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Fucking a coworker

i remember like yesterday the first time i fucked her. i ad just got my new place all by my self and ment you at my job. we bot worked at a fast food place and you had just started. long hair dark brown eyes sweet lips and a body all the guys would look at. not a skinny girl but your fat was in the right places. big tits and ass the kind i would stare at on my breaks. you had been working there for two weeks when you came over to me on my break. "i've been hearing things about you and i'd like to know if they are true." you seid with a deviles smile. i looked at you and saw you were looking more sexy today in a tight shirt and short skirt. "wat have you heard?" i asked. "i heard you have a big dick and that you like to fuck your coworkers". i looked at you knowing where she eard this from. a few months back i had fucked two in coming coworkers cuz i knew then were leaveing soon. i even got to fuck them both at the same time but another coworkers walked in and had been telling people sence. "only when its someone as sexy as you" i said looking at you. "meet me in the back in half a hour i wanna show you something'you told me licking your lips. i waited the half hour then went and saw you waiting."so wat did yo want to show me?" i asked. before i knew it your hands were unziping then unbottoning my pants. looking in my eyes you grabed my big dick and started you rub it with one hand and then jacking it. "i wanna suck your dick and make you cum" you said geting on your knees. standing there i put one and on your head and enjoyed my self. first you started licking the head then all around my big 10 inc dick. you most have been a pro cuz you knew how to suck me right. your head went u and down up and down on my dick. i started to cum and you licked all of it up and swallowed it. "i'll wait for you out front when you get off work you can take me home wit u" you said licking your lips. after a few hours i clocked out and looked for you. you walked to me and we went to my car. we drove to my place and went in. i grabed you and slamed you on the wall with my body. you could feel the big hard on i had as i kissed you. i lifted you legs so that they were around me and lifted your skirt. you pulled my irt off holding me bumping you pussy on my hard on. wit one hand you pulled aside you panties and got my dick in you. i started fucking you slow at first ten harder and harder wit you screeming "ooo yea keep on baby dont stop fuck my wet pussy and my me cum all over your big dick'. then we came and i carried you to my bed and drop you there. i took off my pants and you took off everything you had on. i sat down and you jumped on to of me sayin"i'm gonna ride your big dick baby" riding me i grabed your tits feeling your tight pussy around my dick. to be continued

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