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The Quest (Chapter 8 Conclusion)

Chapter VIII

The Man - When the final hour has come Maria enters the room. I smile at her. I kiss A and then turn to Teresa.

"Hang in there girl. I know you can do this, even though you may not know that yourself." A kiss on the forehead - all covered with sweat - and I leave to get dressed.
Maria - you believe this must be her - releases your retraints and signals A to hold your hands behind your back and take you the bathroom, where you are washed down, swiftly and thoroughly. Ropes are tied to your wrists and you feel the two women lead you through the hall and outside. Your heart is pounding in your throat as you feel the morning breeze on your naked body. The gag is taken out and the blindfold is removed as well.
What you see is beyond your wildest dreams. You look at me, standing with my back to the rising sun so you can only see my silhouette at the other end of the sandy paddock. Next to me a fire is burning in a huge metal basket, flames going up in the early morning air.

"Ooooohhhh God, noooooo!" You cry out. Your knees fail you and the two women have to drag you by the ropes through the sand. They make you kneel before me. It feels as though I am towering miles above you. You cry uncontrollably.
"Lower your head Teresa."
Trembling in fear you do as your told and you feel me grabbing the pony tail and pulling it upward. "Now, this will be removed and your cropped head will a public and long-lasting token of your full and utter submission, for everyone to see for a long time."
One quick move with a knife and the tail falls in the sand in front of you. Long, unstoppable cries escape from your lips as you stare at it in pure agony, unable to take your eyes off it no matter how hard you try.
"There goes your pride, Teresa. There goes everything that may ever have connected you to your previous life. There it is, right in front of you in the dirt. Now you've been stripped of everything, brought down to nothing and ready to build up again." I bend forward, grab whatever is left of your hair and pull your head backwards. Then I pick up the pony tail and hold it in front of you.
"Kiss it. Kiss your pride and your past personality goodbye." I press it against your lips. Sobbing and shaking uncontrollably you kiss it. Then it falls on the ground again and my boot kicks it into the fire. Gone forever. Still holding your hair I turn your head in the direction of the fire and f***e you to watch it burn.

The two women kneel beside you, hold you in between them for a long time. If ever there has been support between s****rs, this moment should be registered in the top ten of such moments forever. I cut the rope from your ankle and throw it into the fire as well. On my signal you are laid on your belly in the sand. The two women tie your hands to stakes in the ground, forcing you to keep your arms stretched out wide. Then they each kneel down and take one of your legs between theirs and lay their hands on your bottom, pressing you down into the sand and keeping you there firmly.
It seems to take ages to heat up the knife. Finally I kneel down as well, pressing my knees firmly against your shoulders and holding your head between my thighs. My left hand comes down on your shoulder blade, stretching the flesh between my fingers. A looks up to me and I nod. She bends forward and kisses the spot between my fingers. Then the red hot knife touches your flesh and starts to move slowly. You scream out in pain as the knife continues its journey into your flesh. The pain, the smell, the terror of the moment seems unbearable, but then the brand you briefly saw on A's leg flashes before your eyes. This is why she is here, you tell yourself. She has been there. She knows what you are going through now. The screaming stops. You bite your lips and hold extremely still. She's been there. And she survived you keep telling yourself. Both have gone down this route and the know and He knows I can do this. I must do this.

My mind concentrates, tries to ban out everything but the point of the knife. Heating the knife up over and over again, trying desperately to keep my hand steady and my eyes sharp I work on bit by bit, ignoring everything else, even the cries and the smell, until the fiercely red, slightly curly "D" has been completed. I ram the knife into the sand and move away. Only now I breathe again, heavily, wiping the sweat of my forehead.

The ice is an intense relief. You are still being pressed firmly into the sand. I move further backward as the two women press themselves against you. There is some spray that takes out most of the pain. You look up to me, your face covered with tears and sand and an immensely hopeless cry for help in your eyes. Only now you notice the sweat is streaming down my body.
"Help me," you cry out, but I don't. I stand up and move backward. You see me grab two knives from my belt. Two flashes in the sunlight as the knives fly towards you. The ropes are cut, the women let go. Is this real? Is this a dream. You have lost touch with reality. Your heart cries out as you see me turn around and walk away, out of sight. The two women lift you on you feet, kiss you, caress you. You feel Maria take care of your shoulder blade immediately as A stands in front of you, her arms wrapped around you, fixating your arms against your body, kissing away the tears, kissing your shoulders and your now very short hair. The sand is being washed of your body, then the two women grab your arms and turn you around. Suddenly you feel two familiar hands holding your face. His hands .....


Alexus - It is morning now, the morning none of us thought would ever come. I am awed at Teresa’s strength. She is so very brave. We lead her to the bath and she walks with pride, holding her head up. She remains calm and quiet after her long night. I admire her for her seeming stability.

Afterward as we lead her out doors, I feel her pulling back just a little and I understand why. As we step into the sunlight and toward the ring, I see you standing there by the fire. Teresa pulls back again a little at the site. There is a slight chill in the air but the sunrise is brilliant and the smoke dances around you like a snake. There is something very primitive about this morning, here on this hill. Teresa takes small steps with us leading her toward you and I wish there was something I could do to calm her. Suddenly she screams out and tries to pull away, her nerves finally snapping from the stress. We drag her through the sand toward you and have her kneel at your feet.

Watching her hair come off in one short stroke, I am reminded again to my very core what that hair symbolises. I remember when my pride was taken, or let go. I remember how bare I felt with out it. I realise that we must each arrive at this place in a different way, and I am proud of Teresa. She continues crying softly her eyes glued to the mass of silken hair. You make her kiss it, which makes her cry more and I feel the tears begin to flow once again from my eyes.

The branding is more difficult for me. Flash backs of my own branding fill my head as Teresa is pushed into the sand. I feel her body shaking under my hands, but I know this is what she wants. I want to help her FEEL strong, to know this is right for her. I want her to know that I know... I've been there. I look over at Maria, and she too has tears in her eyes. Her hand touches mine and she nods her head, as if to reassure me. I look up at you as you heat the knife and when it is ready I kiss your fingers, a sort of blessing. Then the burning begins and it as if the knife is cutting my own skin. I feel every stroke. I finally close my eyes, and think of my own Master and the thought calms me. At last it is over and Maria and I help Teresa to stand. Her legs wobble a bit, but she is radiant. Even with her cropped hair and pale tear-stained face, she is beautiful. She has never seemed stronger to me and my pride in her fills me.

I watch you and see the signs of strain in your face, in your eyes as you move away. Maria and I hold her close, the three of us pressing against each other locked tightly. We all cry, each for our own reasons. I am relieved it is over. My mind is exhausted from emotion and I know I could take no more, give no more, provide no more strength. Holding Maria’s hand I turn and look toward The Mansion.


Teresa - The morning comes and you lean over and give me a small kiss telling me that you know I can do this before you slip off the bed and head to the bathroom. The woman I think must be Maria enters the room and releases me from my bonds and with A's help she quickly and thoroughly prepares me for my last trial by bathing me and then tying my hands and leading me out to the paddock.

I shiver as the morning breeze caresses my still damp body and the bold lady removes my blindfold and gag. It seems to me as the sunrise has never been so gloriously brilliant in all my life and I raise my face up to its warming rays before looking at You standing with your back to it.

You appear as if to be some sort of god with your back to the sun and it softly holding you in a loving caress. I am mesmerised. Beside you I see a blazing fire and at first my overtired mind does not grasp its significance as I am to wrapped up in the beauty I see before me and then it all comes crashing down on me with startling clarity and I cry out in anguish, my knees no longer able to support me and A and Maria are f***ed to drag me by my ropes to You and f***e me to kneel at your feet.
I am so frightened and I look up at you and beg you not to do this to me. "I can't!" I scream at you as you tower above me. "I can't!" You regard me a moment without speaking and then you order me to lower my head and I do so without hesitation I know what is going to happen next but I feel as if it is all some horrible dream I will wake from any minute. I feel you grasp my ponytail in your hands.

My pride lies in the silken mass held tightly in your fist. They say a woman's hair is her crowning glory and for me it is true. I worked so hard to make it the way it is now. Soft thick curls that Master loved to get entangled in. Soon it would be gone. You would sever my pride as quickly as you severed the hair from my head. And you knew it. One quick sweep of the knife and it was over. The sharp blade slicing my ponytail clean off and it falls at my feet in the sand. A long anguished cry escapes my lips and I am helpless to look away from it lying like a coiled black snake in the sand.
I sense you watching me closely and you tell me again that my pride now lies in the dirt. Everything I ever was before this day has been cut away and I am now nothing. I am ready to be reborn. I cry out as I feel your hand tight in what there is left of my hair. You jerk my head back and at the same time lean forward and pick up the severed ponytail and f***e it to my lips. "Kiss it Teresa!" You tell me in a low menacing voice. "Kiss your pride and your past personality goodbye" I shake and sob almost uncontrollably now and kiss the ponytail. I watch in horror as it drops to your boot and you kick it away as if it was garbage, into the fire and you f***e me to watch as it slowly burns away to nothing.

The only thing that holds me up is the support of A and Maria and we kneel together for a long silent moment in the sand. At a gesture from you they push me down into the sand and secure me tightly on my belly pressing down on my bottom to keep me down. I press my eyes tightly shut hoping to once again make it all just disappear but I feel you move in front of me, positioning my head between your thighs. I feel your warm hand on my back and then there is nothing but pain.
I scream out loud as blind searing pain that seems to go on and on forever rips through every fiber of my being. I must be in hell I know I am in hell. Please make the pain stop! my mind screams over and over. And then a picture flashes in front of my closed eyes and I stop screaming.

Before me I see a picture of the brand A wears on her thigh. I think about the pain she must have endured to now wear such a mark upon her. I think about how much pride she has in being allowed to have such a mark and I realise that this is why she is here beside me now. She knows. She has been right where I am at this very moment and she survived and so can I. I bite my lips until they are raw and bleeding but I do not move as the knife burns into me again and again. I can feel the tension in you as you try to do this as quickly as possible but we both know it must be precise. I know I can do this. You and David know I can do this or we would not be here today. That and the touch of my s****rs beside me, gives me the strength I need.

I feel the soothing cold of ice being touched to my back and I know it is over. A and Maria apply soothing spray but I am still pressed deep into the sand and I writhe against their hold looking up at you and begging you silently through tear filled eyes to lease ... please help me ... It is only now that I see the immense toll this has taken out on you. Your body is shaking visibly and you are drenched in sweat. Your eyes never leave mine as you toss two knives at the ropes that bind me and they quickly fall away.

I lay trembling in the sand trying to grasp a tenuous hold on reality. I look up to you for comfort and my mind rebels as you are not walking toward me but walking away from me and my heart cries out in agony. A and Maria lift me up out of the sand now and A moves in front of me touching and kissing me tenderly as Maria tends to my back. A tells me in soft whispers of how so very proud she is of me and how she knew I had the will to survive this. And then her hands are gone as well as Maria's to be replaced by an all to familiar touch. One that in the very beginning of my stay here I thought to never feel again.

He is here! My Master has come and no longer do I feel pain or sadness I feel incredible joy. Elation! I want to run around in circles screaming at the top of my lungs that He has come but I do not, instead I stand tall and beautiful before Him letting his eyes wash over me in a loving and searching caress. I smile softly at him to let him know I am all right and he gently cups my shorn head in his large hands and kisses me with all the love and passion he possesses and my heart soars free once more.


The Man - You hear footsteps in the sand. Still shaken from the recent events, totally uncertain about your emotions, holding hands with Maria without really realising, you spin around. No, that isn't ... that couldn't be .... It is!


Teresa - I begin to cry harder than I've ever cried in my life. It is Master David, standing there smiling at me, holding out his arms. I feel like a little c***d, and fall completely apart as he moves toward me. His strong arms go around me and he holds me as no one else can do. I want to tell him everything, all that I've been through and seen. I want him to be proud of how strong I've been, but I can only cry. He kisses my tears and squeezes me tight. He knows and understands. Then he picks me up in his arms and carries me back toward the Mansion, soothing me.


The Man - An hour or more seems to have passed in the sand as the bold woman arrives. For once she is dressed now, wearing a black silk kimono that clings tightly around her body. She gently takes Teresa's hand and e****ts her back inside the house.

Inside both of you are bathed and A is dressed in a comfortable black silk dress, of course exactly her size. Teresa is not dressed but a plain white piece of cloths is wrapped around her hips, leaving the rest of her body uncovered. She is being led ahead by a piece of rope, tied around her neck. As the two of you meet in the hall A instinctively does exactly what Maria once did to her on that special day. She lays Teresa's hands on her back, fingers touching, gently pushes her cropped head down, adjusts her shoulders, back and belly and then assumes the same position herself. The woman signals A and leads her out into the garden where a long table has been placed with a complete breakfast buffet. A is seated next to her master, Maria is already sitting next to me. The chair next to Teresa's master is empty.

There is complete silence as the bold woman brings out Teresa. An almost collective sigh can be heard as she walks towards the table, her cropped head down and kneels besides her master.
Only after a long time of silence and intense bonding between Teresa and her master I start to speak. "This has been another special day and it is not over yet, although I will no longer play a part in that, at least not for as far as A and Teresa are concerned. However we will not part. David and David - one of you guys has got to change his name - and I have made plans for all of us to stay here for a couple of days and just enjoy ourselves, relax and let the intensity of all this sink in. However, before that I have some special plans of my own that I did not tell my two friends about. David an A, come with me please for a moment."

We walk back inside the house, passed the room with the gate that holds so many memories. At the end a door opens and reveals something neither of you have seen before. There is another, circular hall with four doors. I open the two doors on the left. They are almost identical to the rooms Maria and I share, apart from the fact that they have decorated in exactly your style. There is huge bed in each of the rooms and each has it's own private bathroom. The desk in one of the rooms hold a computer, fax, telephone, everything.
"Since this house holds so many memories I have made some alterations. These rooms are yours to use whenever you please and so is the house. You can come in and leave whenever you want and have your own private quarters. The servants know this. Feel free to use it whenever you please," I say as I give David the keys to the house. A few minutes later David and Teresa are offered exactly the same.

Back at the table I reach in my pocket. "And then there is this," I say as I hand out two small red boxes, one to A and one to Maria. "In there is a key. A now holds the key to Maria's special lock and vice versa. Since the two of you are the only ones wearing such a lock and have become so close I want you two to be able to share that final bit of intimacy with each other."


Alexus - I am bathed and dressed in a short black silk dress. My hair arranged on top of my head, my diamond collar gleaming. I see Maria and Teresa and a beautiful long table set for breakfast. Master David is there, as well as Teresa’s Master. You are sitting next to Maria and for a while it is quiet.

We all simply enjoy the silence of the early morning and our emotions. Looking over at Teresa I see an amazing transformation. She is kneeling at her Masters feet and I am reminded of the night I met her which seems like years ago. The angry, defiant c***d. Now she is a woman and a beautiful, elegant slave. She shines like a diamond in the morning sun and her Master beams with pride. I squeeze Master David’s hand and he smiles, knowing how I feel. You and Maria are watching all of us carefully.

You explain that you have arranged for all of us to stay a few days longer and I am thrilled at the prospect. I want to show Master David this special place that holds so many memories for me. You stand and tell David and me that you have something to show us and lead us away from the courtyard, back into the house. We walk past my old room and for a second, I pull back. You and David keep walking and I stop to peer into the barred gate. The room stands empty now, but there will always be ghosts here for me. The cold iron of the gate chills my hands as I stare into the darkened room. David turns back to look at me and calls out, "Alexus, are you coming?" He holds out his hand and smiles and I wipe my tears quickly and smile back.
"Yes Master, I'm right behind you...."

The room you show us is beautiful and fully furnished. It is so like you to have thought of everything. It will be a wonderful few days. We all walk back to the table outside and sit down. Before you sit, you hand me a tiny red box and one to Maria. I look at you with wonder in my eyes. In it is the key to Maria’s lock and she now has mine. Once again, I am overwhelmed with emotion. She smiles at me and holds the tiny key to her chest and I kiss the one in my hand.
I look up at you, wanting to thank you for all you have done, but can find no words. What a lovely and fitting gift you have given me. How much you have given me. I cannot imagine my life with out these experiences. I wouldn't even want to.
There was a path I chose so many years ago, the path of a slave. There have been others before me and will most certainly be others after me. I can only tell you that my path has been filled with many joys, You and Maria and Teresa and my Master David included. The journey has been a long and hard one, with many twists and turns but some how, some way, it always leads me back, back to this house.


Teresa - Later that day I am taken and prepared for breakfast. I am given no clothing yet just a piece of startling white cloth that is d****d around my waist. A length of rope is tied around my neck and I am led to the dining room by it. A meets me in the hall dressed in a lovely form fitting black dress and steps closer to me positioning my body and hands just so. My hands are placed behind me to lay gently upon the small of my back with my fingers touching, my cropped head is gently pushed forward and down and my shoulders are adjusted before we continue our journey down the hall to the garden where a long table has been set for breakfast.

A goes to sit beside her handsome Master David and Maria is already beside You. My Master sits next to an empty chair and all are silent as I am led out to Him and I kneel eagerly next to his side. A long silence remains over the group for several minutes as Master and I bond together once again.

The silence is finally broken as You speak softly to us. You tell us of how this has been an incredible day for all of us but it is not over quite yet. You go on to say that your part in mine and A's journey is over but we are all going to spend a few days here at the Mansion to relax and enjoy ourselves and we all smile at those words. You lead A and her Master to another part of the Mansion and show them their own private room before leading my Master and I to ours.
I turn and look at my Master as we strand in our room and it as if a string at my knees is being pulled by an unknown f***e that bids me to kneel before Him. I want to do this and so I do ... eagerly. I feel his hands again on my shorn head as He moves closer to me and I lift my arms and wrap them around his strong thighs and begin to sob. Not tears of grief or pain but tears of joy. I feel cold metal sliding gently around my neck and hear the soft click of a lock being set into place. I raise my tear filled sapphire blue eyes up to him and say softly. "Thank you Master."

The End

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