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Me and the girl next door part 3

continues from my other two stories

i put my hand on the Jemmas leg and run my hand up to her thigh, the latex on my skin feels so smooth, my fingers reach her pussy lips and i can feel everything through the latex cat suit wow i been waiting to do this for ages jemma lets out a little sigh as my finger touches her small clit, zoe hears this and smiles she slowly walks over to use both on the sofa she kneels down in between me legs, both her hands running up my thighs i can feel my cock start to twitch as her hands gently start to massage it, zoe licks her lips and unbuckles my belt and slowly undo's the buttons on my jeans.

jemma gets down with zoe and i soon have me jeans off "hey that's naughty of you james" jemma says in shock as she sees i have no boxers on i watch as the two girls reach out for my throbbing cock that's getting harder zoe leans in and starts to lick my cock, just the touch of the tip of her tongue just touching my throbbing cock drives me wild, i have had blowjobs before but only from school girls that don't know what i like this is just something else!!.

jemmas hand is now slowly moving up and down my shaft while zoe has just taken the tip of my cock in her mouth and is flicking it with her tongue, i look down at zoe and see her hand moving under her skirt she lets out a soft moan with my cock in her mouth, this just feels sooo great that i let out a deep exhale.
jemma stands up and slowly unzips thee back of the catsuit and pulls it down past her tits, i looks up and stare at the small puffy tits with erect nipples, they look just as good as a thought they would.

zoe still sucking on my cock which is now fully erect and throbbing in her mouth i can tell shes enjoying it as her hand is still rubbing away at her pussy, her mouth comes to the top of my cock and releases it i look down at her and can see her sexy smile her hand moves up from the base to the tip of my cock moving all the saliva with it, she stands up and lifts up the mini skirt so i can see how wet her pussy is. its so shiny form all her cum and so pink to i just cant wait to push my cock in to it but i wanna have fun first, i stand up and pull her face close to mine i kiss her pushing my tongue in her mouth we stay like this for a few mins both our tongues playing with each others jemma comes over to me and starts kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear just feeling her breath on my neck send me wild.

i turn around and can see jemmas now totally naked i gently push her back on to the sofa kissing her neck as i do it, i whisper in to er hear "hmmmm now my turn to tease you" she just sits there looking at me with a cheeky smile, i kiss down to her left breast and lick all around her nipple and gently nibble it she squirms around under me i reach down with my other hand and gently go in search of her pussy, i been dieing just to touch it so i wont stop till i can feel her.
my hand glides over her belly and i reach her right thigh i slowly inch closer to her pussy and i can feel the heat from it, yes i am there i say to myself my middle finger slides of over her clit but its not wet enough to play with it just yet, i find the opening to her pussy and just ease a finger in, jemma moans as my finger pushes deeper in to her pussy i feel how wet she is i slowly pull my finger back i don't want her to have all the fun just yet, i run my now wet finger along her lips and then slowly lick her lips clean from the pussy juices then push my tongue in to her mouth and kiss her, she takes hold of my head and pulls it to her mouth and whispers in my ear "no one has ever done that and i cant wait to taste myself on your cock now you dirty boy" i pull away and slowly part her legs and lower myself, now i have had a little taste of her i want more i gently pull her little pink pussy lips open and slowly run my tongue of her clip, jemma squirms and moans as my tongue rubs her clit i can feel it getting harder so i suck on it a little and her moan gets a little louder i move my tongue down from her clit to poke it in her hole i can start to feel the silky pussy juices on my tongue and her wetness on my lips after a few seconds i lift my head up to look at her face and to lick my lips clean, she tastes so sweet.
i notice zoe is sitting next to her with her fingers in her pussy the slapping notice tells me zoe is getting wetter just watching this.

i wanna make jemma cum so i go back down on her running my tongue over her clit but this time i slide a finger in to her pussy and slowly start to thrust my finger in and out of her, i lick her clit harder and harder so its in time with my fingers and jemma lets out a huge "OH FUCK YEH" her breathing now has become faster i think i wont be long before she cums, she starts to fuck my face and her is hard it feels so goood with each flick of my tongue i start to feel her legs shaking and i know shes getting close i move my tongue down and push it deep inside her i am now fucking her with my tongue "YES YES YES DON'T STOP I AM CUMMING" jemma screams, i think should i be a tease and stop or let her finish, i decide to let her finish i push as deep as i can with my tongue and wiggle it about as fast as i can, she is still fucking my face to "AH AH AH AH" she moans with a few my flicks of my tongue she lets out one last "FUCK AH AH" and shakes i can feel her cum all over my mouth now i slowly pull back and zoe comes down "i wanna taste" she says and licks my mouth i have cum all over it once its all gone zoe pushes her tongue in my mouth and kisses me.
we stop kissing to see jemma shaking "smoke time" i say to her and she just nods with the biggest smile on her face and i cant help to grin either as i just licked out the girl i been perving on for months and it tasted good.

more to come as normal feel free to comment or send me a message :)

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