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PF's Black Romp and JoyceLynn's Awakenin

PF's Black Romp and JoyceLynn's Awakening

To start with you can see my profile at which also has some phoito albums and my primary email address. I have a 360 page at

When my wife and I first met, our sex life was fantastic! She was a very sexual lady and always made herself available. She usually wore stockings and garter belt or thigh highs, high heel sandals, and something that was sexy and suggestive. We made love and had sex in every room of the house, including the kitchen while she was making dinner. Once I came up behind her while she was wearing heels, thigh highs and a caftan and began to caress her body. We ended up with her leg up on the counter and my hard cock in her pussy from behind.

Despite all the distractions and demands for our attention, we averaged making love and having intercourse 3.5 times per day for almost the first three years. I should add that when we first married PF was beautiful and had the sweetest and most delightful pussy.

At that point we began to let life interfere with the time we spent together and the average for intercourse dropped to once a week or every two weeks and continued to decline. After a period I began to supplement the time we spent together with telling her some of my fantasies, which always involved her as the primary subject with me either observing or participating with her. While we were having sex with my cock in her, I would tell her about seeing her with another woman, their faces buried in each others cunt while I fucked PF; or I would tell her about seeing her with her legs spread for another man, his cock pounding her pussy while she sucked me off; I suggested a foursome with another couple with the man fucking PF while she sucked the other woman and the other woman sucked me. My fantasies ran the gamut, but were mostly centered on another woman or another couple.

I found a young woman online that seemed very sexual and I arranged for her and PF to talk. Linda was about 10 years younger than PF and while I was traveling on business PF invited Linda and her husband over and they had some wine and then some very hot 3-way sex! PF called me while she and Linda were sharing a dildo and we talked about it. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to participate, but Linda’s husband took some pictures. It was never said, but I believe that he fucked PF also.

This went on for a while and at one point we had discussed the possibility of meeting another couple for her to have a F-F sexual experience and a 3-some / 4-some with another couple. I got online and found a guy who seemed nice and we invited him over for dinner. PF dressed sexy and after dinner and some wine she ended up sucking Richard and then rode him to an intense orgasm.

Richard had a nice cock and PF really liked it and he came over a couple weeks later for a replay and this time they went straight to the sex for the whole night. PF was really looking forward to regularly playing with Richard, but he got transferred and had to move.

After he left, I got back on the internet again and met some people who sounded nice and invited them to our house for dinner. When they got here, they were very disappointing. They were not clean, nor even particularly attractive, and we could hardly wait to get rid of them. But, they were not enough to dissuade us from trying again. I got back online and talked to another couple who sounded nice enough, and they invited us to meet them at a swinger’s party at one of the hotel clubs around town.

We went on a Saturday night and met them and several other couples that we liked. We ended up going to one of the rooms that had been rented with several other people and having our first group sex. PF fucked several other men and had lesbian sex with a couple of the women and generally had a good time. We got to know the couple who invited us better; they were both clean, reasonably attractive, and we had danced and fucked them both.

The next weekend they invited us to meet them at another club where we had some
drinks and ended up going to their house for some intimate play. There we had some wine and had intense sexual relations, which we both enjoyed. At one point we even had sex in the same room together. PF reached out to take my hand while she rode the husband from on top, and I took hers as I was pumping the wife doggie style. We continued to meet them both socially and sexually for a period of some months. Then the wife began to get fixated on me to the point that when we were together socially with our c***dren present, she couldn't keep her hands off of me. The husband in the meantime began to display strong signs of alcohol and prescription d**g dependency.

One night when they came over for dinner, he drank too much, did some pills, and while PF, his wife and I were playing in the bedroom, he passed out with a lighted cigarette in his hand and burned our area rug pretty badly.

Neither my wife nor I was comfortable with the situation and we stopped seeing them and began to meet other people. We met one couple where she liked the husband (he had a big dick) but I could barely stand the wife who smoked like a chimney. Then we met another couple where we both liked the wife, but she didn't like the husband and the wife refused to meet us without him. Then we met a woman that my wife had lesbian sex with and liked a lot, but she was much younger and apparently didn't want to meet with her again or with me. After that we drifted away from the swinging scene and began to just have sex with each other again. This went on for a couple of years

By now I had collected a fairly broad spectrum of toys to bring her off, and we went back to telling fantasies or reading stories to spice up our lovemaking. I often shared fantasies and stories about PF and a shemale, or PF and a black man or men. When we shared our fantasies, we both seemed to get off on the fantasy of her having hot and heavy sex with a black man. I began to focus on the black dildos I had bought her and found it very erotic to see her sweet white pussy filled with a big black dildo. And when I fucked her with the black dildos we had, she would get so wet that her juices would run out of her and soak the sheets. As either I or she would fuck her with the black dildos and I would talk to her about being fucked by big black men, she would have extremely strong orgasms! I began to focus on this aspect and began to encourage her to actually meet a black man for sex. About this time my plumbing began to function
less than optimally and I was having trouble getting and holding an erection and needed more stimulation to get and maintain one.

I became even more focused on the idea of her having sex with a black man, and began to encourage her every chance I had. Our own lovemaking had deteriorated to the point where we only had sex once every 2-3 months and always at bedtime and always in the same position. She said it was the only position that she could get any stimulation in since we had both gained some weight. During the six years previously, she had begun to have 3some sex with the two of us with an old high school friend every time he came to town. Ricky was "the k** b*****r next door" and he and his wife didn't have much sex. He began to write her stories, many of which involved us sharing her with a black man or men also. After a great deal of reluctance, she agreed to meet and have sex for
me with a black man. I searched the Internet and found a guy that I thought would be a good candidate. Robert was a sheriff's deputy in a nearby county, well endowed, and very polite.

The night we were to meet Robert PF got up tight and told me she really didn't want to do this, and was only doing it for me. I told her we didn't have to do anything if she really felt that way, but since every time Ricky came the two of them could hardly wait to jump into bed, I didn't see what the big deal was about meeting Robert. She somewhat reluctantly agreed and dressed very sexy in a black pant suit that had a black see through top and black high heels.

We met Robert at a local club that seemed to cater to the black crowd. We had a couple of drinks and they danced a bit. It was obvious to me that he found her sexually attractive. Soon she decided the music was too loud, so she suggested we go to our house. She rode in Robert's SUV and a couple of times I thought I saw her head duck down below window level. When we got to the house, we talked for a bit, then I put an interracial video in the VCR. We sat there petting and playing with her breasts and pussy for a bit.

Then she stood and took his hand and suggested we go to the bedroom and get
undressed. He started eating her pussy and she sucked on me for a while. Then we
switched and I ate her to orgasm (1) while she sucked on him. After that she usually likes to get penetrated, so he mounted her and they fucked until they both came (2). Then she pulled me into her and we fucked until I came. Then he was hard again and so they fucked for three more times with both of them coming at least once each time with him on top (3, 4, 5). Then we took a short break and she played with him the whole time until he was hard again. Then she climbed on top of him while I guided his black cock into her pussy and fucked him while she came at least 3 times (6, 7, 8) until he came again. I watched her ass muscles clenching the last time while she milked him. I could also see her pussy flutter around his big dick deep inside her. When he finally came she collapsed on top of him and just lay there with her head on his chest and his
cock in her. Then another short break, then he fucked her doggy style while she came at least twice more (9, 10) and he came one more time. There was another short break while I ate her to another orgasm (11) while she played with him and got him hard again. Then he fucked her once more with her laying across him and him entering her in the position that she liked the most because she got the deepest penetration. While they were like that, I played with his balls and rubbed her clitty. She came twice more (12, 13), once really hard, and he came one final time. Then because he had to get up early the next morning, he took a shower, dressed and kissed her goodbye several times while fingering her sopping wet pussy.

I counted at least 7 orgasms that I know she had and 6-7 more that I think she had. I am pretty confident of this number because I know her autonomic responses. He had cum in her at least 5 times and I had cum in her 2, and the cum was running out of her and down her ass. She kissed him good bye and told him she was sorry he couldn't spend the night with her. That was also her first comment the next morning. A couple of days later she changed her tune completely. She said she hadn't enjoyed it at all...
she had faked every orgasm... she didn't like it, felt used and that I had f***ed her into it.

I attributed this to the idea that she was so scared of having come so much and so hard that she had scared herself. With that in mind I tried to encourage here to either meet him again or let me find someone else. She would not comment. During this period Robert had called at least 5 times and I couldn't get PF to even talk to him. Our sex life had continued to decline. At this point in time, I took a job in Las Vegas with the idea of her joining me after selling our house. I began to look for black men in Vegas to meet her when she came to visit, but when she did, she was not interested in sex of any kind,
or she was having her period, and when I went home it was the same story.
In frustration one night in Vegas, I put on a pair of her thigh highs and panties and I was immediately excited. I watched an interracial video I had and masturbated for the first time in a long time thinking about PF and Robert and imagining the three of us together again, this time with me also dressed, and I came very hard.

The next night after work I could hardly wait to get home to change into her
underwear and stockings, and that night I took the smallest black dildo we had and masturbated using that inserted into me. I imagined it was Robert fucking me with his black cock and I came again even harder. Things just escalated from there. I began to go to Wal-Mart and buy nightgowns, panties and stockings and every night when I got home from work I would dress and wear them in the apartment. My masturbation with the dildos that were there continued as I progressed to bigger and bigger ones and I added to the collection, always fantasizing about being with black men.

When the Las Vegas company (it was a dot com) went out of business, I came back to Texas and things at home were the same or worse as when I left. I looked for work and wasn't having much luck finding any, and as my frustrations increased, our sex life declined even further. I again began to dress in lingerie and masturbate with the black dildos in my collection. One day my wife came home early and discovered me in the very embarrassing position of having on lingerie and a big black dildo up my ass masturbating and taking pictures. You can imagine her reaction. That night she moved into the guest bedroom.

We were legally separated but continued living in the same house until we could sell it and get a divorce. My sole sexual expression and release during that time came from dressing in lingerie and masturbating with the dildos in my collection, my favorites of which are black. I also dressed in panties, garters and stockings under my street clothes whenever possible and adding negligees when in the privacy of the house. I bought a blond wig and added my own makeup and continued taking pictures. I shaved my body except for a small patch directly above my penis which I have since shaved. I am probably not passable as I am 6'3" and 245#, but I think I look as good as many of the real ladies who are larger.


Now for a complete update Since the preceding paragraphs: I have come to realize that I am as passable as most BBW gender females are and much sexier than many. I have continued to add wigs now having about 10 or 12 in every color from pure white to pitch black, with several that are blond or auburn. I now have three more pairs of shoes a red, a white, and a gold/silver high heeled sandals. The middle of January 2002 I moved out of the house we have lived in for the last 13 years after being evicted by her mother. I lived in a one bedroom apartment in the west side of town for a while, dressing regularly and have added several hundred photos to my portfolio. I have also added some dresses and lots of lingerie (my favorite).

I relieve my tensions most of the time by masturbating with the dildos until I come. Each session usually involves at least one change of attire and several hours of masturbation and photos.

I have met a few people but not a really hung black man yet! But I am communicating with several who want to get together, and some of them are black so I know my desire to get fucked by a really hung black man will happen sometime soon.

I am currently working at losing my extra weight and getting down to a slimmer, more female figure and have begun a self-administered female hormone program to develop my own natural breasts. I have a friend who did this and developed D cup breasts.

That is my goal also. As my male equipment is barely working I am not concerned with protecting its continued function. These days I rarely get an erection although I do dearly love to have my "clitty" sucked and can come through that process. I can also have an orgasm with penetration by a dildo or by a top's hard cock (which I dearly love!) are the most pleasurable.

Huggs & kisses,

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