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First shag with a natural redhead woman

Im not usually attracted to red haired girls but then I always have had a thing for Nicole k**man. Well I ended up going out with a girl who looked like Diana Rigg, (google her if your not familiar). I was lucky enough to meet her at a college day trip visit.

She caught my eye that day and I we had a bit of eye contact, then I managed to speak to her as the day was over, quick exchange of words and asked her for her number. 2 days later and I phoned her and fixed up a date for the Friday of that week.

Friday came round and I met her in town for a drink, the date went well, we chatted a lot, and could sense some chemistry, half way through the date and I was already thinking how long before I get to kiss her and get her into bed with me. But that had to wait, we ended the date with a respectful kiss on the cheeks, I didnt want to blow it, this girl was clever and intelligent.

The 2nd date we had was a day out at the beach, again a good date, and this time more physical contact between us, I got the ball rolling by putting my arm around her as we walked along the beach, and she responded well, we shared our first kiss, and she was a really good kisser, something that should never be underestimated.

That was about as much action as I got on the 2nd date, but on my way home I thought next date surely is the one I will get to fuck her. I had already begun thinking about her, what her tight little bum would be like, what her pert breasts would feel like, and how tight her pussy would be. Thoughts of how she liked to be fucked were going through my mind as I had restless nights of sl**p until our next date.

The 3rd date came around, a meal this time, and I thought that I had to play a blinder to be in her knickers at the end of the night. We had a really good meal, and we shared a bottle of wine, which as well ruled me out of driving home, she had said dont worry you can stay at mine, those words had already sprang my cock into life, as a brief hardon surfaced in my jeans beneath the table. I had made sure I showered well before the date and had my cock in top condition.

Taxi back to hers, and a d***ken haze of meeting her flat mate, who was sat watching tv, it must have been 10:30pm or so. She led me up to her room, and the old butterflies came on as I thought this is it, Id been waiting a few weeks for this moment. She showed me to her room, kissed me and then said she would be back in a minute, I stood restlessly, then had a quick check that my cock was on red alert. A quick check and all was good, the frequent hardons throughout the night had served to give me a good fat looking floppy dick.

The door opened and she came in and closed it behind her. It was a nice bedroom with a nicely made bed, it was a tidy room. Now we really started kissing and becoming more physical, it didnt take long before I had my hands all over her, and she was taking my top off. I wanted to take her clothes off but she was wearing a dress. I took her straps off, undid the zip at the back and pulled it down, now her bare pert breasts were exposed, they were lovely, I kissed and licked her nipples, they were hard.

Now she started to take my jeans off, i just lay back in anticipation of her taking my boxershorts off, down they came and my cock flopped out nicely, and then she held it and started wanking me off. It soon got hard, and my foreskin rolled back. I got up and then was on top of her, I pulled down her dress, now all she was wearing was her knickers, a white thong.

We kissed passionately as my stiff cock was now rubbing on her thighs, precum was already rubbing on her thighs. Now I pulled down her knickers, and I got my first look at her ginger bush, it was a brownish ginger, quite frizzy as well, it was neat though, a full bush but trimmed nicely, she must have known that I was going to be down there that night. I went to work on it immediately, licking her pussy lips, then sliding my fingers inside, she moaned as I did so. I did this for a couple of minutes before she told me she wanted to suck my cock, we changed position to 69 and she tugged on my cock a few times before wrapping her lips around it, and licking it with her tongue.

Now I had purposely not wanked for a whole week in antcipation of fucking her, so I only lasted 2 minutes of her giving me a blow job, i asked if she wanted my load in her mouth, and she said that she likes to swallow. Lucky for her because as I came I felt a massive cum load gush out into her mouth, I heard her slurping my cum. I was still busy licking her pussy, but I couldnt help letting out a groan, forgetting that her flat mate was downstairs, and then feeling turned on when I thought she might have heard.

I licked her pussy for a good 5 or 10 minutes before she orgasmed, she let out a sigh, and we cuddled naked in her bed, my cock was still hard, the helmet covered in cum still, rubbing on her. Half an hour later, I was ready to fuck her properly, I got on top of her, and slid my cock inside her, her pussy was nice and tight, a good fit for my fat cock. I started fucking her, as I did the headboard on her bed knocked against the wall each time. I thrusted her and lifted her legs up and really started fucking her harder. The knocking getting more frequent.

We stopped, partly because the noise was loud, and her flatmate must have been able to hear it. Now she bent over for me, ahe had a nice little bum, she was only 5ft 4 in height, but she was cute. I slid in my cock again, she groaned as i did so, now I really went to work, rotating my hips as I thrust deep inside her. My balls were saggy, it was hot so they slapped against her, making a nice slapping noise, again I thought I wonder if her flatmate can hear us, maybe she wishes she was getting my cock inside her as well.

I fucked her doggy style for a good 5 minutes, I pulled my cock out, and lay down, I didnt need to sday anything, she just mounted my cock, she was a good shag, she then rode my cock really good, I was licking her breasts as she bounced up and down, grabbing my balls every now and then and squeeezing them. Now I could feel I was going to cum again, as she rode me harder she was getting breathless, I was thrusting up her as well. THen the rush, it was almost as good as the first time, I cummed inside her, there was hardly any but it still felt good.

Again we cuddled and kissed, we slept naked together and throughout the night my hardon rubbed against her as we spooned, at times it would slip inside her as we spooned, she would sigh as I rubbed her breasts half asl**p. In the morning, sure enough when we both awoke were ready for more. Again we fucked, in her bed, then in her shower.

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