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Taboo Orgy Part 3

Taboo Orgy Part 3

Thanks for the response to the first two stories and I hope you like this as well.

Ann knew that look on Jen’s face meant that she was ready to join in their sick behavior and said, ‘well now that you’re here why don’t you shut the fuck up and get your gear off while I get back to getting my rocks off.
Jenny told her that she was going to have a pee first and come back ready for the fucking of her life. Ann told her to take her jeans off right now and piss in her mouth while Darren continues fucking her ass. Jen felt her cunt juice build up even more while she started ripping off her cloths and said, ‘Oh yah, you what it that bad you filthy fucking slut. Well I’m so full from that fucking drive here that I hope you don’t drown in it. And when I’m finished emptying my bladder down your throat, your gonna watch me fuck your son so hard whether you like it or not.’.

Ann’s response was. ‘Bring it on you horny bitch.
Darren saw Jen’s naked body for the first time and loved what he saw. Her figure was near perfect for a woman of 39 years young. And yes, young was the right word for she looked to be 25 without a wrinkle in the world. Her breast where the size of g****fruits that stood up firm with erect nipples that would make a man suck them all day long like a baby. At 5 foot tall and a body as tight as Sally’s he wondered if her cunt would be just as tight. He knew he would have his cock deep up her cunt and find out for first time how tight she might be. The a****l lust in him took over when he thought that if she was loose, he would get Kevin to fill the gap with his cock in her cunt at the same whether she liked it or not.

This drove him deeper into Ann’s ass and as hard and fast as his hips would allow him. Ann told Jen to move in quick as she was on the edge of cumming with all this f***e being applied to her body. Kevin started sucking her cunt and shoving his tongue in hard when he felt his dad start pumping her body faster.
Sally moved out of her auntie’s way and decided to sit down in an arm chair and watch the show. The thought of what was going to come drove Sally crazy that just rubbing herself was not going to be enough for her so she told Trish to join her because she wanted to be fist fucked.

Trish slowly got off the couch and told Sally to get off her ass and kneel in the chair.
Before she got to Sally she turned the chair and Sally around so that they both had a perfect view of what was about to happen.
She spat on Sally’s cunt lips and Sally moaned and then she spat on her own hand and fingers to lubricate them for the penetration that was about to come. Sally told her not to shove her hand in until her aunt started pissing in her mum’s mouth. Trish said, ‘don’t worry baby cause I want to watch the show at the same time to. This is going to be the sickest thing I have ever been apart of and I can’t believe I’m loving this shit’ said Sally.

Jenny spat on her fingers and started rubbing her pussy in front of Ann’s face and was clenching her ass muscles tight to pump up the pressure that was about to erupt.
Ann was ordering both men to give it to her harder and faster. She grunted with every deep shove of Darren’s cock up her ass and was trying to grind herself harder onto Kevin’s face while sweat was dripping off her face.
She cried out to Jen to hurry and Jen was rubbing so fast that her hand was a blur.
Jenny was squeezing one of her own breast hard and could feel herself starting to let go of her bladder. She moved her hand away from her cunt and quickly grabbed her s****r by the back of head and f***ed it hard into her cunt. Jen was gyrating her pelvis hard in Ann’s face and yelled at her to open her fucking mouth when all of a sudden she pulled Ann’s face slightly away and watched in amazement at how powerful her urine was spraying her s****rs face. Open your mouth s*s open your mouth Jen shouted. She did as she was told but was trying to swallow as hard as she could without chocking.

Darren was loosing control as he watched and pulled hard on Ann’s hips as he pushed in his cock as deep as he could. He yelled, ‘oh fuck’ and let her have his built up load while he felt Anns anal muscles contracting around it.
Ann dropped her head and screamed as urine ran out of her mouth and onto Kevin’s face below her. She was still pushing against Darren’s cock while she body was trembling all over.
Kevin was showing her no mercy with his tongue as he felt her cunt shacking around his mouth. He pulled his tongue away from her cunt hole to allow her juices to run down and into his mouth for him to swallow. With Ann’s cunt down hard on his mouth he could feel the hot urine damming around his chin and knew he would soon be swallowing his aunt’s pee and he couldn’t wait. His cock was hard but he didn’t have the need to cum yet as he was too busy concentrating on Ann’s cunt.

Trish shoved her fist into Sally right on que. Sally lost her breath and was frightened that she may have gone a bit too far when her cunt was fisted so quickly and f***efully. Trish was pumping her hand hard as Sally’s cunt muscles were trying to clamp around her hand. But Sally started to cry in ecstasy and grabbed Trish’s wrist and pulled it into herself deep while she tried to squeeze her cunt muscles and legs as tight around her hand as her body would allow.

Her body was covered in sweat and jerking forward every half second with every contraction. Trish was lost in all the sights and sounds in front of her and when she looked back at Sally and saw her concentrating on her own orgasm she thought that Sally could take more. Trish’s mind wanted to see how far Sally’s orgasm could be abused by spreading her fingers inside her cunt and twisting her hand from side to side against her tight cunt walls. Sally’s eyes widened in surprise and shock as she felt that her cunt was being ripped apart and dug her finger nails into Trish’s wrist with a scream that would wake the dead. Trish whispered to her to relax and to take the f***e and to get ready.
Sally couldn’t say a word as tears ran down her face when the pain in her cunt was begging to be released. And released it was. Trish pulled hard out of her cunt so quick that Sally’s cunt farted and spat cunt juice at an amazed Trish. Sally wanted to kill her but the void in her cunt told her that the hand needed to go back in. ‘Put it back in you fucking bitch.’ Said Sally. Trish shoved her hand in so hard and deep for calling her a bitch and decided to show Sally what a bitch she can really be by fucking in and out hard and fast. All Sally could say was, ‘oh yes fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop fucking me, please don’t stop. Trish new that when it was her turn to be abused she hoped that Sally would be the one to fuck her just as rough. She didn’t stop.

Jen was still standing over her s****r and was pissing on her hair and back as Ann tried hard to concentrate on Darren and Kevin still attached to her body. The feel of hot piss running on her back intensified her growing orgasm as she felt that her body would soon catch on fire. Her cunt was on fire and her ass was on fire and she thought that this might be the end of her. When her orgasm hit her it hit her harder than she’s ever had.
Darren joined her at the same time and shot his load deep in her bowels. After he couldn’t pump her any longer he pulled his cock out of her ass and collapsed on the floor trying to catch his breath with sweat and piss mixed all over his body. Ann cried out when he left her ass hole gaping and she felt his cum running out of her. She was spent and out of breath and wanted Kevin to stop eating her cunt but he had hold of her legs that she couldn’t move. When Kevin saw his dad on the floor he knew that now would be a good time to get up before his dad’s cum reached his mouth. He released Ann’s legs and when she slid forward off his face it let Jen’s piss run through to his mouth. He swallowed what he could and couldn’t believe that it’s he aunt’s piss he was drinking. He had fantasized about her the first time he saw her but never thought anything would happen. Only in his dreams was it possible until now and here they are, all fucking the shit out of each other in the lounge room.

His cock knew what it wanted. It wanted to fuck his aunty cunt and even if she protested he wouldn’t give a fuck. He was on a mission and he went for it.
Jen saw Kevin’s face for the first time since she arrived and it was covered with her s****r’s pussy juices and her own piss.

She went wild with lust at the sight of his wet and sweaty body. She moved in for the kill and said, ‘ how do you want to fuck me young stud.’ He grabbed her and planted a hard kiss on her mouth with his tongue meeting hers. She moaned in his mouth and creamed herself even more at tasting her s****r’s cunt on his tongue. When he pulled her away and their eyes meet he thought he was going to cum on the spot and she still had the lustful grin that said she was ready for anything. I told her to get on the floor so that she couldn’t back away when he dives his dick into her cunt. She looked hard at me and said something that blew my mind. ‘If you cum in me before I have an orgasm then you have to suck your cum out of me straight away. But if you make me cum first, then I promise to let you and your dad double penetrate me later on while I suck Sally’s cunt. Like one happy f****y joined as one.’ I had a raging hard on that I thought wouldn’t make it and thought that if I had to eat my cum out of her cunt so be it. It was going to be a long night and me and dad would still be fucking her in both holes no matter what.

Sally was still fucking Trish’s hand but the pace was a little slower on her cunt.
She was enjoying to longest orgasm her body has ever had and she didn’t want it to stop.
Ann was on her chest on the floor and heard what her s****r said to Kevin and wanted to see how he was going to fuck her. She wondered if she would get the chance to fuck him herself tonight.
Darren called out, ‘Fuck her hard son, fuck her hard.
Kevin took control and ordered Jen on the floor. She saw his precum and asked if she could taste it first but he said no. He told her that she will get to taste it when he unloads his cum down her throat. Jen nearly came on the spot when she heard how dirty this was going to be and said.
‘Let’s get down and fucking dirty.

She spread her legs wide and lifted them off the floor to give him all the access he needed and watched him get between them. Their eyes meet and she was waiting when he said, ‘ready.’ Before she could say yes he was in with one swift thrust deep in her wet cunt that made his balls slap hard against her ass. She dug her finger nails into his back from the sudden and massive intrusion penetrating and stretching her inner walls. Kevin held firm and didn’t move while his cock was buried deep to it’s limit and waited for her to open eyes. When she got acquainted to his size she wondered why he wasn’t fucking her and opened her eyes and asked what’s wrong.

He told her that he wanted to fuck her from the moment he laid eyes on her and now he was going to fuck her senseless. ‘Fucking do it’ is all she said and he did. Jen was screaming so loudly that Ann had another dirty idea come to her. She went over to them and stood over her s****r’s face. Ann saw Jen’s eyes were closed and slowly started lowering herself to her face. But on the way down a drop of Darren’s cum ran out of her ass and landed on Jen’s neck. When she opened her eyes and saw her s****r coming down on her face she told Ann to fuck off. ‘Fuck you, you noising slut and start sucking my husbands cum out of ass.’ Jen had no choice as Ann squatted her ass hole over her mouth facing Kevin who was watching the whole thing. He fucked his aunty harder and was sweating like mad when Ann grabbed his chin and said. ‘Let me taste my cunt from your tongue.’

They kissed and liked each others mouths and Jen darted her tongue into Ann’s ass.
Ann moaned and told Kevin what Jen was doing to her ass and told him she wanted to see him and his dad fuck her s****r and she’s going to help make that come true. She placed two fingers in Kevin’s mouth and told him to wet them so that she can play with Jen’s clit while he continued hammering her cunt. He did as he was told but Ann had no intension of rubbing her s****r’s clit, she started to insert them into Jen’s cunt with Kevin’s cock at the same time. She felt Jen try to scream up her ass and Kevin said he was going to cum. Ann quickly lifted herself off her s****r’s face and looked down at her to see a strand of cum had stretched from her ass to her mouth. The sight was amazing and Ann tried to get her fingers deeper into Jen’s cunt to make her cum.
It worked and Jen was screaming and trying to lift her hips up to meet Kevin cock for a deeper penetration as her orgasm ripped through her like a runaway train. She felt her cunt walls being roughed up by her s****r’s fingers and Kevin’s cock plowing deep inside her. She knew she was going to have one hell of an orgasm and yelled at him to fuck her cunt harder. Ann got to Jen’s side and replaced one of her hands away from her s****r’s breast with her own mouth and bit hard on her erect nipple to give her what she needed. That threw Jen into a mind shattering orgasm that she thought she wouldn’t be able to take but she had no way of stopping it now as she could feel Kevin blast his load deep into her.

She was screaming ‘I’m cumming I’m cummmmmming oh god please don’t, please don’t, don’t stop.’ And then her whole body lifted Kevin off the floor with her tiny body while holding her breath and then releasing it to only collapse back to the floor. ‘Harder, more you fucking cunt’s, give me more.’ And more is what she got as Ann roughly finger fucked her s****r with Kevin’s cock buried in her cunt and Jen still screaming as her body was trembling uncontrollably under Kevin’s weight.

Kevin could not fuck her any harder as his cock had blasted load after boiling load of cum in her contracting cunt. Even his balls were sure from the slapping he was giving Jen. His own sweat was running into his eyes as he jerked forward to empty every last drop of cum he had. Ann replaced her biting mouth and kissed him hard and grabbed his ass cheek to push him hard down onto Jen’s cunt.

He pulled his cock out before he went totally limp so that Jen could still suck and clean his cum soaked cock. Jen was panting and still feeling her orgasm and Ann knew it so she replaced the void form Kevin’s cock with her two fingers. She was surprised as to feel how easily her finger slipped in and decided to give her another finger. With three inside Jen’s cunt and a rise from her hips indicated to her that she wanted more. Kevin now had his cock in Jen’s mouth and Ann pulled her fingers out with some of Kevin’s cum following her hand and started inserting her whole hand in and could not believe that her s****r’s cunt was opening to her. Once her hand was past her opening she felt Jen’s cunt muscles clamp tight around it and was so turned on to see her cum and Kevin’s cum mixed together into a pure white color. She heard her s****r moan around Kevin’s cock as she moved her hand slowly in and out of her cunt. She lowered her head to eat the mess that was being squeezed out of her cunt and around her wrist.
Kevin was looking down at his aunt as she was sucking and cleaning his cock when she stopped and started to moan as another orgasm was approaching. He knew that she would start screaming so he decided to really get down and dirty, as she put it, and plant his ass hole over her mouth to keep her quiet.
When she noticed him moving she looked puzzled but when she worked out what he had in mind she just asked. ‘You want me to lick your ass or fuck it with my tongue.’

‘Show me how dirty you want to get aunty Jen.’
With that I lowered myself and she licked my ass hole first and then pushed her tongue in as far as she could. This was the dirtiest she has ever been and she thought, could she get any dirtier. Her body had now lost control as her s****r was fist fucking her cunt hard. Ann watched her fucking Kevin’s ass with her tongue. Jen was trying hard to hump her head into his ass as she concentrated on her own orgasm. It hit her so hard that she thought her body and mind would be permanently scared for life. She tensed her muscles to every part of her body inside and out and Ann didn’t move her fist just pushed it a littler further up Jen’s cunt. Kevin could even feel her tongue still in his ass vibrate with her whole body and knew that it would stay there until her orgasm subsided. She trembled for a long time and when she moved her head to indicate she had to rest I removed myself and gave her a kiss of thanks. She opened her eyes and with a smile on her face she whispered. ‘Trust me Kevin, that was just a taste of things to come tonight because I need more.’

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