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An Afternoon of Shared Pleasure

This was written to post to a group I use to moderate online about masturbation. This is the recount of the first visit we had to our group meeting with a woman.

As many of you know a group of us men have been getting together on average of
once a month here in the San Jose area for a little afternoon enjoyment of mutual masturbation. We began meeting last summer in July and at least once a month since then. While it has been up to this week just the guys that have been joining in, there has always been interest from women about our gathering.

So with our planned event on Monday I received a reply from a woman that was very interested in joining us at our next gathering. As luck would have it we had one already together with about 8 guys responding that they would attend. So on Monday we planned on meeting together, I arrived in time to greet our arrivals.

Mary arrived first, excited and nervous, followed by Tom, Steve and Bruce. As we all chatted about the group, some of the ground rules and wondering if the others would show up. Not all that unusually that we have confirmations from more then actually show up. After waiting for about 5 or 10 more minutes after the normal cut off time, I asked if everyone is ready? And or if anyone is not feeling comfortable, always a good idea to check to be sure. We all agreed that we are ready to get nude and decided since the group could all fit in the bedroom, we got undressed and headed to the room to play.

As the host I made sure we all had towels within reach and passed around the lube for those that would like to use it. So let me set the scene for you so you can get an understanding, Bruce, Steve and Tom, sat down on the bed next to each other passing the lube between themselves and beginning to stroke their cocks, as I placed towels within reach of everyone. Mary enjoyed the sight of 4 naked men working on themselves and as I lubed my flaccid cock, Mary asked for some room to join them on the bed. They made room, as the guys began stroking another, Steve giving a hand to Bruce, Tom giving Steve and myself a hand, and Mary beginning to play with herself. I reached over to touch Mary, watching as she made herself more available to my hand. I caressed her pussy gently rubbing my fingers across her lips and clit. With Tom stroking on my own cock, Steve working on himself and Tom and as Mary asked Bruce if she could help. She reached over and began to work on Bruce, Mary clearly enjoying Bruce’s cock and him clearly enjoying it. As I worked on Mary with my hand and fingers, feeling the building of her pleasure as I watched as she worked with both hands, watching also as Steve, Tom and I played with each other.

I watched and felt Mary’s climax building as she closed her eyes and began to climax against my touch, sliding my fingers in her as I feel her pussy squeezing against them. As her climax subsides I relax a little as I enjoy my own cock, stroking Toms for him as he is stroking me… I began to really enjoy myself and felt the pleasure building for my own climax, I began to moan as I exploded in ecstasy as I watched as Mary moved a hand to her pussy to enjoy watching the first man explode. Tom then let me sit down as he asked Mary if she would like some help. I began to stroke on Steve, as I watched as Tom began to caress between Mary’s thighs as she worked on Bruce, watching as I could see he was building and as she felt his pleasure could see her pleasure building in herself again. Women are so lucky as they can have so many repeated climaxes. I continued stroking on Steve’s cock for him as we all watched as Mary’s hands worked their magic on Bruce as he begin to moan with pleasure shooting his climax and pleasure. Mary’s hands drenched in his cum and lube, she began to work on Tom’s stiffness as he continues to play with her pussy and breasts, as I work on Steve.

Enjoying ourselves it is not long before three are moaning together, Tom’s climax building as he stands over Mary as her hands caress him and her breasts, Steve moans and hardness in my hand knowing that it will be an explosive climax for all three. I continue to stroke and Steve’s cock as I watch Mary and Tom, as is Steve and Bruce. Soon the three began to climax almost exactly together as Mary’s firm grip on Tom’s cock has he shooting onto her, Steve following right with them as Mary’s own climax and convulsing together. WOW this is just awesome, as we all have to sit for a moment and collect ourselves. We all are left smiling and has become the motto of this little group gathering, Tom asks, “Did everyone get what they needed?”

I know that we all are feeling the excitement as we agree we are all satisfied for know at least. Thank you’s and compliments are exchanged as Mary admits that she is looking forward to making the trip again to see us. As we are all looking forward to having her join us again.

So there you all have it a little more successful group mutual masturbation has occurred here in the San Jose area. I hope that you all will share with us a little about your own experience and pleasures.

As an offer to the ladies here in the group specifically if your in driving distance of the area, or might plan to be in the area, please contact me directly to discuss if you would be interested in participating in your own fantasy come true. I know in our discussions between the guys that get together we would also be happy to allow you to only watch if you wish.

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