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Teri waw my secretary in the office which I managed. She was in her early 30s, 5'8"tall with nice breasts, light brown almost reddish hair, an infectuous laugh and quick smile...and she was efficient. I took her to lunch before she was hired and discussed what I expected from her as a secretary.
Whan I arrived at work each morning we always exchanged greetings and shared little pleasantries. One morning as I came into the office I saw that she was crying. Embarrassed, she told me that she was having trouble with her husband. She blurted out that he was impotent (he was much older than she) and she was in the prime of life without sex. I was verbally supportive and told her I hoped her life would improve.
Several days later at the end of the day she came into my office before she left for home. She said that she had something to tell me that would probably mean the end of her job. She said she was quite taken with me and had fantisized about making love to me. I asssure her that her job was secure and also thanked her for the compliment. I started to show her to the door and she asked if I would mind hugging her (WOW! What could I do?) Whithout a word I took her in my arms and before I knoew it we were kissing passionately. As we deep kissed she took my right hand and put it on one of her ample breasts. As hugged I put both of my hands on her beautiful ass and played with her cheeks. We were both breathing very heavily, my shorts were wet with precum and I wanted to take her right then and there. She said, "I'm sorry but I have to get out of here before we do something we will both regret". I assued her she had nothing for which to apologize and she left after one more deep kiss
I did not know what to expect when I got to the office the next morning. She asked if she could come into my office for a few moments and of course I said "yes". She told me she had given a lot of thought to our conctact the day fefore and that she had been very aroused; so much so that she had masturbated several times as she thought about our encounter (I did not tell her that I had done the same thing). We embraced and did more wonderful, deep kissing with our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouth. As we did so I played with her ass and fondled her tits. For the first time she reached down and began to massage my very stiff, throbbing cock through my trousers. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to make love to her and we agreed on an evening when we could meet a few days away.
We reaffirmed the plans for our date on each succeeding day and we continued enjoying our newfound intimacy. At last the evening arrived and I met her for coffee before we proceeded to a motel in another city. She was dressed in a short, tight, dark blue skirt with a low cut blouse which showed off her magnificent boobs and looked very good with the skirt. I had a painful hardon!
When we got to the motel I was so hot and distracted that I would hardly fill out the paper work for the room as she waited and played with her pussy in the car. Once in the room we flew into each others arms. She reached for my hard cock and for the first time I reached under her skirt to discover she was not wearing panties and had a very wet pussy. She let out a few throaty moans as I began to finger her cunt gently and slowly. We were now feverishly undressing each other and once naked headed for the bed. Her body was very beautiful, warm and inviting. I was now sucking her tits and massaging her dripping twat while she stroked my dick gently but insitently. I asked her to sit on my face so that I could lick and suck her pussy which she did. The sweet aroma and taste of her love joices were intoxicating and we were soon in a 69 sucking each other as we raced toward mutual orgasms.
Suddenly she removed her pussy from my happy face and whispered, "I really want you to fuck me NOW!" She rolled onto her back and I genly but quickly spread her legs. I was delighted to see that her cunt lips were swollen and her clit ws sticking out at attention. I mounted her and she guided my precum-soaked cock into her very wet twat. Both of us were pumping with joyous anticipation as I felt my balls tighten and the wonderful feeling of an approaching orgasm took over my body. Suddenly she screamed, "I'M CUMMMIIINNNG!" I felt her love hole tighten and spasm around my diamond hard cock. I couldn't hold it any longer. My prick began to spasm as I spewed shot after shot of tick, hot cum into her sopping cunt and we kissed hard and deeply. I stayed on top of her and we kept kissing and panting. Then we fondled, kissed , fucked in many positions, until we were once again in the throws of orgasms.. This time we were in a 69 again. I had my tongue in her cunt as I felt it tighten once again and she moaned in ecstasy. I told her I was going to cum and she only increased the pace of her sucking and I shot a load in her mouth. She got off of my face and came toward me face to face. As our lips met she shared some of my cum with me and we both swallowed contentedly. It was my first experience of eating cum.
We both knew this was only the beginning of wonderful love making in the days ahead. I will never forget the time I shared her with a male friend...but that is another true story...

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