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Mindy... Chapter 5

Mindy’s Father Remembers

J.W. Holmes, Mindy’s father, rode silently in the limo with his daughter for the long ride from their Manhattan hotel to the private airport in rural New Jersey where his corporate jet awaited them. He had already experienced her sharp looks and blunt responses to him and assumed that she remembered enough of last nights events that he felt he should give her some space but show her a modicum of respect and concern, but above all, not make a remark to her that could be misunderstood and cause a scene or outburst of female indignance. He knew Mindy was very intelligent, besides intuitive, she was able to quickly analyze any problem she encounters and formulate a sound and direct plan of operation to handle the situation. He did not want her to feel a need to go after him in anger or in a sense of revenge because she probably could extract her “Pound of flesh” from him and more. He wanted to carefully “handle” her and hopefully make her a permanent “partner,” not only in his business, but in the very real and new sense of outrageous pleasure she brought to him.

“Princess, would you like to change anything in our itinerary to see or do anything else while we’re on the road?” he broke the silence with an offer he thought she might appreciate.

“No! Not now, thank you,” she replied with a controlled, calm and quiet, voice. “I’m ready to go home now.” She finished, thinking that she was ready to distance herself from him and think hard about his recent offer to intern with him in the business. She knew better than to “burn bridges” and “cut lines” when dealing with her father, she was trained well by her mother that he was a powerful man who usually got anything he wanted and she wasn’t ready to deal with him until she resolved her immediate concerns.

Mindy’s father looked at his daughter as she spoke even though she spoke to the limo window and not to him. He understood “Passive/Aggressive” and how to deal with it most of the time, but he was more concerned about re-enforcing his relationship with his daughter and needed to find ways to get through her anger and hoped that a little time may resolve this current ire the same way that it seemed to lessen her last bout of anger at him. He recalled that until just a few weeks ago they were nearly total strangers even though they were father and daughter. He remembered the talks with his wife about his disconnection with his f****y and his limited pool of heirs to choose from to take over his business. With his wife’s encouragement he realized the importance of developing a “relationship” with his c***dren. As for the heir to his corporation, he knew enough about his c***dren that Mindy was the only one with the intelligence and ability to work at a corporate level. His youngest son would probably become a computer software geek; and, his oldest son would probably become a lifeguard at the country club… facing the facts… Mindy was his choice for development… and she provided an insight into her gifts and unique qualities in a most memorable way, cinching her inheritance… if he could keep her focused on the prize.

“I know I told you at dinner just how proud I was of you and your excellent assistance at my presentation yesterday,” he repeated a previous compliment, “I have assistants who have been with me for years who couldn’t have done any better than you… and a few of them could never do as well as you did.” Reminding her of the way in which she provided reference material, graphs and charts and prompting his next speaking point as he made a complex proposal before a large and major international corporation. Mindy chose not to respond to his compliment with anything more than a look and little smile… passive/aggressive/hurt feelings…

He chose to introduce his daughter to his world at this particular presentation because it was before an International board in which several CEO’s of smaller International corporations, of which he regularly did business with, would be present and see his beautiful young daughter at his side. He displayed his beautiful daughter because he knew just how lecherous these Barons of the East are and how they prize young women as objects in spite of all their religious beliefs and practices that regularly kill young women for dishonoring their families by doing something as innocent as showing an ankles. Holmes beautiful daughter was stunning in a crisp three piece professional outfit consisting of a grey skirt, white blouse, and grey jacket, completed with black low heeled shoes. She carried the portfolio case and set up his lectern while he did a meet and greet… he saw the men in the room looking at her even though many other secretaries and aides were present. Stage One Mission accomplished… then at dinner with a group of very important power brokers… she wowed them by being stunning and demure, and intelligent when she responded to direct questions. He was very proud, and Stage Two Mission, accomplished and then some. He didn’t set out to end the night as he did… but his past interlude with Mindy haunted him… by not allowing him to view her in a “normal” fatherly way… but he viewed her as a beautiful young woman that he “knew” and couldn’t look at her without knowing what her mouth and pussy felt like around his cock… Damn, she turned him on… and the fact that she was his daughter and the perversion of that very taboo relationship just made his cock throb that much harder.

Holmes recalled the thick silence he encountered immediately after he and Mindy had engaged in their “Trust Exercise” (as she called it…) but it turned out to be just what he suspected it might be when she started all the crap about getting naked and looking at each other like they were “European Nudists” that supposedly are immune to becoming aroused by nakedness. He became aroused and he guessed his cock got her excited because she grabbed onto it almost immediately and wouldn’t let go of it until he promised that he wouldn’t tell anyone what they were going to do… Hell… he would have promised her anything by then… He had called her into his office expecting his smart “k**” to show up… but a beautiful young girl did instead… and when she got naked… damn it… she was a delicious young piece of ass that he wanted to jump on… and was soon able to do just that… Unfortunately for him… she was a virgin and needed to be “broken” roughly… so he hurt her… and although they both were able to cum in hot and wild, uncontrollable climaxes… He thought he was telling her that she was the best fuck he had ever had, anywhere, but was soon reminded that he was talking to his daughter after all and should not have mentioned sex with anyone other than her mother and probably just thanked her for her “thoughtful” exercise and welcomed her as his “trusted friend.” Maybe that would have prevented her anger at him and silent treatment that lasted for a few weeks and into their trip to Aruba.

Mindy began to loosen up when she saw that he was making an effort to schedule tours and fun excursions with the f****y. He heard her ask her mother “What got into dad, I don’t remember him ever doing so much with us?” which was probably true, but he was building an empire so that his f****y could enjoy trips to Aruba and anything else that they might like. He doubted that anyone in his f****y wanted for anything… well… as it turned out… they may have wanted more of him. In Mindy’s case, she probably wished she had a lot less of him, but that was water under the bridge and he wanted to move on with his plan to bring Mindy into his business… and if there were ever an opportunity again, he definitely wanted to fuck her again.

When she became conversational once more he worked on being more cordial and gentle with her and seemed to overcome most of the damage he had inflicted on her. He was very careful not to crowd her or make any contact that could be misunderstood or seem like an overly familiar touch or caress. He almost envied the way she and Brad touched and bumped each other and openly wrestled and held each other while laughing or faux fighting about something. Whenever he wondered if they were doing something sexual together, he waived that off with his personal knowledge of her virginity… or rather… her former virginity. Whatever they had together, he wanted some of the same… he wanted to touch her in an affectionate way and have her return it in kind… He would really like to develop a relationship with her that became three separate ones… the father/daughter as one, the corporation partners, and at least on an occasional or special occasion level, a hot sexual interlude. He was already working on the familial relationship, and set about creating the corporate partnership one.

On one of the final nights in Aruba Holmes pulled out all the stops and had a lavish banquet set up in a private cabana on a beautiful tropical beach, just for the f****y. They arrived in the afternoon and played in the ocean on a variety of water equipment that included jet skis and many forms of floating craft. Showers and shaded rest spots were on the beach and well used, as was a final shower and masseuse who also applied skin conditioner and moisturizer. Everyone was refreshed and ready for dinner when the gong was sounded as the call to feast.

Once every was seated around the dining table with their plates piled high with their choices of sumptuous morsels from numerous silver serving trays on the buffet tables, Holmes tapped the side of a crystal goblet in the well known call for a speech and a toast… all sat quiet and awaited the rare presentation he was about to make.

“I want to toast my f****y,” he began, “and to beg forgiveness for years of neglect and absence on my part.” The silence in the cabana was remarkable but allowed the soothing sound of waves softly washing up along the beach to create the mood and background for his confession.

“I know I have been harder on some more than others,” he said as he tipped his glass toward his wife causing her so smile and avert her eyes to her k**s in a show of embarrassed acceptance of his acknowledgement… but he glanced sideways toward Mindy to see if she might know that he also meant her… but she was looking back at her mother and didn’t notice his attempt to recognize her.

“I further want to tell my c***dren how very proud I am of them and that I do love and appreciate them so very much more than they may realize…” again he meant some more than others, “and I want to acknowledge them and what I know of them,” he continued, “Rick, I want to tell you how proud I am of you working so hard on completing your educationyou’re your search for that purpose in your life that will enrich you and make you happy to get up and go to work everyday… and tipped his glass to Rick who looked a little confused because he had no idea that one day he would actually have to get a job…

“To Brad…My computer genius who may one day revolutionize the world as we know it by creating something brilliant that everyone will not only want… but will need…” Holmes said that without knowing that his son had almost given up video games and his computer obsession in order to settle down to academic pursuits and the discovery of his “purpose in life.”

“And to my Beautiful Daughter, Mindy,” he said openly and without fear of sounding to familiar in acknowledging his “intimate” knowledge of her beautiful body and passion, “The apple of my eye, and the fruit that didn’t fall far from the tree,” he continued while hoping not to offend his other offspring, “I have seen so much of her mother and me in her… her organization and study skills are enhanced by her intelligence and a natural abilities and are a perfect match for the business world and world of corporate leadership.” He tipped his glass to her… seeing her hazel eyes fixed on his but noted no expression on her face… he hoped it was because she was confused by what he was about to propose… “I would like to take this opportunity to toast my f****y,” and he raised his glass, “while at the same time I would like to offer Mindy an internship in my office where she may work and experience that world she is so suited to… while she attends classes with the prestigious International Fellowship University via on-line courses with other fellowship winners…” He wanted to explain further but felt that he would just be talking to Mindy if he did so… and he chose to sip his glass and conclude the toast…

“Oh my God, How wonderful,” he heard his wife exclaim, “That would practically guarantee you a graduate slot in Harvard Business, or Law, or just about any school you would want,” his wife found a way to perfectly finish his business for him… as she so often did.

Mindy smiled at her mother and laughed a little in the surprised way a girl would do if she were presented a special and unexpectedly wonderful gift… she did know that she was being handed a gold “E” ticket that would allow her not only free ride anywhere, on anything, but a pass to the head of the line… Holmes could practically see her heart pounding, and seemed familiar with her expression of complete satisfaction… He may have completed his second goal with her and set the table for the potential partnership.

The night seemed to progress with the celebration he had hoped for... none of his c***dren were angry at him, nor jealous of one another. His wife gave him many indications that she was extremely please with him and that he not only seemed to have listened to her, but exceeded even her best, lawyer type, plan for a f****y reconciliation and mending. The rest of the Aruba trip was carefree and wonderful… with a very pleasant and welcomed benefit he could have only hoped for… a few warm hugs and kisses from Mindy, as well as some friendly bumps and cuddles. He had won her back as his daughter as well… his plan had come together as so many of his plans do and he was very satisfied with himself again.

When back home he took Mindy to the his Corporate Headquarters and got her processed for the internship and the Fellowship… and she was on the payroll and began working immediately. One of her first projects was to help him prepare the presentation in New York and she squealed with delight when he told her she would be attending with him… she even made all the arrangements for transportation and accommodation… noted that unlike her mother, she focused on his business and didn’t schedule any additional days or events that he had to do… he appreciated that and approved of her plan with comments like, “Excellent,” and Outstanding,” which made her smile and create more sticky notes to paste on calendars and planners. She assembled all the documents he asked for, and organized them according to his speaking points, with tabs and cross-indexed with reference material. She was very good and a natural at what was needed. Mindy had discovered that her father was regarded as more than just Powerful at his company... he was treated like a god... in that everyone was in awe of him and seemed to live in fear of his slightest displeasure with them... she fell into that same mode of respect and carefully thought out interactions with him... she addressed him as "Father" in as crisp and respectful way posssible, and worked diligently to prove herself "worthy" to be in his presence... and flushed with inward happiness whenever he complimented her... no matter how casual that word of recognition may be. If she were the heir of his kingdom... Mindy assumed the same subserviently role as everyone else in the company and her conduct became just as worshipful of him as any other employee.

At home he collected his luggage and had an assistant take Mindy out shopping for her own luggage and appropriate clothing for the presentation and the lunch and dinners that are usually associated with them. He had no idea what she would buy but was certain that she would represent him and the company well… after all… she was already naturally beautiful, she just needed some packaging to be a perfect display piece. He never realized that it would be the packaging of Mindy that would drive him over the fine line between appropriate and inappropriate thoughts and conduct… and bring him back into the angry silent treatment he would be experiencing on the limo ride back to the airport.

When Holmes and Mindy checked into their suite the afternoon before his presentation, they were both focused on the business at hand as they had been on the flight and limo ride to the hotel. Holmes had been reading his reports and presentation and tweaked it with information obtained via telephone calls and computer printouts that augmented the already thoroughly researched facts. When they turned in for the night after a evening with room service meals delivered and eaten while working… both had believed that they had fully anticipated every question and facts to support all answers. Holmes unpacked his toiletries kit in his attached bathroom went about his nightly routine of maintenance and showering. He found a vial of his wife’s tranquilizers in his kit, not usually found there, but also not so uncommon as they have been tossed in accidentally when packing quickly. He smiled when he thought of this reminder of his wife and how she started using “her relaxation pills” a few years ago so that she could go to sl**p immediately after attending the dinner and shows she schedules on their trips. He once accused her of using them so she wouldn’t have to fuck him… which she adamantly denied… and explained that she couldn’t sl**p in strange beds, places, and time zones unless she took them… it turned out that it didn’t matter to him… he fucked her anyway… and found that he got fewer complaints about being too rough… he got all the blowjobs he wanted while she slept, and her ass was her tightest hole and he made full use of it without complaint while she was u*********s.

Holmes looked at the vial and saw that the usual dosage was two, but he thought his wife took at least four with a sip of water. She seemed unaffected by them except that she would be fully u*********s until sometime in the morning… he always made late checkout orders so they usually didn’t start moving around until noon and took their time in having breakfast and checking out. He put the vial away in his kit and got into bed… wishing that he had someone with him now to “take the edge off” and did his best not to think of Mindy in her room… but the thought of her young body came to mind and he gave up trying to block the vision of her on his desktop and gave into laying there feeling his cock in his hand and thinking of fucking Mindy… until he drifted off to sl**p…

When Holmes and Mindy returned to the suite after the dinner and the whirlwind day of the presentation and power lunch… and the very successful open display of his daughter before his peers in the world of international business, he was d***k on his own success and power, and self satisfaction… he could hear Mindy chattering to him about the awe he created and all the things he knew he was capable of doing… she was on a high from all the attention and compliment directed to her as well, being treated like an adult…a very beautiful adult… and complimented her on her work on the presentation… Holmes readily passed on credit to her for putting the program together… which was only partly true… but she was very proud and happy to be doing something so important… surround by some of the most important men in the world. She too felt a little tipsy with the success of the day… and maybe her two glasses of wine for the day (no one asked her age.)

Holmes had already decided he was going to tip the scale for the nights events to his favor… he wasn’t sure if he would be able to convince Mindy to willing come to his bedroom for the night and continue with her “Trust Exercise” and some very sweet sex. He had found himself looking at her throughout the day in the same lecherous and lusty way that many of his peers did… more so during lunch after she removed the professional jacket of her outfit… her crisp white blouse and grey skirt made her look like a very sexy business woman… But it was her dinner gown, the “little black number” that was simply elegant for her… it d****d across the front from shoulder tip to shoulder tip revealing bare collarbones and neck, which she highlighted with a strand of small pearls… but the back of the gown dipped to the middle of her back… showing everyone that she did not wear a bra underneath… the gown material clung to her body like it was filled with static electricity over all of her curves… but not between her legs… the gown ended just at the knee…with simple black heels she appeared to have very long legs and a dress that was nearly spray painted on… she was absolutely stunning… Holmes felt erections throughout dinner whenever he thought of her or watched her walk to or from the tables… she socialized like a professional and made an impression that would last.

Mindy answered the door to the suite and let a room service cart get pushed in with champagne and caviar… she squealed with delight as it was pushed toward the balcony and set up… Holmes had been in the bathroom for a moment and entered the room just in time to tip the waiter and see him out the door, locking it with the “Do Not Disturb” sign placed on the outer knob… He returned to the cart where Mindy had already scooped a spoon of caviar onto a crusty slice of toast and held it up to her father’s mouth in an offering of respect and delight… he accepted it with the sounds of delight and thanks while he worked to top of the champagne bottle and popped the cork in a traditional celebratory manner… Mindy squealed again… which also served as a stimulation to her father’s cock… he loved to hear a girl squeal and he especially loved to hear Mindy’s squeals remembering her frantic climax and her squeals of uncontrollable delight and release. He dropped some powder into one of the flutes without her seeing, it represented one and a half of her mother tranquilizers and by his calculations, he hoped to render her very relaxed but conscious… and most importantly, uninhibited. He poured the champagne into the glasses and offered her “spiked” glass when he saw that the powder dissolved almost immediately…

“Thank you Daddy, it’s my second?” Mindy reminded him sweetly… as if he would retract the offer had he thought the alcohol would affect her differently than the wines she had with lunch and dinner…

“You earned this toast,” he said, “and I’m sure there will be rivers of champagne in your future… and platters of caviar…” he chuckled with that toast… but he watched her down her glass of champagne as he sipped his and he joined her in another helping of caviar and watched for some effect from the powder to show.

It only took a minute or two for her to stop her excited chatter and give indications that she was becoming a little lethargic… when she refused another glass of champagne she also said that she was feeling pretty sl**py and thought she would go on to bed. Holmes put down his glass and began to unbutton his shirt as if he might undress right there in the common suite. Mindy had started to walk toward her room as her father pulled his shirt free from his trousers and left it open and hanging on his large shoulders.

“Don’t I get a kiss and hug goodnight?” He asked, which stopped her, and he stood his ground as she turned and smiled and came back to him then nearly fell into his embrace.

“Damn!” she said… “I think I’m d***k.” And she looked up into his face as he moved his head to plant a kiss firmly on her lips. He lingered on her mouth and she didn’t seem to resist or pull away so he deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue to her lips and for a minute he plied his tongue into her mouth. When he pulled his mouth away from hers and backed away a few inches he saw that she appeared dazed and unfocused. He spoke to her, “Princess, are you still with me?” he questioned…

“Daddy!” she softly said in a voice just barely above a whisper, “I’m sl**py, daddy… very sl**py.”

“You’re not sl**py baby,” he corrected her, “You’re very relaxed… do you understand? You’re just relaxed…”

“Yes daddy,” she replied weakly, “I’m very relaxed.”

Holmes took this opportunity to kiss her again… but kissing her was not his goal… he groped her breast with one hand and found that she didn’t resist, nor respond, although her eyes were still open and dazed looking, she appeared to be his for the taking… He turned her around, needing to support her with one arm around her as he now groped her body and satisfied himself with a desire awakened during dinner and he became the surrogate for everyone of his peers who lusted for her beautiful young body… him first and foremost.

“Let’s go into my room for the night baby,” he told her…

“Daddy…” she moaned… but did not resist… she walked with him as long as he supported and guided her… into his room… where he leaned her against the dresser when he pulled the bedding off the bed in one sweeping motion… only a single sheet covered the bed… that was how he liked it… a clear desktop to work on…

Mindy was guided to the edge of the bed where she was sat down and held in place for a moment until he was sure she would not fall off… she was still awake but remained dazed… Holmes was satisfied with that… He quickly removed all of his clothing and returned to stand in front of her with his cock aimed at her face… “Baby” he said, “I want another of those sweet blowjobs you seem to do so well.” And without waiting for a reply he leaned forward and put his cock to her lips and helped her to open and receive it… she raised a hand as if to pull it from her mouth but her father just helped her wrap her fingers around his cock and begin to stroke it… she put her other hand on his hip… perhaps in a weak way to push him away… but he just put his free hand behind her head and began to fuck her mouth… this time he was in charge of her “exercise” so he did things the way he liked them… he fucked her mouth deep and hard… feeling her teeth sc**** his shaft and massive head on occasion… but his goal was to help her take all of it into her mouth and throat and he pumped in and out of her with that goal… he saw that she had saliva flowing from around her mouth and mucus flowed freely from her nose and she noisily gasped for air to keep from choking to death… on his cock… and he pumped mercilessly for a very long time… until he shouted, “YEAH!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!... and grunted repeatedly as he shot his load into his beautiful daughters mouth… still sitting on the edge of his bed in her incredible gown… but now her legs were spread askew as he stood between them and the front of her dress was covered with the fluids he caused from fucking her sexy mouth.

Holmes didn’t view his actions as degrading her… but a fulfillment of a desire she aroused in him because she was so beautiful to him… He enjoyed his power and position in life because it allowed him to often fulfill his desires when he sees a beautiful woman… young or not so young, if they are beautiful and awakens his desire… he is usually able to charm or pay for them and realize the satisfaction of his desire … such as he had at that moment… He pulled his cock form Mindy’s mouth when he had deflated somewhat… but his toiletry kit had little pills for him too and he was more than ready to continue his quest to fuck every hole in his daughter and satisfy himself completely before they went to sl**p for whatever would be left of the night.

Mindy’s face was smudged with makeup and fluids so her father lifted the d****d portion of the front of her dress to wipe her nose and mouth… then he pulled it down off of her shoulders and slipped it down to her waist. He kneeled down in front of her and began to suck on her little breasts and rubbed her naked back and upper body roughly and kissed her neck and shoulders before kissing her lips again and tasting his muskiness in her mouth… he looked at her face again and into her vacant eyes to see that her dilated pupils almost eclipsed the hazel color from them… she looked at him and he knew she could just barely focus… “Daddy?” she said… her voice now hoarse and sticky with his cum or her mucus cracking in it.

“Yeah Baby…I’m here… stay with me baby… stay with me… we’re having good time aren’t we baby..” he told her more than questioned…”Remember Baby… you’re very relaxes… Okay Baby…”

She tried to focus on him talking to her but she just croaked some little unintelligible sounds as he began to work on removing her dress from around her waist… He found that she had on a very expensive looking lacy half slip and matching panties… he almost couldn’t control himself long enough to get them off of her before he rolled her over onto her belly and began to mouth her vagina opening and plied his saliva generously to her butt crack as he hungrily ran his mouth and lips over most of her butt and upper thighs… she was so perfect… her shape and the tightness of her skin… and the contrast of color from her natural pale to the tanned skin outside her bikini line… he began to work her butthole with his experienced fingers and applying his saliva and pressure to the opening in an attempt to push his finger into it… She was so damn tight… another virgin opening that he would break open tonight… but he would have to be patient with it and keep working on it for a little while… he rolled Mindy over and talking to her and repeating his calls to her to continue being with him… he began to explore her pussy with his mouth and found her “nearly virgin” flesh to be firm and tasting freshly bathed pure… He wasn’t oral very frequently, and never with a prostitute, but once in awhile he came across a young woman, usually one of his assistants or another professional contact, whom he knew to be “fresh” or very lightly used… None were as fresh as Mindy…the thought of him sucking on her pussy further engorged his throbbing erection and he soon positioned himself over her and readied his cock to find it’s satisfaction in her pussy, now glistening with his saliva.

He was intending to “customize” her pussy to fit his cock like a familiar glove. As he pushed the head of his swollen gland into the opening… he felt the slightly loosened lips of her vagina wrap around the head and welcome him into her hot wetness… He didn’t “ram” her this time as he had when he took her virginity… he had believed that he needed to do so the first time to get the shock of tearing her hymen apart done quickly and over with as fast as possible…for her sake… he was being merciful when he rammed his cock into her… This time he wanted to savor the feeling of his cock sliding into her… and he did just that… slowly pressing into her and pumped only when necessary to lubricate his shaft and feel her flesh stretch to receive his girth… When he eventually reached the point to where her little pussy was full of his cock… he would begin to pound into her and work her pussy until she could receive all of him… it was possible… her own mother took months of constant fucking before she finally took all of him… (she complained of the pounding every time too...) If he had to help Mindy relax in order for him to fuck her… he would do so… but he hoped she would someday prefer his cock over any other she may know or experience… He had finally reached the point where the head of his cock was hitting the top of her vagina… so he raised up to see just how much of his cock was in her… looking down between her legs he saw more than half of his cock was still visible… his heart pounded wildly with the sight and reminded him of the view he had that first time when she was on his desktop… he could feel more bl**d rush into his cock… swelling it even larger.

He pumped in and out of her and watched his slickened shaft as it worked like piston… driving him… the sight of her young pussy being worked by him was maddening to him… He went into a fucking frenzy which is when his technique seems to switch into a mechanical mode and he becomes tireless and relentless machine... every pleasure node on his cock becomes alive with sensation and he can’t help himself… he pounds his cock into the pussy until he is ready to explode… he pushed Mindy around the bed with the f***e of his thrusts…he was now arching over her in great f***eful thrusts as he made his best effort to drive his cock through Mindy’s vagina to stretch it enough to take his entire length…or bust through it’s wall… he wanted to feel his balls slap against her firm butt… he wanted maximum sensation from her and pushed as hard as he could into her to achieve that… His climax loomed before he could break her…he felt his balls rise up in his scrotum and signal that he was about to cum… he pulled his cock from her pussy because he wanted to shower Mindy with his spunk… his load shot up her body and landed in heavy white globs over her breasts and stomach and a fair amount pooled in her pubic hair where he had pounded his cock until his climax was complete… He rolled down beside her and looked into her face long enough to ask her if she were “still with him” and kept at her until her eyes opened again and she gave the same now familiar blank stare and made more crackling sounds of response. He kissed her on her lips again and tongued her for a minute while he rubbed his cum over her breasts and stomach… and worked his hand down between her thighs were he found her wet and still agape from his fucking…

Holmes returned to the fingering of Mindy’s butt hole and kissed her while he applied pressure to her anus until his finger succeeded in making entry up to his palm… he worked her hole and noted that her rectum seemed to be totally void of substance… it was as clean and tight as the rest of her. Another turn on for him… he reapplied fluid from her pussy to the opening and worked her hole until he felt it sufficiently relaxed to begin an assault on it… he kissed her deeply again and reminded her that she was “very relaxed” and then rolled her onto her stomach and put himself between her legs … his erection was again throbbing with the anticipation of ruining another virgin hole. He loved his sense of total control over Mindy and her body… and the power he wielded in his cock… “Okay Baby…” he said to her…”Here’s a little something special for you…” and he brought the head of his cock to her butt hole and began to press it against the sphincter he hoped he had relaxed and stretched enough to gain entry… he spit a large drop of saliva down onto Mindy’s butt crack at the anus and rubbed his cock into it to spread it over her anus and he pressed again… unconcerned about her protesting his pressure… he wrapped his hand around most of the shaft up to the tip of his cock in an attempt to narrow the shaft some and he pressed with his body and hand until he felt his cock overcoming the closed sphincter and pushing it open…slowly…a little at a time… until he had succeeded in getting the head of his cock firmly into her ass. Mindy’s father spit another drop of spit onto his cock where it entered her ass and he began to pump in and out until he saw and felt that he was making steady entry into her and his excitement began to escalate again.

Holmes reached around each side of daughters waist and with both hands grabbing her pubic mound roughly… he held her body to him this way as steadily worked his cock in an out of her until he felt his cock gliding more freely in and out of her butt hole. He savored the sensation of fucking her ass as well… up to the point when he again went into his fucking frenzy mode and began to pound her ass as mercilessly as he had her mouth and pussy… the sensation of her firm butt slapping against his muscular groin gave him the satisfaction he missed when fucking her pussy and the inability to fully enter her and attain the additional pleasure of the slapping sensation against her. Holmes fucked Mindy’s ass for many long minutes before he felt the urge to cum this time… and before he felt that urge he had been pulling her body to him like a rag doll… meeting a meat locomotive… jamming himself as deeply as he could into her ass until he felt himself release in wave after powerful wave of newly made cum… shot after shot into her virgin ass… and he remained pinned to her until he was totally spent and satisfied… at least for the moment…

Holmes got up from the bed and walked around it while looking upon Mindy’s ruined body. He felt as satisfied as a prize fighter who had just vanquished an overwhelming favorite in a championship fight… The most beautiful girl in New York today, and the most desired young woman paraded before his peers, was laying on his bed... utterly "destroyed" by him, and his cum was flowing from every opening of her body… just thinking about what he (and a chemical enhancement) had done to his tender daughter caused another erection to rise up in his hand before him… all he needed to do then was to decide which hole to give his repeated attention to… and as he walked around her… repeating his words of arousal to her… watching for her eyes to open and indicate that she was still awake for him… he finally decided not to give just one hole his attention… but give all of them another beating by him… for the next twenty minutes he fucked her pussy, then her ass… and finally... her face... until he climaxed… choosing to withdraw again and cover her face with thick globs of cum... then watched it stream from her nose, eyes, and cheeks... down into her hair and ears… she was now the example of his complete sexual dominanation and destruction… he had very nearly reached his total satisfaction…

When he got up from the bed this time he reached for some of the bedding and put the pillows in place at the top of the bed… and he helped Mindy into position on the pillow on the right side, (her mothers side…) and then found the top sheet and blanket to cover the bed with… he looked at her nakedness for another long moment… admiring how beautiful she still was even after his abuse of her… then he covering her he felt sexual satisfaction at last… but he wasn't finishe with her just yet... he wanted to do one last perverse act to defile his perfect daughter… one last horrible act that he would know that he had done to her and forever hold the secret of that act... even if she rose to power in his company and finally pushed him out of his seat… he would always know that he did that one last… unimaginable… act of dominance over her that no lover would be allowed or invited to do to her… way beyond fucking her in every opening… He knew what he wanted to do...

Holmes was stroking his cock as he walked around to her side of the bed and knew why he was unable to rise into an erection again… he was no longer sexually stimulated… he was feeling depraved and about to administer his “coup de gras” to his beautiful daughter… Raising her up to a sitting position he talked her into waking up again as he straddled her with one leg on the bed… “Here Baby…” he told her…”Suck this and swallow it all…” and he put his flaccid cock into her mouth and began to pee into it… He was feeding his waste to her...“Drink it down Baby…” he commanded softly and Mindy followed his instructions and sucked in his cock and drank as he peed… He figured that his filth would sit in her stomach long enough to be digested and spread through her perfect body... She may have become his dominant sexual obsession now... but he had to demonstrate his continued "Mastery" over her... she sucked until she finally choked on the flow or didn’t matter… she had swallowed enough for him... so he walked into the bathroom and finished empting his bladder… returning to the bed to find Mindy still sitting up with some of his urine dripping from her lips and chin… he asked her how she felt and she replied that that she was very tired... he told her to lay back down and go to sl**p… which she immediately did. A few minutes later, after rinsing her champagne glass and refilling it with some of the contents from his glass, then shutting off the lights... Holmes assumed his position in the bed next to her and with one last fingering of her pussy… he patted her on her pubic mound and told her good night… and he fell off to sl**p almost as quickly as she seemed to… totally spent.

Now... in the silence of the limo... J.W. Holmes made no apologies or statements about the night… as if it were a natural and mutual evening of sex between them… a continuation of the father and daughter “Trust Exercise” that she had introduced him to… he would conduct himself in as innocent and unassuming a manner as possible. Halfway to the airport he handed her a list of follow-up details from the presentation, important tasks that he knew she would recognize as a vital link to the future success of “their” corporation… “Can you take care of these?” he asked when she took the notes from him… after reviewing the list… Mindy looked at him and made a sound like, “Sure,” and then asked what her timeline would be… Holmes then knew that she was still in the game and told her that it would be a continuing process and eventually most of the items on the list would become projects that would require teams to handle… and he wanted her to think about training sessions for team leaders to head up the projects… she almost smiled as she recognized the position and responsibility he was giving her… not yet out of high school and she was working as a project coordinator for a major corporation… how sweet…

Mindy repositioned herself in her seat to take some of the pressure off of her sore and throbbing bottom… but she no longer gave thought to the forms of abuse that she must have endured to make her that sore… she was formulating plans for her assignment and had started making her own notes… on her sticky pad… and pasted them on pages in her day planner…

Holmes watched his daughter dive immediately into her assignment… an important one for sure… but something he could still oversee and control… like almost everything else in his life… and in his f****y… he was used to getting what he wanted for as long as he wanted it… and was pretty certain… soon… he would be able to enjoy his new partnership… whenever he wanted it as well…

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