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Black went too far

My names Nat and for a while now my hub and I have been experimenting with the kinky lifestyle, but mostly BBC’s. We played mostly with strangers on the internet but a while ago, Conrad(my hub) let it slip to our smoke dealer(Tory, who happened to be black!) that we often played with black guys late at night in our sex life. From that moment on, Tory became a part of our kinky night games. It started slow(and so sexy!!) with phone talk then sending him pictures of me in the most dirty and sexy positions. We always had this dirty fantasy that Conrad would send me over there (alone!) and trade some of Tory’s smoke for a hand job or blow job while Conrad waits at home. This storyline always got us so horny and we’ve cum to it dozens of times! It was so hot and dirty! It wasn’t long before Conrad was mentioning that to Tory. Hearing him over speaker phone while we played with each other was so hot and unbelievable! He tried to play it cool (at first) but soon was saying things like, “Oh yeah. If you send Nat over I’ll give you guys the fattest sack of smoke. She’s so fuckin hot that I’ll cum from a hand job in about five minutes!! Two minutes from a blow job fo sho!!” Conrad would ask what else he would like. He answered, “Shit.. I want your hot white slut to dance around for me.. Strip.. Show me that hot ass.. Get on her knees and look up at me with those sexy blue eyes.. Suck on my big black dick till its nice and hard.. Then get up and climb on my black cock and get the ride of her life!” I came hard listening to him and I could tell Tory came at the same time Conrad did! It was so fuckin sexy!! We did this every night for about two weeks straight! I remember Conrad fooling around and asking him how much smoke would he give us if that happened and he said he’d give us everything he had! We all laughed. Conrad said it would only be a hand job(if anything) and Tory said he knew that and was just playing along with us. Within another two weeks, I was headed over to Tory’s(with a stomach full of butterflies and a pair of lace panties that were getting soaked while I drove) to exchange a sexy hand job for an 8ball of smoky smoky!
When I entered Tory’s apartment, he had everything ready for me. The lights were dim with incense and candles lit all around his living room. He was sitting on his couch with baggy jeans on and shirtless listening to rap music with the biggest smile on his face. He tapped the couch next to him and as I walked over to him dressed in my jean skirt and button up blouse with black heals clicking away under me, he let out a deep sexy moan. It sent a chill through my entire body as I shyly smiled and looked to the ground knowing I was having this effect on him. I sat next to him in a nervous rage and looked up at him and he handed me a pipe to break the sexy ice and we smoked together and soon were talking and laughing together. Every couple of seconds or so, I would catch his sexy black eyes scanning all over my body when he thought I wasn’t looking and I thought I was going to cum right there! I was getting so high and turned on that my eyes started doing the same to him. I saw a huge pole sticking up from his crotch area inside his pants and kind of froze thinking how huge his black cock must be! I heard him softly giggle which brought me back to my hazy horny reality and as I looked at him he smiled and asked me if I was ready and if I wanted to see his big black cock. I nodded yes and he told me to go ahead and get it out. I heard a phone ring in the back round and he laughed aloud as it quickly stopped but I couldn’t pay any attention to that as I reached out with both hands and pulled his pants down to his thighs and out shot the biggest dark black cock I have ever seen. It must have been at least 13 inches long (looked bigger than a ruler!) and nice and thick. I stared at it in awe and when I saw the candlelight hit a shiny clear pool of pre-cum on his hard fat
black head I reached out and rubbed my palm over it in circles and he moaned really loud and reached out and put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. By now his beautiful black cock was dripping sweet juices and I was rubbing it all over his hard cock and balls too. He was moaning more and saying dirty things to me which was driving me wild. I knew this was getting to be too much and I was about to lose all control. Out of no where he pulled my face to his and he shoved his tongue in my mouth. We had discussed that there was no kissing aloud but I opened up my mouth and gave him my tongue. We were both moaning wildly and sloppy kissing each other like teenagers! After a few minutes of this he pulled my head away from his by my hair and looked at me right in the eyes and told me to suck on his big black cock. NOW!
I thought I shouldn’t but when he let go of my hair, as if on instinct, I dropped to my knees in front of him and grabbed his black cock in one hand and guided it into my hot slut mouth. I thought I heard a bang noise in the room and Tory laughed again but I was lost in black cock lust and when I tasted that sweet clear pre-cum that was dripping out his cock head, I lost it and started attacking that huge black cock like a starving white slut(well, that’s what I was)! I couldn’t take it any longer and with a free hand I undid my skirt and pulled it to my knees and slid my now soaking hot panties to the side and shoved three fingers deep into my aching pussy and began to cum almost immediately! I think the fact that I wasn’t supposed to kiss him and I wasn’t supposed to suck him(just yet!) and I was supposed to totally keep all my clothes on.. Had me cumming and cumming harder than I ever had! I was screaming madly with his hard black cock in my mouth and totally out of control when he stood up and said he was going to shoot his thick cum all over my face! I kept cumming on my hand and trying to suck for all I was worth when he pulled out and started stroking his black cock right over my face. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and mumbled out how badly I wanted his cum. Right as he came I could’ve sworn I saw something in the corner of my eye but then my eyes were covered n his hot delicious cum and again I went wild trying to catch every drop in my wanting mouth. All of a sudden his hard black cock was back in my mouth but it was different? It seemed even thicker and not as long and the strange part was that it felt dry. I was being fed more and more cock and I tried my best to keep pleasing him when I cleared an eye of hot cum and looked up to see a big fat black guy smiling down at me and feeding me his fat black cock. I was shocked and surprised and thought maybe I was in a BBC dream when I saw Tory over me and filming me with his Iphone.He was smiling down at me and told me to grab his black cock while I sucked on Otis’ black cock and I better keep him hard or I would be in trouble. I looked over at his cock covered my spit and his sweet cum and it looked like it was getting flaccid, pointing down between his thighs. In a panic, I reached out and started stroking vigorously on his black cock trying to get his cock back to full strength. I kept sucking on this strangers black cock but I kept my eyes on Tory’s black cock praying it would get harder! After about a minute, I noticed it had only grown a bit so I pulled my mouth off of the fat black cock I was sucking and f***ed Tory’s black cock back in my hot mouth while I jerked on the other. Tasting the familiar taste of Tory’s cock put me over the slutty edge again and I began moaning and sucking on him hard and when I felt him getting harder and fatter inside my mouth, I was so proud I began to smile inside and out. Tory told me to suck on them both and as I switched over, so did the camera in his hand. I tried to mumble between delicious black cocks that I couldn’t do this and that Conrad was expecting me a while ago and they just kept telling me how good of a black cock sucker I was and how I’m the hottest white girl either of them has ever seen and I must have still been pretty high because their compliments (while they were filming me suck on their massive black cocks) made me blush with joy and try to suck them even harder. My eyes were shut as I felt Tory leave and walk behind me and pull my hips out towards him on all fours, and he shoved his hot huge black cock all the way in me till his black balls slapped against my ass. I screamed in extacy as Tory started to fuck me doggy style hard and fast! His black cock was deeper than any cock had ever been before and I came harder than I did just moments before! I kept trying to suck the huge black cock in my mouth but I couldn’t have done that great a job because I was lost in black cock heaven. I think I heard Tory say he about to cum again and they quickly traded places before I even knew what was going on. When I saw Tory sitting in front of me and waving his beautiful black cock at me I moved towards him with my mouth open and took him between my waiting lips without using any hands. He commented on how hot that looked and was glad he was filming it. Right then the black cock behind me was rubbing its fat black cock head up and down my slit and the friction was driving me crazy. I shoved my ass back at him as he rubbed past my hot slutty opening and when his thickness entered me I felt a pain I never had felt before. I even stopped sucking on Tory’s delicious black cock to scream out! The guys kept saying that I shouldn’t worry and I’d get used to it soon enough. Tory grabbed me by the hair and brought my face back to his huge cock which I began licking slowly up and down its sides and moaning like a bratty schoolgirl while the fat black cock behind me worked at my once tiny white pussy slowly and deeper and deeper with each thrust. As it started to feel better and better, my sucking got hotter and sluttier! All of a sudden Otis started fucking me hard and fast and I was loving it so much(and cumming so much) that I was thrusting my ass back at him just as hard. They were both loving it as much as me when Tory pulled me by my hair down deep onto his cock and held me there with my nose in his smelly sweaty pubes and I started to gag as he shot his second load deep down my throat. Right when I thought I was going to pass out he let go and I slid my mouth off him to catch my breath but kept jerking on his wonderful black cock with both hands and completely drained him of his yummy cum. Before he got up he made me look directly into the camera and asked me if I thought I was going to get in trouble when I got back home because of the things I did tonight. SHIT! I practically forgot about all that. I started to panic and look around for my clothing when Otis sat on the couch in front of me with that delicious fat monster pointing hard up at the ceiling and grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet then down on his lap facing him as I kept whispering that I had to leave. As I sat on him he started biting and sucking my nipples which always drives me crazy and when I felt his black monster under me and sliding along my hot stretched sweet pussy, I began shoving myself down slowly onto his massive cock. I looked into his rugged eyes and we communicated without words as he reached behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks hard in each hand and spread me apart hard as my hand reached down between us and guided his lovely mammoth cock inside me. It seemed as if we both were feeling the same climax building as we moved together as one. I heard a voice behind me say how fuckin incredibly hot my pink sweet little pussy looks riding and getting stretched apart by an ugly monster black cock. We both reacted the same and began making out hard! I started cumming on his cock and when he said he could feel my tight pussy convulsing on his cock, he yelled and shot his hot load deep into my pussy filling me up like never before. When I came back to earth, they were both dressing. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I grabbed my clothing and ran off to the bathroom. I cleaned myself as best I could and went out to the living room. Otis met me in the hall and I was so embarrassed that I looked down as I tried to scoot by him quickly. He grabbed me and pulled me close and started kissing at my neck and face, squeezing me hard and when our lips met, my fight turned into making out with this large black man I had only met a bit earlier. His hands were all over me and when he grabbed me by my ass, he lifted me up on him and carried me into the living room while we were still locked in passionate kissing. I heard Tory say, “Goddamn! Don’t you get enough?” and as Otis put me down I wondered which one of us he was talking about? I said I had to go and he agreed and pointed to the door which had a nice size sack of crystal dangling on from it. I grabbed it and said goodbye as they were watching what we had just done on a huge plasma. On the drive home, I contemplated how much I was going to tell Conrad. I knew one thing for sure, I needed to find a way to get my hands on our filthy movie… badly.

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