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Oops! I Fucked the Principal’s Wife 2

It happened. I fucked Veronica who was my high school principal’s wife. She is one of the hottest babes I had

ever seen. Standing at a towering 5’9”, golden tan, and perfect body it was a dream come true. She was the object of

lust for many guys in my small town and I got to bone the hell out of her. I had given Veronica my phone number that

day but it had been a couple of months since then and I was beginning to wonder if she would ever call me. One day I

was just lying around the house when my cell rang.

“Hello.” I answered not sure of the number.

“Hey Dom, its Veronica.”

“Oh…Hi, how are you doing?” I replied.

“Well, I’m kind of lonely and horny. Do you want to come over and have some fun?” She asked.

“Yes, sure! When do you want me to come over?”

“As soon as you can get here; the sooner the better,” Veronica said in a temptress voice.

As soon as I hung up the phone I jumped up and started to get ready. I shaved my face, dick, and balls to give her a

little surprise and took a shower. While in the shower I jacked off to prepare myself for Veronica’s hot body. Before

leaving I put a dash of cologne on and zoomed over to her house which was about ten minutes away.

It was a cool October day and there was a nice breeze blowing as I knocked on Veronica’s door. The door opened and

there she was smiling at me and motioned for me to come in. She had on a tight pair of faded jeans that were hugging

her sensuous hips and a rather tight, thin, white t-shirt. She had no bra on and her perky tits filled out her shirt nicely

with her dark nipples showing through the thin fabric. As soon as I was inside her house and the door was shut she

embraced me with a long kiss. I kissed her back, squeezing her tight ass and then she led me to the living room


“So, how have you been?” she asked me.

“I’ve been good. I wondered when you would call me,” I replied.

“Well Larry is gone all weekend on a trip and I was sitting here all alone and began thinking about your young, hard

cock and about how good it felt inside of me,” Veronica said as her hand landed on my leg. God, she’s so fucking hot

when she talks dirty. I decided to make the next move.

I leaned forward and started kissing her, thrusting my tongue in and out of her mouth and brushing up against her

delicious lips. As I kissed her my hands caressed her firm tits underneath her shirt and twisted her nipples lightly. I

stopped kissing her long enough to pull her shirt off setting her tits free. Her nipples were rock hard and pointing right at

me as I sucked them and swirled my tongue around her dark brown areolas. Veronica pulled my shirt off right before I

stripped off her tight jeans leaving her wearing only a very thin thong.

I pushed Veronica back on the couch in a f***eful way taking total control and knelt down as I began kissing her soft

inner thighs. Her moans became louder as my lips kissed closer and closer to her sweet spot. With one hand I pulled

her thong to the side exposing her hot pussy. There wasn’t one hair on it and it was glistening with her juices. As I held

her panties to the side I began sliding my tongue up and down her slit. She has the most perfect pussy. Her lips

weren’t too long or too short. They were just right for sucking on and stretching them out with your lips.

I sucked and nibbled on her pussy lips and flicked my tongue over her clit for several minutes all the while Veronica

loved every second. I reached a finger inside of her and began feeling around for her sweet spot.

“OH God!!! Right there!” she yelled out when I found it. As my finger circled over her spongy g-spot my tongue flicked

rapidly over her swollen clit. Veronica’s moans filled the living room as she became closer and closer to orgasm. I

could tell she was going to cum good so I kept at it.

All of the sudden Veronica’s mouth dropped open as she moaned loudly and came. Wave after wave of her juices

smacked against my face and soaked the couch. While she laid back on the couch enjoying her orgasm I stood up

and stripped naked leaving my cock standing at attention towards her. Veronica stared at my cock with a look of

hunger and then she leaned forward and took all of me in her mouth.

She viciously ravaged my cock with her mouth like it was the last cock on earth. Her head bobbed tirelessly up and

down on my cock sending it soaring in and out of her warm mouth. Her hand stroked my shaft at the same time and I

was getting ready to cum. She placed the tip of my cock just inside of her mouth and jerked me off with her hands. As

her hands tightly gripped my shaft she looked up at me and that’s all it took. I was spewing cum into her mouth one

thick spurt after another.

Veronica didn’t flinch but took every drop of my seed into her mouth and swallowed it with a pleasurable moan. I had

never had such an intense blowjob before. I was so aroused by Veronica’s hot body and the intense situation that my

cock was practically still rock hard. I sat down on the couch next to Veronica and caressed her tan body.

She stood up, faced away from me, and slowly pulled her thong off as she bent over with her legs spread slightly. As

her g-string came lose from the crack of her ass and slowly slid down her legs I could see her ripe peach of a pussy

peaking through from underneath her ass. Her pussy lips were still dripping wet and I could see her tight ass hole as

Veronica pulled her cheeks apart to tease me. That’s all it took and I was fully hard again.

Veronica turned around and straddled on top of me sending my cock deep inside of her juicy little cunt. She began

riding me deep and hard sending her tits bouncing in front of my face. She loved it when I sucked really hard and

nibbled on her tall, brown nipples while she fucked me. She rode me for several minutes and I said, “Bend over the

couch and let me fuck you from behind.”

“Yes sir!” she replied as she got off of me and knelt on the couch couching with her hands on the back of the couch.

As she spread her legs I stood behind her and rammed my cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh…Fuck!” she yelled out as I entered her. I began pounding away at her pussy making loud smacking noises as my

body hit her ass. I fucked Veronica like a dog hard and deep for several minutes and then I wanted to try something a

little different. I stood up on the couch placing my feet outside of her legs and continued plowing my cock into her. This

sent me even deeper into her tight pussy as I could feel her pussy lips stretched across my shaft all the way to its


Veronica loved this and began moaning louder and swearing. I kept on boning the hell out of her for several more

minutes and before long Veronica said, “Fuck my ass!” In the same position I pulled out of her pussy and slowly

rubbed her ass hole with my cock. Little by little I pressed my dick into her tight, tight ass hole until I was almost all the

way in. This sent intense moans soaring out of Veronica’s mouth, the kind I haven’t yet heard from her as I began to

thrust my cock in and out of her ass.

I began thrusting faster and faster and God was her ass tight. As I fucked her she repeatedly said, “Fuck my ass!” over

and over again; this really turned me on. I grabbed a hold of her hips and slammed my cock into her ass until I filled it

with cum. I pulled my cock out of her stretched hole and watched my creamy, white cum drip out of her ass and run

down her cunt. Veronica smiled at me as she got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back we

realized that both of us had worked up an appetite and we decided to go out to eat.

Veronica went and put on her tight faded jeans from before along with a thong which you could see peaking out the

top, and since it was a little chilly out she put on a long sleeve, tight t-shirt which stretched nicely over her tits. Her

nipples were still erect and were poking through her shirt very nicely.

“Aren’t you afraid someone might see us out together?” I asked her.

“I don’t give a shit who sees us,” she replied. “Besides, I think Larry is cheating on me anyways.”

“Oh really, I’m sorry,” I replied.

“Don’t be. I mean what the hell am I doing?”

We drove to a nice sit down restaurant and as we walked through the place to take our seat I couldn’t help but notice

guy after guy checking out Veronica. Made me feel like hot stuff. When our food arrived she said, “Eat up, you’re going

to need your strength for later.” I started to get a boner after she said that but managed to control myself. I walked

Veronica out to the car and when I got in and turned the engine on Veronica had an idea.

“You know what would be so much fun?” She asked.


“Fucking me over Larry’s desk at the high school,” She replied. “I have a key to his office.”

Just then I smiled really big and headed towards the school. When we arrived at the school we snuck in with

Veronica’s keys and made our way to Larry’s office. Once inside, I locked the door as Veronica began stripping her

clothes off of her tantalizing body. She cleared a spot off of the desk and sat on top with her legs spread wide open as

I walked towards her, stripping off my clothes.

“I guarantee this will be a whole lot better than that photo you came on last time you were in here,” Veronica said as

she rubbed her clit with her fingers. I had no trouble getting hard as I walked right up to her and pressed my cock up

into her sticky cunt. She laid back on the desk as I began fucking her, holding her legs up by my side. It was so intense

fucking her on her husband’s desk who hated my guts. The danger factor got me rock hard as I rammed my cock in

and out of Veronica. Her tits bounced hard with every earth shattering thrust.

I loved the idea of bending her over the desk so I told her to do so and she did. She bent over pressing her big, round

tits up against the cold surface of the desk as I plowed into her from behind. As my cock glided in and out of her pussy

lips I fingered her ass with my thumb. Veronica moaned sharply with every f***eful thrust, and with every hard hitting

thrust sent Larry’s desk moving little by little across the floor. Finally, after about a half our of non stop sex, I came

inside of Veronica’s tight pussy and pulled out. She let my cum drip out of her cunt all over Larry’s desk and left it


We were both sweaty as we sat down to rest for a minute before getting dressed.

“That was fucking awesome!” I told her.

“I’m glad you liked it,” she replied.

We got dressed and I dropped Veronica off at her house and she asked if I would come back tomorrow. I told her yes

and drove off to go home. I fell right to sl**p being worn out from all the sex and had sweet dreams all night long. The

next morning I called Veronica around 11:00AM to ask what time to come over. She told me to come over around

8:00PM and that she had a surprise for me.

This got me excited and I wondered all day what she could have gotten me. All I could figure was maybe she had

gotten a sexy outfit to wear for me or something along those lines. After dinner that Saturday night I took a good

shower, got dressed, and headed over to Veronica’s house.

The drive was filled with anticipation and I couldn’t wait to see her. I pulled into her driveway and noticed another car

parked behind Veronica’s. This definitely peaked my curiosity as I walked to her front door. After knocking on the door

and eagerly awaiting Veronica to open it she did. There she was dressed in probably the sexiest outfit a red bl**ded

man could imagine.

She had on some super tall, white, high-heel pumps and out from them were here amazing legs cladded with brown

nylon stockings. She had on a mini-skirt that was so tight and short it barely covered her ass cheeks and you could

see the garter strings attached to her stockings. Her button up, white blouse was tied in a knot in the front showing her

bellybutton and her tits were popping out as nearly every one of the buttons were undone. Her Shoulder length hair

was pulled back into two pigtails, one on each side of her head and after looking her up and down I immediately began

to get a boner.

As I followed her through the front door into her hallway I noticed the seam on the back of her stockings and the bulge

in my pants just kept growing. I rounded the corner into her living room and there sitting on the couch was a beautiful

blonde. She too was dressed sexy. She had on a pair of white thigh-high tights with little blue bows on the front, and

like Veronica, she also had on a mini-skirt. The skirt was plaid with ruffles and she also had on a button up blouse that

was showing a lot of cleavage. Her tits were nice and perky and all around she was a very hot babe.

“Surprise! Dom, this is Heather,” Veronica said introducing us. “Heather is one of my best friends. This morning I was

telling her how you have been fucking my brains out and she wants a piece of the action too.”

“Hi, come sit next to me,” Heather said.

I sat down next to Heather on the couch and Veronica sat across from us on the love seat.

“How old are you?” I asked Heather.

“I’m 34. Veronica was telling me how big and hard your young cock gets when you fuck her,” she said as she reached

over and began rubbing my leg with her hand. Heather looked down at the massive bulge in my pants and smiled.

“That looks painful. Let me help you out,” Heather said unzipping my jeans and pulling out my thick cock. Her warm

hands glided up and down my shaft as Veronica sat across watching.

Heather pulled my jeans and boxers off and leaned over. She placed her lips on my cock and began licking it up and

down and sucking on the tip of my dick like a lollipop. Veronica watched for a minute as Heather sucked me off and

then she came and knelt down in front of me. As Heather continued bobbing up and down on my thick shaft Veronica

played and sucked on my balls.

The feeling was insatiable. I was in pure heaven having two hot babes sucking on my cock and balls. I kept getting

closer to cumming as Heather would suck the tip of my dick while stroking my shaft. I’m sure my pre-cum oozed out

of me all in her mouth. Veronica stopped sucking my balls to watch Heather finish me off.

As Heather jacked me off she said, “I want you to cover with cum.” She opened her mouth wide as she jerked away at

my cock aiming it about an inch away from her lips. I let out a loud moan as my first thick spurt of cum shot out of me

and covered her nose and upper lip, dripping onto her tongue. I had two or three other good spurts which landed on her

chin, cheeks, and lips. Heather licked the cum up from around her lips and then went to the bathroom to clean up.

While Heather was in the bathroom, Veronica pulled off her miniskirt revealing her shaved pussy. It was wet from all

the excitement and she sat on the couch next to me and spread her legs.

“Eat me!” she demanded. I knelt down in front of her and began running my tongue up and down her pussy lips. I

sucked hard on her lips and whipped my tongue across her clit as Heather came back into the room. Heather pulled

down her skirt, sat on the couch next to Veronica, and spread her legs also. Unlike Veronica’s long pussy lips,

Heather’s were rather short. She had a nice camel toe which was completely shaved except for a thin strip right above

her pussy.

As I continued to eat Veronica out Heather began fingering herself. After a couple minutes of feasting on Veronica I

leaned over and began eating Heather’s pussy. As I dove my tongue into her pussy I reached over and fingered

Veronica. Both the girls were moaning and sighing as I went from one pussy to the other eating them out. My face was

covered with their sweet juices and enjoyed every second of it.

After a while I was aching to get inside both of them so I stopped eating them out, and starting with Heather, I stuck my

hard cock inside of her. Heather’s mouth dropped open and moaned as I began ramming my cock deep inside her

tight pussy. I fucked her for a couple of minutes, pulled out, and shoved my cock inside of Veronica. I went back and

forth, between the two, fucking their wet, juicy cunts. It felt like I was conquering the world.

Several minutes went by and then we all got up and went into the bedroom. After the two had stripped the rest of their

clothes off they got into bed. Veronica laid down on her back with legs spread and Heather laid on top of her body

facing her. I got behind them and continued fucking them one by one. I kept going from one wet hole to the next until I

was ready to cum. I pulled out of heather just in time and stroked my thick shaft until I was covering Heather’s round

ass with my cum.

Heather wiped the cum off of her and all three of us laid in bed together, under the sheets, kissing, caressing, and

fucking the whole night. The two girls took turns riding me and fucking me in almost every imaginable position. By

morning I was pretty wore out as I sat in the kitchen eating breakfast with the lovely Heather and Veronica. Larry was

coming home that day so after breakfast we all cleaned up and went out separate ways.

“Thanks for a great weekend,” Veronica said to me just before I left.

I kissed her and then went home to actually get some sl**p. Veronica calls me about every other month and we get

together and have mind blowing sex. Larry was always suspicious of Veronica but never found out I was fucking her.

Well, at least not yet!

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