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First sexual experience with my friends mom (True

This story is about my friends mom, she is a very hot woman with long blonde hair and nice round boobs and an amazing ASS, we can call her for Emma, the problem was that Emma were married.

My friend and I have known eachother for a long time, we first met when we was 7 years old and we started to get good contact, and haning out more and more. His mother was just 25 then, she had him when she was 18. I didn't liked her very much from the begining but as we grown up I started to see her on a differnt way than before.

The whole begun when me and my friend "Jonas" was planning of hire a movie down the corner. His mom followed us to the shop and let us hire 3 movies. We were 12 years old and in that age we wanted to see bl**dy movies action like Rambo etc. but his mom didn't let us hire, she picked 3 movies by herself 2 action movies and 1 horror movie. We droved home to his place to get ready for a movie night, his dad and his s****r had went to his grandma. Emma didn't like Jonas grandma so she stayed home and Jonas wanted to be with me.

The movie was about to begin when we heard Emma shouted, you can't see without an grown up I'm looking with you. We didn't care about that Jonas laid down on the couch with one pillow and his mother on the other side. It was no room for me but then Emma said:
- You can sit down her here I'm not scary.
- Ok, I said.

Down with her feets, I had no problem with that. The time float away, and we now had seen the first movie it was an action. And my friend Jonas was allready sl**ping but Emma was awake, so we decided to see another movie she choosed the scary movie. It was dark in the room Jonas was sl**ping and I watch a scary movie with his mom. When the half of the film had past I started to feel Emmas feets touching my knee a little sensual, she then asked me if it was ok to lay her legs over me because she was scared, fine by me I said.

But when she had her legs over my dick I changed my mind, I feeled that I'm going to get hard. And it got harder and harder for each second. Emma must had noticed but she didn't say anything, she didn't even look at me just on the movie. Emma started to move her legs over my dick, this was a really special moment in my young age, but she just stretched her legs a bit and stopped. I looked at her but she didn't give me the eyes, she looked so concentrated on the film. When the movie was done she said that she were going to bed and me and Jonas could sl**p in the couch. She gave me an hug, and I could feel her round boobs pressed at my chest she just weared a black tank top. She said goodnight and leaved the room. We did not speak more about that night, but i started to get really horny on Emma.

3 years after that night we had been a little older we was 15. And Jonas f****y should have an party with some other friends and camp, Jonas asked me if I wanted to join, it sound nice and I joined them. We had our own tent and we bought some beer to drink during the night, in that age I hadn't got really d***ked not either Jonas. We were allowed to drink some beers that night and everything was cool we got a little tipsy and went to out tent to spend the rest of the night, because we become a sl**py after the beers. Jonas was a tiny boy so he was really affected by the alcohol. We slept on a mattres with one cover each. His parrents slept right beside our tent, we both were sl**ping when i suddenly woke up Emma were entering our tent. I couldn't see so much, and I pretended to sl**p, I was really suprised crawled under my cover!

I just weared underwears, I could feel her skin against my hand I know that she was d***k i thought that she may have go in to the wrong tent. I was really nervous laying beside Emma. I took slowly my cellphone and used the display as a lamp under the cover, she just weared a black bra, and a little pink thong that make me really horny. I started to feel that Emma moved closer and now she pressed her ass against my dick, I got instant hard on a my cock it never been so hard before I couldn't control myself and let my dick out of my panties. This was so nice, my cock pressed up her ass and took my cock and placed it between her cural and the pussy. It was only a narrow piece of cloth covering her pussy.

I took some saliva and smeared in my dick with, I started to fuck her between her legs! I heard some quite moanings from Emma, and feeled that every push i did she responded with her ass. I didn't dare took take her panties of but I stroked all of her body including her pussy outside the panties, I feeled her pussy lips under those pink panties I started to play with her pussy, her moanings got louder and I got braver. I slowly put my hand inside her panties, and I feeled I really nice pussy! shaved was like babyskin and were really wet. I put a finger inside her and started to finger fuck her that make me really horny and i couldn't controll myself, and covered all of her ass with my cum!

I took my hand from her pussy and smelled my finger and sucked on it, tasted really good, I layed down on my back an tried to sl**p. Emma was moving, she turned around and lay an arm around me she had took of her bra and I could feel her naked boobs on my arm. I was still naked, and she layed a leg over me over my dick, I started to get horny again and my cock was growing. Emma didn't say something to me but i heard she moved away her leg I heard she released her panties and lay in my face they smelled good. She moved her leg over me again and raised up and put her pussy on my dick and layed down over my chest. I was so horny I just wanted to put my dick inside her but she stopped my hand when i was aiming for the opening, she kissed me and went to sl**p. I knew that we didn't going to fuck that night, when she slept hard I put my hands on her ass and started to slowly move her up and down to stimulate my hard cock. I feeled her boobs goes up and down over me and the pussy sliding on my dick. I came again, the sperm was like glue between us and I was really tired and went to sl**p. In the early morning i woke up Emma was gone and Jonas still slept. After a while he woke up and told me that we should eat breakfast. I was really nervous to meet Emma that morning, we ate with Jonas parrents and Emma didn't say a word about last night all was just normal as the day before. I thought she didn't remebered so much of what happend because she was really d***ked.


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