oh god Jay its so fucking big.” You moan.

I don’t answer I just want to fuck your brown hole now. I can feel you rubbing your clit to ease the pain from your ass but you want more. So you look over to Sugar who is still recovering from his last orgasm. You motion him to come over with your finger. He gets up and walks towards you. When he gets close enough you grab his semi erect member and pull him up to your mouth and you go work on him again.

Minutes later Sugar gets a full erection and you get him to fuck you while I am still in your ass.

“Holy shit I feel so fucking full. You boys are fucking me so good.”

With each thrust I feel myself getting close to orgasm. I shout out to tell you how much I want to spunk in your mouth. So at that point your rearrange Sugar to fuck your asshole and me to the front of your mouth. You just open your mouth and let me fuck you till I reach orgasm.

“Oh here it comes Honey. You ready for it?” I said shakily.

Before you could answer I was spraying my big load all over your mouth your face and your neck. The orgasm seemed to last forever and it makes my knees weak. By the time I finished your face was covered in creamy spunk and you were trying to lick it all up.

Moments later Sugar was starting his second orgasm inside your tight brown hole. Thrust after thrust his hot sticky cum was coating the inside of your anus. When he finishes he pulls out and his second big load was running out your chocolate hole making squelching sounds as it runs down your inner thighs.

After the three of us are lying down naked and sweaty on the bed. Sugar gets his clothes on and leaves to go back to work. Sugar happened to be the night porter of the hotel we were in. He took a shining to you and asked if he could fuck you and I agreed.

We eventually get cleaned up and while in the shower you fuck me again and take good care of me. The early hours of the morning were fast approaching and that when we fall asl**p with big smiles on hour faces.

The End

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